SL Theme Luxury Apk Download New 2022 Version*


A luxurious black and gold theme.
4/5 Votes: 339
Smart Launcher Team
May 27, 2014
4.4 And Up
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SL Theme Luxury Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Buying this theme you’ll assist the improvement of Sensible Launcher.

SL Theme Luxurious Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

This app paintings handiest with SmartLauncher, you’ll obtain it from right here:

SL Theme Luxurious Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

To make use of it, open good launcher, input within the personal tastes, then click on on “Theme”.


40 comments on "SL Theme Luxury Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Warton Gyo says:

    Beautiful theme!

  2. Alexx Ariell says:

    Not worth the change sorry refund

  3. Derick Osrick says:

    Nice launcher theme, but mainly got to support dev. Keep it up!

  4. Healy Albertyna says:

    Bought to support. Keep developing for GoogleTV. I want it to work for real!

  5. Sylvie Chilton says:

    Love the launcher and theme!

  6. Dennisa Cyrus says:

    I love your launcher. I have tried them all and I have never been as satisfied as I am with Smart Launcher. I will gladly donate the $3 and change to support your fantastic development and hope you continue your awesome support.

  7. Coulson Thorpe says:

    You have my donation and support.

  8. Tayson Lindsee says:

    Luxury is a very good name for this theme. Like a 5 star hotel… This theme is a touch of class. Enjoy!

  9. Bethannie Scarlet says:

    Bought it because I want to support the developer of the Smart launcher… Keep it lite and fast…

  10. Marshell Rick says:

    Please make notification like moto x,and date missing

  11. Andrah Harrission says:

    Happy to support the SL community. Only thing I need is the date maybe on the top left of the screen.

  12. Wyclyf Frayne says:

    No support for live wallpapers just a grey background or you have to use the theams default wallpaper = bye bye

  13. Lilah Loyal says:

    They’ve done a great job with smart launcher so far, and I hope that they continue to advance this project.

  14. Addison Thorpe says:

    Why does it need Camera & Video permissions that’s a bit weird :s Also IMO it needs the grey background on the app drawer to be transparent or at least 60% transparent.

  15. Cori Giles says:

    Love the looks of this! Only question I have is how do you make the torch on lock screen work?

  16. Nelda Maed says:


  17. Myrtle Bartle says:

    Love the look. Well done.

  18. Ever Jaycob says:

    This one just looks like it’s name. Only issue I’ve found so far is the lockscreen needs landscape mode.

  19. Donie Carley says:

    Clock was disappear..tried a lot to fix but i think its developer problem..really frustrated

  20. Jazmen Linton says:


  21. Arda Keinan says:

    This theme is very nice and I gladly bought it simply to support the developer. There are two things though: 1. The clock doesn’t show on the lockscreen in landscape (it just shows a semi transparent square) and 2. I don’t like the grey background of the drawer. Is there any way we could have a transparent background instead? 🙂

  22. Oswell Olexa says:

    I have a small problem with the lockscreen. It works perfectly until i receive a call — it starts to lag and it doesn’t show who is calling me. 4/5 stars. It’s a superb theme

  23. Erickah Andriea says:

    How do u use the theme I bought it and can’t find where and how to see it

  24. Jonita Antiochus says:

    Coming over from Next launcher (even though I really like the 3d)) Really like this launcher and this theme. My only problem is the lock screen. It just doesn’t work very well and needs work. Needs security option (pin/pattern etc). It lags tremendously on my Nexus 5 but in time I hope it gets better.

  25. Burford Latorria says:

    Love it

  26. Rowe Teressa says:

    Barley works freezes my phone

  27. Hadlee Tedd says:

    SL Theme

  28. Hare Glorious says:

    There is one major issue, this with coding. When running Spotify, and the screen is locked, there usually is a skip and pause button. Problem is they don’t work with this theme. Second is more like design wise, the icons for the drawer look well… Cheap and bulky. It’s a shame the main screen looks so good, but those look like they only received the minimal effort.

  29. Caril Frayne says:

    I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus in gold. When I saw this theme it was a no brainer. Smart Launcher has been the one and only for me. Keep up the beautiful work.

  30. Zaine Jaylynn says:

    Good theme but there are some problems with the launcher 😦😦

  31. Hecate Millen says:

    Good but needs update.

  32. Hugo Cameroon says:

    I’m heading off to bed shortly and I think I’m going to dream of this wonderful theme!

  33. Wolf Johnna says:

    Please add a option for switching the time to 24h format on lock screen and you have 5 stars.

  34. Annah Oakden says:

    Lacks skin support for some very common apps like WhatsApp Facebook calculator calendar phone dialer etc.. Like the theme but please add more skin support for these commonly used apps… Should be a no brainer no?

  35. Audrielle Retha says:

    Very nice. Thank you. Feels luxurious.

  36. Dera Celes says:

    Very sleek design

  37. Laurentia Aldys says:

    Malware apps’s malware theme

  38. Kevin Scott says:

    Made everything different to navigate.

  39. Emario Jasper says:

    Nice work

  40. Elhendi Saad says:


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