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November 16, 2022
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Facebook View Premium Apk

View makes it simple to import and edit pictures and movies out of your Ray-Ban Tales, create distinctive content material the use of ingenious codecs, and percentage your moments to family and friends throughout Fb, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and extra.

Fb View Top rate Apk apk

Merely obtain the View app, log in the use of your Fb account, and pair along with your tool to start out getting the most productive from your Ray-Ban Tales.

Fb View Top class Apk

The liberty of hands-free Arrange your voice-activated assistant for really easy captures. That suggests extra time having a look up on the global and no more time taking a look down at your telephone.

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Save the instant Import your captures out of your Ray-Ban Tales into the app with a easy faucet, and get notified if you have new ones in a position so as to add for your gallery.

Fb View Top rate Apk release

Select your favorites Make a selection and retailer your very best moments in a separate gallery – in a position to view, edit and proportion afterward.

Fb View Top class Apk mod apk

Modifying is simple Use intuitive gear to edit your captures. It’s easy to crop, trim, straighten, alter lighting fixtures and upload improvements.

Fb View Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Create your distinctive view Flip your pictures and movies into shareable content material with View’s two distinctive codecs:

Fb View Top rate Apk apk mod new

Montage – Flip a couple of movies into one shareable film with customizable templates, results, titles and unique track.

Flashback – Carry your pictures to lifestyles by means of right away turning them into distinctive 3D movies. In addition to focal point results, digital camera movement and textual content.

Sharing made easy Simply proportion your captures, creations and moments immediately to Fb, Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, your phone’s library, and extra.
Keep an eye on your privateness settings Make a choice how your information is shared with Fb.
Keep up-to-the-minute By no means omit the newest updates and lines on your Ray-Ban Tales.


40 comments on "Facebook View Premium Apk"

  1. steve “ClicSelect” says:

    The app does what it’s supposed to due with some flaws of course. They’re editing tools are limited with about 3 effects. It’s not necessarily clear if your photos will disappear within a certain time frame. “Facebook assistant” isn’t necessarily an Assistant we’re used to, it’s lacking basic functionalities like asking for the time, battery level, call/text a specific person and much more. Facebook assistant at this moment is a hands free experience to take videos and photos

  2. Joshua Charles says:

    So far so good. At first I was having issues becuase the videos were not loading up on the app. But I gave it some time and they all where there. Very surprised by how good the videos look. The only complaint I have is the 30 second limit on videos. I know it’s part of the privacy concerns, and they put that feature in there to safeguard those concerns, but I’ve noticed that once people know what you’re doing and understand what the device is they are cool with it. Wish they’d change it soon!

  3. Edward Villa says:

    The app produces enough technology to compile several few seconds of users short videos, allows users to select the best seconds to highlight of each clip, add a title to the video, and three different selections of music + different scrambles of the compiled short clips of video. The problem is that the Ray-Bay glasses need to be connected to the app and that’s a hassle. Anecdotally, if the glasses have less than 40% charge the glasses refuse to connect.

  4. Ali B says:

    I like the experience of being able to take photos and videos from my sunglasses. I get worried a bit about other people not feeling comfortable if I am wearing sunglasses with a camera. The battery does not last enough for a 2+ hour trip (ex: hiking). Also, even if left charged in the box for a day, it seems to just magically lose all the battery. So many times I pulled the glasses out to be able to record notable moments at my kid’s soccer game, just to find out it’s empty.

  5. AbdulAziz says:

    Update: With the new firmware update the audio is on/off. You hear a second then nothing for 2 seconds.. they’ve managed to make something bad > garbage. So sick of this. Let me be clear after using the glasses. The image quality is very, VERY bad. Like it’s so bad it’s not sharable. On top of this, you’re forced to connect to your Facebook account… To share yet even more personal information of your life with them.

  6. Vlad S says:

    No way to turn the app off completely. It doesn’t close from the ‘running apps’ screen, and the notification ‘View is running’ is always up. The “allow background activity” option is turned on and grayed out, there isn’t any way to disable it. The app needs location access to transfer files, but you can’t have it ask for location permission when you tap to download files. You CAN select ‘when app is running’ … but there’s no way to turn the app off, so location is always on, wasting battery

  7. Kyle Cochran says:

    Tries to constantly run in the background. Not cool, when this changes I’ll rate it higher because it’s not a bad app. But let’s get real, nobody wants a Facebook app constantly running in the background for no good reason at all. Edit: dropped out to one star because the product as a whole sucks, and the app still runs silently in the background even though it’s been months, and these were advertised with “when their off, their off” ** BUT the app will sit there collecting data on phone

  8. Richard Mungeer says:

    This device has solid potential but needs a lot of improvement . The biggest missing feature is some method of a phone notifications. It is tied to Facebook when really it should be a phone companion. I can look past the bad camera but no one wants to use a Facebook assistant. I do like this device and will keep using it. The app is just basic as could be.

  9. Devano Möwes says:

    Almost there… I’d like to give 5 stars but would like to see the following additional features: 1. Optionst o record for 1min, 2min,5min and unlimited. I love capturing memories via video and photo and I think the 30sec video is well suited to stories on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp but I’ll like to capture a road trip or a hike for more than 30secs or constantly hitting the record button. 2. To allow for 1 above, a micro SD slot to expand storage and not constantly have to sync raybans.

  10. Byron Smith says:

    Initially worked fine but required a factory reset from time to time to clear out the cache and keep it working but now the app crashes when trying to reconnect after my most recent reset. Very disappointing. Only had the stories for about 2 months now. And while the hardware seems to be fine the app is lacking quite a bit to provide full use of the product.

  11. Cory Madsen says:

    This app is frustrating. It used to have Bluetooth pairing issues but that was resolved with sunglass and app firmware. Now it won’t connect to Facebook at all when it used to , it just suddenly quit connecting randomly one day and hasn’t fixed itself since. I’ve tried it on multiple devices now and still no luck. The app runs constantly in the background, training battery and taking up a place on the taskbar of the phone. It is hard to get rid of. I think it should run only when asked to

  12. Trace Scott says:

    Literally just got the glasses and already intend to return them. There is no reason at all to need an app and wifi to run a simple Bluetooth connection. App always running in the background too. Seems extremely suspicious. Bluetooth and a micro SD slot for storage is all that was needed for this to be successful. No Thanks

  13. Otar Koraia says:

    Is a wonderful piece of tech. I’ve had to for 2 months now. At the beginning I had some issued of the device seemingly dropping blutooth and wifi connections. But found that the app and my phone needed to be updated and it resolved the problem. I use the device for my RE development business. When I go to see the property, I make quick voice over video notes per room, or troubled area. Then download those 30 sec videos, stitch them together, adding text notes and sending to my worker to resolve

  14. Civan Orakcilar says:

    Update (3/24/2022): App is working better with syncing new photos and videos. New feature update request: Please add an option to delete files from the Facebook View app automatically once content has been transferred to the Google Photos app. Live view integration with Instagram would be nice. Original review: App is connected with glasses. Picture and photo previews download immediately but full file downloads stopped working. Please fix!

  15. Alexander Chu says:

    The app doesn’t work. I can no longer download photos or videos from my glasses. It connects fine, I can hear audio via the glasses, when I take photos the download button successfully increments. However push the download button, and it immediately counts to 0 without having actually downloaded anything. So basically my glasses are just a pair of headphones now.

  16. Jose Miguel Rodas says:

    They way the app and glasses are supposed to work is so unreliable. Constant Bluetooth disconnects in a daily basis, both on Android and iOS (had them paired to an iphone previously). I want to smash the glasses on the ground every time I hear the disconnect sound only to hear the reconnecting sound 5 seconds later. This happens at least 10 times a day! These are my prescription glasses so I have to wear them. Also, ability to use your phone’s voice assistant through the glasses would be great

  17. Isaac Shrem says:

    I Love my new RayBands but It seems this app takes a very long time to process… could use some more trimming features for the videos… but mainly it just doesnt feel like it transfers as smoothly as it should but hey welcome to the start of the future… hope they make it better soon. Generation 1 may not have the best camera, sound ect… but it does have the ambiguity and the fact that noone expects you to have a camera. These glasses are TOTALLY the future. it is the beginning of a new ere

  18. Dustin Parry says:

    Looks like it could be neat if it worked but I’ve had nothing but issues with the current version. It will not sync any photos or videos. I’ve turned off the Google Fi VPN and tried the usual troubleshooting steps but still nothing. I also have to turn the media off and back on to actually listen to music.

  19. Luis E says:

    I just purchased the glasses, I can’t sync photos or videos, and the app itself keeps telling me “connection issue” “cannot reach server”. Even when it was working ,I would just get a download photo icon but it wouldn’t download. I’ve had issues with the app from the beginning. I deleted the app, reinstall several times and the issue persists . Aggravating, considering its an expensive gadget.

  20. John Wright says:

    Audio quality far exceeded my expectations. For as small as the lens is, it’s great. I would imagine there are still kinks. Any problems just update app and resync bluetooth. So easy, I can do it. Hope this helps, enjoy. I do

  21. Mark Whitcher says:

    Awesome when it works but very glitchy. Glasses continuously disconnect from the app and won’t reconnect via Bluetooth. Tried reinstalling the app, factory reset of the glasses…. Wait for the bugs to get worked out! Now they are just sunglasses but for a while there I loved them.

  22. Hyunsuk Seo says:

    App is not working properly. It keeps not downloading the videos and pictures. It acts like it is starting but hanging forever. Same app for iphone is using direct wifi connection to download recorded media files (It asked to join ‘Ray Ban Stories’ wifi. And it is faster but while downloading is on, your phone will be disconnected from the other wifi network which you will loose internet connection.). Android app is set to use bluetooth. (Slower..) Developers need to fix this issue quickly.

  23. Dante Hatcher says:

    Horrible connection! The glasses will continue to unpair itself constantly. Then when it’s reconnected it doesn’t show on the app! I have 3 videos and 5 photos that can’t be downloaded because it’s saying the glasses aren’t connected. It’s having connectivity problems with the update

  24. Matthew Gogel says:

    Unable to sync, since the update unable to pair. Had to do a un-pair and re-pair. Was unable to see glasses in app. Noticed if I clicked on what was nothing but a blank menu on my samsung. it connected then paired.

  25. Aesthetic Shinobi says:

    I enjoyed having the Ray-ban Metas for a few weeks but kept running into the same reoccurring problem. I have a watch that is also bluetooth and they keep clashing. Same with my glasses and BT Radio. I have to completely unpair the glasses and re-pair them completely (including app pairing) in order to make calls and message. The glasses and phone act like they’re not aware of each other. I wished the bluetooth was better.

  26. Jimmie McFarland says:

    App just tells me that I need to charge the glasses for the update. However, my glasses are fully charged. I can’t use it without the update. I haven’t been able to use it since I bought it.

  27. Tommy Prescott says:

    Purchased the glasses today and returning them tomorrow. Paired the glasses 7 times today to be able to view the pics and videos. Being able to view your pictures and recordings is the most basic of coding so I am unsure how this app passed testing. I would recommend anybody who is considering buying these glasses to stay away from Rayban stories until the import of data issue is resolved.

  28. Adam Soto says:

    OK so it’s a great idea for Ray Ban but bad idea to hook up with Meta (Facebook). Especially since they can’t get the app to work properly. I find ways to get the content to load up but there’s no consistency. For expensive glasses, you’d think the app would work well with it.. FIX YOUR ISSUES, META!

  29. wally wallace says:

    Update, used on a couple events including grandsons birthday. Took great pics and videos but the software to create a montage, add or change music or save your creation seems to work less times than it doesn’t. Wasted lots of time creating then not being able to send or share. Needs work!

  30. Black Lamp Tattoo says:

    Do not buy Rayban stories. You must have this app to download your vids. It worked fine for 2 months and though the glasses still say they are recording etc., the new recorded vids stop showing up in app – cannot download what doesn’t show up. No longer auto downloads either though option is still selected. Useless piece of equipment within 3 months after purchase. Save your time and money and just get yourself a basic tripod for filming.

  31. Jaime Medina says:

    Love the glasses but sadly the tech behind it is not perfected what so ever. I’ve owned these glasses for 3 months and they fail to connect or just glitch out so much that frankly I’m sick of dealing with them. Not worth the money for sure. 🙁

  32. Tyler Reed says:

    These glasses are a long way away from what they could be. And for anyone complaining that the app is always running in the background just force close it. The thing I HATE is being forced to connect to WiFi to transfer pics/vids when just about every other “smart” device with a BT connection can transfer just via BT. But it seems anything affiliated with BookFace…sorry “Meta” isn’t advanced enough in the hardware field to keep up with what most consider basic capabilities for new tech.

  33. Cindy Janett says:

    Be sure to be on wifi when pairing your glasses. Should probably add that to the instructions! Picture/video quality isn’t great, but understandable

  34. Rogelio Leon says:

    This does not work with Google pix 7 pro. Basically when they are in pairing mode it won’t show you the glasses to select to finish pairing. Works no problem on Samsung s20 ultra. Please fix!!!

  35. nathan morales says:

    Lost content because i had to troubleshoot connecting issues with the app even tho glasses connected fine with phone. Really sucks media goes to this app and not personal storage.

  36. Miguel Marin says:

    Great idea. But it capabilities is still not there. Always have to reboot, turn on and off wifi in order to work, if it does. Glasses are more an inconvenience.

  37. Evan Reinart says:

    I had an old android this worked on, I got a Samsung fold 4 and there is a software update for the glasses. No matter what I do I can’t seem to update the glasses!!! It keeps telling me to charge the phone for 25 minutes but it’s literally at 100%??? The app is broken 💔 why can’t I just use it and have it go directly to my phone. Scam meta I paid $600 for these and can’t even use them for their technology because it won’t let me update ? Most technologies let you still use

  38. Marlon Liemann says:

    Update 2 based on developer response: App updated to version reinstalled app and factory reset glasses and re-paired. Issue still present. Workaround still works. Got everything to work if I pair through app first and then re-pair through the phone Bluetooth menu to item with same name but different logo. Happy to provide any additional information via email if needed? Part of original review:Haven’t been able to use touch controls since my s22 ultra was updated to android 13.

  39. Spencer says:

    Super straight forward and easy app to use, and loving the glasses. Hope to see more features in app soon!

  40. Jason Tremblay says:

    Doesn’t work with Samsung Fold 4. I can pair the audio features to work with the phone, but the app refuses to recognize the phone and glasses are connected. I can’t use the video features at all, which is the only real reason to buy these. I’ll be returning these soon. Get your act together Meta/RayBan…

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