SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Download New*


Transfer large files efficiently using your work email and save them securely.
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October 5, 2022
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SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Download New*

You can ship recordsdata as much as 10GB immediately free of charge.
Any information saves on your instrument or Sendy Cloud can proportion along with your paintings e-mail or messenger(coming quickly) with none limits.
The recordsdata you transferred is secure by means of password. And you’ll additionally set the expiration date for a share-link (Max 30 days), which permits the receiver to obtain the document inside that days.
No Sign-in or registration required to obtain the record.

SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New* unencumber


SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New*

• Robust switch carrier : Ship any recordsdata as much as 50GB immediately briefly and simply the use of your individual email/messenger.

SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

• Prime safety : Set a password to a person document hyperlink to switch any massive recordsdata of delicate nature extra protected. And likewise all of the recordsdata get deleted from the server as soon as it expires for safety causes.

SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New* mod apk

• Set up share-link : Arrange the hyperlinks comparable to set an expiration date freely inside of 1 month from create date of share-link or delete the hyperlinks.

SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New* apk

• Cloud provider : Save recordsdata to the Sendy Cloud on the similar time that you simply ship them as a share-link.(10GB without cost)

SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

• Environment friendly collaboration : Create invitation hyperlinks or invite customers to a shared folder to collaborate simply.

SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Get started Sendy PROFESSIONAL Loose trial

Do you need to proportion the hyperlink longer? Do you wish to have to switch recordsdata better than 10GB directly?
Sendy PROFESSIONAL gives more than a few top class options.
Sendy PROFESSIONAL offers you extra keep an eye on over your recordsdata the use of customizable My Hyperlink expiration date and password. Sendy PROFESSIONAL comes with 1TB of cloud garage and too can add as much as 50GB of recordsdata without delay.

To very best use Sendy’s handy record sharing provider, we ask user’s permissions indexed under
• Write Interior Garage(Required) : To retailer recordsdata which might be in inner garage via ‘Sendy’
• Learn Inner Garage(Required) : To ship recordsdata saved in inner garage thru ‘Sendy’

If you wish to have extra details about Sendy, please talk over with our web site.
For more info about our phrases and insurance policies, please discuss with our web site.
Whilst the usage of the appliance if a topic or error arises, please tell us.


34 comments on "SENDY(Transfer/Cloud)-Send&Sto Apk Download New*"

  1. Aspyn Rangford says:

    Never subscribe, they are spammers, they don’t unsubscribe and load daily your inbox full

  2. Janise Stepfanie says:

    Not for me! I like send Anywhere as it has many more options.

  3. Rusty James says:

    Not secure. Create a link then open it on browser then delete the link and files on the cloud after that I can still download the file even though I already deleted the link and files on the cloud. This sendy can also be implemented on sendanywhere because one or two functionality is already implemented in it. Why create two almost identical app?

  4. Wayne Greene says:

    Sendy I was trying to send you the file to send to my phone co. And wasn’t able so, my wife reached and was done in 5 mins and here I was asking for some help nothing and I downloaded your app to help me because I don’t have the experience . I thought right away you guys would of took but my wife got tired of me bitching so she grabbed my phone and 5 mins she was done now I suggest you guys oughta hire my wife you would have slot more business and more happy customers have a good morning later .

  5. Adrian Topley says:

    The app says my password is wrong even though I can sign in on my PC. The Cloud service does not work – when I try to upload a file nothing happens and when trying to create a new folder I just get the message “An unknown error has occurred”. My brother has the same issue and raised a support ticket, but since the initial response he has chased 3 times and has not received a further reply. This could be a great service if it worked, but I just don’t feel like I can trust it.

  6. jorge moreno says:

    > I have not used the product, but I would like to know about the definition framework of your services and applications. Questions for Developers. (1) Why not to have an application for the Windows PC environment ? Only browser support right now. (2) Regarding The distribution of files to the Cloud and notification to other Users and Devices is it done in a similar manner as done by the SendAnywhere product that requires an ID code ? Thanks for your responses. I am looking forward to fully immerse myself with the SENDY cloud product. Best >

  7. MB says:

    Yesterday, I fell in love with your app and wrote the below review and gave you five star rating, but today I have noticed that the app does not login with Iran’s IP Addresses and can only login with a VPN. Since I wanted it for my father and they don’t use VPN, it’s useless. So I decided to write this review and change my rating to 1 star. Does Japan have sanctions against Iranians like the #1 bully the US gov? “One of the most useful Apps and programs ever. But please keep the free account! “

  8. matthew sparks says:

    i cannot believe this is what is replacing send anywhere it is completely unreliable and doesnt work with sd cards they should have just stuck with send anywhere

  9. keith trott says:

    Thanks for the refund (not)…….also the lame old excuse of “This is a new service” doesn’t really cut it ! SD CARD recognition is an essential feature for any mobile based file sharing service and to not have designed it into the first release is absolutely unacceptable for a pay for service. It worked on “Sendanywhere” and yet your developers now deem it “not required”. Looks like that decision has lost you all your users from the previous app. Good call that…Well done 👏

  10. Brian Anthony Perry says:

    Tried 7x to upload a video to my cloud I just started and 7x it failed…. sendanywhere is a lot better have always trusted it….

  11. S. S. Financails says:

    Not good

  12. Patrick Clarke says:

    Is it me or is Sendy Anywhere far more intuitive than this Sendy can be? Why do I need to share everything as a link or email? Literally any cloud service can accomplish that. I liked being able to just give a friend, that wasn’t in the same room as me, a code to access files. Seems crazy to be sending, let alone needing, emails in a non business sense just to deliver photos or whatever. I think I will just wait for them to automatically upload to OneDrive and share a link through text later.

  13. Juan Antonio Cornejo says:

    Sendy is a fantastic service! I just started using it last month & I have found it to be extremely useful. With Sendy, you can send any file from your computer or phone without the hassle of having to launch your email program & worry about file size. The app is pretty good and a very welcome tool for sending anything from your phone. However, the feature I would have liked is the ability to have an address book on the app for frequently used recipients. I recommend both the service & app!

  14. Corey Johnston says:

    Very good so far

  15. MdAamir Khan says:


  16. Hoang Phuc says:

    Not good

  17. Richard Thorburn says:

    Not bad function but older app was more intuitive and no option to share to sendy from other apps making it awkward for photos you didn’t recently take

  18. Alex Kwok says:

    Not user friendly…..not recommend….stupid app

  19. Aadhar Bhardwaj says:

    Not working always shows error 7

  20. zulfikar says:

    I’m 100 percent sure I type my email and password correctly, because I still can login on web version. I tried to resetting my password and it’s still can’t log in mobile version.

  21. cross dress says:

    Fatest one guaranteed

  22. Brain Freeze says:

    I log in on the web version, but on mobile, even though I put in the right password and email, I can’t log in on mobile. It was great until today.

  23. ALEX KONG says:

    What’s the difference between Sendy & SendAnyWhere? I still prefer using SendAnyWhere.

  24. The Niggler says:

    Useless. Only can log into web. Look at the reviews. Tons of people are claiming the same thing here and are being told in quotes broken English is the first time the den has ever heard of that problem. So suspicious.

  25. Monsieur PhiL ` says:

    A bit difficult to use but no problems with logi

  26. Andrew Wagner says:

    App would be better but you could send files from the SD card how this aint already an options is beyond me . Most big files are out on a sd card hence why every damn phone haves an a sd slot for extended storage!! Uninstalling until you support the sd card until then I’ll use send anywhere its free and functions 🙂

  27. Taez Girl says:

    Any Armies here💜?


    Hello , please update your ad poster and description posters. I thought that you’d give 10 GB of storage, but u gave just 5 GB. This isn’t fair, give 10GB or change your pics showing that you give 10GB for free

  29. Sagar says:

    Worst app. Ever

  30. Joseph Losada says:

    If “Sendy” is what you’re using to replace “Send Anywhere” it’s like going from a 10 to 0.

  31. Jingjia says:

    it keeps my files safely

  32. Rick Morgan says:

    You should have kept this in beta! You have ruined your good reputation. Same as everybody else. Cannot log in on Android app but I can on the PC browser. Disappointed. / Still the same problem after following the developers advice. Still works in the browser on the same phone.

  33. Tommi says:

    Unfortunately no dark mode. So unless you want to be blinded by a white screen, you can’t seriously use this app. Research from Android Authority and Polar revealed, with 91.8% and 95% of participants respectively declaring their preference for dark mode. Please consider your user base!

  34. Diego Zamberlan says:

    Can’t create account with outlook e-mail!?

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