Internxt: Secure cloud storage Premium Apk


Encrypt, save, and share all of your documents, photos, and sensitive files.
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December 2, 2022
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Internxt: Secure cloud storage Premium Apk

With Internxt cloud garage, encrypt, retailer, again up, view, and ship your recordsdata and pictures to the cloud, all in whole privateness. Open-source and end-to-end encrypted, Internxt places person protection, safety, and privateness first. Merely save and proportion your entire paperwork, photographs, delicate information, and confidential knowledge whilst protecting overall keep an eye on of who has get admission to in your information.

Internxt: Safe cloud garage Top rate Apk

Stand for privateness, transfer to Internxt!

Internxt: Protected cloud garage Top class Apk apk mod

Options: Unfastened plan with as much as 10GB of cloud garage for Android loose! Retailer, prepare, document switch, and again up all record and picture codecs Securely ship information and pictures by means of an encrypted, password-protected hyperlink Industry-leading, military-grade end-to-end encryption
Open-source and independently verifiable on GitHub
GDPR compliant record sharing app and encrypted cloud garage primarily based within the Ecu Union To be had on all cell units (Android and iOS), running programs (Linux, Home windows, macOS), and internet browsers

Internxt: Safe cloud garage Top class Apk apk

Internxt, not like different Giant Tech cloud products and services, used to be designed to give protection to customers’ proper to privateness. With Internxt, you’re all the time in entire keep an eye on of your knowledge. No first or third-party get entry to on your private data ever.

Internxt: Safe cloud garage Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Internxt is the one cloud garage app for Android you wish to have. All of Internxt’s protected cloud garage and backup services and products paintings in combination seamlessly, permitting you to retailer and ship recordsdata anyplace. Experience non-public document switch and knowledge sharing with all of the advantages of end-to-end encryption and rapid upload/download speeds. The Internxt cloud garage and power app makes record switch from Android to COMPUTER secure and simple.

Internxt: Protected cloud garage Top rate Apk apk mod new

Join and stand up to 10GB of cloud garage unfastened! Check out Internxt and experience whole get entry to to all Internxt services and products with no need to go into your bank card data.

Internxt: Protected cloud garage Top class Apk mod apk

Want further cell cloud cupboard space? Paid plans with further cloud garage get started at lower than $1/month.

Internxt: Safe cloud garage Top class Apk free up

In finding out extra about Internxt cloud garage and our workforce’s dedication to privateness: Check up on our supply code: Learn our Phrases of Provider:
Browse our Privateness Coverage: Succeed in out to us with any questions: [email protected]


40 comments on "Internxt: Secure cloud storage Premium Apk"

  1. Buddy Pineut says:

    I’ve installed the app, deleted and re-installed, but after creating my account the link to verify doesn’t work. I get a 404 error. After making another account i could log in. But the app won’t let me upload audio (non music) files. I get an error message. I will send an email too. Are the file formats one can upload restricted to certain types? And, can this be configured to use for back-up of phone?

  2. Niranjan B Subramanian says:

    Highly unstable… Was working fine… Now I cannot upload any files nor can access my uploaded files. — Updated Review — The problem has been fixed. However a lot of basic features are missing (doesn’t even have a progress bar while downloading or uploading) to use this as a primary cloud storage. It should at least have folder upload, removing cap on uploading file size and automatic backup of photos and videos to rope me into a paid plan. Till then I will stick to Mega.

  3. Ezruy Joseph says:

    If you are expecting to use this as a cloud storage for arbitrary files then you are wrong. They expect only certain file types and you can’t upload huge files or you will get unexpected end of stream error. They use MIME TYPE association handler when you click on a file in the drive so it’s impractical to work with big files as the files are loaded into RAM instead of being saved onto disk. App is basically unusable. And to think that I bought a lifetime 2 TB account for this?

  4. Kieran Colfer says:

    I had some issues yesterday trying to upload some files to test out the service and nothing was being uploaded to the cloud. I’ve tried again today and it seems to allow me to upload files now. Service seems very limited. Not many features and there’s no file viewer in the app. I think Internxt Drive would be better with a file viewer instead of having to download each individual file to see them. There’s also no file thumbnails too so it’s hard to identify some files when browsing.

  5. Σταύρος Κιαγιάς says:

    Nice concept, but poor execution and slow development progress… The UI is like something out of a prototype… Not polished.I was very hyped about intetnxt photos, but the delivered product has no obvious way of uploading your photos and has a giant placeholder for an upcoming album functionality… I would create a separate app for photos, bc now you have to click too many times to go there. Overall i like how things are going, but it feels like the whole thing is still in beta testing tbh…

  6. Jayakumar Mani says:

    While I appreciate Internxt’s efforts so far, the performance stills seems very raw/’alpha stage’ to me (not even beta) though Internxt seems to have been in business for a few years now. 1) To start, it took me multiple attempts to finally create an account. 2) The iOS and Android apps, while they seem to look clean, unfortunately, they do not work; they do not even load most of the time (especially the iOS app), and even if they do, do not show all files quick enough. 3) I downloaded their Windows 10 client and after installation, clicking on the app didn’t do anything. Nothing happens really, not even error messages. So I uninstalled it. 4) I uploaded a 128MB video file which took a long, long time. 5) When I checked the final file uploaded, it initially showed me that it was only around 36MB and only after a couple of days, it showed me the file size to be 128MB. 6) I am not able to preview the uploaded photos and especially videos within the app; these should be basic features. 7) a. The ‘Photos’ section of the phone app is quite un-intuitive. In the bottom half of the screen, it just shows a few of my photos from my Gallery with a ‘Syncing…’ message above the photos (this ‘Syncing’ messages just goes on forever), but I don’t know how many have been uploaded, how many are yet to be uploaded etc. 7) b. As I mentioned in point 2, the Internxt app does not even load in my iPhone (even after uninstalling/re-installing etc). 8) Speed is super slow (even with my fibre broadband). I have already invested in a lifetime 3TB deal just last week and I’m seriously considering getting a refund. Overall, I do not think I can trust Internxt Drive / Photos is ROBUST and SEAMLESS enough for me to move all my files away from GDrive or OneDrive; this product is not even my plan ‘B’. Probably plan ‘C’ or ‘D’!

  7. Cycad Sonic says:

    The app looks good, but how do you sync or upload? I can select media, but not multiple media. I try to upload but not showing in folder. What does this app do? The limitation is upload media are limited to 1200 MB with the web. For mobile media file sync, but cannot see them online. Only see the MB used. Sync online folder is still under development. Please developed ASAP.

  8. Wilben Silvestre says:

    5 stars for file security. 1 star for usability. It’s being offered as an alternative for OneDrive and GDrive but I can’t see myself transferring my files to Internxt soon. It is indeed Secure and Private but it’s not Simple to use. Uploading large files always fail. I was able to upload a 100MB video by chance and when I tried to share it, the provided link only showed a Downloading File alert. I waited for over 30 mins. but the 100MB video was not downloaded.

  9. Paul Dittus says:

    I love the idea and I might consider if future updates address issues. Unfortunately, the app seems buggy. I tried uploading a file and it would be there for a moment, but then disappear after I refresh and try reloading the folder. Reply 4/5/2021: Thanks for the update!

  10. Mate J says:

    Well guys, you do have basic functionality of WEB, Android and Desktop app.But I will stick with only app now.There is a lot in front of you to make this usable at the comfort level.The upload from app mostly not working, even send to app fails often, no options to choose multiple files to upload.And even if there is uploaded file, it showing/disappearing from list, and cannot be sure if there is even successful upload, no progress indication at all, and sync between platforms needs improvent.

  11. Elliot D says:

    This app – and the company so far is a racket. It isn’t usable in its current form. I have tried a dozen times to upload 1 MB sized pictures to the drive from my phone, easily accessible from my memory, that has worked in Google Drive for years, but the app doesn’t work, and won’t upload anything I want it to. What it does upload, apparently, are my camera roll pictures, which I can’t access, and other than take up storage space, they don’t exist elsewhere. Furthermore, the app is buggy, slow, has zero customization, absolutely no interesting features, and the desktop app for syncing doesn’t work. STAY AWAY

  12. KNIGHTWING X7 says:

    Opting for privacy? This is where it’s at, getting better with every iteration. I’m becoming inspired to purchase one of their permanent data storage options if they get pictures to auto-upload and sync, and not be buried in my contact information. Great effort, so far.

  13. Rich Borkovec says:

    Big boost in performance, so very happy about that. Still wish it had a Dark Mode and PIN protection. I see Photos has been taken out of the app for now, but the ones that had synced are still taking up space with no way to deal with them. Hopefully a working Photos section gets added back soon, or at least a way to deal with the space they’re taking up

  14. Willow says:

    This app sends my whole phone into a meltdown, not only does it take forever to open folders and upload (if you get that far) but you can only upload one item at a time… but like I said, if you get that far! Glichy, slow and an absolutely horrible to use.

  15. Rusty Sullivan says:

    Great Concept. Bumped up from 3 to 4 stars because of improved speed. I would like the option to purchase/manage plans in the mobile app rather than having to log in via computer to do so. Looking forward to increased file organization, sorting, etc as well. Keep up the great work!

  16. Ishwar Das Baheti says:

    After subscribing there lifetime plan, I am continually facing issues with Android app, mobile web app and desktop client. I informed them via Chat support window which they have disabled now. Initially once or twice they promptly replied. Their idea is innovative but their apps lack in basic File/Folder management tools like copy, move etc. Their search function is also not efficient. It can search only current files folders and not works as universal search function.

  17. Rinky Dink says:

    So far its not been a good experience, cant use the app unless i stay on the app and then tap the screen otherwise it wont turn off If i multitask and come back it crashes and for whatever reason the app doesn’t upload in the background on any of my devices, they need to do background uploading with a notification that shows uploading and speeds The app shows me a message saying the company will release more products and apps for other features but i think this app needs to be perfected first

  18. Robert Oppedisano says:

    Very slow and clunky. Upload 3 minute video in 1.5 minutes. Download same video 25 minutes and still waiting. Interface has no way to move files around. Also there are no GIFs to show you what your images are-very hard to tell which pics I’ve uploaded just by the random numbers assigned to them. App shows potential but has a long way to go to be competitive in the marketplace.

  19. Kenneth Svendlund says:

    Clean and nice interface, but so slow is not practical for me to use. I need storage for raw images and psd files. My current cloud storage uploads a 40mb raw in a few seconds, has thumbnails, photo viewer so I can quickly scroll throughand pick an image, etc. Internxt took several minutes to upload a raw file, shows no thumbnails and can’t open the file, so it will download it(again several minutes) and then open the file in gallery or another viewer. So for my use it’s just not a viable soluti

  20. Emilian Jicmon says:

    Sorry guys but you’re light years in the past regarding cloud services . The app looks like cloud apps used to look 12 years ago, file sizes are restricted to maximum 1GB per file and many other issues like slow speed and lack of useful commands, and the list can go on. You’ve got $1M in July to make it real, I’ll buy when you’ve reached the present moment with your services.

  21. D Ki says:

    1GB file size limit defeats the purpose of this… If I’m going to spend hundreds on a (lifetime) large capacity cloud storage service then I expect it to be able to: – to be able to upload whatever size files I like. My backups are routinely broken up into 2GB files, and I have many multi-GB files as well – auto sync (not sure if this exists or not seeing as I can’t upload my files) – Have advanced sharing

  22. Raivis says:

    CANNOT even upload media. Not even files. Unusable. Even premium. Fix or people won’t use because it’s unusable. Edit : 26.12.2021 gets better. But still a lot of problems and still unusable. Cannot upload files shows errors about a bridge user. Cannot upload even one file. After selecting upload images it straight up freezes and does nothing. Tried more than one device. Please fix it. Paid a lot of money so that it would be possible to keep my photos somewhat safe.

  23. K Guy says:

    Please improve upload stability 1. very regularly while syncing from PC it stops with error some other device is syncing whereas there is none, 2. android app keeps on crashing if try to ‘upload’ files from phone, 3. web browser upload is as slow as nothing, 4. very urgently bring ‘upload’ option in desktop app, 5. Whole cloud data is synced with desktop!! No option to sync a folder from cloud storage 6. If desktop Sync stops.. doesnt restart automatically and needs manual intervention repeatedly. 7. No resume facility if file upload/sync stops. Thanks

  24. Shantanu Ghosh says:

    Hi there, with recent update I can see the App Interface has been improved a bit. But I am finding one bug here. When I am tapping on Tiles View of File in the ‘Drive’ section app getting closed automatically. Kindly fix it & also, enable image preview in the drive pls. It’s so necessary for any of the Cloud Storage service

  25. Ivan N says:

    The desktop sync client is good but the mobile app still needs lots of work even with the most recent update that includes Photos. It appears that Photos can’t sync in the background and you need to have the app open with the screen on. Hopefully a bug and not a feature, otherwise this would be a seriously overlooked aspect of development on implementing the photos sync feature. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon.

  26. dom says:

    the app filled the storage of my phone while trying to upload a large amount of photos, which is why I had to uninstall it. does it make extra copies of all the uploaded photos? once this is solved and you can access your photos from browser and desktop app as well I will adjust my review because I really want this service to be great <3 would love to use this service once it is ready.

  27. Tajvia Willis says:

    Fantastic concept, I’m completely onboard. I want nothing more than to go all in with your solutions. A few things are stopping me 1) I need photos to auto sync from my phone and I need to be able to select which folders sync, not just gallery 2) I need more granularity with regards to who is receiving the file/not just link expiration 3) an API for Google photo and drive bulk migration, I have over 200gb of just photos alone that I want to migrate over to your platform. Other than that, 👍

  28. Vitto Po says:

    So, guys. This app has no option to send a file from a telephone to your cloud service. I can do it with Google Drive, One Drive and other services but your service doesn’t appear in the list. So, how is one supposed to upload his stuff into your cloud? P.S. I have managed to upload some files but STILL the issue persists- if I click any file in my mobile, I have got several options to send those files into the cloud services I have but not yours. Please, get your app integrated better. Thanks!

  29. Bjørn Arne Restad says:

    Worst net drive I have experienced. Backup fails if it encountered files with 0 bytes. I don’t think that is the issue. File upload/download is very slow, compared with OneDrive. Development should look to OneDrive, and implement the same functionality, especially regarding status on local drive, progress etc.

  30. C. McDonald says:

    I wish I could like this l service… I think the internxt project has great potential, and I’m looking forward to all the improvements. However, in it’s current state the app and service are borderline unusable for anything outside of long term storage that you set and forget. Hopefully things are updated more and it can actually become a Gdrive replacement.

  31. Iason Yannis Schizas says:

    I have been a client for 2TB lifetime since April 10 2021. I am now (June 1, 2022) in release 1.9.0 (latest). The tech problems in the beginning were many and were resolved very slowly, but at least support and CTO were close to resolving them. However, as time passes by, support has become slow and does not offer real solutions. The product cannot delete files as the sync mechanism reappears them. If you rename files you end up with both old and newly named file (lots of duplicates).

  32. Pritam says:

    It is still immature. Needs a lot of work. The upload & download speeds are reliable (now) but there are a lot of missing features. 1. No recycle bin. If you have the dekstop client and mistakenly delete a file or it gets deleted by malware then it gets deleted from the cloud too. 2. No option to see the backups in the android app. 3. No selective folder sync on desktop client. You have to copy it manually to the default folder.

  33. Diego Manuel Benavides Vargas says:

    Update Feb 20. “Internxt photos” works slow. It just uploads one picture at a time and, unfortunately, cannot work appropriately in the background. {Using Samsung Fold3 smartphone and Purchased a 2Tb premium subscription.}

  34. Stephen Bloxham says:

    Falsely advertises 10Gb but you have to jump hoops to get more than 3Gb. Subscribe, share, use desktop app, invite friends etc. Also can’t specify folders for photo backup. Appears to be all or nothing.

  35. inertia creeps says:

    Unfortunately, I didn’t find how to : – select several uploaded files to move them into another directory – cancel downloading files (button doesn’t work)

  36. Jenish Manandhar says:

    This app is really amazing. But i wanted to know if my image wuality are being reduced or looks complety fine in my mobile but i amnt sure if it doesn’t reduce the quality

  37. Sam M. says:

    Just starting using it, though the Galaxy function is, terrible…. It uploads ALL images(not Videos) on your phone, not only the one you take, further more are the images/video uploadet to an not visible location. There is NO folder for these images they are only visible in the “Gallery”. This is a bad file management, maybe keeping it KISS? But that’s to simple

  38. Md Mehedi Hasan Joy says:

    Don’t use it. They are liars. They don’t give their promising 10GB storage but they will gift a lots of hustle.

  39. N'cole Brow says:

    Only has 3GB of free storage. Instead of the 10GB advertised. The pulled the old “Bait and Switch” on me🤨

  40. Olaf Walther says:

    Beginning of this week Internxt lost all my data, and now the App is not more opening after the last update. I only can suggest others, to go with something else that is more stable.

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