Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk


Minimal & Linear Styled Icon Pack With a Touch of Roundness and Drop Shadow
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Rohit S Shetty
April 9, 2022
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Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk

Simple & Stroked Taste Icon Pack With a slightly Of Roundness and Drop Shadow

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk mod apk

WORD 1 : This Icon Pack has Restricted Icons As In comparison to Different Icon Packs. However I can be Updating It Time Through Time Along With Your Reinforce.

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk apk mod new

BE AWARE 2 : Its Tough to attract All Icons So It’s a must to stay up for that Icons. Common Icon Request Will assist you to Request 10 icons Consistent with App Replace. Im Additionally Looking to Satisfy All Top rate Request. Stay Supporting.

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk

Shocking Darkish & Spherical Icon Pack For Android Launchers with a blank flat design to make your house display glance dope. Extra Minimum Icons Within the subsequent Replace.

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk apk

Options – Greater than 1150+ Hand made Icons
– New Stepped forward Dashboard
– Solution is 200x200px
– Added Icon Request Device – In-built License Checker
– 180+ Selection Icons
– Stroked Taste Icons with Drop Shadow
– Rounded Darkish Background
– App Protecting For Unthemed Icons
– Best possible with Black or Darkish Wallpapers

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk apk mod

Check out the brand new Icon Pack Which is With out Background
MinMaCons Icon Pack: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rohitshetty.minmacons

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk unencumber

Putting In Place icons With Nova Launcher

Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk apk mod 2022

•Home Screen•
– Icon Structure A hundred and ten Percent ~120 Percent
– Label Off
– Dock Off

•App Drawer•
– Icon Structure set to One hundred P.c ~120 P.c
– Format On

•Look and Feel•
– Take a look at Disabling(Normalize icon measurement)
To make use of this icon pack you wish to have a Customized launcher with strengthen for subject matters like Nova Launcher.
Be at liberty to touch me any time by means of electronic mail or telegram
Guidelines 1. To make use of Selection Icons Merely grasp the app icon then make a choice edit, then make a selection minma icons then choose the required icon.
2. Use those Icons With Darkish or Black Wallpapers or topics for higher appears to be like. Three. Take a look at FAQ Phase on App for higher working out. Four. To Request an App icon, sign up for my telegram Neighborhood.

Supported Launchers
• Motion Launcher
• ADW Launcher
• Apex Launcher
• Atom Launcher
• Aviate Launcher
• CM Theme Engine
• CROSS Launcher
• Holo Launcher
• Holo Launcher HD
• LG House
• Lucid Launcher
• M Launcher
• Nougat Launcher
• Nova Launcher ( extremely advisable)
• Sensible Launcher
• Solo Launcher
• V Launcher
• ZenUI Launcher
• Launcher
• ABC Launcher
• Evie Launcher

Extra Supported Launchers
• CPL Launcher
• Microsoft Launcher
• Rootless Launcher
• POCO Launcher
• Extra Coming Quickly
Promo Video:

CREDIT – Dani Mahardhika (OG CandyBar Dashboard)
– Sarsa Murmu (Progressed CandyBar Dashboard)
– Pasha Puma (Fixing my Queries)
– Siddhart Roy (For Making Nova Setup With My Icon Pack)
– My Tester Workforce For Trying out the Builds
Observe Me Right here My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/srohit1996
Telegram Group: https://t.me/androidcustomisation
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/therohitshetty?s=09
Gmail: [email protected]


40 comments on "Minma Icon Pack Mod Apk"

  1. Nodens Wright says:

    Absolutely amazing set of icons. Love the simplicity and minimal look of it! love the dark background, goes very well with my customized screen setups and the icons themselves. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. Justis Gregson says:

    Designs are great, even the automatic icons are great. This app needs to have more generic icons, such as a shopping cart. icons that don’t represent a single app, but things in general. but great app.

  3. Gwyndolynn Derrik says:

    really nice app, loved it. But still one problem, icons do not change on edge panel in Samsung device that is s8. Do you have any solution for that. This is only reason to give 4 stars otherwise it deserves 5 Edited:- Even if the edge panel in Samsung does not support it, this app truly deserves 5 stars. And if possible, man please make your icons support for edge panel, I will love it. Also bring your icons to the galaxy themes. People will love it. Thanks

  4. Enerstyne Tassa says:

    icons are beautiful. once you find the right wallpaper, your setup will look amazing. one minor issue is the icon won’t change for my chase app even though the app has one for it. its not the end of the world though. amazing app

  5. Ilena Ceci says:

    All of my icons reverted to their original form. This really makes me mad, cause I really loved the icons on this app. I can’t navigate properly. It’s like borrowing a phone. I’ve tried everything to fix it and now I’m waiting ages for this app to check some licence. How long is this going to take??

  6. Deane Seal says:

    I hope the developer sees this. This pack worked really good and I’m using it from the last 3months and matched my theme perfectly. I’m on Poco F1 and now I’m unable to apply it. The icons are not turning into black themed but they look like default icons. This is happening since the last time update if I can recall correctly. 5stars for serving me good but I’d really appreciate if you can provide a solution on how to get back the black theme borderline icons. Thank You.

  7. Rhobert Donnika says:

    I cant use it. When i applied to my poco launcher, the only thing that changes is the app calendar. But still, the day on the calendar is wrong. It says 12 when the day is really 25. I really wanna use it please help. I’m using oppo a71(2018)

  8. Melyssa Queen says:

    Not that bad.. some icons like Gmail, Drive and YouTube did look cool but some others like Play Store, the Google app and Play Music were a bit disappointing to look at. Overall, I recognize the hard work that is being put into this icon pack since it’s still getting updates so I can say that the app did have a positive impact on me.. Keep up the good work, we might cross roads again and it hopefully will last longer next time 🙂

  9. Aria Ondria says:

    My most favourite icon pack yet! I have looked at different icon packs, but they all have the same style icons within each app. Minma has a lot of different choices for icons and works perfectly for my OnePlus phone. I am even able to change the icons that are set by Minma so I can have an icon that suits my phone more! What more could you ask for?

  10. Ashutosh Anand says:

    Really good , considering that it is a new icon pack . This only con/bug I found was in the feature present in which the non designed icons get a dark ring even covered a thin color ,And the feature by which we can change the color is pretty unique , however I thought that one tap will change the ring to the displayed color, but it was random , so I did it , and kept doing it until I got my desired color , please fix this and make the method easy, other than that it’s a 5🌟

  11. Carlstan says:

    It’s great. I’ve been using it as my go to icon pack with Evie launcher. The black themed minimalist design and a black background wallpaper makes it probably the best looking one in my opinion.

  12. Andrew Kachila says:

    Great Icon Pack, like their minimalistic feel and design. Though I use Evie Launcher which is not supported, I was still able to apply the icon pack. I will give 5 stars when more options are provided for the clock widget.

  13. Hector Casillas says:

    Its a good icon app with a nice selection. Only problem i have is app keeps turning on the access to use background data. Ive turn it off several times and later on its on again. That needs to get fixed and ill gladly change my rating into 5 stars.

  14. Big_ChunkyMonky says:

    Great app! Everything looks perfect, but I only have one complaint: every time I press the close button, the Icon pack closes. Maybe I am using the wrong launcher, but I don’t know.

  15. Niranjan Reddy says:

    Hi, This is my favourite icon pack on the Playstore. Really appreciate your hardwork. Just a small gripe. Could you also add old icons too to select in the app. I miss the old icons. They were really cool. Just a suggestion.

  16. Alex says:

    Very happy with this app. The icons are sleek and they mesh really well with the general aesthetic of my phone’s interface. Was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning and see a whole new slew of icons ready to go. Keep up the good work.

  17. Pat K says:

    Amazing icons, they look great. I mainly wanted them to try to help with battery life and prevent screen burn. Oled screens don’t use any power for black areas of screen and of course darker areas of screen use less power. I use a primarily black background and combined with the reduced graphics coverage should help (even if marginally) with battery life and maybe image burn. The icons are designed really well which is a bonus

  18. Nawazish Bilal says:

    The application is just amazing, small – doesn’t take much space, handcrafted – the icons give a huge premium feel for no price, Great service – The icons keep updating and the feature to request for our own apps is just amazing, great experience. Totally recommended👍

  19. Michael Fagan says:

    Really loved the icons, up until the recent change. They used to be sharp and vibrant, now they look broken and washed out. Major disappointment. This went from a previous 5 Star to a 2. Any way I can refresh back to your previous icons?

  20. Cian Amor says:

    App icons got updated one day and they totally changed from clean-minimalistic to some futuristic-retro and it completely changed the vibes. Not terrible but it doesn’t match my setup now so I’ll be using a different icon pack

  21. Agnidipto Sinha says:

    Loved how the icons looked previously. This was my favorite icon pack in the Play Store. The recent changes make it look much less minimilastic and crisp than it used to. Disappointed.

  22. Andrew Gray says:

    I tried multiple icon packs, and liked this one the best by far. The only real caveat is that it is, as noted by the dev, quite limited so far, with only about 1/4 of my apps having icons. It works for me because I really only needed it for my homescreen and can find suitable icons for the apps I have pinned there (I just leave the app drawer with native icons), but if you want an icon for every app this might not be the pack for you.

  23. Elvio Petillo says:

    Hmm icons look nice, but there’s popular apps that don’t have one and icon requests is broken-ish. I opened the request in some email program and there was no Send-To Email filled in. So I tried to re-send the request through another Email app but the Icon app “thought” I already requested them. Kinda bad…:(

  24. Ayush Banerjee says:

    I have used a lot of icon packs, Infact I change it every 6 months, but honestly, it has been one year, ever since I have not changed the icon pack. It’s too good. Thanks a lot developers for this beautiful piece of craft.

  25. Nishant Mishra says:

    Really good icon pack. Supports most icons, and gives you the option to request app icon support for unsupported apps. Very consistent look and feel. 10/10 would recommend. Edit: the app doesn’t change the icon of this app itself, pretty weird but it’s alright otherwise

  26. Donna Pillaro says:

    I love love LOVEEE this app! It has icons for almost anything! One suggestion tho, please add icons for things like Gacha Life and FancyKey. Other than that, this is AMAZING! And, pleasemake it to where you can apply it to IOS Launcher. And every time I apply, it leaves a large white circle behind the icon.

  27. Frank Raúl Pérez Pérez says:

    Amazing icon set, all that I was looking for. But it’s needed an update of Edge app icon and OneNote’s because the actual are based in the old Microsoft’s icons. And please make some for Office and Onedrive.

  28. Low_ Speccer says:

    The icon pack designed just for me. This is exactly what i imagine when i search for a dark minimal texture pack. Very great experience. Btw please try to add a icon for microsoft office…..

  29. Sumanth Munikrishnappa says:

    After the update, the icon pack only applies to the popular apps. Earlier it would apply a circular ring around other icons aswell. now everything looks messy and uneven. Uninstalling.

  30. Aditya Tripathi says:

    This is just the style i was looking for. Beautiful icons for almost all the apps. And the best feature is that i can request the icons that are not available.

  31. equi says:

    Clean icons! I love the dark and minimalistic designs! However, I noticed that some apps does not have an icon. I have email the dev, but I did not get a response. Nevertheless, I would recommend this icon pack to others!

  32. Rishikesh R says:

    An icon pack that does well with the icons it has. For the ones that it doesn’t have, the adaptive version of the original icon is used, which looks pretty nice as well. Overall, amazing work.

  33. Derp Derpington says:

    *!!!!ATTENTION NEW USERS!!!! * Don’t get the premium version. Stick with the free version. The creator is not actively updating. It’s been 8 months since the last update and premium icon packs should be getting an update at least every 1-2 months. And judging by how other apps made by this creator, this is a trend. Make something then neglect it. I would look for alternatives which is a shame because these are actually really nice icons. Alternatively get outline icon by RandomVector.

  34. K Walker says:

    This is a relatively common design, but this pack stands out. A solid design that goes well with various wallpapers and themes. Unfortunately there haven’t been any updates since mid 2021. With regular updates, this could be 5 stars, but that must be earned, not given as encouragement.

  35. Isa Swain says:

    A great looking pack. If the dev reads this, I wasted my app requests coz he seems not to have entered his email address. I was taken straight from the app to Gmail to send my list but it ended up bouncing back because the address to send (which admittedly I didn’t check) is just a generic ‘your email here’ placeholder which dev should have replaced with his. Also I was surprised that a couple of common Microsoft apps aren’t supported: OneDrive & Office kept their icons. Still worth 5 stars

  36. Ryan Du says:

    I would have given this a five star rating but it doesn’t support my all launcher (Moto App Launcher) so I can’t use it at all. I really want to use it though because I’ve seen the icon designs so please add support for Moto App Launcher. Edit: it’s been half a year since I first asked for Moto App Launcher support – I even contacted and emailed the developer and have received no response. Much to my dismay, the developer has spent all their time on a paid “V2” version of this app pack.

  37. Youssef “Youssef Land” Nasr says:

    I love this icon pack A LOT! 🤩 The icon pack has a redesign missing, and I found out that it has an icon for Netflix. And I also want the icon pack to be available for Huawei Launcher. 😕 Still, I like this icon pack! 😃👍🏻

  38. Samson James says:

    I love the art style, but a lot of the icons listed don’t work and are just default with the custom on my Oppo Find X2 Lite. (Lawnchair 2)

  39. Nigel Price says:

    Very good for a free pack. It has a nice Clean and Consistent style. There aren’t icons for some fairly popular apps (mainly games) but I will still rate 5 stars because this is free and the expectation is lower.

  40. Lara M. says:

    Beautiful and simple pack. I’m having some issues with the new Poco UI update but that’s totally Poco’s fault for not supporting icon packs

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