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March 28, 2017
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Lock App – Smart App Locker Apk Download New*

#1 app locker in Fifty four nations. Thousands and thousands of glad customers Light-weight, advert unfastened, licensed via Google

Lock App – Sensible App Locker Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Need to lock your Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, Fb, Twitter, Gmail, Digital camera, Conceal Gallery, Conceal Footage, Disguise Movies and so on. Lock them simply to your telephone. Utterly Unfastened, No Advertisements, and Small dimension

Lock App – Good App Locker Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

The way it works ?
• Lock any app within the App Locker
• When the locked app is introduced in your telephone, your can be requested for a password
• Input the set password to unencumber the app

Lock App – Good App Locker Apk Obtain New* apk

Different options

Lock App – Good App Locker Apk Obtain New* free up

Simplest app in PlayStore with
• No Commercials • Totally Loose
• Smallest Measurement • No battery have an effect on
• Ceaselessly up to date • Fingerprint free up choice • Tremendous secret mode – Disguise icon of the app
• Fortify for : Pin Lock, Development Lock, Password Lock and intuitive Crash Display Lock

Lock App – Sensible App Locker Apk Obtain New*

In case you have any questions, be at liberty to touch us at the reinforce electronic mail.
[email protected]


40 comments on "Lock App – Smart App Locker Apk Download New*"

  1. Edbert Tarina says:

    Its really effective, less permissions compared to many other applocks, the problem is that, the applock commences seconds after the application is launched. After I switch from one app to the other, in recent tabs, all my activity can be seen on that app, and if my phone sleeps, while waking it, the applock doesn’t come up, if there were a few themes it would have been really really good, overall its quite effective and awesome too, Thank you.

  2. Jonna Farron says:

    Absolutely I would suggest this app to anyone! No fancy interface or annoying ads. Just a simple and basic app locker to keep people out of your private business. As long as it remains ad free I will continue to use it. Don’t change a thing please!

  3. Sterne Cydney says:

    Tried several similar apps. All of them suffered from the same problem: when the locked app is started, it initially flashes for a brief moment, before the lock screen appears. With this one it happens sometimes, too. Otherwise this app works fine. Some other apps locked up the phone occasionally, sometimes didn’t lock the app at all. This one is more reliable.

  4. Rusty Joslin says:

    Does its job well, but I wish I could actually hide apps like the secure folder does. I don’t want to make a Samsung account. I get that the method the other app was trying to do required a rooted phone – but I don’t want to take such a risk. Otherwise, I can just prevent unauthorized access to other apps in case of phone theft.

  5. Jhosafat Andrah says:

    Very happy with it. There is a delay before opening but I think the problem is down to Android, not this app, as I have been using App Lock Pro for years until that developed a delay (of about 5 seconds) before asking for a passcode). *Update – Since my review (above) LockApp has settled down and protected apps dont open or show up, even for a fraction of a second, before asking for the passcode. I haven’t change any settings on the app or android either, so I don’t know why, just glad it does!

  6. Divinity Nolene says:

    Sometimes it takes multiple screen pins to unlock certain apps. Please fix this problem. Other than that? This is probably the best applocker out there. No ads. No microtransactions. No intrusive permissions. No nothing. It just does exactly what it’s supposed to do any nothing else. Which is a GOOD THING.

  7. Elvinia Bolton says:

    A fantastic easy to use app for securing any apps that you don’t want others to access. No ads and no unwanted permissions. No in-app purchases, nagging or accounts to set up. People complaining about the app shutting down need to go into their phones settings and exclude Lock App from battery optimisation. Sensitive information from locked apps doesn’t appear in the recent apps screen if you exit the app rather than just switching directly to another app. The best app lock app I have found.

  8. Kristianna Iahn says:

    Honest experience. I’ve been using this application for a few days now. It does what is says, it locks the apps has a fingerprint unlock option. If your device is rooted like mine your functionality increases. The app is also light on the battery than other apps I’ve used. It has a simpler, more useful UI. Everything is good as it should be. Just one minor thing, please add dark mode if possible. Beside that everything is awesome.

  9. Marley Elyza says:

    Works perfect very simple to use. Better than Samsung secure folder. I don’t like to have to unlock secure folder then go to the app and click the app. This one I just click the app unlock it and it works perfect. I can take the app back out of being locked without having to remove the app like Samsung secure folder

  10. Kamille Braydon says:

    A good app. It works, is simple to setup and use, and takes very little space up on my device. Does the job well and has no ads. Once the pw has been set, though, there seems no way to change it should you wish to do so.

  11. Jordi Alexx says:

    Great app, I’d happily buy a premium version if there were an option. It would be great to change the pin screen to be black rather than white. It is very bright and the main app lock screen is black, so it feels inconsistent. It would also be nice to have the option to disable the vibration/haptic feedback on unlock. Lastly, I have noticed I get a quick view of the app before the lock screen appears. This may be because I have animations sped up in the developer options to 0.5x speed.

  12. Edlen Makenzie says:

    I use this app with a single PIN to unlock applications. I have encountered a number of difficulties. 1) Frequently required to enter the PIN twice when there was no mistake in entering it. 2) The app doesn’t become active when phone is turned on. I am often in areas where phones must be turned off. 3) The app frequently simply shuts down. 4) The email link for requesting Help is invalid. I’ve removed the app. It’s trash 😡.

  13. Hugiet Hester says:

    I’m looking for an app that will allow me to lock apps on my phone as well as my children’s phones. This app is easy to use and setup. As of this review this app IS FREE OF ADS! Okay, I had written a long-winded review about how this app is too easy to bypass. Turns out I might not have had it setup properly. Here’s what I know so far. I am able to lock ALL APPS on my device. This includes texting apps, camera, file manager and even the dialer app. When you click on a locked app, either from your home screen or from the app drawer, you are presented with a PIN or pattern request depending on how you setup Smart App Locker. You also have the option of using fingerprint. This app DOES NOT use facial recognition. Once the correct PIN or pattern is entered the locked app will run. In the Smart App Locker settings there is an option to ‘Hide app icon’. You are required to install [free companion app] ‘Hide It Pro’. If you choose to install ‘Hide It Pro’ the Smart App Locker will still be visible in the app drawer. When you click it, you are taken to the Android ‘App Info’ screen instead of the Smart App Locker GUI. Technically you can tap ‘Force Stop’ to stop Smart App Locker unless you have Android Settings locked (see tip below). I’ve only been using Smart App Locker for 10 – 15 minutes so this is all I know so far: I locked the dialer on my phone. When I called my phone I was able to answer the call and talk to the caller. My phone displayed the incoming call notification. When I answered it, the dialer displayed for a half second then disappeared but the call was not disconnected. I have shortcuts on my home screen that are linked to frequent contacts. When I click on them the dialer will not display unless it is unlocked with PIN/Pattern/Fingerprint. The call will connect though. I also have a shortcut on my home screen that is linked to a frequent texting contact. If I click on it, my texting app will not open with out being unlocked and sending the text is impossible until the texting app is unlocked. On my phone JOnePlus is set to start when the phone boots. After locking JOnePlus, the app still starts automatically at boot. I am not able to access the GUI without unlocking the app first. This is just some quick observations I’ve made with this app. I am very pleased with the app performance, ease of use and it is FREE and FREE OF ADVERTISEMENTS. I’ll edit this review if it becomes necessary. Please read the tips below. Tips: 1. Make sure you lock ‘Settings’ (Android settings) from within this app. If you don’t lock ‘Settings’ then all you have to do is ‘Force Stop’ from the app drawer and then all your apps are unlocked. 2. Make sure you restart your device after you have made or changed any of Smart App Locker settings. It seems that sometimes the changes don’t take effect until after a reboot. ———>HEY GOOGLE! DO YOU THINK SOME DAY YOU WILL ALLOW US TO WRITE REVIEWS USING PARAGRAPHS!?<----------

  14. Muneeb-ur-Rehman Baig (Abu Ibrahim al Husyni) says:

    This is really a great app, and I’ve been a loyal fan of this recommending since long. The excellent feature of this app is integration with Finger Scanner. I’ve recently moved to Xiaomi A3 with on screen finger scanner. After the update to Android Q, the finger scanner is having trouble so I also added Pin/Pattern to unlock my apps. This is now giving some more trouble… since the pin/pattern just shares the same place as of finger scanner; most of the time I’m unable to unlock the apps. This is suggested, if possible to move the pin/pattern UI a bit upwards so Finger Scanner could do the trick… I’d be much thankful and appreciate the efforts. Once again… be blessed!

  15. Angel M says:

    Best app locker I’ve used in a long time. I like it a lot the only thing missing is an option to lock apps after a certain amount of time has elapsed. I find it annoying to have to unlock app “A” go to the homescreen for a something then go back to app “A” and having to unlock it again. Imagine doing that on multiple apps that are locked and having cycle through them.

  16. Shahroz Amjad says:

    The apps great and has a simple and efficient UI. There are no ads and it runs exactly the way as it is advertised. I just hope there can be more features introduced like customising your lock screens and taking photos of intruders that try to access your locked apps by just winging the passwords. It was a great app, well done.

  17. Asaad Arafeh says:

    Nice App, only three stars due to the app crashes a lot….once it crashes, you can not access your locked apps, even after inputting your correct password. Only way to access apps, is to disable the app locker app through the Play Store. Would give it more stars, if not for the crashes and being locked out of your own phone/apps that you have sensitive and important files stored in….

  18. Anena du Plessis says:

    Definitely a 5 star app!! User friendly & reliable! Its’ simplicity is inspired…never reaching beyond what’s needed by the user. And so, successfully provides a ‘frustration free zone’ for all. Previous to discovering this app, I tried others. This app does what it’s suppose to do! The others would crash doing the ONE thing it was programmed to do. With no additional programs running in the background, of course.

  19. viktor muerte says:

    There seems to be a glitch when unlocking certain apps in that the apps don’t unlock right away, and you have to unlock thwm twice. I’ve been experiencing this with Netflix and my phone’s gallery (I’m using an S20 plus.) Other than this minor inconvenience, this app is great. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do quite efficiently. Thanks.

  20. jamie chambers says:

    Couple of problems! One, using the pin, the Lock App won’t let me into whatever I’m trying to open. I enter my pin and wants me to enter it over and over. Two, my phone fingerprint, will sometimes override the pin lock. This does not make Lock App, very secure! I believe Lock App has good potential, but needs a lot of work!!

  21. Elizabeth Hock says:

    Nice! 👍 This is the only one I’ve found that actually works, and I have tried a few. One thing I wish, but donknow if it’s possible without a phone root access, Is it possible to give device administative access, so that I don’t have to restart it everytime I restart my phone? 🔹 But this one really works! Sometimes it asks for my pin # twice, but that’s fine with me. I feel much more secure having my browsers with saved passwords in bookmarked pages locked away. Thank you!👍

  22. Alaric Wingty says:

    Nice app. It locked applications successfully, but one thing is that it doesn’t open quickly in some areas; it requires the same pattern or pin over and over again to unlock , though the pattern or pin entered is correct. Please check your app and fix this little problem, thank you.

  23. Travis Jensen says:

    Works very good however sometimes if you go into a licked app and select something that has to open another app thats locked, then it gets stuck jumping back and forth between the 2 apps unlocking them, so you are stuck until you go into thus app and unlock 1 or both. I find that frustrating as u may forget to lock them again, which is not good if someone uses your phone and selects that app.

  24. pheobe warr says:

    If I could give a 10 star I would so far this app has been a godsend! My phone doesn’t have draw over app permission, so I’ve been searching for a lock app that doesn’t require this permission. It’s hard to find and the ones that don’t require it are a nightmare changing your homescreen nevermind trying to get it off or they simply don’t work at all. This app is easy, light, gets the job done so my grandbabies and quick snoopers can stay locked out! I can hand off my phone w/o worry

  25. jazzydakitty says:

    I love this app. Something that other people have mentioned that I think is important is the deletion protection. Being able to lock the app from being deleted is necessary. I also think that more customization should be added to the screen. Such as dark mode. Otherwise, it’s really nice.

  26. Samus in a hat says:

    Pretty good app, but it currently doesn’t seem to work with the Samsung Secure Folder. Whenever I try to access it, the app asks for my pattern/pin, and then it boots me back out without even letting me enter my Secure Folder. I don’t even have it set to be locked by the app, it just locked it on its own without my input. If you could fix this promptly, that would be greatly appreciated. (The only way into the Secure Folder is through settings, which is very cumbersome)

  27. Shivam Singh says:

    Everything is fine, but it needs a little bit improvement. Whenever I open a app I get the password prompt on my screen as normal but after entering the password the application doesn’t starts actually, So I have to start again the application and re-enter the password. Sometimes this happens 2-3 times in a row and it really disgusts me. Please work on this issue, this really needs to be fixed. Otherwise overall app interface is very good, simple and easy to use without any bloatware and ads.

  28. Ray Americano says:

    There are certain apps this doesn’t work well with. For example when I try to unlock Facebook, no matter how many times i get the password correct, it displays FB for a millisecond, then I get asked for the password again and again and again and AGAIN! Works fine other than that, and I do Not have the issue of it not starting, when I reboot my phone, as others have mentioned in the low reviews. For those curious, I use this app on two phones… Moto Stylus 2021. Galaxy Note 9.

  29. Jeremiah Bailey says:

    this app doesnt work for my specific needs but the fake crash screen is an amazing idea, unfortunately i think the effect is kind of lost when whoever is trying to open the app in question notices something called “smart app locker”. still interesting though. this isn’t a negative assessment, it does what it says on the tin.

  30. Erom Cyriaq says:

    Simple, clean, no ads, no drama. I just hope the developers find an effective way to prevent unauthorized deletion of the app such as equally with a PIN and fingerprint. That would be perfect and complete. I know there is some manner to hide the icon though… So far, great job.

  31. Roy Jones says:

    The only thing I’ve been looking for in an applocker app is the ability to not delay the time to lock immidiately without strangers peeping into our private messages. This one gave me the first impression. Great work developers and another great thing about it is that it does not show irritating ads. Hope it stays that way. Thanks!

  32. Matthew Togo says:

    The app is very good when it runs. Tge challenge is that it does not run all tge time. It keepa going off and one has to constantly turn it on to stary running. It means that your apps are not secured when you forget to rurn it on.

  33. henry dauda says:

    The only locker 🔒 I was able to use and it works. Simple, lightweight and straight to the point. Others wanted permission to draw over other apps which my android go can’t grant. This one doesn’t ask such permission. Thanks. 👍🏽 One thing you guys may need to fix. I think 🤔 there should be a visual finger print icon on screen when unlocking with finger print. There’s none.

  34. Mark Scaramuzzi says:

    It works as described, but… I have given this a thorough test and I found a glitch. When using a launcher app be careful not to lock it. I found it goes into a continuous loop with the password prompt. The only way out was to boot into Safe Mode and reset the app by clearing it’s data. Otherwise if you don’t know this your device will permanently lock you out. It does kind of give a warning when setting it up but it’s not really clear, it’s kind of asking “are you sure” with a ? .. odd!

  35. Ruth Mcfanin says:

    Awesome and perfect. No ads super basic and easy and works well- the only problem I had one time was google maps wouldn’t allow me to see my route- even tho google maps wasnt something blocked. Furthur it would auto close the app without asking for the lock if it was a lock issue. Something to look into??

  36. Becky P says:

    Works good and there are no ads. It doesnt show it running in the background to tip off someone how to unlock it. But it is super easy to find the app and just uninstall it.

  37. Adiyogi says:

    App is no doubt a good one with very light weight but the terrible drawback is it can be uninstalled easily by any intruder. That means, in order to access locked apps, the intruder can simply uninstall it. I don’t know how this developer missed this simple logic. Is he going to pay attention to it and fix this issue..!? Time will reveal..

  38. Aubrey Morgan says:

    This app really works…..ive tried several others that lock your apps but will unlock them if the phone is turned off and then back on. I don’t have to worry about that with this one. Great job

  39. James Woods says:

    Love this app. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Instantly locks the selected apps you choose when you close them, No Ads!, which in itself is awesome. Can use a pattern, or PIN. If you upgrade the app, it offers many more features. Highly recommend this app. Thank you developers!

  40. jude okpu says:

    It is the quickest app locker that I have used, and I have tried quite some. As soon as you switch on your device this app automatically locks the apps you need to lock, no delay.

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