AT&T Cell Booster Mod Apk New 2022*


Easily manage, set up, and troubleshoot your Cell Boosters all in one place!
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AT&T Services Inc.
May 9, 2022
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AT&T Cell Booster Mod Apk New 2022*

Manage your AT&T Mobile Booster and Mobile Booster Professional with the AT&T Mobile Booster App. Arrange, arrange, and troubleshoot multi function position.

AT&T Mobile Booster Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Check in along with your myAT&T, Premier or FirstNet Consumer IDENTITY and password to get began!

AT&T Mobile Booster Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

• Sign up your AT&T Cellular Booster or AT&T Mobile Booster Professional
• Practice directions to arrange your instrument
• Organize your consumer and notification settings
• Get real-time standing and troubleshooting pointers
• For Cellular Booster Professional view efficiency studies

AT&T Cellular Booster Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

The AT&T Mobile Booster app is to be had to AT&T Mobility consumers who’ve the AT&T Mobile Booster or AT&T Mobile Booster Professional software.


40 comments on "AT&T Cell Booster Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Frankie Romero,Ramos says:

    Alright downloaded this application was going to test it out but I repeat information charges May apply for anybody that is using this app my advices do not get it you will regret it 🖕

  2. Chris Pratt says:

    It works for me.

  3. Sue Singh says:

    Terrible. Does notwoek, not user friendly. No connection to menus of device.

  4. Carolanne White says:

    Never could get it to work. Tech support couldn’t get to work either.

  5. Brian Nealy says:

    Set up. Logged out. Cant log back in to manage device.

  6. CJ COWAN says:

    The app and device work great anf it was super easy to setup.

  7. Rhonda Crowther says:

    Never worked. Power light just keeps blinking. At least the microcell worked.

  8. Vicky Blumm says:

    The app doesn’t help at all. How do you reconnect if you had to disconnect

  9. Dr. Nina Mack-Cain says:

    Does not work. The Power and Internet light keeps blinking. It did boost my signal though. It took out all my IP addresses. Not happy right now.

  10. Diana Hundley says:

    Keeps blinking

  11. Dana Greer says:

    This app is horrible. My cell booster has not worked more than it has. I have not had cell signal for 3 days and they keep telling me to sell booster is working fine. This booster should never have been released to the public!!!

  12. Adina Sippel (Dina) says:

    The device works great but I don’t understand the app because most of the time it says that the booster’s info is unavailable even when there is nothing wrong and why isn’t the app more helpful I mean it won’t even tell you what the led stays/colors actually mean

  13. Amber Earhart says:

    Cell Booster works but app doesn’t connect to it most of the time.

  14. Karl Hallecks says:

    So far this is the most frustrating system I have ever dealt with. Personally I feel it is illegal to shut down a system that so many people have already bought items that use that system. They are now forced to upgrade to something that already works for them.

  15. Dale Hoffman says:

    Won’t even load on my phone? Can’t use?? I had to activate my booster on my computer through the web.

  16. Jessica Kennedy says:

    Can’t even get the app to download even though it tells me it has been. So of course, since no instructions are included other than through the app, i can’t even find out if the device will work. AT&T has horrible customer service!!!

  17. Robyn says:

    Terrible, but really have no choice but to use

  18. james brown says:

    App crashed. I can no longer access the device.

  19. Maria Lutjen says:

    Microcell booster took all day before it finally booted up. It’s working so far and it’s actually faster than I thought it would be

  20. Mark Nau says:

    WhatsApp sucks if you supposed to help me to hook up my device

  21. Lance Kinkead says:

    Does show how to add lines

  22. Jacquelyn Flowers says:

    Coscct 12bíb b

  23. Bonnie Hedges says:

    Ever since installed on March 2nd it has not worked properly, it’s a piece of junk. I have been trying to be patient, but my patience is running short. Whereas it is still not working after several phone calls and rebooting, restarting, disconnecting and re-registering. If it does not work soon, I will be changing provider.

  24. FunkyMonkey says:

    It sucks!!ducks!!!

  25. Lee Rembert says:

    Follow the instructions in the app, plug everything in and then prepare to wait an hour plus. You will receive an email when the booster is registered and then another when it is activated. I had to open a few ports on my router per the instructions on the website under troubleshooting, but it works without an issue now even right next to my router. Don’t rush it, it takes a while to connect on the AT&T side.

  26. Frank Reeves says:


  27. Jackie J Mixon-Johnson says:

    It did take bit for it to fully come on line, but when it did I got “all bars” indicate and a strong signal.

  28. Andrew werdnA says:

    Why do I require this app to manage the new cell booster when my old micro-cell didn’t require such? Also, now with the new cell booster all of my neighbors can piggyback off my connection and drag down my home’s broadband. There’s no way to regulate which AT&T phones are permitted to use my cell booster. This is a scam. AT&T should subsidize my broadband bill if they expect me to provide all AT&T phones in the neighborhood with an enhanced signal.

  29. Karen Frost says:

    They don’t tell you that 3 ports have to be opened in your router by your internet service provider. You can only find out if you happen to get a tech support person who knows this, and then you’re lucky enough to get a tech person from your ISP who knows how to do it. I’ve probably spoken with tech supports about 15 hours total!

  30. Joey Roberts says:


  31. Rocky Edwards says:

    We have been trying for 14 years to get AT&T to build us a tower for our neighborhood and instead they expect to rely on unreliable wifi calling or create equipment that is garbage if you lose internet or electricity and you want to share your signal with the entire neighborhood because there is no access list like the 3G microcell had its also not capable of 5G so what was the point in shutting down 3G if your not enhancing 5G like you claim ill report you to FCC and BBB until I see a tower

  32. Derek Matuszewski says:

    App is just fine, only issue I had was the QR code on the booster was missing the last number so it kept saying invalid serial until I manually added the last number.

  33. Lorrie Martin (Bailey Martin's wife) says:

    I can’t use this app on my phone to boost my cellular signal.

  34. Jeanette Thomas says:


  35. Thomas Steen says:


  36. Lionel Roubideaux says:

    Daidder gooodeston dablock!?

  37. Scott Holley says:

    Hard to use this application.

  38. Patricia Fleenor says:

    Don’t work

  39. Jessica Tilley says:

    I have always used this app.

  40. Jennifer Saelens says:

    To much difficulty logging in

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