Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk


Turn on screen upon incoming notifications.
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September 6, 2022
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Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk

Tired of getting to press the facility button to peer new notifications?
Ex-iPhone consumer and can’t consider your Android doesn’t be offering the sort of fundamental serve as?
Your new telephone doesn’t have LED notification anymore? Wish to pull your telephone from your bag or pocket and right away have it enabled? Love to get repeated reminders for pending notifications?

Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk apk mod

Then this app is for you!

Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk apk mod new


Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk free up

• Helps to keep the use of the protected machine lock display screen • Keep an eye on how lengthy the lock display screen is proven • Select which apps whose notifications must flip at the display screen • Quiet Occasions to stop the display from turning on at a foul time
• Helps Machine Don’t Disturb (DnD) modes
• Intensive pocket mode to forestall the display screen from turning on on your pocket
• Double-tap to fasten at the lock display screen (simplest < Oreo)
• Ordinary notifications
• Movement detection notices while you wooden up the telephone to test a brand new notification
• App is as power environment friendly as conceivable • It is a non-public puppy mission – so it's loose! No information is being amassed!

Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk


Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk apk

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Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk apk mod 2022


Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk mod apk

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Relying for your configuration, this app might want the Software Administrator permission.

To put in force a number of (non-compulsory) options, Glimpse Notifications might wish to flip off the display. Through default no particular permissions are wanted for this. To beef up safety or for a greater consumer revel in you can give the app instrument administrator or accessibility provider permissions.
Android gadgets are moderately numerous and now not all purposes paintings similarly neatly all over the place. The FAQ (English) incorporates numerous hints how one can configure this app for units via Sasmung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, …


Glimpse Notifications most effective presentations the lock display, it doesn’t render the notifications. To look notifications from, for example, your texting app, your wish to open device settings and make allowance the texting app to turn notifications at the lock display.

To steer clear of conflicts, it is suggested to disable Edge lighting fixtures or no less than take away Glimpse Notifications from Edge lighting fixtures.


• BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE: Core permission to have the app being knowledgeable about new notifications.
• WAKE_LOCK: had to flip at the display NON-COMPULSORY PERMISSIONS

• BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN: to near and lock the display • BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE: will also be given to near the display screen with highest consumer enjoy (simplest Android 9+)
• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to resolve the period of customized notification sounds.
• SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: put into effect double-tap to fasten (best till Android 7)
• VIBRATE: habitual notifications can also be indicated the usage of a vibration trend
Nullgrad Apps can’t be held liable for damages taking place via the use of this app. This comprises, however isn’t restricted to, notifications being neglected or misinterpreted due some serve as of Glimpse Notifications.


40 comments on "Glimpse Notifications Mod Apk"

  1. Mikko Quinterion says:

    Everything I expected and more. I’m an S9 user who couldn’t enable edge lighting when the screen was locked. This app allowed me to do it. If there were one thing I wish Glimpse did it would be the ability to toggle the actual glimpse off so that when I receive a notification it’s just the edge lighting and nothing else. Currently it is the edge lighting and the pop up.

  2. Allin Oswell says:

    In changing phones from a Nexus 6P to an LG V35 ThinQ, I was disappointed to find that it didn’t have an LED notification light. I was used to being able to glance at my phone to see if there was anything that I needed to wakeup my phone to see. This solves the problem and lets me set it to only come on when the phone is charging, so I don’t have to worry about battery drain. However, I have to be near my phone to be able to see the “glimpse” of the notification show up, since it defaults to 10 seconds. There is a setting to set the display time up to 30 minutes, but I’m afraid that this might “burn in” the screen. It would be nice if the notification would bounce around the screen or just flash a small dot to tell me if there was something that needed my attention. This feature would surely rate 5 stars!

  3. Dick Brista says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Just bought a new Android phone and this brought back missing functionality that I had on my Nexus 6P. Thank you so much! I did have an issue not getting notification sounds after setting the screen delay option but that resolved on a reboot. Don’t know why that was happening. Also set Android to NOT optimize battery usage for your app just to be on the safe side.

  4. Darbi Christion says:

    Brilliant! This app is so useful, especially after just switching over from IOS after several years. The one thing I hates and missed the most was the fact that the screen didn’t wake when I received a notification! This has come in so useful so I can just glance at my phone whilst it’s on my desk.

  5. Arlean Anson says:

    The app works good so far. I’ve been using root mode, so fingerprint unlock works. However, it still locks the screen after the given time even if I touch the screen, which is annoying. If the screen would stay on when touching the lockscreen or peeking at a notification , it would be perfect.

  6. Rawling Daril says:

    Used to work like a charm but after Samsung One UI update on Note 9, notification preview is gone. I believe that the application is still doing it job as the screen lights up but somehow Samsung decided to remove that preview of message and notification icons are only showing now. Edited: “Detailed” notification option found and enabled under lockscreen option. No working back to normal

  7. Jocelyne Wilbur says:

    A very simple app but so powerful. When the phone goes to sleep, this app wakes the phone and shows a notification on the screen. This notification can be set to repeat, and you can time how long it shows on the screen. After a recent update my phone stopped doing this. 5 stars…yup. I had initial issues with the app and wrote to the developers. I got a reply within a few hours. seriously!

  8. Garnet Sharene says:

    Its helpful but doesnt play nicely with edge lighting on my s8. i use it for android messages which doesnt light up the screen natively. i also like edge lighting. when I enable edge lighting for glimpse, the screen wake notifications dont display the text of my sms. if it would display the text it would be perfect. also the repeat notifications dont work and i would prefer if you could choose which apps to repeat for

  9. Amarra Reign says:

    It works OK-ish. It shows you some of the messages’ contents, so you can get a quick glimpse of what’s happening. It needs more fine tuning, as it clogs the phone and uses many background resources. If you have meetings scheduled on Outlook, it’ll keep turning the screen on every 30 sec, until you cancel the notification. This drains your battery at high-speed. The messages no longer appear after having installed Android 9, so hopefully there’ll be some fix soon.

  10. Adyna Putnam says:

    For the most part, the promised feature set works as intended. Coming from iphone where my screen would wake on notification, I just couldnt live without it. Since this seems to be the only compotent option on google play store, I have to use it. There is one minor issue that is annoying however. The wake sometimes soft locks the phone for 5 to 10 seconds. It seems to be stuck in a unlocked, however still asleep state. Ive tried everything to fix it. If adressed this would be must have. Note 9

  11. Criseyde Fletch says:

    Overall, it does exactly what it says! I’m very pleased with this app. Something to note to everyone having issues with face unlock. This is a problem with Android and not the app itself. You need ROOT access if you want to enable things like face unlock. Otherwise, the app will use a time out feature which can be a hit or miss. Unfortunately, most Samsung phones in the U.S are near impossible to root, so that makes things difficult. Overall, don’t blame the app. Blame Google/Samsung!

  12. Destine Rhiannon says:

    i think i teared up a little. my phone does not have a notification led, and i must have tried twenty different apps to mitigate that. this is the first one that has unlimited repeats, that is, actually works. i had to enable lock screen, and the app setting for duration affects even manual turn on, but these are minor quibbles. some manufacturers have bugged power savers which wil kill this app, but this is not the apps fault.

  13. Burket Mikki says:

    Thanks a lot for the app! after coming from WinMobile I was frustrated that this feature is not a basic-one… One thing that is missing is: when the screen wakes up and I started reading the message (touching the screen), the screen will be still turned off after X seconds (I have 15sec) – I expect that the timeout will be restarted after the last touch on the screen.

  14. Domaniciqu Astyrian says:

    Great app, works as described, but really wish there was an option to disable it when charging as i don’t need my phone screen to turn on when its charging at night or more importantly, when using Samsung DeX. Please can the dev add this as at the moment there is only the option to only have the screen turn on while its charging which is the opposite of what I need. Will change to 5 stars if this is added, thanks.

  15. Glad Brion says:

    I love this app and have been using it for a year. Just one thing has always not worked. When I have my phone on do not disturb the screen still wakes up when a notification comes in. I have the setting turned on to respect system quiet time, but it has never worked. So i have to put my phone face down. Also a new setting that just came with the update yesterday doesn’t work. Only light the screen for first notification. My screen still lights up with every email i get.

  16. Loveday Arth says:

    I have an LG G7 and recently switched from the default messaging app to Google Messages. My phone has no setting to get the Google Messages app to turn on the screen when a new message comes in. I don’t like having the sound turned on on my phone so I like having the screen turn on when a new notification comes in. This app works perfectly. It uses little to no battery and it allows you to select which apps you want to have turn the screen on. It does exactly what I need it to do.

  17. Chyna Helena says:

    Absolutely essential, like i said in a previous comment, except for one thing. Pocket mode is not the best, sometimes i will put my phone on a flat surface and it wont turn on the screen, and sometimes even when its in my pocket it still turns on. If you can fix its detection, it will ne perfect. What I’ve done is put a password on my phone so it can’t do something while in my pocket, and turned pocket mode off

  18. Rawson Malandra says:

    Thank you so much for brilliant app. I’m deaf and do rely on visual cues. With my new Samsung s10 I was highly disappointed to learn that the notification light was removed and the screen does not light up when messages are received. I can’t hear any sounds, so it annoying having to physically check for messages. Thanks to your app I can “see” the messages coming in. Lifesaving!!!

  19. Corliss Bailee says:

    Updated to 5 stars as #2 is not caused by glimpse. Works great except for two things… 1.) If your looking to have this make the “edge lighting” Samsung phones have work when your phone is off well… your out of luck it yes will turn your screen on and light the edges like Samsung’s “edge lighting” should do but it shows no notification previews. 2.) I’ve noticed that my phones screen will randomly turn on! Without there being any notification and it is very annoying!!

  20. Edelina Jerara says:

    Great app! Lightweight, configurable. I have similar capability in my mobile(ambient display), but this app does it better (specially pocket and unpocket capability). Besides, it has a very responsive dev. For those complaining about difficulty to configure it, take the time to learn it and experiment, it pays to do so.

  21. Cristen Kandace says:

    I’ve tried probably dozens of “notification” apps over the past couple of months. From blinking camera light to pulsating border displays. Some worked initially, then stopped (and yes, I turned off battery optimization). Others failed to work at all. Then I came across Glimpse Notifications 2 weeks ago and decided to try it. Here we are, 14 days later, and it’s been working flawlessly. No ads. Lightweight. Minimal permissions. I really like it.

  22. Phil wolf says:

    Upgraded from S8+ to the S10 lite, sad that Samsung went away with the led light notifications and lock screen notifications, and the only way to see notifications you are forced to have a clock on the lock screen. I am a truck driver and don’t like looking at a clock all night long, makes my night go slow. This APP IS AWESOME, EASY TO SET UP, and does exactly what i wanted it to do. My main things i need to see is Kik,messages email and phone calls,2 other apps for truck driving not used yet

  23. Sparkles says:

    It’s a good app, works well for the most part but there is one issue I have. I had this app for a while and for a while it was working fine. Until lately my phone keeps crashing and restarting randomly bit when I uninstall this app my phone works fine. Also, when there are too many things going on with notifications my phone will reboot/crash. Yet again I uninstall this app and everything is fine. Please fix this.

  24. Darin Chen says:

    Effective app for waking my s10e’s lock screen whenever I receive a notification. App doesn’t drain the phone battery. Very intuitive interface to easily setup the app. Two suggestions: 1) Allow recurring notifications to be shown again in a shorter time (e.g. 10 seconds); and 2) Increase the recurrence limit to unlimited. Otherwise, great job.

  25. Huda Hamdan says:

    It used to work fine and all of a sudden it doesn’t. I uninstalled and re installed again, made sure all of the right settings were on, yet still not working… The only way I can see if I have a Whatsapp message is to click on my lock button; the screen doesn’t light up when I receive it. Edit Feb 28th: I’ve actually emailed the developer and he was kind enough to help me out fully. Turns out the issue was with my priority settings! Hope this helps 🙂

  26. David Green says:

    My reviews can be critical, but not for this app. I’ve been desperate for a way to have my display wake to see incoming notifications, and this app does just that! It’s an honest app, too. It didn’t sneak in unwanted features, abuse permissions, or hide telemetry. It’s wonderfully unobtrusive, efficient, and I have yet to encounter a bug/issue. The programming is solid and the app is simple to use. It’s free, no ads, and the developer even appears to provide support. Wow! Thank you so much!

  27. Boat Nerd Bob ` says:

    Exactly what I wanted ! Thank you so much! I was shocked that there were not dozens of apps like this here. Some came kinda close, but none were capable of doing the following: 1- Create a Notification that I have missed something, and Alert me by playing a sound. 2- Repeat that sound every so many minutes. 3- Then, repeat #2 so many times, then stop. Example: Play a sound – every 5 min – 5 times. This was the “only” app that would do that. He’s a genius. I wish he charged. Thank you sir.

  28. Joe A says:

    Does not work at all. It’s the same before I installed. My phone still does not alert unless it’s moved or unlocked.

  29. S P says:

    I was having so much trouble with my a23 samsung notifications that still weren’t resolved even after being in contact with samsung. This app has been a lifesaver. Thank you to the developer!!

  30. Tiho Kleva says:

    From last update notification doesn’t show after sound, before update everything was working good hopefully you can fix that

  31. Immadi Sai Sri Nithya says:

    It was not working properly from yesterday onwards. The issue was Notifications are not coming on the lockscreen to wake up the screen notifications and doesn’t coming the notification sounds also. Even app icon badges also not showing as numbers. It’s very irritating. Can you please sort out??

  32. Czarna Kawa says:

    Perfect! I really needed it. Bluetooth in my car disables most of notifications which I need to see/hear to do my job. This app solved the problem, phone lights up in the cradle and all I can see what’s going on. Thanks! The only suggestion would be an option to set the time the screen stays on.

  33. Arend Van Hoove says:

    Doesn’t work for me on my A52s. Tried all setting and giving all permissions. Sometimes the self test works ones, then it just doesn’t anymore. Too bad.

  34. Ze Spy says:

    Simply amazing. It’s insane to think basic functionality like this needs to be added in via an app.

  35. Eduardo Simioni says:

    I love it… Unfortunately it introduced a bug in the latest version that prevents me from using it. The lock screen keeps turning on immediately after turning off, on a Samsung S10e.

  36. Desmond Wright says:

    A lifesaver for Android 10 and above. I rely on visual cues when the notifications come through. Recently upgraded to Android 12 and Glimpse still works perfectly on my Samsung phone. Thank you to the developers for creating this app.

  37. Lisette Rex says:

    Works great! Almost wanted to return my new phone because I couldn’t get the screen to wake on notifications, but this app fixed it.

  38. Leehua Tsai says:

    Intermittently works. Sometimes a text message will come through and wake the up display, sometimes it won’t. Makes it pretty unusable.

  39. Katerina Chalkiadaki says:

    I was absolutely happy until I upgraded my 21ultra with one ui 5. It has stopped working and there is nothing I can do to fix the problem. So maybe you should make the app compatible with one ui 5? until then, I give it only one star.. Edit: I want to thank the developer for his immediate reply. Plus the fact that the problem seems to have been fixed!🙂So, glad to give it 5 stars!

  40. Anthony says:

    I just came back to android from iOS and I really didn’t like the notification style. THANK YOU for making this notification app that makes so much more sense. super clean , easy to set up and free y’all.

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