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Transform your time with God using the First 5 app.
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Proverbs 31 Ministries
October 11, 2022
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First 5 Apk Download New*

Transform your time with God the use of the primary Five app, advanced by way of Proverbs 31 Ministries. First Five is particularly designed to greet you with a brief instructing in God’s Phrase day by day sooner than you get distracted via social media and the whole lot else competing in your consideration. It’s our hope you create a day by day addiction of studying God’s Phrase thru your time spent within the First Five app.

First Five Apk Obtain New*

Options • New Instructing On A Daily Basis: We unpack books of the Bible, that specialize in passages of Scripture every day and seeing how they practice to our lives.

First Five Apk Obtain New* apk

• Spotlight, Save and Proportion: You’ll spotlight any portion of our day-to-day teachings to bookmark, proportion or upload a private be aware. Assessment your notes and task thru your profile and use the export function to save lots of them on your instrument.

First Five Apk Obtain New* liberate

• Reminder Capability: Arrange a reminder within the app to move off at any time you select. This fashion, you’ll learn every educating at a time that works perfect to your time table.

First Five Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

• Bible: Don’t have your Bible to hand? Use this option on your day by day Bible studying. You’ll seek any passage of Scripture or even bookmark, spotlight and create a graphic to percentage with a pal.

First Five Apk Obtain New* apk mod

* Neighborhood: In finding neighborhood amongst our First Five pals in personal and public teams.


40 comments on "First 5 Apk Download New*"

  1. Hayden Jerel says:

    I love it and he devotionals make me feel peace inside. They’re actually very timely a lot too. Would recommend to any woman, any age or stage of life! Perhaps there should be an app for young women too (preteens). They could really benefit from having a closer walk with God with this resoruce. Ok, 1 problem, the app has not saved ANY of the notes I took! That’s why 1 star was taken off. Hopefully this problem can get fixed ASAP? Thanks.

  2. Crofton Leman says:

    This ministry is so helpful in guiding and assisting people to understand God’s Word at a deeper level. It encourages self reflection and a desire to know God more intimately. I always look forward to each devotion. It’s also so pretty and easy to follow!

  3. Harli Vinson says:

    I love the content so much. The devotionals are excellent. The app shuts down so often I’ve pretty much stopped using it. I haven’t been able to play the weekend audio for weeks. UPDATE: Thank you for your quick response to my report of crashes. I look forward to using your new build.

  4. Hartley Genista says:

    I love listening to thier sermons, but I wear hearing aids and have to watch closed caption now. some of the devotions are not in CC anymore and especially miss the Saturday ones which sum up the whole teaching for the week. Can you please bring back the closed caption videos, I really miss them and can’t understand it clearly anymore. I have had to try and find other devotions lately. 😢😢

  5. Danah Vian says:

    Loving the app! Appealing and engaging aesthetic, smooth to navigate and the content is rich with solid truths! However, The reminders havent been working for me. The alarm only comes on as soon as I open the app, not at the set time. Defeats the purpose. Any ideas on how to fix on a Samsung S9? 😊

  6. Sasha Avelina says:

    I have been using the app for a few weeks and so far it is a good app. I love that it has quick devotionals for busy mornings. I also like that it has all the scriptures used hyperlinked so it is quick and easy to read the scriptures they use to support the teaching.

  7. Dervin Brand says:

    I just downloaded the app and can’t wait to get started with daily readings and prayers, but the notification setting doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried restarting, clearing, etc. but nothing works. There’s no way to apply the changes after selecting a notification time. As a busy mom, I rely on reminders for pretty much everything — plus I love the idea of setting a specific sound and message that remind me of this most important appointment each day. Please fix!

  8. Mable Tomos says:

    I love the devotionals and community, on top of that though tech support is fantastic. My app quit working a few days ago,I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, nothing. I found the contact info for tech support and actually heard back from someone. this morning I tried just to see if they had worked out the bugs and it was working again!

  9. Warde Angelic says:

    Deep, sound, encouraging, insightful, thought-provoking teaching! Great system, shorter verses are in pop-ups on same page, check boxes for your progress, tasteful layout and graphics, work through entire Bible and choose from an archive of studies you’ve missed – really helping me to consistently enjoy and look forward to my devotions!

  10. Audria Marcell says:

    the teachings are wonderful! however, in the last few months, of the weekend audio teaching, the audio shuts off and I never get the complete lesson! frustrating to say the least!!! sometimes, but rarely, does it start up again but it still doesn’t make it to the end. my ap is updated I have tried 3 different physical locations and it does not work. terribly disappointing. I hope you will read this and please fix this issue

  11. Nalany Marlon says:

    I have been going to First 5 most mornings for years. My touchwizard recently crashed so I had to do a factory reset. I lost everything including this app. I have since tried numerous times to reinstall it. It says it’s installed but I only get a blank white screen. Any ideas? ?? I miss my morning start.

  12. Geordie Anya says:

    I love this app. it’s transformed my personal time with Jesus. But when I updated it, it wouldn’t load. The screen remained white no matter how long I left it. Tried re-downloading and see issue…. I hope this bug gets fixed soon!!! I miss my first 5!!!!

  13. Joycelyn Annah says:

    Sadly, I am unable to get the app to work on my Amazon Fire tablet. I downloaded the app from Amazon and also tried Google Play with no success. It briefly opened one time, but will not go past the first page. I have to go directly to the website. I like to use the tablet because of vision problems. Guessing the app does not work on Amazon tablets?

  14. Grey Pennsylvania says:

    I haven’t dug too deep into this yet to give it a full review but even after a few uses I’m wishing that there was an option to change the default bible version. It’s really annoying that everyday when I open the text I have to switch it to my preferred version, I wish the app would remember it.

  15. Tammy Dweight says:

    I really appreciate having this app and enjoy using it so much. I have been having trouble with the weekend audio teaching cutting off towards the end, so I’m never able to finish the audio teaching. I have the most up to date version of the app, so I hope this issue will be resolved soon! Thanks!

  16. Tammi Stokley says:

    I love the Study aspect and sometimes use the social aspect. Teachers are interesting and varied. Humble people from around the U.S. mostly. The app doesn’t interface well with my newer Samsung when using audio for weekend teachings. Everything else works fine. Thank you Proverbs 31 for a great forum for study for on the go people. I love the calm presentation that allows for reflection.

  17. Eureca Blessing says:

    The best devotional app I’ve ever used. I love how there are many plans you can choose from and how diverse they are; you can choose a book-theme plan or topic-theme plan. There’s also prayer and reflection question at the end of each devotion, so I usually use it as a prompt for my morning journaling session. God bless! Now with bible section, which makes it cooler

  18. Kanece T. says:

    I downloaded the app today and when I got to page 2 of the introduction it was glitching terribly. All I could see was the color blue when it glitched from black. I tried to keep swiping but no luck. Had to uninstall. I’ll check back in a week to see if the issue is resolved.

  19. Janice Trumbell says:

    Awesome app and use daily but having a few issues with font color and background. Know the font can be enlarged but offering different types of darker bolder fonts would be better and the lighter print is almost unreadable. The “white” background is more difficult for us with older eyes too. Too much glare. Sadly, these issues have negatively affected my reading time and enjoyment. Still a good app but could be better.

  20. Leah Sullivan says:

    Love it! Teaching rooted in scripture, quality app software, options, tools, reminders, groups or solo….this app has been helpful to get in the Word in the mornings and have a routine or go to when waiting instead of just social media or shopping apps etc. Proverbs 31 tends to put out quality content full of scripture that its writers are pursuing to live out and share their stories in a relatable, encouraging, inspiring way….such an excellent mix of solid study, heart and life application.

  21. Kayla West says:

    Definitely needs an option to click for audio. I doubt I would be able to read this fine detailed print as soom as I wake up… Being able to click on the audio would be a great way to listen and soak it in while you wake up. Was looking for an app that has bite sized Scripture reading/lessons for a beginner. I think this is a little too overwhelming.

  22. Michelle Tomlinson says:

    Anywhere that you touch on the screen to scroll through the devotions causes a devotion to open. This repeats as you try to scroll down and takes a lot of time to get to where you need. Also the complete day marker disappears after a while so you will lose your place.

  23. Beverly Phillips says:

    I’ve loved this app, until this week. Ok, I still love it, but I’m a little disappointed. I’m guessing there was a bug in th most recent update. All of my highlights and saved materials were gone and the previous study showed up as completely new, like I had never done it. Any possibility a future update could restore that information?

  24. B Anderson-Dodd says:

    I’ve used this app for about four years now. Lately, every time I try to open the app to start where I finished the day before, I’m prompted to log in. Also, anywhere you touch on the screen opens up a devotional and it may not even be the one you’re trying to read. It’s a little frustrating. Other than that, it’s been an excellent app. Not sure about this most recent update though.

  25. T. L. Holmes says:

    Hello, it’s pretty frustrating to have to reinstall and install the app. We have high speed internet. For the app to state there’s no internet is strange. There is very slow response time from the developer(s). Please fix the app. I may just find another Bible Study App and call it a day. Thanks.

  26. Kimberly Knight says:

    I’m giving it 5 stars, because I love this app and have been using it for quite awhile. Today though, I can’t get it to fully load. It is stuck on the first page with the loading circle spinning merrily away, and nothing… I have tried all of the usual tricks, including uninstalling and reininstalling, and rebooting my phone, to no avail. Thankfully I was able to get to today’s teaching through the web. Hopefully it will get fixed soon, because I really do love the app.

  27. Brittany James says:

    I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else in regards to the screen just being blank in the app. I am able to access the app just fine on my iPhone but getting the blank screen on my Cromebook. It appears that the isseue may be on Android devices,

  28. Glenda P-F says:

    I’ve downloaded the app and can get through the intro until I get to “Let’s pause to reflect and remember what God did this year in the first 5 app” … and it freezes – looks like a circle loading but nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong or is my samsung phone not compatible?

  29. Karen Schmiedeke says:

    5 stars for sure up until the app not opening even after restarting my phone and reinstalling the app. It worked yesterday and I was excited to join in the new study that starts today and all I get is a white screen. Nothing will load any further. Please read everyone else’s problems with this and have your techs figure out the issue. There are so many of us ready to dive in! Thanks

  30. Kim Custer says:

    Was working fine until last update. Now just get blank screen this morning, yesterday it would just hang and not load the reading plan. Lock screen page is empty. This has been a great tool for me, but the last couple weeks unreliable. Might have to delete and find something else…which is sad. I have many saved days I go back to read often.

  31. Lindsay Flanary says:

    it seems nice enough and it has good thought behind it and put into it but (unless I just can’t find more) they only have 6 versions of the Bible, and unfortunately KJV isn’t one of them. that’s what I’ve grown up reading so I try to use it all the time. there are also only 2 languages of the Bible, English and Spanish.

  32. Mollie Beauty says:

    Love this app with the studies every day. It helps to keep me accountable and in the Bible daily. I do wish that it offered the Authorized King James Version of the Bible as I’ve found the New King James Version has so many discrepancies and also reads more like the NIV. Staying with the version closest to the original writings is very important to me and many others.

  33. Stacy Vars says:

    It’s nice for a simple app for quick scripture reading. I would rate it higher if it offered a text-to-speech feature for the plan readings. On the whole though, I enjoy it.

  34. Gracie Bell says:

    I just got app to do daily devotions and it keeps crashing.

  35. E Y says:

    After the recent update, 10/6, it logged me out if the app. When I tried to log back in, it kept saying incorrect email. Same thing when I typed in my email and reset password. Please help! With the latest update on 10/11, I am still not able to sign in.

  36. Katie Counts says:

    I am really enjoying this format and it’s helpfulness in getting me back into God’s Word. I’m also part of a ladies group on here, and we’re all going through the same study. I’m loving the community, but I’m frustrated that I can’t post pictures to our group as I see some others doing. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I get an error code. I want to be able to screenshot my “moment” of the day so I can post and share. I’m using an android device, please advise.

  37. Michael LeCesse says:

    Thus far, I have enjoyed the app, and I find it to benefit the start of my days, however, the King James Version of the Holy Bible is missing from the options of Bibles to choose from. This is my FAVORITE translation of the Bible, and the one that I find the most benefit from and that I get the most joy out of reading. PLEASE include this translation in your Bible options. I will happily change my review to 5 stars upon this addition!

  38. Carla clark says:

    Love this app. Great Bible studies and resources. The teachers and writers are awesome.

  39. nichole boehm says:

    Amazing resources free of charge and appreciate that! Because soemtime inspiration resources are costly. First 5 brings the Lord right to us all to learn theology in a loving, safe and aesthetic and informative easy to use environment. First 5 makes me feel connected to others who love the Lord and trying to endure this complex earthly life. Happy to have God put into this society and in a digital way . Our world needs more holy time like first 5!

  40. Heidi Cruciana says:

    I’ve completed many first 5 plans. The celebration week plans I think are my favorite! I love Proverbs 31. I’ve taken a break due to the app not having dark mode and the scripture readings are usually too long (it’s usually more than 5 minutes). Please add dark mode and split longer readings up more frequently. (like others, sometimes I wish the weekday teachings were audio also)

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