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Automatic wallpaper changer with beautiful wallpapers from Unsplash
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Noyal Jose
July 26, 2022
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Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Download New*

Powered by way of Unsplash The most important open choice of top of the range footage. Free of charge.

Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Stunning, unfastened footage.
Talented via the world’s maximum beneficiant group of photographers.

Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

Computerized wallpaper changer
Set the time period, classes, and favorites to auto exchange wallpapers. You’ll be able to configure constraints to simply trade wallpaper whilst your software is:
. On a WIRELESS community . CHARGING

Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Obtain New* unencumber

Fast wallpaper alternate
The fast settings toggle and app shortcut lets you trade the wallpaper even with out getting into the app.
Edit pictures Simply customise the wallpaper via including blur, crop, rotation, and turn

Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Obtain New* mod apk

. Day by day up to date . Greater than 1.1M loose pictures . AMOLED theme to avoid wasting battery
. Grid and record layouts
. Wallpaper Classes . Seek photographs . Obtain photographs in UNCOOKED . View symbol EXIF, location and standing

Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Obtain New* apk

Permissions Understand
Garage: Had to obtain the wallpaper and to let you use customized pictures as wallpaper.


40 comments on "Walldrobe – Wallpapers Apk Download New*"

  1. Ainsworth Joanne says:

    App looks cool, Wall papers are fresh & very Good. Loving the App. Looking forward to see few more features in the Pro mode in the feature update. 1. Please add offline mode for auto wall paper changer. 2. Also add more intervals to automatic Wallpaper Changer & provide multiple choice for choosing the Category. Finally the support given by the developer is really Fantastic. Fast & immediate response for any queries. Really doing great support. Thanks

  2. Susy Severin says:

    This is the most underrated wallpaper app. All of the wall papers are beautiful, extremely high resolution and will fit whatever mood or aesthetic you are looking for! Not to mention the app UI is extremely pleasing to the eye and makes for a user friendly experience. Props to the devs!

  3. Marje Chistopher says:

    some beautiful, elegant and simple wallpapers, stunning photographs and all amazing quality. I’ve tried so many wallpaper apps, but the art itself had ways been to tacky for my tastes, until now. only problem is that there aren’t many on there atm and the filter function is very bad

  4. Goldie Bret says:

    great contents and easy to use interface. but recently, the pictures are simply not loading. it just give blank boxes. even with an 150 Mbps internet speed. under the category section, some categories are not at all loading. please fix it.

  5. Jacqui Neville says:

    great wallpaper app and by far the best one which provides unsplash pics that actually fit your device’s home screen ! i Don’t use the first 3 tabs in fear of a Snake wallpaper popping up unexpectedly ! but thankfully it has the 4rd tab in which it organizes pics into categories so i stay away from animal category lol ! overall I’m so glad i found this app and it deserves 5 stars 🙂

  6. Glynda Brooke says:

    This app became my favourite within the first few minutes of using it. The UI is seamless and it has an exceptional amount of beautiful wallpapers. The only thing that bugs me a little is that while scrolling sometimes photos accidentally open without me wanting to.

  7. Daylin Line says:

    Bought this for auto wallpaper change. But that is not working. I tuned off battery optimizations still not use. I would suggest putting a notification to keep it memory so it’s not killed by OS. Update 1: As you said I looked in stand by apps and it’s Exempted there. So It must not be the problem. Update 2: Wrote a small automate flow to open and close app working now but I would have been able to do auto wallpaper change in this way without premium.

  8. Woden Lilliana says:

    i love the wallpapers curated from unsplash, super clean. i also love how u can set the wallpapers up all 3 diffeeent ways in the app and the ability to download them. only reason i didn’t give a 5 star is because the app is a bit buggy when going through different menus, otherwise a great app!

  9. Albern Chann says:

    I wish it had a gesture shortcut to change to the next wallpaper. In other apps I’ve seen, you can do so by for example clicking with 3 fingers. The notification is not enough, since I’d have to keep it always there. I just saw the quick setting tile. Not as good as a fingers gesture, but it’s something. 5 stars. Update: I don’t understand why this app forces you to disable the battery optimization for it. Update 2: It’s eating my battery. Uninstalling.

  10. Cresswell Tennyson says:

    Great app! great collection with amazing wallpapers for 4K screen resolution. It works flawlessly! And the Automatic Wallpaper Changer is very good (premium feature). This was the main reason I’ve paid for the pro version. You can use all the wallpapers for free!

  11. Bordin Harrission says:

    very good wallpaper app, selections are varied and the walls themselves are clean, but the only issue i have is sometimes the “apply wallpaper” button that’s displayed by an icon getting stuck in an infinite loop, requiring me to download the image instead(although i prefer doing this, since it lets me get a panning view of the wallpaper if i swipe on the home screen). edit: i can no longer replicate this problem after the update-thank you! 5 stars.

  12. Nichola Audryanna says:

    Really nice wallpapers of all sorts. The only criticism I have for this app is the way some pictures are categorized. For example in the category “car”there are pictures with only small parts of cars showing in the blurred background.

  13. Jonita Burt says:

    Love the app. The amount of images available and the quality of them is incredible. Would love to see a feature which allows you to have one set of wallpapers automatically changing on the lock screen and then another set on the home screen, so both are different but constantly changing too.

  14. Cherria Shianne says:

    I bought the ‘pro’ version of this app quite a while ago and honestly, it’s been a struggle to get and/or keep it working in a reliable way. The automatic wallpaper change ‘feature’ does not work most of the time, even though I disabled battery optimizations and excluded Walldrobe from being optimized for battery saving. Removing the app, rebooting and then re-installing the app doesn’t fix these issues. Shame really, because the auto changing feature is why I bought the app. Can’t recommend it!

  15. Annisha Stormie says:

    I been using this app for few weeks, and has been awesome, great pictures and system. At first got some glitches but that was fix, also, quite complicated to set it up as automatic wallpaper. But I learned. Thank you.

  16. Wynn Awena says:

    Edit: App worked well for ~6 months but no longer changes wallpapers. Opening “favorites” list of wallpapers crashes app. Might have to look for a new app. (One Plus 6, Android 9). Tried uninstalling and clearing both cache and app data. No change.

  17. Darryl Landon says:

    Edit: Fixed the issue mentioned below. 4 glowing stars for the app and the 1 extra for the developer support. Original: One of my go-to wallpaper appa. But, as of late,, the app crashes once I press the download button for an image on Android 10, Pixel 2XL. Restricting the rating till this is fixed.

  18. Chonda Basil says:

    Wallpapers are nice. But the app has bugs. I use it with my Samsung Galaxy S10. Often the automatically changed wallpapers are cropped and then stretched. Also sometime a big portion of the screen is blacked out, and a little part gets the wallpaper. So I need to change wallpaper manually then to fix it, but it happens again.

  19. Berangari Aleix says:

    The app layout and animations are really fantastic. It’s just the bugs such as going to favorite wallpapers has been crashing. Tried clearing cache and deleting and installing, but favorites will not work.

  20. Netie Jimmy says:

    Well the app is really good. One complaint I have is the wallpapers in the Categories tab never change so we only have a fixed number of wallpapers if we want a particular type. The searching of wallpapers is a problem. Besides that the app is great! Also Kudos to the developer to respond within a few minutes.

  21. Factor Fiction says:

    This app is really cool, but a few of the things missing is the ability to log into my unsplash account, for the walls I already favorited; and the ability to search for profiles. Hope they will be added in the near future. Update: the app stops when clicking on the favorites tab. Pls. fix.

  22. Rahul U says:

    Amazing application with super high resolution images and pro features are super. One issue with the app – after sometime it automatically loses purchased history from the app. Have to go back to settings and restore the purchase. And another that sometimes some wallpapers in automatic update feature get stretched and set on the homescreen. If these issues are fixed i will give 5 stars to app.

  23. Abhimanyu Yadav says:

    I have been using this app for over an year, was so impressed, bought the pro version immediately. But you people have literally destroyed the beauty of this app with this new update. Not happy at all now, I want to roll back to older version, is it possible? The fact that there are only few wallpapers updated in the ‘explore’ section on daily basis, besides its impossible to go through every item in ‘collections’, The scrolling is never ending.. It was way more easy earlier.

  24. Yash M. says:

    Don’t know why they integrated Unsplash lately. I know earlier there were wallpapers taken from Unsplash but this full integration of Unsplash really not a good idea. It even asks to log in to Unsplash website (where I don’t want to make an account. Why would I?) to like photos unlike earlier. My bad luck that I bought the premium of this app. Anyways, thanks!

  25. Adam Vaughan-Tabor says:

    The new update is really bad. Lost all my wallpapers and the quality has dropped. Edit – Yes I’ve lost all of my favourites. The groupings of wallpapers have changed so it’s not as easy to find them. Plus where before there were a lot of decent wallpaper images where half of them now are just stock images of random people. Update – it has also run out of requests for the hour so I can’t view wallpapers

  26. Mohammed Smahi says:

    The best wallpaper app I’ve ever used. And that’s actually pretty big! being a huge wallpaper addict myself and have used dozens of apps but none of them satisfied that inner perfectionist me. Walldrobe! No ads, friendly/pro interface, dark theme, infinite collections, super high quality photos…. You name it 🤍

  27. Siddhant Moitra says:

    The app is really good and i like it, its clean and to the point and have a good collection of wallpapers, But lately i have been facing a issue where my “like” and “Photos” section does not open, which is kind of a bummer because i have saved a lot of Wallpapers in my “liked” section but i can’t access them now 🙁

  28. Rahim Ahmed says:

    This app is very good and I would download wallpapers from it regularly however I’ve scanned my phone for malware with malwarebytes and found that this app contains a virus. Deleted it right away. I’ve read other reviews saying the same thing and getting replies saying it is false. As much as I like the app I wouldn’t risk my personal information so had to delete it right away.

  29. omkar D says:

    The wallpapers are cropped all wrong. I’m using it on a mobile acreen and every wallpaper is cropped to show an insignificant random area of the picture instead of cropping centered in the middle of the picture. Applies even if the picture is already in the correct resolution, verified by downloading and manually setting it as wallpaper.

  30. Adrian Ikeaba says:

    Amazing wallpaper collection. the subtle effect of the wallpapers, the unique design of the app and the high hd quality of pictures bites deep down into me. It really shows what amazing developers they are… no other wallpaper application is on the same level as this.

  31. Christine Rhodan says:

    I love the wide variety of wallpapers! The app is easy to use, clean, and perfect! You have to pay if you want automatic wallpaper updates though (which isn’t an issue for me but it can be for some.) This gets a 5 star rating from my experience!

  32. Ryan Terry says:

    The overwhelming majority of wallpapers are far too low-res for my device, thus appearing pixelated, and the first category listed is (no joke) “cancer”. At the very least this app should display the image resolution. This app fails in a very important way, and I can only conclude the devs don’t know what they’re doing, or simply don’t care about UX.

  33. Ayushman Verma says:

    I’ve quite frankly been in love with the app since the first time I came across it. So much so that I bought the premium for the same but lately it’s been causing problems quite often resulting in a very tainted user experience. The one big one I’ve been having for a while now is that for the auto wallpaper, the crop more often than not is wrong It’s almost always too zoomed into one specific area of the image. I’ve tried all the settings inside the app nothing seems to work

  34. Ian says:

    The app is great. You can choose the quality of the wallpapers, search for your favorite themes and there’s a lot of variety

  35. Divyanshu says:

    Was working fine but suddenly it has started crashing. Device is M31s samsung. Absolutely loved your app otherwise.

  36. Abul Kasham Bin Noor says:

    I have used plenty of wallpaper app such as (amoplex,darkpix,zedge etc. but this one is very very special because it has high quality and HD wallpapers and there are more than 100+.So that’s why I’m giving it a 5 star 🌟 .”but I uselley give 5 stars on games,but this time I definitely have to give 5star to it

  37. Danny H says:

    The auto wallpaper needs to be more random. I got the same wallpaper only after shuffling twice.

  38. Aayush Sinha says:

    This app has very good images that can be used as wallpaper. It is good for all tastes. The images are from unsplash which is my favourite site

  39. Roymane Alexander says:

    The auto wallpaper feature keeps generating the same 10-20 pictures even though the collections have over a 1000 pictures and I had purchased the ‘Pro’ version.

  40. Sabo says:

    I like the app but sometimes it seems to delete the wallpapers I downloaded. I’ve experienced this on multiple devices and it’s the only app it happens. They just disapprlear eventually as if I never downloaded them.

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