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Bring life to your photos with Motion Blur
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March 16, 2020
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Motion Blur Mod Apk

Create Distinctive Movement Results and make your standard symbol glance alive.

Movement Blur Mod Apk mod apk

● Carry Lifestyles in your footage ● Energize your footage ● Upload Motion to Stunts
● Make Objects/Background Transferring
● Create Distinctive Movement Results

Movement Blur Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Movement Blur means that you can practice movement impact on explicit object, simply make a selection the realm and provides path for movement blur and also you get a great movement blur image each and every time. You’ll be able to additionally modify the movement impact with skilled gear like Blur, Feather, Opacity and Collection of pictures. Movement Blur is a quick and simple to make use of app to create movement footage at the cross.

Movement Blur Mod Apk apk mod new

Simple to make use of:
➤ Make a selection the realm for movement blur with finger contact ➤ Give course for movement blur via shifting the realm decided on.

Movement Blur Mod Apk

Movement Blur is a formidable Software with lot of Options:
➤ Create best possible Movement Blur Impact for your footage through Adjusting
– Blur,
– Feather,
– Opacity and
– Collection of pictures (Path Impact).
➤ Upload movement blur in wrong way with only one faucet ➤ Save and Proportion your advent on social media without delay from the app

Movement Blur Mod Apk apk mod

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40 comments on "Motion Blur Mod Apk"

  1. Miquella Elliston says:

    It worked until it told me to move the lines then it stopped working

  2. Celesia Vitaly says:

    One of the best photo editing app

  3. Auden Christa says:

    Decent effect, but it watermarks your image and makes it a file type that my phone isn’t able to crop. Hard to believe that isn’t on purpose.

  4. Corky Lianne says:

    Worthless app. Hangs everytime on my OnePlus6 when I am done with selecting boundaries. Does nothing what it says. Developers are truly useless and must improve upon the app stability and ease.

  5. Jenilynn Brayton says:

    I tried doing the motion blur and it would always stop working and closing this app is bad need fixing or something 👎

  6. Marlo Cody says:

    it keeps crashing on me but I’m going to delete and reinstall

  7. Lindisfarne Cubert says:

    Kept crashing on my s9+

  8. Dace Audre says:

    doesn’t work. screen goes black as soon as it starts up. don’t get this.

  9. Cubert Susie says:

    junk. didn’t work, poorly designed

  10. Almer Gregson says:

    crashes immediatley every time

  11. Carolee Clark says:

    App kept closing when I tried to open the camera.

  12. Azurine Hallie says:

    it’s fun, but I crashes a lot and that gets annoying real fast

  13. Gelsey Sterne says:

    Cannot open camera on honor view 20

  14. Mikela Deba says:

    useless app. it crashes everytime I try to use the motion blur

  15. Ervine Eardly says:

    Force closed three times before I could even use it.

  16. Clintwood Christoforus says:

    Love this because I am able to make really cool Thumbnails!

  17. Marlene Lamari says:

    Constant crashes within seconds of download

  18. Cori Ashford says:

    F you go to pro mode in your camera, adjust the shutter speed to make it blurry, use aperture for focusing, or beauty shot for glamouring.

  19. Tracy Darron says:

    Crashes every 3 seconds

  20. Wezha Wezha says:

    This is the worst app I’ve ever seen pls do not download and if ur asking why bc it doesn’t have any motion blur like AT ALL

  21. shakingspears says:

    broken on oneplus phones, crashes every time

  22. Jimmy Ramirez says:

    Hello , I see you have a lot of 1 stars maybe you should try playing the app yourself but on a different loctronic, so you’ll know what to fix , this is my first time downloading it so I’ll tell you how I feel about it what I do start to play around with it .

  23. Joaquin Ivan Camara says:

    App crashes every accidental touch when drawing closed area

  24. Nieeh Xukun says:

    doesn’t work at all

  25. Bella'sToyFilms says:

    Literally Doesn’t Work At All, Keeps Crashing Every Time I Try.

  26. hello have a good day says:

    Crashes, terrible app

  27. Lisane Kimasa says:

    really for bluring your photos. do not recommend

  28. Hardcore Ink says:

    The app crashes when you want to save and lose your whole edit ….

  29. Aiman Nabil says:

    Can’t choose picture that i want to edit🗿do not install this app guys

  30. Sam Renshaw says:

    This app is genuinely awful. Whenever you try and apply the blur the app crashes and it spams tutorials whenever you do anything, none of them helpful

  31. Aurél Sárkányosy says:

    Useless, I cannot figure it out how to use the motion blur on it.

  32. Panjong TV says:

    This thing is awful i can’t even add the motion blur because this thing keep crashing

  33. David ojonugwa says:

    The app is very nice and gives an aesthetic effect to photos💯 I’m a photographer and trust this app❤️

  34. Samuel Chavez says:

    For an app designed to do a single thing that would usually be on a long list of tools in a good photo editer, it crashes way too much.

  35. Marianne Domingo says:


  36. Artist Nigel Spencer Andrew says:

    Designed to uninstall within 30 seconds

  37. Jack Lehman says:

    My dog could make a more stable app than this.

  38. Richard Alvarez says:

    This is the worst app I’ve ever install. It’s wasting my time!

  39. nick_nathas says:

    it helped me blurr one image of a frying pan and I never used it again

  40. KionGaming says:

    Crashes way too much

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