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A great windows 10 style launcher on Android!
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ChYK the dev
October 25, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Square Home Premium Apk

* This app makes use of the Software Administrator permission.
If Android model is not up to Nine.0, you must permit the permission to make the “display lock” launcher motion paintings.

Sq. House Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

* This app makes use of Accessibility carrier API for the next Launcher movements provided that vital:
– Open contemporary apps
– Display screen lock
– Energy conversation

Sq. House Top class Apk mod apk

Sq. House is the most productive launcher with metro UI of Home windows 10.
It’s simple to make use of, easy, gorgeous and robust for any of telephone, pill and TELEVISION field.

Sq. House Top class Apk

Primary options:
– Vertical scrolling in web page and horizontal scrolling from web page to web page.
– Absolute best metro taste UI and pill enhance.
– Gorgeous tile results.
– Appearing notifications and rely on tile.
– Good app drawer : varieties the most efficient at the first through the use of patterns of app.
– Fast get entry to on your contacts.
– Masses choices for personalization.


40 comments on "Square Home Premium Apk"

  1. Glorie Robertha says:

    I had some issues with being able to re-access the edit mode. But I am happy to say that I contacted the developer and actually got as response! The directions were simple and – voila! – editing access restored. So I am certainly impressed by their responsiveness. I will resume my customization of this nifty tool that has made the transition from Windows to Android much less painful. I think my only remaining issue with this app is that the tiles for email and text messages do not have live counters in the widget so you have to tap and open to see the latest activity. I used to like how Windows Phone told you at a glance. I also wish there was s weather widget that showed live information like the temp right in the title. But that’s more likely a separate issue. Hopefully the live counters can be addressed in a future update. Then my review will be 5 stars.

  2. Mickaela Daryl says:

    I’ve used this launcher on a bunch of phones now and each time it hasn’t messed with the performance of any phone… And trust me I’ve had some poopy phones 😂 I love how you can completely edit and stylize everything about it. From the color of the tiles to tile placement. You can either make it super simplistic or make it as chaotic as possible by adding every app you own to your home screen. Plus I like to use it to turn my phone into a work of art with each placement being carefully adjusted to make my home screen look and feel like an elaborate piece of artwork

  3. Reginal Kolleen says:

    I have not used other launchers on my Samsung phones in a long time but found this one and have been playing with it for the past week. And now I love it. I find that I have gone for a more ‘chaotic’ look with lots of apps and shortcuts on only a few screens. I was always a bit annoyed by having to scroll thru 6-7 screens but now I have what I want on 2 screens and I use a 3rd screen to view favorite photos from a few different folders! Love how customizable the screens and tiles are! Large.. Small.. Wide.. Long.. I can group apps so much better now. It took me a week but I just made this my default launcher. Please continue to support and develop this app! Love it. It takes some work to set up the easy you like it but I think it’s worth it!!

  4. Mollie Esthefani says:

    I’ve been looking for a Windows style launcher for ages. I just like the animated tile system, which makes the whole interface look more dynamic. This launcher is absolutely amazing. I would like to add some tips that I think will make the app even more versatile. Perhaps adding more animation styles within the tiles itself would be nice. Allowing us to use our custom keyboard for menu searches. Something I really miss is the left swipe from the home screen to go into the Google feed page on the stock launcher. Lastly I would like to add that $5 seems a bit steep for a launcher which is essentially a one trick pony. It’s a great trick, but barely any new features get unlocked for that $5. I hope the developer doesn’t interpret this as a cue to hide more existing features behind a paywall, rather I hope to see some cooler features implemented. I would advice marking the price down to $2-$3 dollars, since more people are probably going to be willing to buy it that way, which will probably boost sales. Regardless, thank you for the great app, I really enjoy it!

  5. Evaline Kirkwood says:

    Not only does it look fantastic, but it has great animations and cool features. I usually get launchers to see how they look then go back to the normal launcher my phone uses, but this once I might just keep it. I have to give this 5 stars even though I had issues getting some of the tile looks to work properly without graphical issues. I can only assume it’s my phone’s hardware and/or software that is causing this, so I wouldn’t blame the launcher itself.

  6. Jennifer Wardell says:

    Great app! I’ve been using this app for at least a year now and have been very satisfied. I have seen alot of improvementa that have made it even better since I first installed it. One suggestion, which may just be me, would be to have an option to change the icon or tile image based on how it is clicked, and allow the user to select this. I would like to be able to have toggle icons show an ‘on’ ‘off’ effect when clicked.

  7. Magdalia Roswell says:

    I’ve been using this app for more than a year now and I really like it. I came from a Windows phone user so this app really replicates what I’ve missed on the Windows phone. I really like the tiles layout, especially the scroll up and down. There are some features that this app doesn’t have that other Metro style has such as swipe to left for calendars, news, etc, similar to iPhones, without charge. This app could be better if they have the left and right swipe features as well without fee.

  8. Deann Earwine says:

    I’ve been rocking windows phone style launchers for a couple years, and they’ve always felt incomplete. Pretty, sure, but their functionality felt like an afterthought. Not so with this one. It’s well built, has noble features that weren’t on the windows phone OS it’s smooth. Overall it just feels like whoever made this really cares. Only thing I don’t like is the fact that you have to add ‘blank’ tiles or dividers, or else everything auto shuffles up as far as it can

  9. Scelfleah Cibele says:

    Great launcher, however for some reason it’s not letting me enable notifications. Whenever I try to enable it, it takes me to the settings page and asks me to enable notification access, which was already on. Once I try turning it off and on again, it still doesn’t let me toggle it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times, and nothing worked so far. If you could help me out that’d be great.

  10. Radford Providenci says:

    Best launcher I’ve found so far, although I do have a few suggestions: For the photo widget: Allow us to select multiple folders. When I click on the picture widget, go straight to the currently displayed photo. Folders: I can add a folder from the applications list to the home screen, but when I add a new app to the application list folder it does not add it to the folder on the home screen. Please make it so that the two sync. Adding an app to the application folder auto adds to the home screen folder. Applications list: Add swipe to right goes back to home screen. Calendar: I could never get the calendar widget to work, perhaps because I use outlook calendar instead of google?

  11. Severn Winton says:

    I like this launcher. I never had my phone set up looking like a windows phone so it’s a breath of fresh air. However, I cant for the life of me figure out how to group apps in the app drawer. Also, the the widgets are severely lacking and forces the user to just use app tiles. For example, both the clock and calendar widgets are very ugly.

  12. Khloe Alexandia says:

    My favorite launcher by far. If you want something that’s different then this is it. It takes the best of the old Windows Mobile OS and builds on it. You can customize just about everything and the way it transitions screen orientation is nothing short of brilliant you can literally build a different home screen for landscape and portrait.

  13. Stevon Christina says:

    Wow! This app makes me sad but excited! It’s so close to the Windows Phone feel I miss and loved! The way they did folders was so slick and I had honestly forgotten about it. We’ll done! Back after using it for a few days. I paid. I don’t know how you did it but you even capture the App list animation perfectly. Windows Phone(less than ZuneHD) sorta had that thing where text scrolls slightly off than the app in the list. You got that also! Also the bounce at the top and bottom of the list! 🥇

  14. Russell Andi says:

    The ability to easily rearrange groups on the home screen (like you can in Win 10) would be nice. There also needs to be an option to view apps in the Play Store when long tapping on shortcuts, and when adding apps it should be icons and not a list. It takes way too long to scroll through if you have hundreds of apps. Swiping by page and the ability to rearrange pages would be nice too. Finally, when restoring a backup it doesn’t restore Jina Drawer folder widgets correctly.

  15. Mervin Zachary says:

    Very cool and stable on my Pixel3 XL. I really like it EXCEPT for the massive battery drain. This did not surprise me. I immediately thought about the resources that must be needed to maintain all that animation. Maybe with a bunch of tweaking it could be minimized but out of the box, it’s a hog. I will make a note to revisit this launcher at a later time but for now it’s going to be uninstalled.

  16. Milborough Vina says:

    Having used my first launcher for 5 years I decided to use Square as the second one. Whatever feature you think of you can find it here. Some suggestions. The 6 sides cube can be confusing because you can rotate it horizontally or vertically, making it hard to predict how to get to the wanted side. Setting icons for each tiles takes too many steps. It would be better if all the launcher actions (such as open drawer, lock screen) are exposed to other apps as shortcuts like in other launchers.

  17. Meredith Haven says:

    Really nice change in launchers. But… It seems to interfere with my bluetooth when playing either Tidal or Google Play Music. Both allow one song to play, then BT cuts out until I restart the BT connection. Annoying while trying to use GPS app and listen to music. I love the launcher other than that! Edit : Since this is not a problem of the launcher, I’m upping my rating all the way. This is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I hope the dev keeps adding features to it!

  18. James Cummings says:

    Only launcher I use on my tv boxes. It’s completely customizable. But for some reason when it updated to 2.1.0 it constantly scrolls tile images left and right. I can’t figure out how to stop it. Cropping the image in squarehome just zooms in on the image and it still scrolls. Please change it back or make it an option to turn the animation on/off.

  19. JordanPeterson SucksMonkeyButt says:

    I absolutely love this theme. I had been looking for a windows phone based theme for weeks. However, for some reason I am unable to enable to the live tiles settings on my galaxy s10 lite. Edit. I was able to enable of me, pretty silly of me. However, I noticed that if the Home screen edit is turned off, the vertical scrolling gets disabled, I am not sure if this a bug or a feature.

  20. Eric Livesay says:

    I really like this launcher. But I’m giving it 3 stars because of 2 really annoying bugs. Periodically after opening a full screen app & then going back to the home screen the icons on the status bar disappear, the status bar is still there, it’s just empty. I have to restart to fix it. The other thing is that all the direct message & call shortcuts I have on the home screen stop functioning after a while. I press them & nothing happens, I have to reassign them to get them working again.

  21. Gage Holgate says:

    Great launcher! Comparable to others like Nova Launcher in terms of customizability. Not the easiest to set up the way you like it, but again, the launcher’s flexible enough to allow you to set it up exactly how you want. Love the tablet UI on my tablet, I’ve been looking for a Windows-8 like home screen! Looks just like the original with a few differences here and there. Definitely would recommend.

  22. Brandon Clement says:

    Absolutely phenomenal launcher! The attention to detail is incredible, highly customizable, easy to use and navigate through! Literally the only thing I would have to say could be improved would be creating folders in app drawer. It can be a little confusing in the first place and they stay in the main drawer even when put in a folder, there should be an option to remove them from main drawer when apps are put into folders. other than that, it is absolutely Incredible! Way better than Nova IMO

  23. Howard Cabalfin says:

    Never used a launcher before using Square Home. I’ve been an long time “use the provided UI” guy. However I’ve long wanted to customize and simplify my interface. I saw this in the Play store, tried it out for a few minutes and immediately bought it. The beauty and the curse of this app is there are nearly unlimited design choices. But this has given me the ability to design the device interface that works for me. Well done design, functionality and stability. Recommend!

  24. Alicia Peters says:

    This has been my favourite UI launcher since forever. Just one small problem, I think with the recent update, it made it so my current system wallpaper no longer works with the tile background effects. I didn’t think it would be much of a problem, but I can’t get this wallpaper anywhere else. So I can’t change it manually to get around it. Please help 🥺 Otherwise, love everything you do!

  25. Thomas Stouffer says:

    Amazingly well done. They have taken major features from the windows mobile phone and improved on some things. Finally I can get rid of the necessity of multiple home screens and docks that you need for most launchers and just have one scrollable screen. A cloud based configuration backup would be a plus. For now, you have to transfer the backup file manually. A metro style icon pack would make the home screen look better but I have not found a good one yet.

  26. Ben Bonin says:

    Love it, but a few things I would change. First, icon colors, I really want to make all my icons the main color of the app logo which is unable to be done if your app drawer contians more than 12 colors. I wish the limit to preset colors could be added, but not a huge deal. Second, I wish there was more support and tutorials and/or the settings were more descriptive in what they did. It was very hit and miss with me trying to guess what certain settings did but overall I love it. 😀

  27. Hexyl Cinnamal says:

    This app is amazing. It has many features, in fact more features than Windows Phone ever did. It is awesome to have a Windows Phone style home screen with support for live wallpaper, special tile effects, widgets, cubes, folders, contact lists, etc. Live tile support works great. The developer is awesome. He responds to bug reports and takes the time to look into the problems. He is very kind and attentive to users. Definitely worth it, totally worth the price.

  28. Michael Vodhanel says:

    This is a great launcher with excellent features and customizable options. Bravo. However, it really belongs on the Microsoft Duo more than any other device and doesn’t fully support it. I am still happily using it on Duo while accepting a few issues because it is so good in general. I know it is easier said than done, but with a few upgrades Duo with Square Home could be the ultimate phone experience. These are the upgrades I see that would be helpful. 1) There could be a setting to have 2 pages fit side by side on one screen and scroll horizontally by one page at a time (half a screen). This allows the left and right side of the screen to be shifted from one side of the phone to the other, which is how the Duo is meant to work. This way, while using one of the screens, if a tile is underneath the app on that screen, you can move the page horizontally by one and open it on the other screen. Tablet mode doesn’t seem to work well for Duo since it doesn’t snap into place sliding horizontally. 2) If number 1 worked, then it would be good to be able to scroll the two pages vertically independent of each other, but this is a lot less important. 3) Resizing tiles is broken when Duo is open in book mode. It can always be done by putting the tile on the left or top screen before resizing, but the menus will appear on the other screen and are awkward to use. Notes for Duo users: I suggest do not use tablet mode since it doesn’t snap the pages into place horizontally. Make sure to read (3) above to be able to customize tiles!!!! Set your app launch animation in behavior & UI to Off, Fast, or Default to stop the apps from blinking out on one side of the screen when you open an app on the other. Put screen orientation on “same as system”. Switching modes from gestures to 3 button or vice versa may crash Square Home but you can just relaunch it. You will need to customize the screen for book and phone mode separately and for both portrait and landscape. That’s four customizations but it is a good thing once you’re finally done. Enjoy, it’s free to try and I think the live tiles are worth it.

  29. LavaSaver says:

    This is just a really good launcher! It looks cool, and it’s so efficient with your screenspace that I found myself filling the screen with every app I could need to use, and then some. The only issue I have is that it seems that you can’t turn off the animations that show the details of apps’ notifications (I think it might be called live tile?) on a per-app basis, so I have to watch out for things like, for example, YouTube thumbnails I don’t want people to see on my homescreen.

  30. Jake says:

    Quite impressive & unique. I always liked the look of windows phones. It’s a nice change. I’m digging the flexibily & live tiles. Guestures could be expanded, and icon & folder searches are less than intuitive. Deffinently needs to tap into native file apps for searching icons & images. ** Update: Can work with folding phones! Needs lots of manual fine tuning though. I’m using it on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

  31. Perry Wharton says:

    very different. nothing like the stock Android clones that most other launchers resemble. very customizable and I love the cube widget that allows up to six related apps per side. I love spinning the cube to get to the app I need. Lots of color and transparency themes. Also has shortcut to many Android functions that can be placed on the home screen. One needs to really try it to truly experience it.

  32. Zsolt Paul Golenya says:

    Android 12 annoyed me enough to install other launchers. I tried about 10 others and liked this one there best. It’s extremely efficient and customizable. The cube widget is a beast! Great space saver! My only 2 wishes are that it would also take care of the ugly Android “material” quick settings and that the group folder would open as a pop up as opposed to rearranging my home screen tiles when it opens. Lack of ads is greatly appreciated. Will likely upgrade!

  33. Timothy Allen says:

    I’m a few days into the free 14-day trial and have found this launcher to be fascinating. I’ve had fun transforming my home screen into a colorful display of blocks, cubes, and widgets. There are options for a wide variety of appearances and functions. I could even choose how I’d like it to be organized in landscape mode. It’s also interesting to see notifications on the app tiles. However, after enjoying the time I spent exploring the options, it became too busy for my everyday use, but thanks!

  34. R Nicholson says:

    Close to windows phone, but for some reason the add/adjust feature has disappeared so I’m stuck with what I have. Also in the store I see the tiles look more like the Live Tiles on the old Windows Phone, but my tiles are just solid tiles with the app icon on it. If I can get the adjustment feature back 3 stars. If I can get it to look like it does in the store I would give it 5 stars.

  35. Amit Ben says:

    Really great! highly customizable and feels very polished! Animations are solid, and everything is very fast. I can set tiles to be in any size, and customize the behavior and appearance of them. developer is very responsive and it’s clear they care. probably there but I couldn’t find it: disable ‘recents’ sec app drawer list or duplicate apps in their normal sorted position (so apps don’t disappear from sorted position so I need to guess they moved to favorites)

  36. MoT says:

    Latest update broke the app. Crashes on launch. Have been using the app for years across multiple devices without issue. Have to reinstall the app to fix this recent issue. Less than ideal since all settings are now lost. I read an earlier review that did perform a backup but the backup was corrupt and failed to reload.

  37. Nunayo Bisnez says:

    This app is the best. I’m one of the people who dearly misses Windows Phone, and I love how this app closely replicates that look. Because it’s on Android though, the developer was able to create so many more options for customization than a WP did. Amazing job with this! I gladly purchased. The one thing that I would like though is an option to customize the available colors for the tiles.

  38. Dydimos says:

    The launcher is nice, but it had the problem that it started asking you to confirm that it was the default. very annoying. That was common in version 2.3.6… but then the “fixes” began and the launcher now doesn’t work, without warning it stops working, it opens program windows in the background among other things… and of course , it always asks to be the default program every 20 seconds. All this in a TVbox T95 2021 android 10.0

  39. Thomas Mace says:

    Man this launcher is amazing. it’s so easy to use it’s functional, and I mean just downright creative. it has so many functions that it’s mind-boggling. I love it, it’s great accessibility and all around the customization of what you can do with your launcher is outstanding great job guys. As far as connectivity of bugs I’ve been really encountered much of any of those problems. l will review and rewrite if necessary. Again awesome job in this launcher I really do enjoy it.

  40. Michael Virgin says:

    Not sure if I’m missing something here but I switched phones and now my maps won’t stay onscreen when minimized. Check the PiP settings and they’re all good. Everything else stays onscreen when minimized, just not maps. This has been my #1 launcher, and when I figure out the problem I will most definitely be returning to it. 🫤

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