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November 15, 2022
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Fortelling – Writer Tools Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Novelist, are you able to begin writing your subsequent wonderful novel?
Fortelling supplies the gear you wish to have to devise & write your e book.

Fortelling – Creator Equipment Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Writing Equipment Our complex plotting gear let you arrange your tale parts.
Create characters, languages, species & pieces. Construct out your fictional worlds with our complicated location software.
Create sublocations and file your distinctive universe.

Fortelling – Creator Equipment Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Stay an summary Hyperlink your whole tale parts in combination to create one large board with comparable pieces.
Describe their family members and stay the mess to your head arranged.

Fortelling – Author Equipment Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Write your novel
Are you in a position to place your pen on paper? You’ll even write your novel inside Fortelling.
Use our writing statistics and model historical past to stick in keep watch over.

Fortelling – Author Equipment Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Collaborate Running in combination on a tale hasn’t ever been more uncomplicated. Via our real-time collaboration characteristic, you’ll stay the synergy going and co-write one thing wonderful.

Fortelling – Author Equipment Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Weekly Demanding situations Each Sunday, we release recent writing steered to problem your creativeness. Get a hold of a fascinating brief tale for our instructed, proportion it with others, and obtain comments.


40 comments on "Fortelling – Writer Tools Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Bot Manager says:

    This app is a wonderful tool and a must if you’re writing large stories! It’s very modular form makes the tool easy for all sorts of different styles of story. Also much of what’s on offer is free, including a dark mode for us night owls, and it’s really up front with what you can and can’t do with out it’s premium. The price for it’s premium isn’t that bad honestly for it’s value. Only being 40 USD a year it’s been an absolute godsend for my productivity.

  2. Caleb A. Robinson says:

    Overall, a lot of potential. A very thorough and well-designed app. However, the login process was a pain. Had to restart the app twice to eventually get logged in. I also didn’t appreciate how long I had to wait for the project to be initialized on the server. Not major issues though. I think the app will be very useful for many writers!

  3. Devin Red says:

    It’s actually pretty good. Except you can’t write any actual story. And while it’s got a cool feature to let you tell events the limitations on it are very disappointing. For example you are pretty much limited to 50 words if it’s an event (which is very hard to write) you want to write. Lastly while the subscription is incredibly cheap (like only 1$) you don’t get anything worth while from it. So overall a very good app compared to most writing apps but it’s not perfect and needs more content.

  4. Danielle “lilaccats82” Burgess says:

    I am loving this app! Its incredibly helpful in keeping track of the little details of your story, whether its a geological formation in a world you created or the name of a characters childhood pet. The pro sevice which I have is cheap & afforadable and absolutely worth it. It syncs well so you can have the app on more than one device. And if problem pops up, using the chat to speak to support gets you quick results. The thing I best though is the ability to add pics of people, places & things.

  5. Bonnie Burton says:

    I really like this app! It was really useful aside from the limitations. I went to look into upgrading, only to find that in order to have more than 25 story elements, you have to pay a monthly or annual fee. I was definitely going to buy this app had it had the option to make a one time purchase, but I feel as though paying through subscription doesn’t make sense for the type of app that it is. I would gladly see adds in order to be able to actually own the pro version rather than pay to use it

  6. Kate I says:

    I’ve compared numerous writing & note-taking apps over the years & Fortelling is definitely one of the best. The UI/UX design is neat & easy to use & navigate. Straightforward tools & options for formatting & organizing your work. I also like that I can keep everything private. Plus there are social & just-for-fun aspects for us writers. I’m giving 4 stars only because the app keeps crashing on my Chromebook & I lose my work when this happens. Hopefully the bugs will be fixed & app updated soon!

  7. Acceyla Marie says:

    An amazing app for organizing your books. Nice clean design, simple to use and understand, customizable fields, and it syncs across devices (my ultimate deal breaker with writing apps). However, the tablet/chromebook version is very fickle and will freeze often; and at random, when clicking on anything. I think this is a loading issue, so I would stick to the phone or desktop versions until it can be resolved. But overall, this is now my top choice.

  8. Autumn Bear says:

    I really like the pinboard feature. It was very handy and cool and unique. I’ve been wanting to make a pinboard for akl of my novels and I thought I’d settle for just a DIY but thankfully I stumbled upin this app. On the other hand, it was very tricky to navigate through the app because there’s so many buttons and stuff, it took me a while to know how each and every single thing works and the purpose. But either way, great app for authors.

  9. Amara Steele says:

    Absolutely love this app to pieces. Recently got it and the free features are amazing for someone like me. My concern isn’t with the app itself but with its Web version. When you try to open the Web, all you see is a blank screen no matter how often it is refreshed.

  10. Maryssa Promish says:

    The only thing keeping me from that 5th star is the difficulty using the pin boards. This was the feature Tha made me purchase pro, but it’s really difficult to maneuver items on. The items snap to a grid, but not the one that you can see, so it’s hard to line things up which makes it really frustrating to use! This feature is almost unusable on pc.

  11. Big Cheese says:

    Really easy to use app for keeping track of your writing! If I had to suggest anything in particular: Ability to edit the sections on the character detail page. Everything you add goes under “custom fields” and I really don’t like that. One of my novels includes characters with powers and abilities, it would look a lot nicer to have that in a specific section by itself.

  12. S T says:

    Quite good BUT it could be better. There should be a way to search words in a chapter. Would be extremely useful for me. And also, If scenes aren’t working right now why are they an option to click. If they do get released a timeline to join to the other would be cool. Keep up, love this app

  13. Seren Topia says:

    I like almost everything about it!. The first suggestion I have is for you, developers, to create a online friend list of likes. I have an author friend and I’d like to connect to her at all tines without having to be coauthors in a book. Second suggestion is that you add the list in a place where users can get to easily. You can ‘favorite’ challenge submissions but you can’t go back and read them. Other than that I LOVE what you did here and I don’t write feedbacks a lot. Congratulations!Thanks

  14. DizzyandKoko says:

    Processing but ineffective. This isn’t a good app for making complicated stories as it has the bare basics but nothing to ho crazy for. As an example, in the place creations, there’s a section for religion but what the app has isn’t really good at showing what the religion is. I can show how it started, what it’s about or even what they do. The character creator is fine but it’s hard to tell how to describe how characters grow and change with time.

  15. Ashe says:

    Nice app! The interface is pretty nice and I like the variety of options whenever I’m writing. The only problem I have is that the list can’t be reordered permanently, as soon as I leave the list screen the order resets and its pretty inconvenient. There’s also a minor spacing problem (for me at least) and the space between the texts (in the character, world building, etc.) are uneven or it gets covered by a block below it whenever I write a large text so it’s a bit off-putting.

  16. Fandom Freak says:

    Honestly one of my favorite apps for writing, and I’d have been willing to give it full stars if they hadn’t gone and suddenly put the desktop version behind a paywall. I was able to use it just fine five days ago, and now I have to pay to access it on my computer?? Highly disappointed about the lack of communication on that end.

  17. Ákos Molnár says:

    I wanted a free tool that helped me organize my universe. I got it. You don’t get bloated with “buy me” messages and ads, only a small indented box that you can close if you like. Dark mode is also included in the free version which itself could be a reason for me to give 5 stars. You can do many things without even buying anything, and frankly, that’s what makes me buy it when I am able to do so.

  18. ursamoon says:

    I really like the experience using this app!! Its really help me outline story and make rough draft. This was really recommended for anyone who likes writing stories. I really hope their security system is safe. this app just perfection for my inner writers soul.

  19. Keagan Wilke says:

    The app is one of the best I’ve seen out their for writing, however, it sucks that you can only use it on one device at a time, atleast thats what my time with it has been, as well as it stops working when it requires an update

  20. Wisp Rivergate says:

    I fairly enjoy this app, but I mostly used the desktop version to actually write while using the mobile version for the photos and characters design, bit recently I can’t use the desktop version because you want us to pay for a monthly or annual subscription, which in my opinion is really unfair to those who were using the desktop to write their stories. If you want the money just make it a premium choice for cheap or just use the ads to pay for your app, and keep both versions entirely free.

  21. Sharp Coyote says:

    Amazing. 10/10. Easy to use, looks clean, lets you organize everything as you see fit. So why is this 4 stars? Because of the desktop app. Not only do you need to pay for it, but when you press the up or down arrows to navigate, it doesn’t just go to the same spot on the next line – it goes like a certain amount of characters or something? I don’t know, but I don’t like that at all. Otherwise, amazing!

  22. Ha'ani Whitlock says:

    Woah, dude, you added languages! Awesome. I still prefer this app over Campfire mobile. If you’re considering taking the app in more of a worldbuilding direction than a novel-writing direction, I would suggest adding magic or magic systems and maybe flora at some point. Also, what did you use to make this app? Android Studio? The UI looks amazing.

  23. Casey Konczak says:

    A solid app with alright tools but when I try to link a character to a character group it bugs out and displays a gray screen that you can scroll down for what seems to be eternity

  24. Brennan Charles says:

    Despite having the pro membership, Ads still show up in the app . Edit: I resynced my account and now the adds are gone. Thank you developer!!!

  25. Cookie Crumbs says:

    I usually use this app to plan out my TRPG sessions and it’s extremely useful and suitable. However there’s just one thing about this app that bugs the hell out of me and that’s that I can’t break a line while I’m typing up a character description! For a writing app not being able to edit a layout by not being able to break a line is quite ridiculous

  26. Stromkarl Lirit says:

    It’s unfair to me that desktop version is locked because the ‘paid version’, and i recently discovered an error: when i try to delete a book the app shows up the advertisement, then i chose ‘delete’ and NOTHING happens. So, why i can’t delete books? it’s annoying.

  27. Alba Corio says:

    Its pretty good, and creative. But I can’t copy paste texts when writting, which makes it a lot harder to move and shift the texts around in my chapters. If it had that ‘paste’ button and the chance to freely use a basic version of the app in a pc, it would be a 10/10 for sure.

  28. Crystal SoulySR says:

    One of the best apps I found so far Ideas: 1. A relationship option with family tree option and sliders 2. Being able to shuffle timeline events after adding them

  29. Cyma Ali Bhutto says:

    I’m just in love with this app! Its like scrivener for your phone, without the hassle of having to purchase Scrivener even after the supposed ‘one time’ cost which is just a scam. And this one is also much better interface wise, I’m just in love with all the unique options and ease of use.

  30. BFDIfan64 the nerd says:

    This is a pretty good app. However, when I edit my character and click on labels, it only brings me to the edit labels page and when I click on a label it makes me edit the label. How do I add labels to something? Thanks!

  31. Raimi says:

    this is such a good app! it has improved my writing by a lot, and it keeps the mess in my head organized. I especially love the writing goals feature a lot.

  32. Val's Supervillain Movie says:

    I find myself using this app less and less now that the web version is pay-to-use. As an amateur writer, i find myself more comfortable using a computer to organize my stuff as i have more space to work with, but without the web version… Yeah i think you can figure it out. It’s sad, since this is a really great app…

  33. Dumb Spaghetti says:

    Literally so good. I was just expecting a simple all where I could note down some stuff about my story but this is literally so detailed. This has to genuinely be one of my favourite apps yet because this has made my life like 97% easier. I don’t think I have to say much just install the app and check it out, if it’s not to your liking then just delete it but trust me, this is worth it. Also it’s really good at organising things so I personally think it helps with my dyslexia when writing

  34. Chelsea Pickerill says:

    I’ve been enjoying the app a lot, but the latest update seems to have organized everything alphabetically, and it’s really annoying that I can’t seem to change it, I had everything in the order I wanted it to be in and this change is incredibly obnoxious as now my characters and such are all out of order.

  35. Heather Lieskovsky says:

    I really like the overall layout of the app so far, I’m just starting to use it more, but I would really appreciate if the uploaded image quality was better. every image I upload is so pixelated, which makes keeping images in each characters gallery a hard time. as both an artist and a writer, having the images attached to the characters page is really nice, but having it be pixelated and crunched really is a drawback.

  36. Malik Affan says:

    (I use this app for it’s challenges only so I am rating it only) This app is great I join a lot of challenges. But I have 2 suggestions: 1.Make a follow button because I find really good writers and I want to get notified if they wrote something new 2.I think we need to add rating to rate other people’s work better than just favorite

  37. Eddy Frog says:

    I really like the app but i have a few issues with it. I don’t like that you have to pay for the desktop version and i also don’t like the lack of spell check. I really love the organization tools in it though

  38. Blazingfury101 says:

    This app is wonderful, and it has helped me in many ways. I can work around the pc version being premium, although it is a bit annoying, but it can be a little difficult to navigate sometimes. Genuinely this app is wonderful, but I made this review because- Update: Thank you so much for responding! Found the button lol, I have very good eyes mhm

  39. Lasagna Kob (The Lasagna King) says:

    A good app for writing I’ll say, taking notes, and building on a story’s world and characters. While the stock write-in boxes aren’t ideal, making custom boxes are and using that is very useful for just about everything. My primary suggestions for improvement are allowing you to quickly search for character/world info while writing on mobile, like you can on PC, to make info quicker to access. Otherwise, UI improvements to the Desktop app would make this better to use.

  40. Spoon Worm Yang says:

    I think there’s some problem about the notes thing. You can move out a note/folder from a folder into the all notes, but you can’t move in a note/folder into a folder

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