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October 20, 2020
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Nebi – Film Photo Premium Apk

Nebi is a movie photograph editor in keeping with actual movie filters. Best device for creators, made by way of creators.
All you wish to have to do is make a selection a photograph and follow one in all our analog movie filters.
Nebi app will assist you to create wonderful conventional movie images.
20+ unfashionable digital camera results with stunning 35mm noise & scratches. Make your pictures glance love it’s the Ninety’s


40 comments on "Nebi – Film Photo Premium Apk"

  1. Albert Annjeanette says:

    Beautiful. Just perfect for adding that nostalgia and sense of wonder to your pictures.

  2. Ollaneg Autolycus says:

    This app only has like five effects and there’s really not much editing you can do within the app, if you want to add filters or crop it you have to use a different app. Not worth installing.

  3. Estmund Hendrix says:

    It’s really stupid that you would have a app with only two features. That’s makes no sense. Please fix the apps… add some cool effects etc… idk update it and make it better… cause this is just not worth downloading

  4. Jeaneen Dorrit says:

    Great app! Great filters. I would like to have options for blending modes and inversion, but it’s good as it is and developers are active so you never know. Cheers!

  5. Yul Janae says:

    ✅ PROS: works as advertised. cool & nice filters. gives the image of that kodak or vintage look ❤ ✖ CONS: few & limited filters to choose from. decreases the quality of an image. does not include basic edting tools for cropping, etc.

  6. Cornwallis Stevey says:

    Best app, when it comes to vintage effects on the Google play market so far. Keep it up, nice work guys! Very natural, just like film

  7. Rankin Barbee says:

    Love it!! but I think it should have more features like frames and adjusment settings (brightness, contrast, etc.)

  8. Chari Maddocson says:

    This is a great app for filters: grain effect, light leaks and many more! 💞 I hope you’ll make a video filters version 😊 I wish the other filters were unlocked 😓

  9. Clarabel Brianne says:

    Good app but I bought a filter pack and it didn’t unlock, and yet you still took my money. Quite disappointed but not a deal breaker, just don’t buy any paid filter packs

  10. Jordi Andrah says:

    Great realistic filters for editing photos, I love this, would be great if an update for videos could be made but other than that it’s a well made app.

  11. Arick Calinda says:

    I rate it 1 star because as soon as i logged in none of the filters would work. Every filter i touched would say “Fatal error”.

  12. Brittnee Celi says:

    I really love all the filters ! It looks so good on photo that I had to bought a few set of filters . The only thing that I really wish you guys add is “apply” button besides “save” because sometimes I’m applying more than one at a time . Other than that this is one of the best film photo app that I ever installed !

  13. Wiellaburne Aleksasha says:

    I’m actually kinda mad, when I first installed the app a lot of the filters were free or you had to sign up to get them, but now to my surprise the majority of the filters are paid. It’s a great app and I know you need to profit from it but I can’t pretend it doesn’t bother me that for a “free” app you have to pay for each indivudual collection to get the full experience.

  14. Kimbrielle Mickayla says:

    This photo editing application is almost perfect. All it needs is more filters and more flexible customisation options.

  15. Garey Harding says:

    good. but! make an option to actually rotate using 360 degrees and the ability to cut off parts of filters – like painting with black and white. then will be a killer App.

  16. Claegborne Drygedene says:

    I was looking for film emulation. Namely something like RNIFilms but for Android. Not something that induces imperfections and call it film. Talk to me when you actually have actual film simulation. E.g. Colors like those from Kodak, fuji, ilford, etc. At least this app is more streamlined and usable than VSCO. But still lightyears awsy from RNIFilms.

  17. Yale Yardly says:

    Hi there. I have purchased a set of filters but i changed device.. Upon downloading the App again, i don’t see the option to restore previous purchases. What to do??

  18. Clemens Haslet says:

    There are some FANTASTIC camera apps that give a great Polaroid style picture (huji, kuji etc) but I hated the randomness of it. This let’s you so all those cool things in post manually. It does take longer and there is a small price wall but I would rate this app top of the bunch for adding old school style to photos

  19. Ardwolf Annalynn says:

    Very aesthetically pleasing and the filters can also be rearranged which I find a wonderful feature.

  20. Nikolle Vinny says:

    it’s a really good app! you can add light leaks and grain effect so easily and adjust how much you want! and it’s easy to use and it’s like an instant photo editor and the quality us amazing!!!!!! so glad to find this app! 👌🏻🔥

  21. Kally Everley says:

    A great and easy editing app . Highly recommended to make your pictures better . Especially usefully if you want that vintage vibe .

  22. Gwynette Amarra says:

    Every things are great and I love we can change the orientation of effects now. How about a date filter, I would really love that. Date filter, date filter, date filter, who’s with me?

  23. Meldrick Tilly says:

    Most of the filters are not “free”. You’ve to pay for it to get them. And they are the ones which are best but alas! you can’t access them without payment.

  24. Bridgeley Melodie says:

    Really love this app for vintage and artsy looking effects. Its simple to use and has a decent amount of free filters to choose from that are ACTUALLY FREE. My fav at the moment for when i dont have much time to edit a photo

  25. Esthefani Brent says:

    Before you can use all the filters without paying for it. Now you only have access to limited filters because it is not free anymore. Xo xad. Back when, I can use the scratches without paying. Now I need to pay for it before using it. Reply: But that’s what is shows to the app. That’s why I cannot save the photo that I edited this morning.

  26. Rolo Moren says:

    I bought a few effects in this app and now I can’t even seem to open it. I reinstalled it almost ten times now. It just shows me a blank white image. Nothing happens and I can’t do anything.

  27. Clemence Fane says:

    I bought the bokeh pack and they took my money but did not unlock it. Sent an email and still got no answer. Update:4 days after still no answer. I have sent an email again and still nothing. No ansser on instagram, no answer on email. My money are still gone.

  28. Jearldine Freda says:

    I have purchased this app before. After the update, I am unable to use the paid filters. Every time I select the paid filters it will say “turn on the internet to apply paid filter”. Internet is on OK. Frustrating & disappointed. Love this app, use it all the time but yeah, this sucks major.

  29. Karon Swift says:

    You can’t unlock the good filters, it tells you to turn on the internet so that you can unlock, but it still doesn’t work even after you do it. Then it tells you to login to you fb acc so that you can get effects but when you do it nothing happens… #disappointed

  30. Allon Asiah says:

    i can’t use filters anymore. same problem, turn on the internet tu use the paid filters , but nothing works. the update is terrible. fix this please.

  31. Gael Coretta says:

    I’ve loved this app ever since I downloaded it and was always happy to pay for the filters. But I’m not the biggest fan of the new interface – I want to be able to scroll through the filters without adjusting the intensity of each time I change the filter.

  32. Confidently Lost says:

    I love this app and the filters because it does not ruin the quality of the picture. However, i kinda hate the part that the filters are too limited.

  33. Lawrence Ocampo says:

    I had a lot of fun while using and editing my pictures here in this app. But, I don’t like the other filters that has limitations. This app must have all the filters so I can definitely use this app freely.

  34. Dani Katsarova says:

    A sweet little app for a touch of whimsy. Has very clean and intuitive interface with a good array of filter options. Adding a floating functionality to the existing 360 four- way rotation will greatly improve the value of individual filters, especially bokeh ones. Sometimes the bokeh balls land in the worst places in the frame, rendering them unusable. Prices for filter collections are reasonable IMHO.

  35. reipluto says:

    Basically No free stuff. Only pay to unlock and editing UI is not practical at all. Need way more development and free options so still trash. Download VSCO cam or Adobe Lightroom both offer way more free content with a solid UI and tools.

  36. Anh Nguyen (Paz) says:

    Can’t even crop photos. Very basic filters and effects that are available in any many other apps. No film sprocket/border filter. Total waste of space.

  37. Jennifer Brambila says:

    I truly love this app because when I edit pictures I wanted the little vintage scratching look on my pictures to know that who I really am in these photos and express my the moods of I am going to do with my pictures and that helps me to know how to become a better photographer. Who those people who really wants to about professional Photography on here.

  38. George Simpson says:

    Doesn’t really do film simulation, no alteration of colour, of contrast like a Snapseed filter. What this does is overlay dust and light leaks. The film grain could be useful, its prob better than some as its just an overlayed scan but the rest is all lofi degredation stuff. Just looking for a “film filter” that can e.g give colour and tone of Kodak, Fuji, Ilford etc. Beyond that the edit function looks like a heavily reduced version of whats on instagram, definately not a serious editor.

  39. Nandya Putri Pratama says:

    There are 5 pack paid filters (Bokeh, Creative, Scratches, Inspired, Film Burn) and 26 free filters. Each of paid filters cost around 1-2$. It is once lifetime payment. Such a Classic film app. Great! please add a grain feature for the upcoming update.

  40. Cesar C says:

    A very disappointing experience, this app has very little to offer to anyone looking to edit their images. The filters are mostly all unusable or rather repetitive to any other generic app. The edit option doesn’t offer anything new that your default editing app doesn’t already have.

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