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December 1, 2022
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Delivery Experience Mod Apk

Download, login, and use the options that make your Domino’s deliveries an entire lot more straightforward.


40 comments on "Delivery Experience Mod Apk"

  1. Kristiana Myles says:

    why does it take me to a range of addresses in Google maps instead of transferring the actual address? very often it takes me to the middle of the street, then if I actually type the address into Google maps it takes me straight to the house. this is very inconvenient to have to type each address into the system. what’s the point of being able to tap on the navigation button if it doesn’t take us directly to the customer? Please take a look at “Delivery Tip Tracker Pro” for an excellent example.

  2. Shepley Zita says:

    Good concept but tons of room for improvement. Cons: Doesn’t always take you to exact location rather “in the vicinity” because the app doesn’t copy exact address. Goes into safe mode & freezes. No opt out button for claiming cash tips. It takes more time to keep track of them separately bogging down delivery times. It takes up space on my already low memory phone. It doesn’t have features replacing the crew app so i now have to have 2 apps installed for my 1 job.

  3. Panda Claudette says:

    The callback only works on speaker phone, and if you open up GPS while on the phone, you can’t turn the phone off… It takes awhile for the “complete delivery” button to appear sometimes, and it appears prematurely (not a big deal) other times. I do enjoy not having to type phone numbers, though. I do not like the permissions required. The app should only know my location. While using it, and it doesn’t allow that. so I revoke permissions after every shift, and that’s annoying.

  4. Sandye Emhyr says:

    My experience with this app has been a bad one. Using the click to GPS feature is glitched where it doesnt give you the exact address just a range of addresses on the street. My store (6788) has made the use of this app mandatory. This makes it incredibly difficult for our managers when the store is at a high volume because they have to use their logins to dispatch every driver. Other improvements that were supposed to be implemented when the app was introduced have been thrown to the wayside.

  5. Camreen Chauncey says:

    In theory this app should be amazing, but when it takes the address from the app to my Google maps, they always starts offline. Then it has a range of house numbers and isn’t the actual address. Sometimes the GPS isn’t even in the right area and it says you have arrived. Then they need to have the ability to add a payment. Instead of having to call the store and waste time, that the app is supposed to help with, isn’t even an option. If these get fixed then ill revise my review.

  6. Davies Pennsylvania says:

    Works okay most of the time. I don’t think the issues we keep having is with the app itself but the program incorporated with it. Sometimes it shows us as logged in and a lot of the time, it shows that there is no one clocked in when we’re all obviously in the store. I like the idea of better tracking of orders and such, but only if it works. Its not just an Android problem. Even my coworkers that use iPhones have this issue.

  7. Franklen Awen says:

    (2052), as a shift lead, it does has some potential with being able to track your driver’s during the rushes, but it’s so frustrating to see my driver’s struggling to find addresses with this, issues with their app deleting all of their orders, pulling and replacing orders randomly from the night before, and screwing them on their mileage. Not to mention the battery draining and intrusive permissions. Not worth the hassle, and I hate I am required to have them use it.

  8. Elson Tammi says:

    When this app works, it’s fine. I like having the digital tip option on my receipts, I think that’s getting me better tips. However, when I click on the route button to go to Google Maps, every so often I get routed to a street with the same name as the street in the address. I’m going to but sometimes clear across town. It makes me hate my job more than I already do. I have enough issues with Google Maps in my area, I don’t need Domino’s adding difficulty.

  9. Lauryn Katherine says:

    This app is a complete mess and an invasion of privacy. The only thing I find actually useful about the app is that it tracks tips which a calculator can do just as well. If you press the button in the app to automatically enter the customers address in your GPS it never works. Also you are required to give it access to your location microphone and phone which it does not need for the main features that are actually useful. I’m glad I’m not working here very long so I don’t have to use this.

  10. Kym Karol says:

    Gonight it stopped working in the middle of my shift. I deleted the app and downloaded it again and I still was unable to log in. It is always running in the background. The notification “order dispatched” stays there no matter how many times I try to clear my notifications and force close all my apps. If a customer tries to call me back right after I tried them it has the voicemail recording still playing and I can’t hear them. I had to restart my phone to stop it in the middle of a delivery.

  11. Ian Sweeney says:

    As far as I can tell, this app is intentionally designed to enter either vague, or incorrect data into google maps. The addresses don’t enter properly into google maps 99% of the time… THE APP HAS A 99% ERROR RATE. This can be dangerous because the drivers are then distracted trying to figure out what the actual address is. There is no discernable reason for this since it is easy just to enter the address on our own, which is what I do.

  12. Talia Glass says:

    The navigation sends you to the block but doesnt show which house is the destination. I’m burning through data and have to pay when I go over. The tip tracker doesnt give a good approximation of the tips I make. I also have an issue with the login screen – having to check an “I agree” box to log in even though we dont really have a choice in using the app, logging us out during breaks, having to log back in when coming back from breaks…I’d love for it to be synced to the store’s system instead

  13. JoshuaAndCrystal King says:

    As a manager I like being able to see when my driver is almost back. I also like how they can enter their tips on the road and I just have to check (although this could allow more credit card theft to occur in the wrong hands). On the negative…..SOLVE THE BATTERY ISSUE! I have several drivers who have to charge their phones basically the whole shift! I downloaded it on my phone and have the same issue……I havent even used the app! Also need maps downloadable for people with low data plans.

  14. Michael Norris says:

    This app does not give accurate directions, it does not communicate efficiently with Google maps, It automatically logs you out at random times, It usually gives you a long detour when you could simply cross the street and cut 4 minutes off your time. It is obstructive to work flow, it’s inefficient, it’s frustrating, and obnoxious. The mandatory safe mode while driving also gets in the way of work flow. And any feedback given seems to be ignored.

  15. ejihaj wilhelm says:

    Would rate lower if i could, this is a disgustingly made app and the fact that i’m forced to use it is even worse. The app itself is terribly designed, works like s h i t, drains my battery, and has no right to record my audio. It 100% uses and gives your information away and you have no choice but to let it happen, the only silver lining is that you can hard turn your location off while delivering and there’s not a thing it can do about it. Delete this app when you are not at work.

  16. Lily O'Bryan says:

    This app is very frustrating to use. It almost never takes you directly to the address, leaving you to try and strain your eyes finding house numbers on mailboxes. I have to enter it manually most of the time. It also doesnt give you an option to stay logged into the app and if you clock out for even a second it’ll log you out of the app, not to mention, once you’re logged out you cant see any of your previous tips or deliveries. If it was just worked on a little more this could be much better

  17. Caleb Willman says:

    App is hot garbage. 20% of the time it takes you to the wrong address, it doesn’t actually input the address into maps most of the time, just inputs the block that the address is on. Also very sketchy that there isn’t an option to only allow location access while using the app, it requires access 100% of the time. UI is incredibly unintuitive and clunky. If it were possible to give 0 stars I would do so.

  18. Peter Smith says:

    How hard is it to fix this stupid app??? Seriously! 80% of the time I use it it sends me to an address range, like 8900-9137, which is sometimes close to the house, but sometimes waaaay off! Or it will pop up with the wrong address, off by half a block or something. Honestly, 95% of the time it fails. I think it’s because the app sends the address over to Google Maps in brackets, like [8932] Lewis Dr… my guess is that is the problem… FIX IT!!

  19. Chris Zhang says:

    Not that good at doing its job. Also a bit sketchy on the permissions. Why does this app require permissions to run at startup? There are also some third party analytics which is kinda weird too. It often fails during a rush, and some days will throw a fit and guide you to a range of addresses. Now it’s Mandatory for most drivers which sucks.

  20. Cheyenne Sorell says:

    The maps feature is always inaccurate, it freezes often and I cannot click on a delivery to complete it if I routed out on more than one it routes me back in on both or will route me in on the wrong one. It will also randomly log you out. All of this causes a lot of angry customer comments about their order says it has been delivered and I’m not even close to them yet. Even the call feature is broken. Really needs to be worked on before it can get more than one star.

  21. HuskyCruxes says:

    Awful unintuitive and doesn’t work. Every time I have to set a new destination, it crashes my Google maps and I have to reload it. In about 75% of the time it says the tip can’t be pulled up for this order, if it takes around 10 to 15 minutes after the run’s been delivered for it to actually show up on the app. why are y’all forcing us to use this when it never works and all it does is make delivery times higher. If you’re going to force it on us please fix it

  22. David Woolbright says:

    I only use it to track my tips and only then it may work 75% of the time. You put an address in and it sends you to a range of locations. Not very useful when your trying to get in and out of a bad neighborhood. I don’t call from the app because occasionally the customer can’t hear you. I can’t control the call through my Bluetooth in my car either. We’re drivers, we need the best hands free options available.

  23. Raiden Westerman says:

    Absolutely terrible! None of the features work. The GPS feature never takes you to the actual address. It gives you an approximated range. Which in a city where I deliver. That could be up to 15 different buildings. The feature where you call the customer never works. Either they can’t hear me or I can’t hear them. That is when it actually ends up calling them. It drops calls all the time. The 911 emergency feature gets triggered at random from time to time. Never use this. It’s a waste of time

  24. Scott Bryce says:

    Navigation is too unreliable to be useful. I have ended up as much as 2.7 miles away from the delivery address. Tips are not tallied accurately. The app wants to ping my location even when I’m off the clock and the app is not running. 1 touch calling does not work on store supplied phones. Order details are useless when the phone is in my car. I already have that info anyway. 911 button: why? Too easy to tap accidentally. I can’t waste my time with this app; I have a job to do.

  25. Katie Armstrong says:

    The app seems to break every other day not only for me, but my coworkers too. The deliveey address get stuck on one and doesn’t change, no matter how many deliveries you take. I can’t never depend on it to show me the right address. When you push the directions button, it makes up an address for Google maps and always take me to the wrong place unless I edit the address. Also, I can start a 5 hour shift with a full battery and have to plug my phone in towards the end of it, forget an 8 hr shift.

  26. Kim Cox says:

    The app itself is genius. It’s having to use one app, only to take you to another app, that 1 out of 5 times takes you to an avenue instead of a drive, which is 10 minutes out of your way and costs you a decent tip, is what I find pointless. Just let me at least have the option of bypassing all these multiple distractions, I mean steps. So I can just grab my order and receipt and take it from there. I’ll enter my tips in at the end of my shift when I don’t have the road to focus on.

  27. LsDestroyer says:

    This app just sucks. It eats up too much battery power, constantly has glitches and opens up on its own. Its uncomfortable how it requires access to your location and other permissions 100% of the time, even when you’re not even using it. I don’t trust it. When I have to use it on my personal phone, I delete it after each shift, and only reinstall it when necessary.

  28. J.D. “edocter” says:

    Does not tell Google maps the EXACT address, rather it inputs a RANGE of addresses if you use the arrow on the order in the app itself. Myself and other coworkers have made habit of just typing it in ourselves to decrease trouble with finding addresses. Also, sometimes it doesn’t even try to bring you to the right address, it’ll just put you across the street or on a different road entirely.

  29. Talmadge Bradley says:

    Having to be at a COMPLETE standstill, usually for several seconds, to get the app out of “Safe Mode” so that you may interact with it makes it about useless. The navigation button almost always dumping you in an address range – as opposed to the actual address – seals the deal. Making phone calls through the app is well intentioned but buggy enough that you might as well make your calls the “normal” way. Not being able to rearrange deliveries while outside the store is unnecessary obstruction.

  30. Kelly Pinnell Thacker says:

    My store has been using this app for about 2 years. It’s definitely improved except for the call function. It rarely works properly. I don’t use the navigation as I’ve been at my store for 8years so I know where I’m going. My biggest gripe is my store isn’t located in the correct area on the map. It was about a half a mile away, so trying to gauge which driver will be back first is a guessing game. Then they moved it closer, but it still isn’t right. But it’s not bad for a delivery app imo.

  31. Carri Jensen says:

    This app is a mess. It can’t play calls, so I have to do them through my phone. It can’t interface with Android auto & doesn’t set my route, so I have to take time to punch my address into my car’s GPS. Often customers request a text but that’s not an option in the app, so I have to do it via my phone number which makes me uncomfortable. Frequent glitches, completing orders before I leave the store or blanking out addresses. Mileage is off! If we have to use this app please make it functional.

  32. Alex “tedkord92” AKA A. Charles Ross says:

    The app is good for entering in tips so managers don’t have to enter it at the end of the night. Navigation is a mess, often it will either send me to the wrong place, many times it’ll either say that my delivery is invalid, I’m not clocked in or itll reload one of my previous deliveries. I would probably give this a 2 one it’s own but because of how awful the new dispatch system is, by association it gets a 1.

  33. JP West says:

    If I could leave a negative review, I would. How someone builds a navigation app off of Google maps and it be less reliable and functional than Apple Maps was on release, is beyond me. Will take you hundreds of addresses in the wrong direction. Orders dissappear. Calls drop. Calls don’t even start. You’re better off manually using Google maps for every delivery.

  34. Cody Helton says:

    Directions are rarely accurate, and when they are, the gps doesn’t seem to know where I am anyway; often jumping over streets and through residential areas hundreds of feet away. Calls frequently drop or refuse to dial altogether, constant crashes for no discernable reason and refusing to start up again for hours before somehow fixing itself. You’re better off manually punching in customer addresses/phone numbers than using this app.

  35. Rocky Money says:

    I’m pretty sure this app was programmed by 5-year-olds. It stops working at least three times per shift. Either it won’t load up your new deliveries, it won’t show your current tips or the app just won’t open at all. I’ve deleted and reinstalled it a hundred times nothing fixes the issue. It is literally the worst part of my job.

  36. Vaughn Eudy says:

    navigation is a joke. if i use the start button in the app for a run, it will only give an approximate arrival. i have to go right into google maps to input the addresses so i can can get an accurate route. also, there needs to be more options for quick text besides okay, i need to come inside, and order undeliverable with an option for a custom message. most customers don’t answer calls

  37. Tiffany Starnes says:

    Edit: app tracks location even when off the clock. The app still fails to correctly transfer addresses to Google maps >70% of the time. I’m more surprised when it actually works correctly. It is more time efficient to manually enter the add, than have to double check every delivery. The call customer option runs on data instead of making a call. Customers often request text message notifications when their pizza arrives in the delivery instructions.

  38. bruek says:

    the directions button is sometimes grayed out and unusable, and when it does work it often sends to the wrong address. the phone button is also often grayed out now, so this app is often completely useless – can’t call, can’t get directions, and it deletes manually entered tips. if domino’s is going to require us to use this, it NEEDS to function. add a text customer button, make calls use my phone app instead of data, and fix the bugs and stability issues that have existed for years.

  39. Tucker Jamison says:

    Terrible, can never get you to the exact location, as soon as your on the block, your on your own. I have to type in each address manually into Google maps to work around this “glitch” even though the address if you start navigation and exit it on good maps it say for example 100-200 maple st instead of 123 maple street. I only use the app because they force us to use it. Only useful to complete the delivery, and keep track of credit card tips through the day… otherwise it’s hot garbage…..

  40. Lathan McGhee says:

    Bluetooth broke again, doesn’t like telling Bluetooth devices when a call ends especially if you switch it to speaker or have multiple connected. Still haven’t fixed the navigation button from putting in a range of addresses, it can’t find some addresses it had no prior issue with that show in store, can’t text customers, locks into safe mode while standing still, and fails to load things while connected at full strength to WiFi.

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