Notes in folders – folino Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Do you like it organized? Sort your notes and checklists in any folder structure
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Tobias Schiek
October 14, 2022
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Notes in folders – folino Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Organize your notes and type them into any selection of folders and subfolders.

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

Create checklists or upload your personal footage.

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

With the notes app “folino”, you may have all of your notes below regulate.

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

The necessary issues first:
✔️ with out promoting ✔️ with out person research ✔️ Made in Germany
✔️ Made for YOU

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

✔️ Textual content Notes
Create as many textual content notes as you wish to have. More than a few choices are to be had for formatting.

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

✔️ Checklists
Create checklists and tick off finished entries or rearrange them as you want.

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

✔️ Folders
Create your individual notes and folder construction. You’ll create as many folders and sub-folders as you wish to have. The quantity isn’t restricted.

Notes in folders – folino Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

✔️ Seek serve as A handy guide a rough full-text seek allows you in finding all notes, checklists and folders.

✔️ Pin it You’ll pin essential notes and folders in order that they’re all the time on the most sensible of the checklist.

✔️ Favorites
A separate favorites listing for notes and folders permits fast get entry to to marked notes.

✔️ Historical past
With a separate record for probably the most not too long ago edited notes, you’ll briefly select up the place you left off.

✔️ Transfer
Notes and folders can also be moved to different folders temporarily and simply.

✔️ Reproduction Duplicating particular person notes or complete folder buildings saves you the effort of copying your texts.

✔️ Recycle bin
Deleted notes are stored within the recycle bin and can also be restored if desired.

✔️ Offline
The app can be utilized offline with out an web connection.

✔️ Handbook synchronization If you want, you’ll be able to use handbook synchronization (by way of Google Force) to get entry to your notes with a couple of units.

✔️ Backup
A guide document backup means that you can export and import your notes.

✔️ Darkish Mode
The app helps the darkish mode of your smartphone (darkish theme).

✔️ Ad-free
The app is and can be ad-free. Promised!
For fortify, you might be welcome to buy some of the further purposes by the use of in-app acquire.
Further options by way of in-app purchases:

✔️ Footage Upload your individual footage on your notes.

✔️ Icons and colour variety for folders There are lots of other symbols to make a choice from for the folders. You’ll additionally customise the colour.




40 comments on "Notes in folders – folino Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Rocket Racoon says:

    I absolutely love the interface and sub-categorization options, it’s a very well put-together app, unfortunately I can’t rate it highly because it’s not working (notes don’t save and re-opening the app leaves me on a loading screen that doesn’t stop loading). Update: I uninstalled and re-installed the app as suggested, nothing appears to have changed unfortunately, the same issues keep happening

  2. Aillén Pereira says:

    I just installed it because of the folders and I love it for that. I would love it even more if I could change the appearance a little without having to pay, it looks so simple 🥺 And also something really important for me is having widgets for the home page! So many note apps do. That would make it a 5 stars for me. I hope you can do it one day

  3. Malsawm Tluanga says:

    I really like this app, it simplicity and folder inside the folder. But it is difficult to select a word. It is also difficult to drag down while selecting the text. It moves too fast or jump back to forth to another section. Sometimes the next line moves back to the previous while pasting. And also It close itself while minimize to browse to another apps. Please add some text editing feature.

  4. Alok Sharma says:

    The most simple, beautiful & minimalistic yet feature rich notes taking app I have ever found. The best features are easy to understand interface, unlimited hierarchical (nested) folders and the best of all, complete respect of users privacy (i.e. no tracking, no analytics, no bugging, no spying etc). The free version of the app is more than sufficient for the average users but I would highly recommend purchasing the optional packages as a respect & tribute to the developer.

  5. Angana Tunga says:

    I have tried so many notes apps. They are pretty and all, have widgets, locks and many more such features that I don’t even need. I just need FOLDERS AND SUB FOLDERS. In this app, I can add as many folders and Sub folders as I want. It keeps all the notes very simple and organized. It has NO ADS.

  6. geza smit says:

    Simple app, no ads, notes sorted in folders, images can be uploded into notes, with google drive sync. Unfortunately there is no search option within the notes, so when you search for a word the notes containing that word will pop up, but within those notes you will have to find the searched word by yourself. So no use for notes with too much text..

  7. S J says:

    Update: Would be great to have a widget that adds a quick note. The note can be moved to the correct folder later!. It’s 1am and I am tired but I desperately needed a new notes/to do app. This looks like a game changer! I will report back after trying it when not so tired. Looks great.

  8. Fatima Amezcua says:

    best notes app i’ve used so far. i tend to write a lot in my notes, so the folders help me divide the information and stay organized. the animations are very smooth, which is something that i’ve had trouble finding in these kinds of apps. in other apps, it’s inconvenient having folders because of the choppy animations and overall, it’s a hassle. this is, however, my first day with the app so i’ll see how well it goes in the long run 🙂

  9. Grace Rodriguez says:

    I came back to your app because it has more customization options than others and I’m able to really appreciate it. I really like the ability to sort items & folders manually👌, and the Google drive sync. I like the new update, also I have a suggestion. Can you make it a paid feature to change the icon and/or possibly the color of the note thumbnail (just like folders) ? Would totally buy it. One more thing I’d love is an option for even more text preview on notes, and text size option. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  10. Rue Moe says:

    I’ve used the TypeNote app for many years, but it hasn’t been updated since 2017. I wanted another app where the developer is not in limbo somewhere and doesn’t ignore user feedback. I’m glad to have found the “Notes in folders – Noteful” app. So far, so good.

  11. Tom Nimanju says:

    Love the app. Simple yet effective. Unfortunately it misses couple of features I like. Grid view instead of just list view would be great. App lock with pin or fingerprint is another must have feature. Finally, it would be nice if there would be an option to export all notes as txt or PDF

  12. Jaswinder Singh says:

    Very nice! Folders. Subfolders. Text formatting. Syncs with google drive. Notes. Simple checklists. Supports long notes. Tried adding a note with around 1,70,000 characters which it could handle without any problems. Has scope for improvement but still it is good. To the developer: Thanks for adding undo/redo support. Please also consider adding note/folder locking feature.

  13. Paul H says:

    I like the app. Without opening up the entry you can see the pictures on the side. Very well done. ANY CHANCE OF A PASSWORD😁. When I do a synchronision I can’t find it in Google Drive which pisses me off.😡😡

  14. Miika Heikura says:

    I love that you can move a folder, with sub-folders and notes, which you couldn’t do in the app I was using previously. The developer is awesome. I complained because the app used to remove empty lines at the beginning and soon there was an update where it stopped doing that! I feel like I’ve found the perfect note app for me.

  15. Sheeppo says:

    The overall appearance is beautiful and I like it. But the text editor button and inside the text editor has a feeling of old design which does not correlate with the overall clean appearance of the app which makes it less cohesive. And I cannot purchase additional fratures because it is not available..


    An excellent app for organizing your thoughts and projects. I can’t recommend it enough. Most apps only let you sort your notes by date/name or category if your lucky- making it a messy experience that can be really demoralizing. Worth noting: there are NO ads, just two in-app purchases to unlock extra customizations: both of which are $1.99. TLDR; wonderful design, probably the best note-taking app out there; and no ads to bother you.

  17. t2d66 D says:

    I’m liking what I’m seeing so far & am mid way through reviewing 15+ note taking apps for business & some personal note taking. So far this is the only app reviewed that I’ve chosen to write a review on. Likes: directory structure; nesting folders; custom sort/move folders & notes; text editor; nice checklist settings & simplicity. Stylus S-pen S22 Ultra user. DOES it draw & handwrite?, if so more stars. Evernote user since 2014, looking for a replacement.

  18. Phil Ingram says:

    I love this app because I can put folders within folders to any depth, making organizing notes even better. Text can be formatted (bold, underline, italics), sized, and colorized as needed. Folders and notes can be sorted manually, as can items in a list. Also color folder icons and pictures can be had at a minimal cost. And there are No Ads. Donations can be made to support the developer. And he is very responsive to emails and is open to suggestions. Give this app a try. I highly recommend it.

  19. Melissa Robb says:

    Good: – Folder format is wonderful for organizing – The simplicity makes the app very useable Suggestions: – Add an option in a note file for checklist boxes or allow text notes to be added to a check list note file. It is helpful to be able to divide a checklist into sections. This can be achieved with a small change to note formatting options. Question – What file type is needed to import notes from other apps? I use Samsung Note and I don’t know how to import my existing notes.

  20. Leanne Rodriguez says:

    I love this app although it would be nice to be able to add a checklist inside text as well as making a standard list, in case you have text and a list together in the same document.

  21. Ridwanul Khan Aakash says:

    Very Useful & Good App. Most useful in this app is, i can create folders & sub folders of folders. That is very much useful. Waiting fir more extra features in the further update.

  22. George Barbanis says:

    Looks like this is the first review 🙂 After having experimented with many similar apps, it looks like this is going to be my notes app. Features include: folders and subfolders; synchronization with Google drive; simple appearance and features without any of the fancy stuff that I dislike. Nicely done!

  23. Floris Pelete says:

    FOLINO has all features you need in a notes application: * Folders and cascaded subfolders: you can create subfolders inside folders and subfolders at several levels. Many notes applications don’t have subfolders or have subfolders on one level only. * Synchronization: many notes applications, only folders are synchronized. When you restore, all notes are dumped in the main folders. * Use of colors and icons to customize folders and subfolders. * One-time purchase of additional features. * Etc.

  24. Mariah Stan says:

    Good for notes but you have to pay extra for photos Edit: it says on the list of things this app has to have images included and it’s in the photo too. I understand paying for certain things but for things that it advertises as free

  25. S. Brennan says:

    Very intuitive app! Easy to use. Full text editor, Sync, Backup & Restore from cloud or local folder. No horrid ads.

  26. Alec Garnhum says:

    Best notes app you can use. Almost anything you could need is here, for free, with folders gallore.

  27. Kitty Kasanova says:

    This is such a great app of organization, simple, but able. I love that it has a free option with basic functions, and no ads !! I will use this until I die, or until it’s not free anymore. Great app 👍👍

  28. amy penney says:

    This app helps keep your notes organized and it’s easy to use. The only thing missing is the option to lock notes and folders, adding that will make it 5 stars.

  29. Tim Armstrong says:

    easy to use with separate subject folders. Best app for note taking.

  30. Subbu Kola says:

    Awesome app. I’ve tried other apps, but none of them compare to this one, including Google Keep, OneNote, and Evernote. I must appreciate the developer for having invented such a wonderful and mobile-friendly app. Useful for everyone. The app is highly recommended. Finally, I found this app. Otherwise, I was about to pay a lifetime subscription for the amount of $30 for the app called “Private Notepad” from the Google Play Store.

  31. kanchi venkatesh says:

    The App is very good If possible please add ‘Grid View’ Another issue is when Selected all text to copy, after selecting didn’t show the popup copy, cut etc. Please solve these issues. Otherwise the app is an excellent. Thanks for your hard work.

  32. Bijudas K says:

    Very good and useful, pls introduce fingerprint lock

  33. David Soh says:

    Best notes app. So much better than Google Keep Notes which can’t sort by modified date.

  34. Henry Lee says:

    I was impressed by its beautiful UI, pleasant UX, nice text editor, note&folder management, & Sync&Backup features. I bought folder icon pack. The fact that it doesn’t have basic important feature -App/Note Lock- is quite dissapointing, that hold me to buy the rest. A Personal App like Note should have data protection from prying eyes IMO. Request: Please make it support App/Note Lock (major), Voice Input&Recorder (major), Pic-Audio-Video-Docs Attachments (major), & Doodle (minor) for 5★. THANKS

  35. Christian Amat says:

    This app is the most perfect foldering note app,that’s what I can say because I think it’s so perfect❤️

  36. Dawn Lode says:

    Better than expected, even the free version is offering much more than i would have initially asked or looked for. The real 5 stars application.

  37. Mr. Hitchens says:

    Really excellent application! Its very easy to use and looks great! I purchased the extra packs to support the developer. These are totally optional, but really worth it! Needs:~ 1. Encryption! Especially if using the cloud (that works very nicely) backup functionality. It should be local and on the fly. It’s totally essential these days. 2. PIN, most notes are going to be sensitive. Just a basic PIN is needed! 3. More cloud providers. Thank you dev! Very recommended 10/10

  38. SUN LIGHT says:

    Very handy, has a number of good features freely, that would otherwise have counted as premium features. Thank you for this App, thank you for all it has done, thank you for all it does.

  39. James Alex says:

    I love the app but when am try to copy some note, after I press select all, the copy will not appear for me, so I find it difficult to copy in this app. Please you guys should try and fix it

  40. Tobias Beck says:

    Really good for organized notes, only complaint would be the struggles I have with copying text. It literally won’t let me copy “big” amounts of text unless I click ‘share’, ‘copy’ and copy the entire document. Seems like a nitpick but the fact it won’t let me just copy more than..what, 20 lines (?) at once without doing the entire thing is pretty annoying. Would honestly be a solid 5 star if it wasn’t for that. Also keep in mind in-app purchases however they’re not necessary and pretty cheap

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