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Check and correct your English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more.
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November 7, 2022
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Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Premium Apk

Edit and right kind your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and extra with your individual writing assistant, grammar checker, and editor.

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top rate Apk mod apk

The Grammarly Keyboard and proofreader lets you write obviously, expectantly, and mistake-free in your entire apps. Complicated options such because the synonyms software will let you make stronger your vocabulary, spell take a look at phrases and enhance your writing – from emails to social media posts.

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top class Apk apk mod new

Grammarly grammar checker and editor – how does it paintings?

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top class Apk apk mod 2022

1. Merely obtain the Grammarly app and allow Grammarly for your Keyboard settings.
2. You’ll alter the glance of your Keyboard for a custom designed experience—choose mild or darkish, key borders, the quantity row, and extra. Three. You’re now just right to head! Merely get started typing in any app. Grammarly will test each and every phrase, your grammar, spelling, and punctuation, recommend synonyms, and allow you to strengthen your verbal exchange abilities.

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top class Apk apk

Whether or not you’re typing emails at the pass, modifying crucial LinkedIn put up, sending a textual content message, or composing an crucial tweet, the Grammarly writing assistant and grammar checker allows you to spell test, right kind, edit and easiest your message out of your cellular tool with self assurance.

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top rate Apk unencumber

The Grammarly Keyboard additionally helps swipe typing, so you’ll compose high quality writing with out slowing down.

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top rate Apk

Edit, spell take a look at and right kind your writing in actual time

Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Top rate Apk apk mod

– Grammar checker: Know your grammar is all the time mistake-free.
– Spelling checker and proofreader: Simply keep away from commonplace typos.
– Complicated punctuation correction: Take the guesswork out of punctuation.
– Synonyms and editor: See higher phrase alternatives and make a selection synonyms as you’re typing.

Writing assistant and proofreader: Fortify your verbal exchange abilities
– Obtain brief, transparent explanations for each and every correction.
– Perceive your errors and keep away from them one day.

Customizable to your wishes
– Dialect settings (American, Canadian, British, and Australian English)
– Gentle and darkish topics – Private dictionary: Simply upload your individual vocabulary on your dictionary

*** Uplevel Your Verbal exchange Talents With Top class ***

Take your writing and communique abilities from excellent to nice with our complex options and proposals.

Grammarly Top class is helping you strike the correct tone, will give you real-time comments, and is helping you increase your vocabulary by means of suggesting impactful, brilliant phrases to lend a hand your message, social media submit, or e-mail come to existence.
Top class options come with:

✓ Vocabulary enhancement
✓ Readability enhancements ✓ Tone changes ✓ Phrase selection ✓ Formality stage ✓ Fluency


We designed the Grammarly Keyboard to be a writing assistant that works any place you write—no copying or pasting required, no proofreader wanted.

Grammarly all the time helps to keep your writing protected and personal. See our Person Agree with Tips for main points:
By means of putting in the Keyboard, you conform to Grammarly’s Phrases and stipulations ( and recognize that you’ve learn Grammarly’s Privateness Coverage ( California citizens, please see the California Privateness Understand (


40 comments on "Grammarly – Grammar Keyboard Premium Apk"

  1. Rob Sheppard says:

    I absolutely love this app, especially when writing something that needs to be grammatically checked! However for everyday use I have to stick with Googles G board keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard. Case and point, do you see what just happened? I used the microphone to save time but I end up spending more time correcting the errors the app creates and tries to blame on me! Just kidding, but that is what it does. It just makes too many mistakes when texting

  2. S S says:

    I installed yesterday. For the 1st few hours it worked great. Since then it’s forceclosed 17 times. The keys can’t seem to keep up with how fast I type before they start freezing to the screen. It’s added in new words or changes words without prompting for permission. It will merge words together that don’t belong. Uninstalling for now but I love the idea of this app. I hope it will be fixed to run as intended. *Update* sent more info via your link below.

  3. Alfredo (Setsu) says:

    I had one problem and it’s ruined my ability to write this one story I made. I installed this app and wanted to use it to correct errors in my story. At first it was fine and used it on other stuff, But when I went to the story that is 19 pages (Google docs), grammarly started sending message “Can’t detect grammar errors. Text is too long.” Since that was the only reason I got grammarly I decided to uninstall it because it was useless. When I uninstalled it the message continued showing it. :/

  4. Ted Production says:

    It does what it said and pricey, I had been using this app for almost 3 years now. Android tablet’s own keyboard system doesn’t have very good auto-correct function, some models don’t even come with it. I just wish it comes with more options, for example, I am not writing essay or thesis paper on my tablet, I am writing drafts and storylines idea for my videos, it kept recommended me something whenever I used “…”. Maybe options to remember ppl’s writing style, oh and very laggy.

  5. Bilal Pickid says:

    Overall, I enjoy using this app. It suggests new or better words to use. But one thing I noticed (hence the 4 star rating). Is that it literally creates problems. Sometimes I’ll be editing something I wrote. And it will space the letter out from the rest. Or add the correction to the word. Rather than delete the word & replace it with that said correction. Other than that (and maybe some mistakes in regards to grammar or punctuation for the context). It’s a really nice app.

  6. Joshua Tabscott says:

    Different and difficult. It was coming into a well developed book I’ve been writing for a while. It snags”mistakes” it then becomes difficult to see the context around the word only to find it’s highlighting part of the word. I only hope that when I use my physical keyboard, it still will pop up suggested options or I’ll be removing it.

  7. Pat-Pat Bro (Pat B) says:

    Overall, Grammarly is my selected regular all-the-time keyboard. A while ago, I sent in an inquiry to support why the ability to highlight words and toggle their capitalization status stopped working. The reply was this was never a feature (which is not true); I was disappointed! Now the cap toggle is working again; yay! Thank you so much for fixing this much-needed function! 08/30/22

  8. Raymond Casillas says:

    So far so good! It’s excellent to make up for apps that don’t allow you to edit, like Twitter. I just cannot believe it doesn’t support Spanish language, so I only give 4 stars. The other thing to fix is to not keep the rest of a word past the cursor mark if you change it for the suggested word. It happens if the cursor is in the middle of a word, and it is VERY annoying, you expect to fix the error by selcting the option, mostly if it does it automatically! Please fix such nonsense.

  9. Kenneth E. Lamb says:

    Gotta get it! Catches typos, corrects grammar, cleans up over worded sentences, makes your writing sound like something an articulate author would put together; gives the reader a “first impression that a knowledgeable individual” is communicating through the written word. Contains a voice typing app that will spoil you rotten! Forget the keyboard, so far (3 months) it’s about 99.9% perfect – I’ve only had perhaps 3 hand-corrections. You gotta get it!

  10. Courtney says:

    Grammarly has helped me become a better writer. I have Grammarly on all my computers and phones. I had the Free version and it was a great way to correct my writing. However, when I got Grammarly Premium it was a great asset during my college career. I have told family and friends to get Grammarly in the app and all extensions as it is the only app that will help them to be able to express themselves.

  11. Blade's Toy Shop says:

    While I like the app, and the browser extensions, which I use more often, I find that there are times when the suggested corrections don’t properly fit the context in which I have received them. As an example, I’ve consistently encountered bareback being suggested when I am using the word bare to describe a person’s uncovered or partly covered back, rather riding on an unsaddled horse. There are others as well.

  12. PlayTime Play says:

    The keyboard and Grammarly seem to function normally, but there are a few small things that are odd to me or that I don’t like. I wish it would vibrate a second time when you held down a key to put the symbol. Maybe it should also have an option to vibrate when selecting a suggestion. Also, the × symbol under the w is an “x” for some reason, and with % under g there’s another “/”. Also, the ability to move the cursor by holding the space bar like on the Samsung keyboard would be nice.

  13. Charlieee says:

    It’s great. I’m using it to type right now and I love it. It isn’t really a keyboard app that you’re free to customize with, but it’s good with grammar troubles. There are two keyboard modes which are of course light and dark. You can have numbers on top of the keyboard and boarders around the keys if you go to the settings, which is what I have. It basically has a built in thesaurus, too. If you make any mistakes in your sentence it underlines the mistake with red. That’s all I’ve seen so far.

  14. Gabriel Byrams says:

    Makes too many of the same mistakes. I thought that by now this app would be near perfect but it’s making some very annoying mistakes. In tired of it telling me the second to last word of my sentence needs to be capitolized because it thinks it’s the first word of the sentence for some weird reason. Fix that and ill be happy.

  15. Jennifer Schwab says:

    I love Grammarly, I only wish that once I’ve dismissed a change that it would remember it and stop suggesting it. Also, sometimes the suggestions aren’t quite right. I use Grammarly mostly for writing fiction. When I use certain words, Grammarly keeps suggesting words that are incorrect for my purposes but it doesn’t allow me to save my version and stop identifying as incorrect. Other than that, I love it. It has been a huge help.

  16. Jeffrey “DrBlues” Daso says:

    A very user-friendly app that includes periodic reports to your email on various writing statistics and improvements you have demonstrated thus far. One that I especially like is how many unique words you use. Then it compares your vocabulary to other Gramarly users on a percentage scale. It also keeps track of how much you’ve written from the time you started using the app, which you can associate with all your writing apps and venues. I just reached my one millionth word checked by Grammarly.

  17. Kathy says:

    Still in the trying out phase but it’s not very intuitive. It’s pretty annoying there’s no shortcut to add a new word to the dictionary, neither does there seem to be an option to adjust which symbol shows on the language keyboard. Also pretty annoying that autocorrect doesn’t at least correct with smart quotes. I hate it. Edit: deactivated it because the missing functions (no shortcuts, no way to access my clipboard etc, no way to deactivate American English) were far too frustrating

  18. Meystryke says:

    I love this keyboard but it definitely has so.e issues I’ve seen across a couple of phones and installs/reinstall. First it has been helping with better Grammar as intended. I am still trash with grammar though. The biggest issues I have with this stem from I think it’s refresh moments? It will randomly bug out and force whatever app is being typed into to stop responding. Other than random bugging out its been solid but it is currently Uninstalled due to these issues.

  19. Jim Garrett says:

    This app is extremely glitchy. It causes more mistakes than I make by myself. The autocorrect or word suggestion feature is terrible. I recommend turning the app on when you need to send a very important text and have the time to go slow. Otherwise, stick with your native keyboard.

  20. gordon force says:

    I am an avid Grammarly user. I enjoy using their desktop and web-based services. Their Android keyboard is not enjoyable to use, as inaccuracies of essential keyboard functions far outweigh any grammar-checking benefit. The keyboard swipes and predictive text on Gboard closely match my intent. The Grammarly keyboard, however, does not and thereby is frustrating to use. Also, the Grammarly keyboard deemphasizes the speech-to-text microphone making it challenging to use. I am back to Gboard.

  21. Kimberly Washington says:

    Grammarly changes my words and thoughts, most of the times I love it because it fixes my tone but when I’m writing a paper for school it fails to perform. Then I hate it. While Grammarly is trying to fix things it does this when try to give clarity. Wiii;gffhh and it goes out. I use it for school and I don’t want to have to keep fixing what Grammarly mistakes. I love Grammarly though it needs a fixing. In my opinion, I think it needs an update.

  22. Reilly says:

    Generally an awesome app that does it’s job. I’m only giving 4 stars for now because of minor annoyances that I hope will be fixed in the future. 1) A bug on Android where the keyboard blocks the chat bubble in apps.Happened so far in Instagram, reddit, and Wordpress apps. The keyboard overlays the section where I’m writing, so I can’t actually see what I am typing.2) on the windows version, it can be difficult to click the suggestion bubbles because they disappear before a mouse hovers.

  23. Wayne says:

    It would not allow me to get past the keyboard setup unless I chose the “Grammerly” keyboard (I suppose I didn’t choose) and when I did choose it to see if that would allow me to move on to the next screen, a message popped up saying “Grammerly may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers.” That’s not a comforting feeling, so after hearing multiple ads for Grammerly, but never really needed the app until today… Uninstalled…

  24. Roan K says:

    Amazing at what it does, but could use some optimization with consistently activating the synonymous function, and micphone button. Also the autocorrect for misspelled word is great but still google is better, but that hard to implement. Also having a dedicated button for switch keyboard would be great instead of replacing your cursor on the spacebar, or spliting it up long press and press & hold. I know i mainly whe over negative but this app is amazing, and is far superior to apps like it.👍

  25. Alyssa Goffena says:

    I have this on my computer and it’s great. Phone, not so much. I had to uninstall it because I couldn’t type anything, it was bugging out and kept moving the cursor to the middle of my sentences while I was typing and the keys would “get stuck” so I couldn’t even see what I was typing and it would just automatically finish words for me with no warning so I would have to delete the extra I typed or it autofilled the completely wrong word. Good concept, but too many bugs. Extremely frustrating.

  26. Classified Veteran says:

    Very disruptive for texting. It pops up distracting corrections in middle of your texting, blocking access to predicted words. It also doesn’t highlight or underline words that are misspelled. It kills the the utility of select, copy, & paste. You have to hold and press to get the menu, and can’t do it from the keyboard. And when you try select text, it automatically does the whole message that is difficult to condense down to where you want it. The app also frequently stops working.😒

  27. Charles Ardinger says:

    I am not a subscriber for the premium services. I use Grammarly everywhere I can. The keyboard is nice, but it could be better. I wish that it automatically put the period at the end of the last word in a sentence instead of telling me. Or, perhaps, a double space would automatically insert a period. It does correct my spelling (thank God for computers). I think that it’s ability to learn my peculiarities needs to be improved. 5 stars if they fix the period part.

  28. Richard Hooker says:

    Excellent, at specific times having to do with work. Many times will type an email for work and use the names of the tools and equipment we are to use, and it changes it to something completely different. Even after adding it to the dictionary. Kisco is a word used often, but it still doesn’t like it so it changes it to Cisco every time. Unable to get it to stop. But otherwise, I use it for all of my computers.

  29. Kemp O'Dell says:

    I love Grammarly, so it pains me to give it a low rating. Since the update on 11/7/22, my keyboard is extra large. I have used the settings in the keyboard, but it will not reduce as far as I prefer. Even in the extra short setting, it now takes up over half my screen and is making it somewhat useless as I have to keep minimizing the keyboard in order to see what I am typing. Please fix!

  30. Noneof Yourbusiness says:

    Grammarly was great until the November 7th update, where typing on my phone has become so troublesome that I’m seriously considering reverting back to my plain keyboard. For example, when I type something at the end of the sentence, it go back to the start of the sentence? Or when I delete something, it deletes something else. Plus, where the coma is usually found, as well as the slash, is switched!

  31. Ben Pesterfield says:

    I really wanted this app to function the same as the desktop version but it’s awful in comparison. I’ve used the desktop version for years now and I was thrilled to see a mobile version was available. The autocorrect suggestions are terrible and don’t seem to learn based on previous use. If you select a different place when viewing suggested changes the cursor jumps back when going back to the keyboard. Some of the suggested changes make no sense at all, incorrectly highlighting “errors”.

  32. Brenton Faddis says:

    It looked interesting at first but after discovering they require plans for the most options & especially after discovering that it’s just another app to collect your data to give you more annoying ads I uninstalled it immediately. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Sorry guys. I got a budget to stay with. Don’t think you’re worth it

  33. Christopher Coomes says:

    Swipe does not work well at all. I tried swiping a sentence like I do with my gBoard and every word was wrong. I had to switch back to gBoard to type this message. It also takes up almost half the screen. Could be amazing if it works well with Grammarly like on the computer, but I never got that far. This review could have been Grammarly checked and sounded better if the keyboard worked better. :/

  34. Ian Pirie says:

    So if you swipe to text, this keyboard can be a bit annoying. That being said, if you are trying to make a well framed and coherent message, Grammarly does quite well. I appreciate it immensely on it’s grammar checking ability and can understand what proficiency and how you would write things such as the proper moments to use ‘;’ in sentences.

  35. Jessica Gardner says:

    When the app works properly, it’s a godsend. I have a physical disability, as well, as dysgraphia which means my brain goes faster than my hands, and I frequently skip words, along with other difficulties. Right now there is a significant glitch in the app and instead of correcting the words and grammar it splits and deletes words and makes it 10 times more difficult please fix as soon as possible. I hope this doesn’t happen when the company wants the statistics of words checked to be higher

  36. Daniel P says:

    It’s great for finding alternative words for what you’re looking for, and it’s great on computer, however it is completely unusable on my phone. The keyboard is small and I’ll often find myself misspelling things when I’m typing. Also, corrections tend to mess up whatever I’m writing and add words in the middle of words I spelt correctly. Other people have complained about this yet Grammarly has decided not to address this key issue. EDIT: Removed another star for poor quality customer service.

  37. MasonIsOnline says:

    Fairly decent so far. I’m a big fan of the ability to change the length of the keyboard in the settings. However, it eludes me why they wouldn’t include the ability to disable corrections for certain apps. It feels like a pretty basic feature for the service, and is something that the browser extension has built in, so it’s just confusing why they wouldn’t have it here.

  38. Storm Waters says:

    Even when uninstalled, it isn’t actually uninstalled. It has trace files that are still active even after deleting, so unless you want an app that will never leave you and suggestions that don’t quite make sense, this is the app for you! Edit: Developer, I thank you for your response even if automated. It did work and now my screen doesn’t freak out when I type which is nice. I am slightly bothered by the fact that grammarly has changed my settings to incorporate itself within them.

  39. Anish Patel says:

    It’s good, not as fully featured as the desktop version. Would like the same keyboard layout for the Samsung fold as default one. Devs, you have to see it on the device to know what I mean. Would be good to have the concise correction too; I have become too reliant on this feature hahaha. You can probably tell from the poor level of conciseness and spelling in this review. My god, it’s bad

  40. Shizukana “黄色の椿” Ryū says:

    I’ve been using Grammarly for years. Loved it. Never had major issues. Just small bugs that were easy to ignore and bypass. But the last, I want to say two updates, have been nightmare fuel. Adding an apostrophe “s” at the end of words have caused the cursor bar to move anywhere. The function to add a space and the misspelled word to correct itself, while never perfect, has gotten worst. Now, you run the risk of smashing word together and causing all sorts of messes. This has to improve. Go back

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