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Collaborate with your accountant using our intuitive mobile app.
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Canopy Tax
December 1, 2022
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Canopy Client Portal Mod Apk

Canopy has simplified the way you proportion information and change knowledge together with your accountant. This app is designed for you, the buyer. You may have most probably been invited to the cover Consumer Portal by means of your tax skilled, together with get right of entry to to the customer Portal by way of your most well-liked cellular instrument.

Cover Shopper Portal Mod Apk apk

Test off your To-Do Listing Intuitive workflows and a distinguished show will stay your upcoming duties and follow-ups crystal transparent.

Cover Consumer Portal Mod Apk unencumber

Add Information out of your Software Finish the continual shuffling of papers backward and forward between your tax professional’s administrative center and your house. Use the buyer Portal to safely ship all important recordsdata.

Cover Consumer Portal Mod Apk apk mod

Ask Questions Anytime The Buyer Portal lets you ship questions immediately for your accountant. Observe up, ask for readability, and extra.

Cover Shopper Portal Mod Apk

Observe: In case your tax or accounting skilled does now not use Cover, you are going to no longer have get admission to to Cover Consumer Portal.


40 comments on "Canopy Client Portal Mod Apk"

  1. Anndreya Celiane says:

    It crashes every time I open it to see a comment from my tax person and end up just having to email her. Very annoying.

  2. Ernest Kendria says:

    I’m new to client portal and so far so good. It seems to be user friended based on my experience uploading my documents and for that I give it 5 stars.

  3. Ignatius Ceila says:

    Very professional and easy to use I drive a semi so time isn’t always on my hands also a big plus is they are truck driver friendly they understand our needs I was going to H&R block for the longest time but paying their prices was just way to much also I love the fact that they have an app not that the others didn’t but because it’s easy to use and the lady I talked to got back to me when she said she would…

  4. Abhorson Adrin says:

    App will download files but not open the files. Any emails force link it to the app. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled. Extremely frustrating!!

  5. Darlene Jackson says:

    I’m the most technology handicapped. This app helped me have success in maneuvering to completing the task of submitting information required. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Great app!

  6. Blake Adkin says:

    Great user interface. For example, easy to locate my: To Dos, Files, and Billing info. Also great that users can login with biometric identification.

  7. Denny Everest says:

    When I can get into the app it was great and easy to you. I have forgot my password and get no response to change my password

  8. Sean S. says:

    So far, I have looked at portals like Tax Dome, Drake Portals, Intuit link, and Joinportal. Canopy is a bit pricey, and that may be a dealbreaker. But function for function, Canopy and it’s app give more functionality than most. It links to Calendly, has payments and invoicing, integrates with not only gsuite mail but calendar too. The time keeping is good, not perfect, but better than most. The app is quick. I am sure it is not perfect, but generally a solid platform. Haven’t used tasks.

  9. Eva Kohlhaas says:

    I cannot get this app to work. I got as far as setting up fingerprint login and then it just keeps crashing over and over.

  10. Finders Keepers says:

    It is so easy to navigate! I don’t have to think about anything. Whatever document I think my tax professional might need I just upload. I can snap a photo and upload or scan, email, and then upload (if I’m feeling fancy, lol). Fire app! 🔥

  11. KD S says:

    The organizer section has a problem, each page has a magnifying option at the bottom of the page. Problem is it covers the Next button, impossible to click thru it or around. Please remove or relocate the magnifying option, we all have pinch zoom enabled.

  12. Asuncion Aguirre says:

    I didn’t have any problems uploading several documents consecutively. I saved one trip and time.

  13. J Furr says:

    The document scanner is genius and actually works really well. Worth it just for that feature alone.

  14. Brian Schnackenberg says:

    As a baby boomer it’s taking me some time to get used to the constant changing technology, but it is a time saver even though I miss the personal interaction. Thank you!

  15. i SABOTEUR says:

    I used Canopy Client Portal the past 2 years and will use it again. It made my tax seasons fast and easy. 5 stars all day!

  16. Kevin Forrest says:

    The receptionist are very helpful and respectful the app is easy to access many works great for me I’m not the greatest and Technology LOL

  17. Marlyn Fuller says:

    Very easy to use, very convenient.

  18. Karen Dickey says:

    Quick. Accurate. Reluable. Safe

  19. Mark Clark says:

    Simple, clear, accurate

  20. Micky Thompson says:

    Simple and easy.

  21. Ashlie Christie says:

    I would really like a delete option on the side hamburger icon for each document. I am a bit dyslexic and it would be nice to be able to delete and re-upload so I can fix my occasional mistakes

  22. Sean Wirth says:

    Fast and simple.

  23. Kathy Whitaker Knight says:

    Convenient and efficient, scanning docs by phone saves LOTS of time! When there are $$ questions; answers are readily at hand.

  24. shonte Richardson says:

    Super easy and efficient

  25. Thatonefisherman says:

    Fast, simple, and easy.

  26. thai kitchen says:

    So much easier than everything used to be!

  27. Glinda R. Shultz says:

    Very easy to work with

  28. Tom Addington says:

    Easy to use Thanks

  29. Zakayus Rivera says:

    Very simple to use and get stuff done!

  30. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Easy to understand

  31. Loai Najjar says:

    Helpful app. Like that it has Passcode and very secure and pass stays for month for each trusted fm devices 👍 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

  32. Cyndi Collier says:

    This is the easiest app I have ever used.

  33. Suzanne Pierce says:

    Great to upload documents needed

  34. Barbara Truchan says:

    Easy to walk through and understand.

  35. TAMMY FULLER says:

    Easy-to-use software

  36. Carolyn Davis says:

    So far everything seems to be going good i hope it end good.

  37. Tess Swan says:

    Overcharged. What a hassle. Not a user friendly app.

  38. Tami Strait says:

    Easy and quick.

  39. Colton Gardner says:

    At first there were issues with Android 13 file permissions. I reached out to the devs and they fixed it faster than I expected. Great job and thank you for the customer service. It seems to be working now!

  40. Diana Gomez says:

    Easy to use.

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