Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022*


Create and edit presentations with Google Slides, part of Google Workspace.
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November 9, 2022
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Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022*

Create, edit, and collaborate on shows out of your Android telephone or pill with the Google Slides app. With Slides, you’ll be able to:

Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

– Create new displays or edit current ones
– Proportion displays and collaborate in the similar presentation on the identical time
– Paintings anyplace, anytime – even offline
– Upload and reply to feedback – Upload and rearrange slides, layout textual content and shapes, and extra – Provide immediately out of your cell software – By no means concern about shedding your paintings – the whole thing is stored mechanically as you sort – Make stunning slides, immediately – with good tips – Provide slides to video calls – scheduled conferences will routinely seem – Open, edit, and save PowerPoint recordsdata

Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Google Slides is a part of Google Workspace: the place groups of any measurement can chat, create, and collaborate.

Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022*

Google Workspace subscribers have get right of entry to to further Google Slides options, together with:
– Participating on a unmarried presentation on-line with your small business spouse, all of your group, or exterior contacts. You regulate who will get permission to edit, view, or simply upload feedback.
– Ranging from scratch or expediting the method by way of opting for a template. You’ll beef up your displays with movies, photographs, drawings, and clean transitions.
– Running throughout PCs, Macs, mobiles, and tablets—View and even provide your slides out of your telephone or pill, so that you at all times be able to follow your presentation up till the ultimate minute.

Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

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Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

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Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022* liberate

Permissions Understand Calendar: That is used to enroll in video calls from calendar invitations. Digital camera: That is used for digital camera mode in video calls and to insert photographs excited by the digicam.
Contacts: That is used to offer ideas of other folks so as to add to recordsdata and proportion with.
Microphone: That is used to transmit audio in video calls. Garage: That is used to insert photographs and to open information from USB or SD garage.


40 comments on "Google Slides Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Rocket Apryl says:

    This is far more fluid than the Microsoft office equivalent, and it is far easier to save things and access them from other devices due to drive. Both of those things improve work flow and as a high school student it’s important for me to be able to work quickly and from different locations.

  2. Lakisha Prentice says:

    Good, but is it possible to lock an element? I am having a very difficult time arranging lines pointing at different areas of an illustration. Whenever I try to adjust a line, the UI assumes I am trying to edit the image I am attempting to point to. I would also like more than one size of slide. Thanks. :^)

  3. Lynette Demetrica says:

    Fabulous for grade school students and beginners learning to create presentations! Of course, it has all of the protection that we have come to love with Docs. My only recommendation….since I have been so reliant on Google products for the past five years, I would like to see a greater variety of templates and transitions – to make upper grade presentations more exciting & more involved.

  4. Clarance Abigale says:

    Fine if you want to reference a presentation or maybe present it, but editing from the app is awful. Can’t change background. Can’t delete a slide (press and hold does not work as they say). And changing fonts or layout is clunky at best. I’m a big fan of the desktop version and will continue to use it, but the app is NOT good for editing. I suppose that is due to trying to keep the size small, but dang, don’t lie to the user. C’mon, Google.

  5. Orvin Millman says:

    Always my go to for making a presentation for school and work. I would reccomend to anyone that gives slide presentations, because it is easy to use and gives lot of quality features to explore and implement into projects. I don’t have any complaints, I just take off one star for google because they definitely spy on you.

  6. Matt Davis says:

    I love Google Slides. All of Google’s productivity apps are designed to put usability first. There’s nothing fancy about Slides; it’s just a simple, clean app with all the features you need and everything right where you’d expect it. I appreciate the Google Drive cloud integration too. Being able to access my work from any phone or computer in the world is awesome. Oddly enough; I mostly use Slides as a photo editor for social media. It’s surprisingly good at that; lots of customization options.

  7. BrokenGhost says:

    I was using this for a project and all the things I was using on the computer for it are not available. The Word Art option is gone. If you had Word Art on the slide before, all you can do is move it around. Cannot search for images, and images do not show size like it does on computer, which makes it difficult to select the size you need. Text boxes and size of text are difficult to change and adjust. Highlighting is out of the question. Good for presenting but not much else.

  8. Nathalia Manalastas says:

    It is a good app for schools, presentation, and other things you can create. Though the reason why I gave it a 4* is because there’s no change background option for Androids. The only thing I could do is insert an image and ‘put back’ the image. I say it’s unfair since the ‘change background’ option is available on ipad and iphones. I had a difficult time changing the background but I just gave up and set it to black theme on the slide I was editing on.

  9. Anya Ka says:

    Google slides is a great app for schools and presentations. I really like the app. The only thing is that you cant apply a backround. But in still give it a 5 star. I use this app all the time for my presentations at school and home. I also use google docs. I also love the different templates. This app is very useful for me too. Thank You!!😊😺💗👁👄👁

  10. Shaghayegh Rahjouy says:

    It’s really awful, it just sometimes works well, most of the time when I made my slides then i want to download or send it you see nothing it’s only one single white slide and when i remake it, it happens again, it makes me crazy and i don’t know what’s the problem it just ruined my slides and waste my time… Please consider it and make fix this bug.

  11. Cαρρy says:

    In the mobile version, they used to let you simply tap through the slides like you’re clicking a button. But in the newest version, you have to slide your finger to the next slide. It’s just so painful and somewhat frustrating when Google does something stupid to these apps, JUST LIKE YOUTUBE! GOOGLE, FIX THIS!

  12. Blazing Shadows Draws says:

    What an @$#*& app this is. Have to use it all school year because the school board won’t provide us with Chromebooks. Have fun trying to put together anything good with your fingers. 20 slide presentation gonna be &@€$ nightmare

  13. Antonio Caracci says:

    Using this app to control a presentation on a big screen with a Chromecast is really painful. I have to leave my finger on the presenting notes all the time to avoid them to scroll back to the beginning by themselves. The slides go dark often and they just stop loading while presenting. Very annoying and distracting. It would be great if it worked as it is much easier to move while presenting rather than being seated with a laptop where the experience is much better.

  14. Mahesh Chilwar says:

    Very good app but less animation tools, options and few bugs like if we want to select top side link ,title bar appears and we can proceed.

  15. Kyøra says:

    I just don’t understand why you can’t put videos on. Why? It’s so simple. You allowed images, lines, even tables for some reason, but just can’t do video? Horrible.

  16. IK says:

    The only problem I have with this app is that it doesn’t have the same features it does on a desktop when I use my android tablet. 1) No ruler guides (I cant move the spacing of the bullet points from the sentences). 2) Can’t edit Tables. Like I cant edit the borders on each side of a cell Please add those features. They might be irrelevant but some of us need those features for the work we do.

  17. Car Kid says:

    The thing it does best is crash. You’re lucky if you can work for 5 minutes without the app just crashing on you.

  18. Morgy Dee says:

    Almost unusable on mobile, won’t allow typing in text boxes, doesn’t allow creation of new slides within new projects, overall disappointing, just use the online version.



  20. Palak Punmiya says:

    It’s a cake walk until you’ve a group project to work on. For an app that is essentially made for collaboration, the way the website and app act up when multiple users access a file is really bothersome. Imagine having a close deadline and both your google docs and slides literally freeze at the same time and take minutes to just load and reload. Honestly, I fancy google slides as a very convenient app except for this deficiency of complying with multiple users at once which takes away 2 stars.

  21. El gatito says:

    When using the app with Talkback screen reader and physical keyboard it’s hard to edit slide’s body part on a slide is selected, screen reader doesn’t read out nor letters, words or lines when trying to move around with keyboard arrows or CTRL+ up/down arrows. Due to this, if I have misspelled a word, I have to delete the slide and write it from scrach, because I can’t navigate between letters and words without Talkback guiding me.

  22. Divyaj says:

    Is great but I was Microsoft powerpoint user so witching from that wasn’t that easy, I personally think that the simplicity Google is trying to present is great but it can learn from Microsoft in many ways and it better should be optimised for Android as it has some flaws in it.

  23. Singidas Aizel says:

    Unresponsive, no features similar to the PC version. We need all the features in mobile version. All 1 star for now.

  24. Aditya Negi says:

    It’s simple and easy but really lacks basic features!! For example: why can I add animations on the web version of google slides but not on the app? Why can’t I ctr c and ctr v the images I want to add? Why the hell can’t I drag and drop from my pinned files on chromebook? As a student and a google cloud subscriber, I need things to be properly integrated between my google pixel, chrome book and everything else. Please get this fixed, google.

  25. Malachi Mezrahi says:

    Google slides is installed on my tablet. Did not install it. Don’t use it. Don’t want it. But can’t remove it. It is difficult to trust a company that force their apps on users.

  26. Melment says:

    The app works as intended. But Im a little disappointed on how little features it has, It would be nice to have more. I rated it 3 stars cause thats my real complaint, Please just add more features..m

  27. Christine Jones says:

    Doesnt give the option for presenters view from the app. Otherwise a solid experience.

  28. Seth Chong says:

    I’m using on my tablet and so I work on my Tab a lot now that it is so much more portable than a laptop and so I try to use Slides on it and IT IS SO LIMITED!!! I tried to use the transparent custom colour and it doesn’t work. the option is not even there and everything else is so limited. at the end used it on the web browser instead. what’s the point of the App then if i still need to go back to the browser? come on Google. srsly?

  29. Maliha Ghazanfar says:

    This does not show any features that’s the website version has. Can’t do much beyond simple work. The app should also have same features.

  30. Lisa Desiana says:

    Everytime I press the up & down button to move the cursor from my galaxy S8+ tab (with the physical keyboard), the apps always goes back, pleaxe fix it!!

  31. Nerd Plays says:

    The code might be interested in the meeting mentioned that you can see the attachment of my favorite song and music video so I can just help out with the workload has been moved to the gym last week and I will be back in the afternoon of the strengths of the slides for the assessment of this email is it possible to do with it was a temporary or permanent closure and I will have to do with the workload has been moved the moment I am not able the moment I feel like a bit of time to get mad and ho

  32. Nick Rod says:

    I like google slides but I wish they could add more zooming in and some features from the pc version of it like inputting videos or something else. If you could do this it would be easier for us mobile users as well. 👍

  33. Stephen Walker says:

    It is amazing because I can make things about anything and thats why you need it mainly if you have a job and makes powerpoints to explain things to the pepole or boss

  34. Ummukkulsu says:

    Whats the point when I cannot present slides in offline mode? I want to present this in my classroom and I can’t present slide when there is no network connection.

  35. Rox See says:

    The app kept on shutting down whenever up and down button is clicked while editing slides. may you please fix it as soon as you can, thank you.

  36. Thierry Sanders says:

    The current version of the app CRASHES every time you hit the up or down cursor keyboard button. I am using Samsung tablet S8+.

  37. Chamitha De Alwis says:

    The android app is awful. Hangs up abruplty when using Bluetooth keyboard (no other app does so – so it’s not the keyboard or any other thing), has very limited features – what’s the point of having a productivity app with less features. Please improve. The web version is amazing. So the only option is to access the web version in the tab.

  38. Priyanka Nagesh says:

    It closes on it’s own while editing the slides, don’t know why it is happening. Do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. The Dark Phantom says:

    The app is overall quite good, however it is a major downside of all Google Office programs that they only allow to download files in .pdf format on mobile devices. It is especially inconvenient with slides, as slideshows are often required in MS Power Point or similar software compatible formats.

  40. Lilyom says:

    😌simple and easy to use ! Also looks really good , works with my language easily as well ! … My laptop has no problem … I just created a gmail without my real identity my computer ran into blue error … while I stopped using my gmail for many services I had the least problems … but once I use … some problems start …

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