Link to Windows Mod Apk New 2022*


Access your phone's notifications, calls, apps, photos & texts on your PC
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November 17, 2022
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Link to Windows Mod Apk New 2022*

You love your telephone. So does your COMPUTER. Get rapid get right of entry to to the whole thing you like in your telephone, proper out of your COMPUTER. To get began, set up the Hyperlink to Home windows app for your Android telephone and fasten it with the telephone Hyperlink app for your Home windows COMPUTER.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Hyperlink your Android telephone and LAPTOP to view and respond to textual content messages, make and obtain calls*, view your notifications, and extra.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

Make emailing your self footage a factor of the previous as you percentage your favourite photographs between your telephone and LAPTOP. Replica, edit, or even drag and drop pictures with out ever touching your telephone.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022*

Telephone Hyperlink options:
• Make and obtain calls out of your PC*
• Organize your Android telephone’s notifications to your LAPTOP • Get admission to your favourite cell apps** to your LAPTOP • Learn and respond to textual content messages out of your LAPTOP • Drag information between your LAPTOP and phone**
• Replica and paste content material between your LAPTOP and phone**
• Right away get entry to the pictures in your telephone out of your LAPTOP • Use your COMPUTER’s larger display, keyboard, mouse, and contact display screen to have interaction along with your telephone out of your COMPUTER.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Built-in with select** Microsoft Duo, Samsung, and HONOR telephones for a fair higher enjoy:
The Hyperlink to Home windows app comes built-in so no further apps wish to be downloaded from the Play Retailer. Hyperlink to Home windows is simple to seek out within the Fast Get right of entry to tray (swipe down from the highest of your display to get entry to it). Unique options like cross-device reproduction and paste, Telephone display, document drag-and-drop, and Apps.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022* release

Tell us what options you’d like to look subsequent by way of deciding on “Ship comments” within the Telephone Hyperlink app settings.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

*Calls calls for a Home windows 10 COMPUTER with Bluetooth capacity.

Hyperlink to Home windows Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

**Drag and drop, Telephone display screen and Apps all require a appropriate Microsoft Duo, Samsung or HONOR instrument (complete checklist and breakdown of functions: The a couple of apps revel in calls for a Home windows 10 LAPTOP working the Might 2020 Replace or later and has no less than 8GB of RAM, and your Android software should be working Android Eleven.0.

The Hyperlink to Home windows accessibility provider is for the ones the usage of a display studying device at the COMPUTER. When the provider is enabled, it means that you can regulate all of your phone’s apps out of your COMPUTER the usage of Android keyboard navigation whilst receiving spoken comments out of your COMPUTER audio system. No private or delicate information is accrued by the use of Accessibility Provider.
Via putting in this app, you conform to the Microsoft Phrases of Use and Privateness Remark


40 comments on "Link to Windows Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. lil kidd says:

    I only downloaded this to sync my texts and calls to my laptop. It doesn’t work. I can send texts, but I can’t receive them. It does not sync properly, texts are always missing. Other functions may or may not work. Offers a lot of good features but when half of them just give you an error message it’s hard to be impressed with the ones that will work.

  2. Julia Glasse says:

    This app barely functions. It will say my phone is not connected while it proudly states that it is connected in its status bar. When I follow the trouble shooting steps, they do not remotely resemble anything I see on the app or my computer. It does many more things than I am interested in. I just want to send and receive texts on my computer. Below, more useless troubleshooting steps and insulting assumption that I do not have the app installed correctly. Desperate for more stars.

  3. Mack McRodgers says:

    Works like it says. I can put my phone on the charger and use my pc with direct remote access. It does not work the other way around, I can’t look at my pc from my phone. But if I get a text or a call I can click my screen from the ole pc while I’m doing other work. Even access my wifi remotes for smart devices. Just very useful!

  4. Dimotai Music says:

    The features in this app are great, but it’s horrendously inconsistent. Sending messages through my PC succeeds merely 5% of the time. Messages will often send in duplicates, they won’t even appear in your message history, and the phone won’t even connect half the time. Photos don’t migrate at all, and notifications are off. I’ve tried virtually every possible fix on my end, from uninstalling apps on both ends, using different networks, to hard-resetting devices. Do not rely on this app at all.

  5. Kyle Green says:

    Intermittent total failure. The pairing process is fragile, oftentimes one device will think that the process is complete and the other one is still attempting to complete it. Connections are frequently lost, with no precursor. The app is pretty good, and when it works it’s great to have, but it’s not stable or reliable. I’ve submitted for help several times on the PC, help has yet to be discovered.

  6. Melissa Bruce says:

    Calls don’t work. I really want to love this. I like messaging but I can’t get the calls to work properly. I can make/receive calls from the computer, but the Bluetooth audio on the phone connects to the PC instead of my headset. I can hear everything through my PC speakers, but no one can hear me. I have to manually switch to my phone headset in the call Bluetooth settings in order to talk, so it’s more complicated than just using my phone to start with. How can I default to headset?

  7. joplinvet says:

    Clunky App. Syncing on the go is very unreliable and difficult to troubleshoot. Refuses to work on more than one computer. Does work well on one computer, but useless when traveling. Thanks for the reply. What you say didn’t work. Pointing to a bad help page, but not actually helping, doesn’t help with the problem. Just adds to frustration.

  8. Rafael Dochev says:

    I mainly use the app for receiving notifications and having conversations via my PC. While initially, ~2 years back, I was quite dissatisfied with the app (often unreliable connection between the devices, bad audio during calls etc.), it has been markedly improved over time, with the issues I had been experiencing no longer present (at least in my case). And finally having the app minimize to tray instead of completely closing, after the last update, was the quality of life feature I was missing

  9. Why not? says:

    Since the beginning, the app has different names and doesnt work properly. Today, the last straw when I find my computer is no longer linked because of another update. Pairing doesnt work. “Go to your app” but the app doesnt exist unless you go to phone settings and find it there. I was using it only occasionally and it was very annoying force stopping and blocking the app as from 4 days standby battery was suddenly 8hrs with this app on. No Microsoft, you keep failing in this repeatedly!

  10. Lorene Conner says:

    Works very well with windows 11. However… I don’t want calls going through my PC. Only want to use the app for text messages. Turned off the phone capability in the PC software. (Made sense, right?) In a virtual meeting and phone starts ringing via PC! 😡 Didn’t realize I have to turn the phone off in my phone app as well. Hopefully I’ve resolved the issue.

  11. dorene wagler says:

    Very upset and frustrated with this app. It will not let me save my pictures to my file. It just keeps saying it is syncing to my phone and nothing ever changes!!! This app. just sucks !! And no way of getting in contact with a person to help resolve this issue. The other way was so much better than this new app. Also to report that the issue is still on going you want us the consumer to make a video of the problem and send it to you , how stupid is that !!! what nobody at Microsoft can answer

  12. High Fidelity says:

    I love being able to access my photos from my computer and link to windows makes it super easy. That was why I set it up originally but now I found you can use your apps, make phone calls and get notifications. The only thing it feels like it is missing is better access to the file system as you can open whatever file explorer app you use but it’s not as easy to navigate as you can through a USB connection.

  13. Steven Gruenwald says:

    Handy when it works – but it often doesn’t. Messages simply stop appearing in it when they were before and nothing has changed (apps on phone and desktop are up to date, no change in sender, addressee, messaging app/service, etc.). Some messages sent from the phone appear in the PC app; others don’t. Some of the icons in the app are greyed out and there is no help available. Sending messages from the PC sometimes works, but not often.

  14. Jeremiah Nunez says:

    Been looking for an easy way to connect my phone to my PC but couldn’t for a while because of my PC/network after a few taps with this app and a few clicks on my pc and tadahh! Connected!only annoyance is it CONSTANTLY trying to connect to my pc when I only need it run when I want it to… Not when I get home (notification) not when I connect to my grandma’s wifi (notification) and not when I’m away at the store (notification)… Other than that it would be a 5 star app…

  15. Bre Ann Wade (BreEze) says:

    Great app syncs everything up!! It’s kinda aggravating to get it set up some times. I could see this working very well for somebody if something happened to their phone screen!! (They could still use their phone without a doubt as if it weren’t broken! Not with the phone off course, you’d have to use your computer instead but what a great thing to have!)

  16. Randye Semple says:

    Can’t connect at all. Worked fine until 2 weeks ago. Wasted many hours trying to get connected. Microsoft is useless. Expect to waste a few hours every couple of weeks trying to get it reconnected after it mysteriously disconnects. Ok, so I’ve now given feedback and sent problem logs and gotten a “thank you our developers will consider your feedback.” Great. But the app still doesn’t work and Microsoft is still no help whatsoever.

  17. Eileen Howard says:

    Average, often unreliable. Not a lot of features. (ED: I can attempt a report, but it seems more work than it is worth.) – For record, it randomly crashes, no explanation, it’s just gone. My laptop is new, < 1 yr old. Win 10 (64b). This app randomly stops working, claiming it can no longer find or connect to my phone. It did it again yesterday & I did all I could before having to REMOVE my phone & re-add as new! Also, Why can I delete photos, but not old msgs? No msg fwd, No airplane mode?

  18. Jennifer Eym says:

    Lost of the good and bad Easy to type texts. Can not do a return in a text like on the phone. Phone and computer are connected but not synced. I have to completely uninstall from both the phone and computer every so often to get them to reconnect. Could be great but is not there yet.

  19. Max Westrum says:

    Great when it’s working but half the time messages just can’t be bothered to send. After a password change the whole link breaks for obvious security reasons. However, on the app when I tried to log in again it kept returning “Login Failed” after 2 seconds no matter what I did on the login screen. I’m assuming it was doing background shenanigans trying to connect because it was still paired on Windows. After I reinstalled the app and removed the pair from my PC and started fresh it was fixed.

  20. Preston Westenbarger says:

    Solid app. I use it at work to take photos of incoming parts on my phone and get them onto my work pc. Link to Windows is FAR easier than any other methods I’ve used in the past (Bluetooth file transfer, email, cloud upload then subsequent download). The text notifications are a nice plus as I have to keep my phone on silent and I will sometimes miss a text for an extended amount of time. Link to Windows makes sure I see all my texts. Sometimes this is bad since I’ll get distracted at work xD

  21. Veranina Gajewsky says:

    Please bring in an option on the left hand side to be able to see the number or full name of the sender. Now all you can see are circles with initials. Very frustrating when you do a lot of texting. Or give us instructions how to change back the original viewing of the numbers and names instead of your “wonderful” streamlined mess that was created.

  22. Drew Losure-McDermott says:

    Using Windows and Android for different thingsm this makes the experience seamless. For the longest time I only used Windows for gaming, even doing my writing for work and other (creative) writing) on Android, simply using a bluetooth keyboard… and I still intend to do that for the majority of my writing, but for things like Dungeons and dragons wherein I often need to switch between notes, maps, programs and music quickly and seamlessly this app’s connectivity is ideal for the pupose,

  23. Major Squiggles says:

    I’d say the app has gotten better lately with the caveat that you really need a newer phone to get the most out of it. If you want to remote access you need the screen on, which defeats the point imo. It also runs so slow it’s unusable for anything other than a monitor. But you can access your texts, make phone calls, and see your photos just fine. That’s good enough for I think most people. It pairs more easily than it used to. Haven’t had major issues lately at least with an S22+.

  24. Andrew Brooks says:

    Worked great at first. Now most of the time it won’t work. Pages aren’t going through in either direction. If the phone says it’s connected, the PC says it isn’t and vice versa. MOST ANNOYING YET: On the few occasions I DO get it to link, then about EVERY 5 MINUTES the phone AND PC keep beeping and display a Notification to “Connect to your new device, Click here to setup your device” when they are ALREADY CONNECTED!

  25. Sarina Hopkins says:

    Not working AT ALL! For some reason (maybe the update), the app keeps telling me (through forced Notification that you can’t clear) that I need to sign in to Windows. However, the app won’t let me sign in. I can put in my email, but on the password page, it keeps booting me out before I get a chance to put the in the password. It used to work, and better than this. GIVE US THE OPTION TO DELETE THIS!. I’m tired of the Notification stuck on my phone with no way to fix it.

  26. Warren Brownell says:

    Recently it’s started keeping my phone from sleeping when charging, and if it’s asleep off the charger, it won’t wake up when I touch the screen. If the phone is asleep when I put it on the charger, it wakes up, if it’s awake it’ll stay awake all night. I think it started when my Pixel 6 upgraded from Android 12 to 13. Doesn’t matter if the laptop (other end of the connection) is on or off or out of range, the phone started behaving properly when I uninstalled.

  27. Sufia Sharief says:

    Keeps crashing….one of the WORST apps I have ever had to deal with. At this point, I would be willing to PAY for an app that works with my phone and computer. If I had more options to choose from, I would definitely switch. Unfortunately, I’m stuck for now…. Pick a different app if you have the opportunity to do so.

  28. Russ Ragone says:

    After a lot of setup steps and rebooting of computer and phone, I finally got the phone to start syncing with the computer app; however, I can’t click on anything!!! This was actually occurring with the computer app prior to even creating the link, so I don’t think it has anything to do with the Android app, but rather the Windows PC app. I can use my keyboard to move around a bit, but this isn’t going to be useful if I can’t use the mouse to click on any messages or anything else!

  29. Raymon Kondos says:

    The app is very powerful but every now and then the app would inexplicably stop with no intuitive way to troubleshoot and then I go by months unable to figure out how to connect it again. I would be spinning my head trying to figure it out and I do fairly well with technology. There is link to help with pages and pages of articles .. ok then what?

  30. Bram D. says:

    The experience was great with my old Moto phone but once I got my new Google Pixel 6 Pro, each time I make a call from my PC, the person on the other end can’t hear me well and the call audio is distorted and glitchy with each call. I tried troubleshooting and reinstalling the app on both devices several times but nothing has changed. Kindly fix this

  31. Edwin Donnelly says:

    Fails with VPN. Only works if I disable VPN on my computer. Even split tunneling fails. Not worth losing the protection of VPN for. Not really worth dumping a ton of effort to debug for Microsoft, either (and no, I’m not going to go fill out a bunch of stuff for you Microsoft, fix your own product—this review is for other potential users to save them some time).

  32. Boomer says:

    Mostly works ok, but 1 star because it wont play sound through the PC. Video displays on the PC screen, but the sound comes from your mobile phone. Annoying and there’s n way to fix this. If you’re using an app, for example Instagram on the PC, you can enlarge it but it pushes the enlarged version to left of screen. If you drag it to the middle of the screen it shrinks back to a small size.

  33. Jonathan Netherton says:

    More finicky than useful. It’s a pain to get the phone and computer on the same page, sometimes getting them to connect can take a couple of minutes, and the android and windows apps both bother you when disconnected. Phone use requires a doesn’t Bluetooth connection that’s hit-or-miss, but the biggest sin of all is no echo cancellation in the call feature – i use speakers and a microphone and no I won’t “just use a headset”, put in echo cancellation like every other app.

  34. Jay Parker says:

    I’ve tried to use this app on several different laptops. My experience has been the same on each. Some features work, others do not. Regardless, there is degradation in each appliance’s ability to perform basic comm tasks. Things go better when I don’t link them.

  35. A Campbell says:

    Poor Sync, long refreshing and connecting times, probably data mining. No settings to enable or disable the notification panel. If you send a message, 5 minutes later you will get a notification on the phone only to find you sent a message, so you end up checking your phone twice as much. If you delete messages on your phone they do not delete in the app. They stay in the list. Yes I have the latest updates on the phone and pc. 2 stars just for the idea, minus for the execution.

  36. Ammar Salman says:

    Keeps disconnecting on its own. Call forwarding is very buggy and inconsistent. Every once in a while I just need to completely set it up from scratch. Very noisy audio when calls are taken on the computer is an issue that just happened out of nowhere.

  37. ranneyceth says:

    I love being able to send and receive text messages on my PC computer, but had to edit my review to reflect the extremely low consistency of this app actually working. It malfunctions so frequently I end up having to check my phone a bunch to see if it’s working. I hate complaining about a free app that I like the principle of, but it craps out several times a day.

  38. A F says:

    Update: Appears the PC keeps link even though link disabled on phone. Works good most of the time. Noticed some times it will stay connected to my PC even though I have turned off link to windows, seems like a security/privacy risk. Response to Dev – Turning off notifications doesn’t prevent app from connecting even though the app is closed and Link to Windows is turned off.

  39. Zachary Fluke says:

    I love this feature, and I’m so glad I started using it several months ago. I have my phone (my Pixel 5) connected to my laptop (that’s running Windows 11) almost 100% of the time when I’m home. I can VERY EFFECTIVELY manage my phone’s notifications on my laptop, manage my sound & control what’s playing on my phone, as well as my text messages (can compose those on my PC too), but my FAVORITE FEATURE is… Seamlessly viewing/saving/editing/deleting my phone’s entire photo library. THANK YOU!! 😀

  40. Brian Jeffrey says:

    Connects automatically and reliably to my Win 11 laptop. Notifications fully customizable from within PC app and Windows notifications settings. Messages and notifications appear instantly. I don’t usually bother using wifi with my phone and the link works even with mobile data connection. After reading notifications using the PC app, you can clear them from the phone with a swipe gesture – nice. I like being able to share links and copy/paste between devices. Love this app!

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