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Control all your devices and interactions in one place with the new mydlink.
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D-Link Corporation
November 18, 2022
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mydlink Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Important Notes
• Older D-Link cameras (DCS-xxxL and DCS-xxxxL) can nonetheless be used with the brand new mydlink app, however complex capability akin to Cloud Recording and Automation may not be supported.
• The brand new mydlink app does now not beef up mydlink™ House gadgets (DCS-935LH, DCS-8200LH, DSP-W110, DSP-W215, DCH-S150, DCH-S160, DCH-S220, DCH-G020, DCH-Z110, DCH-Z120).
• The brand new mydlink app does now not reinforce setup and keep watch over of D-Link Wireless router gadgets. To put in and keep an eye on those gadgets, apply the accompanying directions at the router packaging and handbook

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

With the brand new mydlink app, sensible house keep an eye on is now Smarter, More effective, and Extra Appropriate. You’ll be able to view your own home tracking cameras in real-time, be alerted and report video when movement or sound is detected, flip home equipment on/off, in addition to set schedules and automations to make your existence more uncomplicated. All from the benefit of your smartphone or pill.

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Your Own Home, Handiest Smarter

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

• See and do extra proper out of your lock display • Get transparent snapshots, open live-views, and make contact with designated contacts** in a single faucet

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

• Save movement and sound-triggered video pictures to the cloud, and watch it anyplace, anytime
• Filter out recordings via Match Kind, Date, Instrument, and placement

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

• Use voice instructions to carry up live-views from a digital camera to your Chromecast and Echo Display, or flip your lighting fixtures, lovers, and different home equipment on or off

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

• Get up to freshly-brewed espresso each morning
• Stroll into your brightly-lit house each and every night after paintings —
Cloud Recording Paid Plans(Value for reference handiest, native currencies applies)

mydlink Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Elementary Tournament recording, 7 days and as much as Three cameras.
USD $2.Forty nine Per thirty days, USD $24.Ninety nine Every year Top class Match recording, 14 days and as much as Five cameras
USD $4.Ninety nine Per 30 days, USD $49.Ninety nine Once a year Professional Tournament recording, 30 days and as much as 10 cameras
USD $9.Ninety nine Per 30 days, USD $99.Ninety nine Annually —


40 comments on "mydlink Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Nella Vivianna says:

    Automation continues to be an issue for the last week. All the one-tap setting keep losing their automation settings. Not much of a one-tap feature if I have to go through 3 menus to turn them on. Those are things I could overlook if more than one automation shortcut could be put on the dashboard, but it will only let me chose one, despite making multiple. I love the DSC 8525 cameras, great quality and usability but I’m about ready to return them due to the headache with managing them through the app. Last night I set everything up to record and when I woke up I had zero clips recorded despite having people come and go a couple times. Turns out the one-tap button I clicked had lost all of its settings and was not recording at all. If you’re going to make the app the management center for devices that are used for home security, make sure they work. Completely disgraceful, what if something had happened? You are just asking for trouble Dlink…

  2. Tavia Cassey says:

    Literally the worst app I have ever used. Hard to navigate. Most of the time you can’t play your recordings. So confusing to setup to automatically record. Doesn’t have an option for continuous recording so you have to set a sound event that will record with the littlest sound possible if you do. If I could give lower than 1 star I would.

  3. Benjamie Trent says:

    This is the most inconsistent app with awful customer service. I had to try to connect about 30 times before it worked and then when it was going through the process it gave me an error message. I tried it with different phones, different WiFi but the results are the same: it always takes a few trys to work but sometimes it doesn’t work at all.

  4. Emlyn Doro says:

    Just got this and at first I was having issues were the app was not working right. I emailed tech support and they responded quickly. The issue was I had an old version of the app. That corrected one issue. I emailed them back that the motion detection was not working and they sent me a step by step guide on how to fix that issue. Now the device and app are working like they should. Great device and app. Keep up the good work.

  5. Chaz Braydan says:

    D-Link should fire their QA team. Great video, good ad-hoc features like viewing live video. But… Everything else on the app is horrible! Example, scheduled to record ONLY between 12AM and 7AM… Right after saving, didn’t show up, had to restart the app and my settings show up, but they don’t work, it keeps recording to the cloud regardless of the schedule. That’s only one example.

  6. Lele Aalleeyaa says:

    How do I flip the image when ceiling mounting the camera? Should be something in the app. It has the ability to flip the controls. Should be able to flip the image. Pretty good resolution and control considering lag and latency of doing it through the internet. I like the zones and the auto pan. Gave it one star to get attention to my comment. Will update when issue is resolved.

  7. Yashmine Melton says:

    This is perhaps the worst security cam I’ve ever attempted to use. It constantly disconnects and you have to go to the app and open the app and hit reconnect over and over. The longest I’ve been able to record and they is less than 2 minutes. it’s worthless there other options much much better than this overpaid junk. The idea is to be able to monitor and record, but it disconnects constantly.

  8. Collyer Saunders says:

    I’ve had a few d’link cameras for a year. Thought they were garbage. Wouldn’t last a day without getting a connection error (99) Sound, no video. I eventually gave up. Just quit using them. For Christmas we got a Lenovo Smart Display. figured why not and set the cameras up to see how the smart home system worked. Everything worked great! It’s been flawless on the Lenovo for 3 days! Tonight I opened up the app on my phone and it jacked up the cameras again. Same issue. Has to be the app.

  9. Kaelene Elissa says:

    Jumping into this purchase has been a welcome surprise! I thought I’d read the bad reviews, like I always do, and by what people where saying, I might not be impressed, but that’s not the case. It’s a cute R2D2 unit with nice features. I enjoy it a lot! It did stop working, but I cleared the app cache and all is back to normal. Controls are a bit slow, but for the ease of use and all its functionality, this is a good device! I haven’t tried the cloud server functionality yet.

  10. Butler Elgin says:

    You have to be a computer technician to understand how to use the app. Simple is better!! I had to learn from a YouTube video on how to set the motion detection to activate /then record /and alert to cell . Push alerts only work 50% of the time and schedules are difficult to set. It’s like everything does the opposite of what you want.

  11. Dreogan Gates says:

    If I could give it 0 stars I would! The camera sends live images but the app pops up a window telling that connection is lost… There is no menu button to delete the recorded video after you have reviewed it… There is no visible difference in between the videos recorded in the 240 and 480p resolution, or the depth of the field of view… There is no functionality in the settings to select where to send notifications… When compared with other competitor’s products, this is garbage…

  12. Elvena Myrl says:

    Has a lot of potential. Some features are not user friendly and the learning curve was definitely evident. My biggest complaint right now is when my cameras switch from IR mode (night) to Day mode and vice versa.. it triggers a motion detection. This is aggravating because I will have my three cameras giving me three different motion alerts EVERY time a cloud passes over my house, making me check my phone every 10 mins because I have a false impression someone is walking around in my house.

  13. Haesel Cristobal says:

    Actually this app works quite well. Fairly intuitive and easy to set up and use. Tap camera controls are excellent, but swip camera controls are very sensitive with a high degree of latency making it almost unusable. Always use Tap controls. Other app functions and settings are simple and straightforward. Device setup was the easiest I have ever experienced. Be sure to scan the QRC code on the bottom of the camera and all you will need to do is enter your WIFI password. Setup was fast and flawles

  14. Chilton Rodes says:

    Not intuitive – for example there’s no description for the one-touch feature and how it applies to the water sensor I installed (with no other dlink products). I am not sure if I will get email alerts if the sensor contacts water, as I have tested 3 times, got audible alerts each time, but only once did I get an email notification. Does the fact that the green led goes out mean anything, or is this normal. Too many questions – necessary to contact customer service, not a good start!

  15. Jessyca Warde says:

    This app is very buggy. It seems there may have been an update because it had been working much better. Three cameras keep dropping out then reconnecting randomly. Permissions are set correctly but it still keeps asking me to set them. Always has been very difficult to navigate. Not intuitive at all. For the most part it sucks!

  16. Milt Calee says:

    camera has good picture clarity, good sound but, lacks the option of turning off the microphone. I have gone to the app and settings to mute or turn off sound and it still record’s audio even when I have selected to turn audio off. My second issue I have is the recording time of about 15 seconds when motion is detected. Seems to record longer when cars pass through and there’s no action in front of the camera view.

  17. Merrick Della says:

    terrible, at first I got it to make motion triggered recording but then it stopped working. The tutorial videos don’t match the app!, customer service is email only and with a 48 hr response time, and even the new software has bugs, there are windows in One Touch that you need to enter an automation rule to control the camera, but you can’t open the window, and it keeps saying “no automation rules selected”, very frustrating.

  18. Byrd Gill says:

    not to easy to set up, but not that hard either. Just takes a little time, like trying to read a very, very small pin number on the bottom of the camera, you need 20/20 vision for this. there could do with being more options to choose from also, such as how loud you here background noise or if it would allow you to turn the volume up and down yourself. other than this it’s not to bad, just needs a little improvement.

  19. Geri Kacia says:

    i thought it was alright, but after hours fiddling, it’s subpar. Dlink had gone out of their way to block access from Blue Iris and other security software. Camera features are buried deep within menus that would make sense if I had a bunch of D-Link devices. Instead, I’m stuck dealing with a crummy interface when I really want a web app that I can access easily.

  20. Myles Cloyd says:

    Extremely easy to set up and use….As for the App, SO easy to use a child could navigate it. However the UI could be cleaned up and made easier to navigate the “pan and tilt” feature, it does work as intended and isn’t a negative whatsoever, its just a personal preference as someone who works in software and UI design. Great App to compliment the hardware and will be recommending it to family and friends.

  21. Angelo Giambra says:

    Lots of issues with the new app. If you assign an automation to a schedule, you can’t assign it to a scene and vice versa. I can no longer simply tap a shortcut to turn on two cameras. I now have to turn each camera on separately. I had a shortcut that turns the cameras without turning on recording. Can’t do it now. This new app really seems like it was not well thought out

  22. Z Z says:

    Hates Wifi. Thanks for the updated app. Now it’s even worse. Can’t connect to Wifi. Can’t change password to WiFi network. Can’t choose different available network. If your settings were imported, you’re stuck. Guess I’ll be manually forcing a reset to “add a new device” and inputting all the settings again, at some point. Though after 30 or so “new device” experiences, I’m surprised this camera hasn’t ended up in the garbage. D(umb)Link. Never again. The app was bad. Now it’s worse. Thanks….

  23. Karin Flannery says:

    This new update is horrible! Always has an error message upon opening and I can only watch 1 of my 4 cameras at a time. Used to be able to watch all st the same time. The camera also takes forever to load and when it does and I want to click on it to make it bigger it wont load at all. You need to go back to the old version where there were very few problems!

  24. Dave Dammitt says:

    Not sure if it’s the app or the camera, but I have to reset almost everyday. Recording to an SD card, it records 7-second clips every minute, no matter what the sensitivity is set at. Virtually useless. “24/7″ Tech support is impossible to contact. Update 9-8-2020: is a lot better now that I’ve turned off all PTZ and just have it stationary. Still not great, but better. 9/10: Minus a star due to ” designated contact” demand every time app opens. Ridiculous.

  25. Jill Johnston says:

    Once I figured it out, it worked great, but now it doesn’t record my cats misbehaving. It’s weird. It records the other cat coming to see what bad cat did – but not bad cats actions – all in view of camera. I didn’t change settings, all I know it no longer works. I was going to update but after reading the reviews I don’t think so. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  26. Chaun McGuire says:

    New GUI is horrible. The pan/tilt function of the cameras is now either extremely slow or completely unresponsive. The whole “scenes” feature makes no sense. The loss of the one touch option to arm and disarm all cameras at one time is a disappointment. Overall dissatisfied with the new interface.

  27. Nicola Marcello D'Amico says:

    The newest upgrade which happened on Sept 3, 2020, so poorly thought out and far inferior to the previous version, I am considering closing my acct and going with a different brand of cameras. The MyDlink Lite app, which only works with their old cameras, actually works far better than the new app. When I get notified that there is an event, I want to access that camera immediately, without hunting for it. The new upgrade is a disaster. They shouldn’t have done it. Give us back the old one!

  28. Tim Peltier says:

    The app isn’t crashing anymore after the last update. Seems to be working fine so far. The only problem I’m having is every time I set to 1080 it keeps resetting it 720. I really like this camera. I thought it was going to end up in my closet after the previous update. Happy to see dlink is taking care of it. 👍

  29. Alissa Garza says:

    The app takes forever to open. By the time the live feed opens, the motion that the camera detected is already over. I don’t have one of the supported cameras for cloud recording, so viewing my recordings that are on the sd card is nearly impossible at times. It all depends on how the app feels, if it wants me to view the videos or not.

  30. Ty Stillabower says:

    Its alright. I like being able to see my cameras POV while away from home, but its ability to record is unreliable in that it won’t record or upload while internet connection isnt super good. Also, i dont like that while in the events tab, you have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll to find specific times of each day. Theres no way to filter the items or search the time you want to see.

  31. Rex Villanueva says:

    Some cameras are hit and miss as far as displaying a live view. I’ve had to close and open the app multiple times to view the camera. Since the recent upgrades, the app keeps telling me there’s no internet connection when in fact there is. When that happens (and happens several times a day) I’ve had to reenter my username and password. All of this is irritating when you hear something and quickly go to the cameras to see what it is.

  32. Keith D Commiskey (KeithDC) says:

    [Updates below] This app used to be about 95% reliable, but today it became unusable. It complained about no network, then it required my login info, then it complained again, and now it won’t let me to the live view. Do y’all have an app that actually works … reliably? ‘Cause even when it did work, this one hangs and freezes often. It has major issues connecting to the camera’s viewing monitor, and it now hangs intermittently on startup too. I reboot my phone, it started once, then a second time it hung on startup again. It finally let me in, and it’s now trying to connect to the camera, which happens often. For the camera startup, it’s often I find that by the time the camera does come up, whoever was at the front door is already gone and down the street. Recordings? You can’t rely on them because it doesn’t always record. To be fair, it does record ~95% of the time, but that 5% is when you usually really need it to not be that 5%. I see a lot of effort went into the design, but someone dropped the ball on functionality somewhere. And what does it mean when it drops the camera and says a time limit has been reached. What time limit? Also, the only way I can tell if the live camera view isn’t frozen is I have to constantly check that the clock is ticking. But a LOT of times I forget to do that and will be watching a frozen image for quite some time. I’ve found another indicator is when the camera shows it’s daytime, but the view out my window shows it’s not. Can you write an asynchronous service that periodically checks if the video is frozen? All that aside, I do like the indigo background, and when the camera is working, it’s nice to have. Also, from your app description… “older apps still work”? I guess less than a year is now considered “older.” Google (read Pixel) would agree with you. P.S. It’s still trying to connect to the camera. Oh, no, wait, now it wants me to log in again. __UPDATE__: Because I connect my phone to my network, because mobile service is spotty, and I use mobile data transfer over the network, whatever new software updates were applied to this app now log me out consistently. And it has only let me back into the live camera view once since my initial review. So apparently this app is now pretty useless for me, although I suppose I’ll keep hitting the “view” button—at some point it’s bound to let me back in, yes? __UPDATE__: Dear Bot, I wrote a book already. (It’s a “Short-Short, Prose,” actually.) __UPDATE__ [2020-12-05]: The new update fixed the initial connection issues and forcing logins intermittently. Thank you! However, the update appears to mostly just have fixed what broke in the previous update. I still have to keep an eye on the clock for when the live view freezes (has happened a few times since the update—twice today), and missing motion sensor notifications & recordings persist. Someone came and went to my house this morning, and not one alert or recording was made of their coming or going. Ergo, I still would NOT recommend this product for imperative security purposes. But at least it’s back to its 95% self.

  33. T W says:

    I really like this app alot! The functionality is great. The only thing that prevents me from giving the app a five, is that I believe the interface (how a user navigates the app and configures cameras and settings) is somewhat convoluted, and non- intuitive, and could be a LOT more intuitive/user-friendly. The current interface is greatly improved over past versions, so I am very confident they’ll eventually get there.

  34. Eric Winslow says:

    Nothing connects! I have 2 cameras that were abruptly disconnected from my network seemingly overnight, and not one of the options to reconnect either one is working. I get to the point where I can input a PIN from the bottom of the unit and nothing happens when I type. Copy/paste does nothing too. The QR feature is useless bc the camera auto disables my phone’s light and the codes are basically too small to read. Thanks. This is the 2nd app of yours I’ve tried and I’m furious.

  35. Kevin M (kjm) says:

    The latest update forces you to create an account. I don’t care for the lack of web interface, but you could get to some settings from the app. At least the camera has ONVIF, however the image is terrible compared to the app, weird. I’m sure the D-Link camera/app/cloud combination is great for those with enough internet, money, and a disinterest in technology; but it does not work well for me.

  36. Pete Welch says:

    Update: It’s been a year since my first review and they’ve fixed nothing. Still a trash app that they clearly don’t want to fix. Unmitigated garbage. I have a lot of smart home apps from lots of different companies and this is the worst I have ever used. Schedules only work one device at a time and you have to do each day separately. Then you run into a limit which it doesn’t explain. Automations won’t come up at all. Firmware updates just run for days doing nothing.

  37. Jeff Duhon says:

    Pretty good app. user friendly. I have the pan and tilt camera and it’s just a little finicky to get set up, but once it connects it’s solid. A few short years later however, it constantly disconnects from the internet even when I have the fastest download speed and best router on the market. It’s definitely not the internet signal. It also refuses to record anything anymore. I’m pretty much cancelling my subscription and switching to another camera company at this point.

  38. Victoria McBride says:

    doesn’t pick up motion detection very well. Records when nothing is there and doesn’t record any kind of movement, like when I leave for work. Night vision sucks if your camera is looking out a window. The good things about it is the vision is clear and sound is very sensitive…I can hear my clock tick from across the room.

  39. Alalia Lundy says:

    It is hit and miss. Doesn’t always come up. When we do get notified of an alert we don’t always get to catch it as the cameras do not always come up. We had high hopes and have excused the inconsistencies for far too long. We’ve been using 4 cameras since 2018 some come up more consistently than others. The SD card display is also inconsistent with access to see a recording or not. We are now looking to replace with another brand of cameras and app.

  40. Chris Schenk says:

    Wish the color of the Date & Time on screen display could be changed at any time. Not just the daytime and night vision options. Also wish you could customize the layout of the on screen items. Sometimes the Date & Time are impossible to see without putting the camera into Night Vision mode. So this feature would be extremely helpful and would get this a 5 Star review!

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