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Effortlessly manage your day from a widget and your lock screen!
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April 5, 2019
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Calendar Notify – Widget, Lock Mod Apk

Effortlessly organize your day!
Know what’s subsequent, get extra executed, by no means omit the rest!

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Calendar Notify is a significant other app to your present Calendar (Google Calendar or some other Android calendar app that helps Android calendars).

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Your upcoming calendar agenda occasions will display at the lock display screen, standing bar or in a widget.

Calendar Notify – Widget

At a look get admission to for your schedule, agenda, roster and conferences from in every single place for your Android software.

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Observe gorgeous designs and elegance them your approach to make your occasions stand out.

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Options easy and complex in-built designers to let you utterly customise.

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The calendar widget is very similar to the notification and lets you position your calendar for your lockscreen on pre Android Five units. On the other hand you’ll be able to position the graceful calendar widget along with your time table on your house display screen for simple get entry to.

Calendar Notify – Widget

Some standout options come with:

Calendar Notify – Widget

• Easy dressmaker Briefly and simply observe a brand new design to switch the semblance of your time table

Lock Mod Apk apk

• Complicated fashion designer Take entire keep an eye on over the semblance and data displayed the usage of the Complex editor (Top class)

Calendar Notify – Widget

• Final regulate Lots of choices to play with. The bulk are to be had at no cost, with further complex choices to be had after upgrading to top rate.

Lock Mod Apk apk mod

• Backup and Repair Whole keep an eye on over your backups having the ability to retailer on Google Force.

Calendar Notify – Widget

• Fast get right of entry to Faucet an match to open your calendar utility and in an instant show the development

Calendar Notify – Widget

• And extra! Herbal language informs when an match will get started or finish Match Colours can be utilized to brighten the occasions Easy filtering choices to just see occasions that you’re really focused on Common updates and enhancements

Calendar Notify – Widget

★ Top class Version options ★
• Complex dressmaker – Customise the notification and widget designs with improbable regulate over the design and structure of your schedule occasions and their colours, shapes and sizes • Disguise the icon at the notification to offer extra space for the development main points • Make a choice from more than a few Icon sorts • Permit occasions to be hidden and zoomed into, exhibiting additional data • Customise dynamic time settings
• And rather a lot extra!
Buying the top class Version is a once-off, non-recurring and fully non-compulsory in-app acquire which without delay helps building and endured long run enhancements.
Standing Time table has been got rid of from the shop, use Calendar Notify as a substitute!


40 comments on "Calendar Notify – Widget, Lock Mod Apk"

  1. Carie Aragorn says:

    This app has become indispensable to me. I am a business owner and scheduling is everything to me. Calendar Notify makes adding appointments simple and seamless. It’s highly configurable UI is able to blend in perfectly with my theme so well that it’s as unobtrusive as it is helpful. Excellent work Dev. Thank you.

  2. Livia Garmangahis says:

    Love this app! I bought the premium version a few years ago and this is one of the first things I install when I get a new device. The customizability is fantastic and the new UI looks swish. Although now I have the app set up how I like it I rarely go into the app itself, but it will be great for new users.

  3. Jerrel Lass says:

    This provides a way to see my next scheduled calendar event. The goal was to see it on the locked screen. I am pleased with the app. It almost works as well as the native functionality on my old windows phone.

  4. Jacklyn Eliza says:

    Edit: Thanks for the prompt reply. Didn’t realised that the text colour is based on the background color, so I had to do full transparent black instead of full transparent white for the text to go white. All good now highly recommended

  5. Diantha Cori says:

    I’ve tried three other calendar widgets, but none of them had matching notifications to the extent this one does. The developer is extremely responsive to the in-app support chat, and with every release he makes the settings more sensible and organized (which seems to be the opposite in many other apps). There are a few shortcomings I would like to see changed, but I’ll let the developer know and give him the chance to work them out before I let it affect my review.

  6. Daena Acwel says:

    Can’t seem to display events on lock screen. Galaxy S10 Android 9.0. Can only display the calendar icon, that tapping it shows the events as notification from the top bar, but not the upcoming events themselves on the lock screen. It worked perfectly on my S8 but now on S10 it no longer does. EDIT: following the dev’s amazing reply, which solved my problem, changed to 5 stars! Way to go devs!! Keep us the good work’

  7. Preece Latimer says:

    It is absolutely amazing..Extremely useful and practical. However it would be better if it could update itself more often. I mean when I add or change anything in calendar it takes some time to see in in the notification screen..I have to scroll till to bottom to update changes in homescreen of the phone… thnx…cheers

  8. Etta Rainbeaux says:

    The manual color settings for the notification is a hassle. Out of the hundreds of apps I have installed, this is the ONLY one that doesn’t automatically skin the background and text colors when applying a Samsung theme. Can you please add an option to follow the system standards so that happens?

  9. Lache Adrieanna says:

    Finally my Google Calendar events visible straight on lock screen without having to unlock phone! I had so much trouble finding an app that does it and finally found it. Such simple thing but sooo hard to find. Big thanks to developer for that awesome feature!

  10. True Chirley says:

    Galaxy s8+. I RELY on this app to help me keep my life straight but it STOPPED WORKING WITH THE NEW SAMSUNG UPDATE! I get no response from the support chat inside the app. I have also emailed. NO RESPONSE from a paying customer. I desperately need this app to work and I”ve tried every single setting in the s8 itself and within the app. HELP!

  11. Albertine Emmett says:

    I’ve been looking for an app that allowed a lot of customization of the agenda widget. This one does it better than any I have tried. One suggestion: It would be nice to have a date seperator with a customizable color, so you can group events by day. It would be give a clear visual cue so I can distinguish days. For now, I can get by with the custom formatting for “today” and “tomorrow” events. I also created a daily event with black color that starts at 12:01AM to seperate dates. Great app!

  12. Domanic Hillary says:

    Helps keep on top of appointments and meetings. Works really well. Recommended. I originally docked a star as would like the option of showing / toggling events / reminders but the developer tells me that Google don’t allow access to reminders. Never mind, it’s still a useful tool I refer to most days.

  13. Tammy Bobbie says:

    Idea behind the app is really good, but only if it works as intended and claimed by the developer. The app doesn’t auto start and requires a tap on the app icon each time for notifications drop down to appear, frankly I would rather tap on the calendar app icon to check my schedule in this case. The whole idea is convenience but if this issue fixed and calender schedule appear automatically each time in notification drop down then this app is full 5 🌟.

  14. Edgar Tobie says:

    I have multiple calendars for different reasons (e.g. work, personal, kids, etc). These map to different google accounts and the app is clearly able to find these accounts. However it does not display or find the events in each. The other problem is the lack of dark theme or transparent widget background. Beyond these 2 items, the app has the right idea. I like that it is a pull down and the interface is easy to use (except that I couldn’t figure out how to display events from multiple calendars).

  15. Ryton Malorie says:

    Used to allow custom background, which is now a must have due to Android 10 dark theme. Bring it back or support dark theme! — Update — OK, that seems to work in the actual notification, but not in the preview. I mean, in dark theme, I need to change the text color to white, but the preview is using white background…also, the expanded mode is still black

  16. Selby Westbrook says:

    Had to edit my review down from 5 stars to 1 because it is no longer showing events in chronological order! Going down my list, I’ll see events ordered like: today, today, today, Wednesday, Wednesday, today, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday, today . . . If I have to search up and down the list to find what’s due today, the app is useless. Developer doesn’t seem to have responded to anything for months. I wish I hadn’t paid for the upgrade.

  17. Hecate Andriea says:

    I have tried several calendar events widgets in the past and this is the best I found. It is a unique and great idea to display the events in the notifications. There is one small thing I would like to do is not to display today’s date in the notification widget to save space and because I can tell the date from several places on my phone already. Please let me know if there is a way to do this.

  18. Fisk Justis says:

    REVISED REVIEW (March 18, 2020): I opened a ticket on Jan. 30th with Calendar Notify Support re. an issue I was having with the widget, but there’s been no action on the ticket so far, even after a follow up message from me 21 days ago. I paid for the Premium Edition of Calendar Notify, so I assumed some kind of response would have been received by now. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Working well so far! Pretty easy to set up for notifications to appear on the lock screen.

  19. Subhroneel Moitra says:

    Worked perfectly, amazing, even beyond my expectations (which were pretty high). Then I changed my google calendars (added some, removed some) and now it doesn’t work. It still shows the old calendars (now deleted). Doesn’t shows the new calendars (which I added). Guess it’s just a weird bug

  20. Brandy Weaver says:

    This app has been a life saver. I have a very complex, even convoluted schedule, for which I need to keep track of various appointments every 1-2 hours, sometimes with “free-time” in between. Calendar Notify provides exactly what I was looking for – a way to quickly glance at my notification screen to see what and HOW LONG until my next meeting starts, saving me the extra mental math of calculating time ’til next appointment at least 5-10 times a day. I rarely review an app; this is the one.

  21. Nan says:

    Have used this app for years with no problems. I’ve now noticed that it no longer picks up any changes made to Google Calendar. If I change time or date, it delete an event it contributes to show the notification for the original entry. Currently I have three incorrect notifications for just the upcoming week. This makes the app virtually worthless. Nothing I’ve done has been successful in correcting the problem.

  22. Larry Sanders says:

    Clean & Simple. This widget does exactly what I want it do, automatically display and organize my calendar events in a organized easy to read manner. The display tweaks and customization are impressive; you can style it on phones and tablets differently. My top 10 list of productivity apps.

  23. Winston Smith says:

    Lifesaver: Stock Samsung stopped showing notifications in lockscreen. Messed up my day. After lots of googling and finding out there is still no solution, i found this app and it didnt just solve the problem, its actually much better ux than before the bug happened. Thanks a lot to the dev!

  24. Simon Ravel Schwartz says:

    The app did exactly what I wanted it to do until it didn’t. After some update it just stopped working well with Google calendar and my appointments don’t get updated at all – which caused me a lot of confusion. It has been like this for over half a year now and it has not been fixed, I can see from the reviews I am not the only person with that issue. If they fix it definitely 5 stars again, I even bought premium back in the day because I love the app but atm. it’s pretty much useless.

  25. Janice Teo says:

    Am loving this app and the simplicity of it…being able to pull down my notification bar and see all me events at a glance is a real time-saver! One question: how do I remove calendars I don’t want? It’s displaying holidays from all Australian states but I only want Western Australian events displayed. I can’t find anything in settings that lets me disable calendars from other states. Thanks

  26. Mark Feng says:

    Edit: Thanks for the fast response, bumped from 4 to 5 stars since the missing feature is on Google’s end. ———- Love the app, only thing I wish is if it also displayed and synced with the calendar reminders and allowed for reminders to be completed. That would make it the perfect app in my book. I would purchase the premium app for that feature addition.

  27. Julia Head says:

    App is good but not always easy to understand or use. I have emailed the developer twice with questions. Once was 24 days ago and the other was 15 days ago. For both I received an auto email saying my question was received and a link. The links show both are being “processed” and have been assigned to someone but no responses. I wouldn’t spend any money on an app that no one bothers to respond to questions about.

  28. No Name Man says:

    Does not actually display a calendar reminder on your lock screen, only displays the day of the month. You have to remember that you needed a reminder, then tap the date, And THEN you will see your calendar reminder. Totally defeats the purpose, and renders that function of the app useless.

  29. Gregory Somers says:

    Good for someone with a lot of events. For me the bottom options bar is twice as big as I’d need the notifications window to be so it takes up a lot more room than I’d ever need. All i really want is something that makes alarms for events the day before instead of the pathetic Google notification that goes unnoticed 10,000% of the time.

  30. James Kessler says:

    Outstanding app. Super customizable and highly functional. EDIT (5 -> 3 stars): For the past few months, I’m getting very frequent silent notifications (more than 400 times a day!) that say calendar notify is “checking for calendar updates”. It goes away quickly but it lights up my screen and pops up as if I’ve received a notification. This is super distracting while driving or sleeping by my phone. I’ve made sure that all notification categories are turned off except for “Events” (which is set to silent) and this unwanted notification continues to popup. (Pixel 4A; Android 11)

  31. Khaled Ossama says:

    Since android 11 update, the app makes about 450 very brief silent notifications per day that says “checking for calendar updates”. On my notifications permissions, I only enabled the “Events” notifications. It is very annoying and causes continuous interruption while using or even when not using the phone. I sent the developer an email more than a week ago, and I just received an automated response. It seems that the developer has abandoned the app (last update was in 2019)

  32. Caoimhín P Connell says:

    The app self populates with a bunch of useless calendar dates that you can’t get rid of. Also, you can’t set up the notification process to have an audible alarm. As soon as I figure out how to transfer all the data to another app I’ll delete this one.

  33. Pedro Nacht says:

    Very useful app, probably glance at it a dozen times a day. I only use it on my notification panel, and my only complaint is a small bug that happens in the “expanded” notification, where it loses my custom font color and resets to black (which is hard to read since I use a dark-grey panel). Likewise, the app has an option for custom formatting of tomorrow’s events, and that is meant literally: events two days from now have no special formatting. But overall, these are very small gripes.

  34. Ray Smith (MrMond) says:

    Keep being told couldn’t install but when I’m in app update list but when I check in the store app listing, no app update is showing, only open or uninstall. Been using this for years, full version and this started a couple of months ago. After, it dissapears for a few days till the next time there’s an update it can’t install? But again, no update when I refresh the list of apps.

  35. Prosenjit Ghosh says:

    The app is nice. The lock screen calendar comes with settings option which actually ruining the entire look and feel. Could have been an option to remove at the basic level or should not have been given as to add a calendar you have to unlock the phone.

  36. Michael Salmons says:

    good app. i love the compact style of the widgets so I can see a lot at a glance. one star docked for confusing “required for background updates” notification that never goes away. some explanation from the developer would be great.

  37. Muhammad Ivan Wiryawan says:

    Despite all of the customizabilities and features this app offers, the app uses absolutely unreasonable amount of storage. The size of all of the app’s data amounted to 628MB after a year of use. Mind you, this isn’t the app’s cache data (which would also be unreasonable to reach such size for this type of application), which means that clearing it requires you to backup and restore your settings beforehand.

  38. Debra Towler says:

    I like everything except the fact that the bottom bar cannot be either made transparent or removed. Kind of defeats the purpose of having it on your home screen, and it ruins my anesthetic. 😕

  39. Marko Dimitrijević says:

    I have been looking for app like this for eons, it seems 😅 And when I was finally introduced, it’s simplicity just took my breathe away. It helps me enormously to organize my scheduled appointments and have them just a swipe away. Thank you for making this app! Keep going and make it even better 💫

  40. Dave Martens says:

    Just installed the app and was faced with several things that did not work correctly in the first 2 minutes. Also cannot determine how to specify which Google calendar it picks up or if it can sync with an Outlook calendar.

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