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No Ads photo gallery. Pro photo and video edit - cropping, filters, frames etc
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November 20, 2022
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Simple Gallery Premium Apk

Simple Gallery photograph app brings you all of the photograph viewing and enhancing options you have got been lacking to your Google play retailer pictures or gallery app in a single fashionable easy-to-use app. Easy gallery app that permits you to create gorgeous pictures and movies out of your google pictures gallery. The gallery app is Advert unfastened and extremely safe compliant with EULA privateness regulations.

Easy Gallery Top rate Apk apk

Easy picture gallery app comes with advance photograph and video modifying features – browse, set up and arrange pictures, crop and edit footage or movies quicker than ever, recuperate by accident deleted information or create hidden galleries on your most beneficial pictures and movies. And with complex file-support and whole customization, in spite of everything, your photograph gallery works simply the best way you wish to have.

Easy Gallery Top rate Apk


Easy Gallery Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Edit your pictures and movies proper throughout the photograph gallery app. Flip photograph modifying into kid’s play with Easy Gallery’s progressed report organizer and photograph album. It has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to edit your pictures and movies. It’s tremendous simple to edit your photographs at the fly. Crop, turn, rotate and resize photos,upload textual content, stickers, filters, frames, borders, results, overlays, or follow fashionable filters to cause them to pop straight away.

Easy Gallery Top rate Apk liberate

Save and switch your fave pictures from gallery app right into a tangible souvenir like a photograph e book. It’s an effective way to mirror at the valuable moments whilst diving into the longer term.

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ALL OF THE RECORDSDATA YOU WANT Easy Gallery app helps an enormous number of other report sorts together with JPEG, PNG, MP4, MKV, UNCOOKED, SVG, GIF, Panoramic footage, movies and lots of extra, so that you revel in complete flexibility to your collection of layout. Ever marvel “Am I Able To use this structure on my Android”? Now the solution is sure.

Easy Gallery Top rate Apk mod apk

MAKE IT YOURS Easy Gallery’s extremely customizable design lets in you’re making the photograph app glance, really feel and paintings simply the best way you wish to have it to. From the UI to the serve as buttons at the backside toolbar, Easy Gallery will give you the inventive freedom you wish to have in a photograph gallery app.

Easy Gallery Top class Apk apk mod

GET BETTER DELETED FOOTAGE & MOVIES Prepare Your Footage with easy gallery photograph rganizers and recuperate unintentionally deleted footage. By no means concern about unintentionally deleting that one valuable picture or video you simply can’t change. Recuperate any deleted picture and movies, that means on most sensible of being the most productive media gallery for Android, Easy Gallery photograph app doubles as an incredible photograph vault app.

CREATE AN ALBUM OR FOLDER FOR EACH AND EVERY MATCH To be sure you by no means lose any footage once more, create an album or folder for each and every tournament you attend. This manner, you’ll simply in finding them later while you’re taking a look via your footage.

Use Easy Gallery picture organizers to stay monitor of your pictures. It can help you recuperate by chance deleted footage.
OFFER PROTECTION TO YOUR NON-PUBLIC PICTURES, MOVIES & RECORDSDATA Relaxation confident your photograph album is secure. With Easy Gallery’s awesome security measures you’ll be able to use a pin, trend or your device’s fingerprint scanner to restrict who can view or edit decided on pictures and movies or get entry to essential recordsdata. You’ll be able to even give protection to the app itself or position locks on particular purposes of the document organizer.

It comes with subject material design and darkish theme via default, supplies nice person revel in for simple utilization. The loss of web get entry to provides you with extra privateness, safety and balance than different apps.
Comprises no advertisements or needless permissions. It’s totally opensource, supplies customizable colours.
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40 comments on "Simple Gallery Premium Apk"

  1. Aleshia Kassie says:

    Every time I try playing a landscape video, the aspect ratio is reversed. What I mean is that landscape video show as portrait and portrait video show us landscape. I’ve tried every conceivable setting, in the settings menu, to try and reverse this anomaly yet nothing has worked so far. I’m hoping that the developer will read this, and get back to me in terms of what I can do to resolve this. I’m using a Google Pixel 2 XL phone with Android 9.1 (I have the latest security update).

  2. Prestin Quenna says:

    It’s a nice, plain gallery app, but I’ve got one issue. Image quality. Normally, my pictures appear blurry when zoomed in, even if they’re extremely high res (greater than 5000×5000). If I check “Enable Deep Zoom Images” to allow them to render in a higher resolution, they’re no longer blurry, but now they’re covered in severe color banding. I like how no-frills the app is, but until image quality is on par with other apps like QuickPic or Google Photos, I can’t use it.

  3. Alisse Carolanne says:

    Edit: After leaving a 3 star review the app started crashing on me every 5 seconds. Uninstalled. It’s a nice app. Definitely give it a try. My only complaint is the favorites folder that wants to dissappear every time I need to use it. It comes back after a minute but it’s rather annoying when you need to check info from a pic quickly that’s in said folder.

  4. Jeaneen Chaleb says:

    Love this app, I found it to be an ideal substitute for the Samsung gallery! I initially had 2 problems trying to figure out how to sort by filename confusing it with the group by function and totally missed the option to change background colors. I can’t blame the developer because I happen to be visually impaired. Overall, I think this application is absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend it!

  5. Preston Severn says:

    Since my moto z2 force only comes with googles picture program and I strongly dislike it, I found this one and overall it’s great. It’s simple, does the job, fills in the missing default gallery app. The only issue I have with it is it’s frequent pestering of you to upgrade to pro and to rate it. It’s frequent enough to be annoying but not enough to be a deal breaker

  6. Lynn Karol says:

    Downloaded this app for a simple local gallery app (I don’t back up my photos to the cloud, so Google Photos is no good for me when using it just to manage local photos) and I was very pleased to find it is fast and also has some cool features such as the protected hidden folder options for “sensitive” media. Why on earth doesn’t every photos/media app have such a feature?!?! The only reason I knocked down one star is turning on the hidden folders brought up by default EVERY “nomedia” file on my device, including things cached from other apps, Facebook messenger GIFs, etc. It required too much setup and tweaking the various included/excluded folders to get rid of those things. It really should just still default to anything under DCIM and Pictures and you manually add after that. Oh and also when making a new folder it defaults to the top of the structure every time. Should default to starting in Pictures or at least start off where you last left off. Overall a great little photo management app for local storage!

  7. Trixi Loly says:

    Fully functional without ads! Doesn’t bug you about getting the paid version, either (which is a reasonable price, and you should get it if you like this, if only to support the author). The only thing I disliked about it was the lack of an ability to export my settings when upgrading. I understand having importing settings be a paid feature, but it would have been nice if maybe this version had an export settings option (with no importing allowed) used exlusively for users upgrading to pro.

  8. Etty Anntoniett says:

    I was pretty happy with this for a while until I moved a folder from my internal storage to a micro SD in my phone. Photos were no longer organized in any understandable way. Date Taken didn’t work. Date Modified didn’t either. So now, all the stuff I moved us unsortable. If I want to find a picture, i have to scroll through them all. Useless app.

  9. Lyzbeth Marylyn says:

    The app worked great at first, but I’m facing constant issues with it. It constantly crashes, doesn’t delete or move files right away (takes me at least 3 tries), and renaming it does not work. I can’t even trim a video without it saying I can’t because it “not support this video”? Honestly a really buggy app. It has potential, but it currently sucks and crashes when I just try to scroll through my gallery.

  10. Toriana Layne says:

    This was a great app while it worked. I woke up to find that the app deleted the majority of my photos – without my permission. The photos are now nowhere to be found on my device. Just gone. Thankfully, they are backed up on Google photos, but none of my organized albums are recoverable. I will have to sort through thousands of photos to make the albums again.

  11. Elvet Coralia says:

    I was recommended this gallery app on Google if I wanted to swap it with the Google Photos gallery. I decided to give it a try and it was working just fine. I was happy with it until a couple days pass by and it starts becoming incredibly slow. My videos and photos open up after seconds and seconds of waiting, and they’re not even that huge on storage, sometimes they won’t even open up. I’d recommend other people to try out some other gallery apps.

  12. Rawson Alyssia says:

    This app has been very helpful. The default photo app on my Galaxy S6 refuses to open when there is under half a gigabyte of memory left. I’ve no idea why. Anyways, I had to find a new photo app and that led me to this one. It has all the same features I used in the other, with a similarly simple interface. This app is no longer updated, but it’s got everything I need. Good work.

  13. Styles Cameroon says:

    Overall a good photo and media manager. A few minor glitches and that’s why I did not give it 5 stars. It was close, maybe 4 and 1/2 stars! One of the glitches… after creating a new folder it often does not appear. I’ve had to do some restarts of the program and or my phone before it shows up. It’s there if I check the file tree but it doesn’t want to show up.

  14. Ardel Adyna says:

    A nice looking app, but it doesn’t do the basics very well at all. I mostly use galleries to sort photographs into albums or folders. This one had a lot of trouble moving files from one folder to the other, creating duplicates in the process as if it was copying the files instead of moving them. Also it took an unusually long time to move the files even though they were being moved inside of the same storage device, not from one storage device to the other. These are not large files either.

  15. Alexandrea Johnni says:

    Cool. But it keeps telling me to upgrade to premium since the free version isn’t getting any updates. Also moving, hiding photos videos and changing folders is a pain. You have to confirm the folder you’re moving it too but it won’t let you confirm it even if it’s literally the same folder. Other than that it’s pretty good….at least it’s free.

  16. Beryl Suellen says:

    I really want to recommend this app but I can’t. It’s free, it has no ads, I like the way it functions in principal. But it screws up way too often and is just too slow. Half the time, when I go through a batch of photos and either delete or move a group of images, nothing happens with the files, or they will get moved from one location to the next but not removed from the origin folder, instead making sure there are tons of duplicate, and it makes library management really frustrating

  17. Elfie Jenelle says:

    Best image viewer, bar none. Swiping left/right, and zooming in/out, are flawless. I never had any issues interacting with the app via swipe/pinch gestures. The automatic brightness control is also a great feature. The behavior of the app overall is very intuitive. This thing was written by someone who actually understands user interfaces. I’m using it with the Simple File Manager app as an image browser / viewer combo.

  18. Rea Betsy says:

    Overall a good app. I have an LG tribute so unfortunately my phone didn’t come with any native music player apps, and this fulfills that purpose well. Although I wish making playlists was just a bit more intuitive with this app. You have to go through a bunch of menus and you can only add one song at a time to a playlist, which is not super convenient. But that’s the only complaint I have about the app, and it’s a minor one.

  19. Elvine Parker says:

    This one is pretty good, so far the only issue is that I can’t manually pick which order they show up in, so I create an album that starts with 0.1 or 0.2 so the number overrides the name. Besides that, the flexibility within the settings is great, and I really like the option to set a specific thumbnail for the albums.

  20. Haylie Leia says:

    It works and is sufficient enough. I’m fond of its many features such as being able to password protect the app, pin folders to the top, increase or decrease columns, hide particular photos or an entire folder, etc. My only gripe was that from time to time — like once a month, I’d be asked to rate the app. Well, here you go. ☆

  21. Spenser Colvert says:

    I’ve tried like 10 other gallery apps on the store and they all have at least one dumb thing that kills it for me. This one here has been a boon to the thousands of pictures I hoard. The custom thumbnails for each folder are a nice touch, you can pin any album to keep it up top which is slick and the most important thing is it works as it should. No bull****, the only thing I’d say it could use is some sort of customizable UI just for extra flavor. Traffic cone orange is not a good look. Lmao

  22. Jodi Spannbauer says:

    I was under the assumption that I had to select every picture individually to move it or get it off your phone but then I learned I could long press the object to select it. There should be some instructions available I looked hard and could not find them.. The feature I like most is the individual folder view that is nice. Provide instructions for the basics and it would be very good.

  23. KorvaMeister says:

    The interface is very simple while still giving me all the options up front. It allows me to make folders and catagories as I please, also a simple task with the UI. The photo viewer seems to be better than the default system photo viewer. Overall, this is a very user-friendly app, simple, yet it still gives all needed/wanted options. 🙂

  24. Bubba Yarfkowitz says:

    Ups and downs. Sometimes this is my favorite app for viewing photos on my tablet. Other times, it is so frustrating because it loses the hidden folder settings that I apply in order to not have to view a thousand things that I don’t want to see. I will go back and reset the hidden folders, it will not see them, and then it sees them again. I deleted the cache, I deleted the settings, and it just does this thing over and over again. Frustrating.

  25. Melanie Love says:

    It may be out of date, but that’s fine by me. A simple gallery app to view stored photos and videos without having to worry about your data being jettisoned to the All-Seeing Amorphous Intangible “Cloud.” The only thing that’s missing is a way to edit videos within the app the same way one can trim or crop photos, but that’s truly a minor consideration, and arguably beyond the scope of this app in the first place.

  26. Kay Johnson says:

    I used to love this app & paid for the Pro version 5 mo ago. About a month ago the app froze up so I uninstalled & reinstalled it. Ever since then the Edit feature has been different. Not only does it look & work differently but I’ve not been able to edit consistently. Quite often I get the message “edit failed”. Sometimes it appears to work correctly but then when when I send the edited photo the unedited one gets sent instead. Very frustrating.

  27. Luke Cwolf says:

    Easily one of the best gather apps out there! It easily outpaces the LG gallery, and I love the editing features and all the ways to sort and hide folders. No ads too! While it does not have the clean polished look of the Samsung gallery, I would still prefer this over to whatever Google photos to sell software plans. this version is missing h e i c support, so all your live photos will not turn up. this may be in the pro version which is only $1, but I will have to see later. Try this app!

  28. Mitchell Browe says:

    I like this! Simple, well designed and easy to use, and keeps stuff organized so that I know where everything is when I want to find it. I have had some issues creating new folders and moving items, but that’s okay. I also get annoyed sometimes about how the folders reorganize based on when they’re updated, but there is probably a setting for that.

  29. Meagan P says:

    Wanted to like the free version, but ultimately can’t use it. When you look at a picture and then go back to your gallery, there’s no indication of which picture you were looking at (most apps kind of ‘zoom’ back into place). I take batches of lots of similar photos, so it’s too hard to go back to a screen where every picture looks similar and I can’t tell which one I was just looking at

  30. Trish Mason says:

    So far, I like it. Just want to do basic photo editing for screenshots of recipes or instructions. And since TMobile can’t send 99% of the photos you take, I have to dumb them down by cropping or adjusting to send a photo and cross my fingers! I didn’t need sparkles or goofy faces that 80% of the photo apps out there have. For now, it works for me.

  31. Evan Craig says:

    *Edit: They removed hide option. Way better than standard phone app, but missing a few photo editing features. *Edit: after further use, it suits my needs almost perfectly. I use it as a private gallery app which I can include hidden folders and parse through them. The file extension support is amazing and the photo and video players are the best implementations I’ve seen!

  32. Zach Jones says:

    My only issue with this app is it can’t process photos from 3+ files sources. Like SD card, dual flash drive and phone data photos at the same time. It starts to glitch out and make 2 of the same folders for each folder and you wouldn’t even be able to see another folder or files when you make them. I believe this is a glitch that needs to be fixed.

  33. bluwasaabi says:

    Can’t get it back to how it was. Clarification> this app’s behavior changed a few months ago. I’m busy, it was frustrating always having to “select another folder” all the time (since it changed). I came here looking for a solution and saw all the other reviews saying “something changed”. All I am saying is, something changed. And that it is frustrating. Now here I get someone disputing my experience. No tech support, no empathy, just someone disputing my app experience.

  34. Leonardo Gomez says:

    Using Android 11, Moto g 2022. Cannot make sense of filing system. Moving photos is a mistery at best, hit and miss process. Photos get filed away anywhere, but never where you want. Open up a new folder to file new photos and you end up with old photos filed in it, photos from different folders that have been properly stored for long. The most frustrating app I have ever used. There’s a lot of options that are only available if you buy into the “Pro” version, something I’m not even considering

  35. Trake Starr says:

    There needs to be an auto Fill Image to screen option in menus. Or fit width/or fit height options. If most video players can have that functionality, it makes little sense why an image gallery app can’t. I’ve been requesting for a year now. Have pro version. Just need this feature to fill an image automatically, instead of having to constantly double tap. Ruins slideshows.

  36. William Hunt says:

    Best Gallery app ever. I use my phone for work, primarily calls text and photos. Unfortunately the work phone is of the cheaper variation, the Google photos app seems crippled or less functional. Simple Gallery is easy to use, effortless to navigate and the pro version is installed on my personal phone. As soon as I’m permitted I will purchase the pro version for this device. Thank you developers for making my life much less complicated.

  37. Laeyein says:

    Edit 2: i tried the dev fix, didn’t work 🙁 1 or 2 fixed, rest still in random order based on when they were last moved. also, Properties only shows the date modified, not date taken? Edit: I sort my pics by date, and when I move multiple pics from one folder to another, it randomizes the order those pics are in. They show up in the correct order in other gallery apps, why not in this one? I will update my review when this is fixed. Gallery app with NO ADS- something that was very hard to find.


    Great no frills image management with lite editing tools. Intuitive, easy to understand user interface. Small installation footprint. Excellent, drama free application for those who just need the basics. Very happy with it. (If you need sophisticated image tools you would transfer files to a PC to do that anyway…)

  39. SFTS Radio says:

    The app was working fine a few glitches here and there but nothing serious. Then after loads of video/pic at my child’s birthday party, nothing shows up except the placeholder where it should be in the gallery. The play button is visible on the videos the background is gray. Same with the images. One video shows and no actual images. Memories lost! I have already emailed support. *Do not recommend buying the pro to fix the error. How do I get my images back?

  40. Alex Funk says:

    I just installed this app so take these statements with a grain of salt. This seems to work exactly the way you want an image viewer to. Fast, very deep zooms, multiple sorting modes, renaming. My only quibble is that renaming is available only in image view mode rather than as thumbnails. But that is very minor.

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