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Abstract renderings of your favorite apps
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Melon Productions
December 21, 2021
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Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk

Welcome to Appstract!

Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk mod apk

Not like typical icon packs, every icon is a thorough abstraction of the unique icon

Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk apk mod new

*Works with maximum main launchers (see record underneath)
*Includes a number of minimalist backgrounds

Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk apk

Totally Appropriate (and Integrated in Practice Phase) Motion Launcher
ADW Launcher
Apex Launcher
Atom Launcher
Aviate Launcher
CM Theme Engine CROSS Launcher
Holo Launcher
Holo Launcher HD
LG House Lucid Launcher
M Launcher
Mini Launcher Subsequent Launcher
Nougat Launcher
Nova Launcher Good Launcher
Solo Launcher
V Launcher
ZenUI Launcher Launcher
ABC Launcher
Evie Launcher

Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk

Totally Appropriate (however now not Integrated in Practice Segment)
Arrow Launcher
ASAP Launcher
Cobo Launcher
Line Launcher
Mesh Launcher
Peek Launcher
Z Launcher Release by way of Quixey Launcher
iTop Launcher
KK Launcher
MN Launcher
New Launcher
S Launcher
Open Launcher
Flick Launcher

Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk release

Do you need to give a contribution icons to Appstract? Head over to Appstract’s Github ( to get began.


40 comments on "Appstract Icon Pack Mod Apk"

  1. Tanith Algar says:

    This icon pack is unique and a welcome departure from conventional designs. Unfortunately, this is the dev’s school project and not a serious effort to build a complete pack, which is a shame because the dev’s icon theme is a design aesthetic not seen before in the Playstore. I give the effort 3 stars; if this were a pack under active development, it would easily merit 5 stars. I hope the dev will reconsider. I would pay a couple of bucks for a complete pack.

  2. Hadden Walsh says:

    The current icons are so beautiful. But, there are very few icons available. However, many other icons that needs to be created. If there are other icons also available. Definitely this would be the best icons pack I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work guys 🙂

  3. Shepley Eadgyth says:

    This is really one of a kind icon pack I ever experienced. Unique in a way and deserve more than 5 star if number of icon increase. Really appreciate the developer and looking forward to buy a premium version in future if available. No other icon pack impressed me as much as it does on play store. One of a kind on play store.

  4. Katlin Dennisa says:

    Like the icons, not so much a fan of the black line elements on all though, eg. preferred the old gallery icon before the update. The black lines give them a bolder look, but I liked the more abstract softer icons in the previous version.

  5. Ramm Averyl says:

    The icons are really great and would provide a new and abstract look to my phone if it were compatible with my launcher CPL launcher. I hope the devs will make it compatible on later updates. Will eagerly wait for that day. It’s a great icon pack and the wallpapers are also good.

  6. Smythe Aryelle says:

    In my 15+ years of using a cell phone (10ish with a “smartphone”), I have honestly never felt compelled to write a review, good or bad. But I love these things. I would GLADLY pay for these. Most designs are broken down into just the very basic shapes and principles in the original icons and logos, so you get a nice, simple, clean look that’s also very aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Elmir Georgianna says:

    lacking tons of icons most packs have but with only 200 it still manages to have all the icons I actually NEED unlike most other packs. Steam, Discord, and Youtube Music just to name a few (that most icon packs either have and dont easily apply, or don’t have at all) minimalism is king and this is easily my absolute new favorite icon pack of the 2 or maybe 3 dozen I have downloaded

  8. Eveline Zane says:

    very original and creative icon pack, though it does lack a lot of icons, and compatability with different launchers such as Evie. I also have a bug in the app where some apps won’t show up in the “request icons” page. Otherwise a very solid pack, five stars when it is finished, that is for sure!

  9. Ealasaid Jimmie says:

    If you’re seeing the “theme doesn’t contain any pickable icons” in SmartLauncher 5, use “From Gallery” instead, then choose Appstract. I adore this icon pack. It doesnt have the most icons, but the ones that are included are unique and well done. I would love to see a version that worked better on dark wallpapers (with white instead of black for the line work), but this pack is good enough to find a wallpaper the works with them.

  10. Melody Taina says:

    Very creative and fun to look at, but it needs more icons. Even very basic icons like VLC and MX player are missing. Hope there’s an update soon!

  11. Daleen Meggie says:

    This Pack is Complete Garbage. First, it has a whopping 200 icons in a app store library in the thousands.. tens of thousands. This means you will mostly likely only have 1-6 icons usable in everything you own. The last thing is the most unforgivable.. You cannot (either by a bug in the app or incompetance) manually assign any icons.. it just does nothing… its completely useless. Dont waste the energy it takes to tap your finger on the install button. You will better off for it.

  12. Malinda Justis says:

    These are surprisingly pretty and versatile icons. You can find an icon at least slightly relavant to most any app, although you have to kinda stretch it sometimes if you want everything to have an appstract icon. I personally had no problems with nova launcher. I’m excited to see more icons show up over time.

  13. Landri Darlla says:

    This is, without doubt, one of the absolute best icon packs in the entire PlayStore! Sure the pack is limited to a small number of apps, but the originality more than makes up for it. I can only hope the developer continues to grow the collection because its wonderful! Great work 🙂

  14. Vale Cody says:

    Beautiful. I usually stick to the classic “Pixel” icons, but this is just something else. Great work. Biggest issue is the amount of icons. The dev is a full time student, and the icon pack is free, so I completely understand. Nonetheless, this isn’t an icon pack where you can just use other icon packs for your missing apps. It’s all or nothing, which is unfortunate. Doesn’t even have an icon for Google Home 🤷‍♂️. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this though.

  15. Fleming Constantino says:

    Beautiful icons, but I’d really love to see support for the Evie launcher; I can’t use all the icons because of the incompatibility, and I’d really rather not have to give it up solely for new icons. Edit: updated my rating. Thank you for adding support for this launcher; I love these icons!

  16. Arlanda Acwel says:

    Pretty cool and interesting pack. The designs are well made and amazing to stare at. I do wish more apps are supported, however, I did read that you are a full time student and I understand that. Hopefully you add more icons to this because its a cool project and a gorgeous pack!

  17. Bonie Morton says:

    The icons are beautiful, but difficult to use. I know you only just added support for choosing individual icons, but still, it’s a pain to use with iconzy because you can’t search by name. None of the icons are named when opened with iconzy which means you have to scroll through the whole list to find what you want. Keep it up, though. Good work

  18. Jenice Colvert says:

    Hey Melon Productions, that one “A Google User” guy who called you incompetent is ironically incompetent themselves. Usually with these types of packs your supposed to use a launcher like Nova Launcher which changes all your icons based on what pack you want and yes you can manually assign icons to look a certain way choosing one of these presets because I just did it. Lol. Now that’s unforgivable. I hope this gave you a good laugh because it sure did for me. 👍🏾👍🏾😂

  19. Clemence Ead says:

    With A Light Theme version of these; Using an AMOLED Screen with this is absolutely stunning, probably the most innovative and creative icon pack on the store, extremely underrated as well. What would further differentiate it is a Light-theme where it fits behind a black background. with AMOLED screens it fades it, and cuts off the icon a bit. My favorite Icon Pack.

  20. Selwyn Rabecca says:

    liked the over all style, but colours should be more vivid and punchier. For me at least. also be more creative with that black outline. every app Google that provides had same curved line. quite confusing if u don’t pay attention to the colours.

  21. Benn Eliot says:

    Awesome designs and very cool concept, but there just not enough icons and infrequent updates for me to feel good about using it. I know the dev is busy I totally understand, and if you don’t have a lot of apps, at least on your home screen, definitely try these out! The ones that are themed are all awesome and super unique.

  22. Jennie Lyudmila says:

    Love this icon pack. The good thing about Appstract is that while the icons can be very, well, abstract, they keep their original colour/s. In my experience, colour is the most important thing when looking for an app quickly.

  23. Firman Sibley says:

    By far my favorite icon pack. Goes with a lot of my wallpapers. The icons also look classy and polished. The amount of apps it covers is also impressive. Out of around the 50 of my most used apps on my home screen nearly all are supported. 👌🏼

  24. Luann Makenzi says:

    Officially my favorite all time icon pack! Nice varied selection and a ton more to choose from to fill in the few blanks. I also love how there’s also a color selection pallette at the end so I can fill in color gaps.

  25. Alexx Dreogan says:

    I adore these icons. Each one looks painstakingly designed and rendered, which isn’t easy to do at all. I do wish there were more icons; it makes it difficult to use as is. Gorgeous, though, and I’m sure it’ll take time to catch up to all the apps.

  26. Peck Ginny says:

    It’s insanely amazing! This is for the first time of my 7 years of Android life, I’m reviewing an ICON Pack. Each & every icons is incredibly designed. But the only improvement needed is making more & more icons.

  27. Marlyssa Garner says:

    I love the minimalism and it works great with OLED wallpapers. The only problem really is the lack of icons, but for a student doing everything by themselves I think this is a pretty great pack.

  28. Genny Jennifur says:

    Stumbled across this as I was looking for a pack to replace the one I’ve been using for years, didn’t really expect to find such a gem as this! Great job, developer/s! I appreciate the reinterpretation of each app icon alone, the designs are minimalist and the colors so nice ♡~♡ Blends really well with my background aesthetic lol, held back a star reluctantly because it doesn’t have all the icons for the apps I have yet. I hope to have them soon!

  29. Alexandra Lustig says:

    This is hands down the most GORGEOUS icon pack for android. I’m obsessed with the abstract interpretation of our most popular apps. Looking at my phone screen is now a pleasant experience 🙂 If only i could use these for my desktop apps & folders!

  30. Roshni Nair says:

    I see many people complaining about the few icons here. It’s true that the pack has limited icons, but it’s so beautiful and unlike the others out there that I’m willing to overlook this con. You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into it. Also, depending on the launcher you use, you can apply Appstract to home icons only, and play around with a more ‘comprehensive’ pack for app drawers. Considering that this one’s free, I don’t think anyone should be cribbing. Thank you, developer.

  31. Emil F says:

    Downloaded about 20 different packs and this is the one I keep going back to. Great designs. A tip for people who want more icons; you can manually change icons to a specific one. I use Huawei but it should be similar for others. Tap and hold on a app and choose edit, then tap the icon. There are a bunch of icons to choose from and, since they are all abstract, allot of them work just fine. The swedish subway app for example, I replaced that with an existing icon designed for something else.

  32. James Wise says:

    Great Aesthetic. Covers all the google apps I’ve got (1 star off, bc it doesn’t cover a Lot of others) If you’re looking for an icon pack for mainly just google apps, and you’re aiming for this look- this is it. kudos to the artist- they all look great. 👍

  33. Robert Abramson says:

    Of the hundreds of icon packs I’ve tried over the years, this pack stands above and beyond. I love the beautiful, pastel colors which are easy on the eyes. Think Salvador Dali when describing the design. It does seem to be in limited numbers but I highly recommend. If you’d only pay for one your entire life this would be it.

  34. Justin Davis says:

    Absolutely love these icons and their style. In a sea of icons that just dress up the existing app logos, this set goes for ART and semiotic interpretation. The only thing that detracts from it is that it’s relatively light on icons for existing apps or different colored versions of basic apps like dialer or email. Definitely worth the purchase even with that said.

  35. Razin Rahim says:

    I really love this icon pack. It’s top 3 if not my most favorite icon pack. I’ve used tons of packs but this one stand above others, totally in its own style. It’s differences show how much developer put efforts in every icon and each icons is a work of art on its own. Highly recommended. Keep up the good work developer.

  36. Emmy Houston says:

    These are lovely, minimalist, beautiful icons. Only 4 stars given because even tho there is the ability to request icons for apps that don’t have them yet, I can’t seem to be able to request one for Amazon Audible, which is a pretty major app and sits right in the middle of my home screen…

  37. Ali Gökçe says:

    Wow, this icon pack is so unique, feels so good. Years of searching the perfect icon pack finally concluded, thanks to you (I’m not joking, it’s been for about 9 years.) I just found out the dark version, also. You should add an option for small donations 😉

  38. Alix Ladent says:

    This icon pack is all at once the most relaxing, the most elegant and one of the most unique packs I’ve ever seen. App coverage is pretty good too. Only one question, is it possible to give the dev some money and if yes, where? This pack has made all of my Android phones so much more pleasant and I feel it more than deserves retribution

  39. Dawn Marie Fiske says:

    These are fantastic! I actually downloaded a new theme just to use with these icons…and it looks amazing! Such beautifully designed icons that are so smart looking and original. Looking forward to updates…and one small request…I wish there was a voicemail icon. Keep up the excellent work!

  40. Camilo Ruiz says:

    Truly Unique Design! I really enjoy the overall aesthetics of these icons and can only say more icons! I know this will come with time and it’s definitely worth supporting this designer as they really seem to put effort into how they simplify each icon but keep them looking very recognizable at the same time. Update: hasn’t been updated in over a year I’m not sure if it’s supported anymore

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