Always On: Edge Music Lighting Premium Apk

Edge Music Visualizer & Always On Displays (AOD) from the creators of Muviz
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December 9, 2022
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Always On: Edge Music Lighting Premium Apk

Muviz Edge is a primary of its sort app that shows a Are living Track Visualizer across the edges of your display when you are being attentive to song out of your favorite song apps. You’ll even revel in edge lighting fixtures over our thrilling set of At all times on Show Monitors.

At all times On: Edge Song Lights Top class Apk apk

It’s a great tune significant other so as to add edge track lighting fixtures in your new age units with edge to edge rounded display.

At all times On: Edge Track Lighting fixtures Top rate Apk apk mod

Helps main Song Apps Revel in audio visualizer with tune from quite a lot of song apps regardless of whether or not they’re offline or streaming.

All the time On: Edge Song Lights Top rate Apk apk mod new

At all times On Show Proceed playing edge visualizer even after the display screen is grew to become off with our At all times on Show screensaver characteristic.

At all times On: Edge Track Lights Top rate Apk

We now have rising set of AODs which can be utilized independently or together with our visualizers. All the time on Shows may also be widely customised with our in-built editor. Even you’ll set AOD backgrounds.

All the time On: Edge Tune Lighting fixtures Top class Apk mod apk

One of the crucial AODs are
• Sun Machine Clock AOD Screensaver
• Eclipse Clock AOD Screensaver
• Flip Clock AOD Screensaver
• Android 12 Clock AOD Screensaver
• Textual Content Clock AOD Screensaver
• Nike Watch Face AOD Screensaver
• Blinky Animation AOD Screensaver
• Retro 8-bit Clock AOD Screensaver
and extra to return.

All the time On: Edge Song Lights Top class Apk release

Customizable Design Packs
The app accommodates responsive visualizer design packs crafted in particular for display screen edges and will also be custom designed to check your taste. Get able to enjoy recent new designs as you cross!

At all times On: Edge Song Lighting fixtures Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Colour Palette Galore
The app means that you can customise the visualizer colours in lots of conceivable tactics.
• Choose colours from a suite of inventory palettes.
• Use colours from album quilt / album artwork / duvet artwork of the lately enjoying tune.
• Routinely practice colours from present album artwork.
• Add your individual customized colour palette.
• Save all eye catching colour palettes into your palette assortment.

Visualizer Keep an eye on Choices • Possibility to choose song assets for visualisation.
• option to dim the background and stay the display screen ON when visualizer is lively.
• solution to disguise visualizer over fullscreen apps. (whilst taking part in video games and movies)
• Possibility to choose apps over which visualizer must be displayed.
Dealing with problems? don’t hesitate to drop us a mail at [email protected]


40 comments on "Always On: Edge Music Lighting Premium Apk"

  1. Domaniciqu Secilia says:

    I love have some flahsy visuals to make my phone stand out, I also really like things that are audio responsive. I have a unique phone, it’s the ROG phone 2, I have had no compatibility issues thanks to settings that let you adjust the rounded screens, this app is amazing and I bought the pro version immediately, I honestly really recommend it and I can’t wait for more visuals to get added.

  2. Cristobal Leverton says:

    This app is a unique music visualizer but there is some potential. I was expecting to see a line option where it can slowly disappear around the screen in proportion to how much time is left on the song. That line option can change it from a simple visualizer to actually have a use to visualize time remaining on a song. I also wish to see lockscreen support.

  3. Shellie Lashonda says:

    I really like the concept, I like the app, I do wish there were more options to increase/decrease frequency of lines, more fluidity of some of the options. For example I use the corner out option, but the colors come on blocks, and I think that the blocks could have less sharp edges, maybe some gradients? I wish there was more ability to sync to the song. It seems like it goes off of pure dynamics alone. Maybe add something that goes off of saturation/activity of the song

  4. Jesiah Spence says:

    This app is pretty cool. The only two problems I have with it is that the lines don’t properly fit my phone. I also have a notch at the top of my phone. I think it would be even better if the line went around the notches edge instead of right through it. The second small problem I have with it is the lag. Theres about a 2-3 seconds of lag before the visualizer begins. It also takes 2-3 seconds to stop when the audio finishes.

  5. Lady Mae says:

    It’s a gimmick. Nevertheless, it’s really damn cool. It requested microphone access to record audio from your speakers but when I used SoundCloud it didn’t need the mic. So take what you will from that. I would like to see the edge lighting have an option to come from only one end of the screen. Equalizer options should also be added. Some songs it works really well to visualize and others not so much.

  6. Laurene Glorin says:

    I downloaded this out of curiosity and came to find a gem of an app. It’s simple, easy to use, and gives just the right amount of control over the look. I purchased the lines pack and got a lot more options to play with. The app just works, unlike so many other similar apps. I also like that it can use Spotify’s api to set the colors to match the album cover.

  7. Cyd Ellesia says:

    Honestly I like the effects it brings to the screen when you listen to music. Is very pleasant to just watch and chill. One complain I kinda have (not really a complain, but still) is that if there isn’t a music playing after a while, the app just closes. So you have to open it again if you want the effects. I’d like if it stays open always, even if no music is playing after a long period of time.

  8. Jarret Henrick says:

    The app performs completely as described, it does require quite a few permissions, especially if you want it to be able to fetch colors from album art. My only gripe is that it’s no a true VU meter like you’d find using rainmeter or in audio software, and they don’t advertise it as that, which is good I just really like being able to watch the frequency responce of my music in real time, so this was a bummer. Not gonna keep it on my system, but if the devs stick to it, this will be hella good

  9. Park Carolynn says:

    I had previously downloaded a similar app, which came with designed variations of the equalizer bar but found it to be “too busy” versus the simple aesthetic that this particular one has. My favorite features of this app is the different styles to choose from (ie: mirror rain, corners out, flat/side bars, etc.) & that it has the ability to pull colors from the playing album’s cover to use in it’s display. I very rarely opt to get the PRO version of apps, but I mos’definately did for this! <3

  10. Hazardøus says:

    Very nice visualizer that displays over whatever app you’re using (if you enable it) unlike others, it does activate only to the beat and is very customizable. The few things you can pay for aren’t essential, but are definitely worth it and reasonably priced. Note that this only affects the edges of your screen and you can adjust it accordingly. The only thing I would recommend adding is direct app compatibility where the color corresponds with the album icon of whatever you’re listening to 5/5

  11. A says:

    Big fan. For some reason it doesn’t work well with poweramp, the colors are off. Please fix. Some desirable features: speed varies based on the beat of the song automatically (I know easier said than done). Swap the direction of the movement (clockwise and anti-cl…) when the next song plays. Or better when the user forces the next song?

  12. Ian Acosta says:

    I just got the app and bought the extra features. I love it so far but I’m a bit disappointed that it doesn’t wrap around completely if your phone has a notch, and with the pixel 3 xl the border isn’t placed well around the border so there’s a slight gap between the curve and edge. I modified it so that it’s minimally intrusive but other than that everything else is fantastic. Works well with my new minimalist launcher.

  13. iki dawn says:

    works great! but it has its issues, it will prevent you from closing apps on a chromebook and will dim the screen even though you are using the device, despite leaving it alone. i would reccommend this app for mobile users but not chromebook users. It has too many bugs for chromebook that it really isnt worth your time. (for developers) bugs i have found on chromebook: -doesnt pick up audio from non mobile apps such as chrome and its affiliated applications -prevents closer of apps and functions

  14. Adam Fisher says:

    Cool app that brings music listening experience to whole new level . I’ve bought some extras right after using this app for 5 minutes ,love the dim effect . Long story short , this app and it’s extras defenetly are the best especially for such small price ,but it would be great if it worked when screen is locked and also in AOD(always on display) ,hope we will get such features in near future .

  15. Kevin M. says:

    OUTDAYTED its a really solid app! Like it works flawlessly with my device…until I noticed that the visualizer started acting funny…it kept freezing every 18-20 seconds for about one second and that was very offputting to see. I cleared the apps cache, force stopped it and cleared out RAM and the app just isn’t the same anymore. Now it appears to be behaving randomly, even though its not but it appears to. I tested a few songs with slow build ups and it moves frantically which is inaccurate.

  16. Oven Heating says:

    Great app!! Does pretty much exactly what i expect. It does need one thing however and thats the ability to adust sensitivity so i can play at higher volumes with less action. Edit here: it does have the ability to adjust its sensitivity but how about one more update where you can choose the sensitivity of specific notes entirely. I myself would prefer only the bass section of the songs to be shown across the bars but theres no ability to do so. I would like to be able to adjust trebel as well.

  17. Eli Greer says:

    Took a little fanagaling, but pretty awesome once I got it working. Battery drain is a little noticeable, but my phone is also garbage. I hope we get some more custmization options, like visualizer intensity (I.e. the ability to lock the visualizer to the top an bottom vertically, and on le left and right in horizontal) but overall I really like this.

  18. Bob Billy says:

    It’s pretty neat. The flat and side bars aren’t quite as accurate as I’d like them to be. It always feels like they get stuck sometimes, or they run at a low frame rate, even if you adjust the speed option. Also paying for custom colors is pretty lame, but since that’s included in buying any of the other display options it wasn’t a big deal.

  19. Devin “Wolf” Bryant says:

    The app is phenomenal. Doesn’t really slow my phone down much and while it uses a decent amount of battery, which is to be expected if you listen to music or use other media a lot, it isn’t an outrageous amount of battery. The only real complaint is all of the in all purchases. Rather than paying a dollar or two for a pro version to unlock everything, there are several separate purchases that you have to buy if you want to unlock everything. If there was one purchase for all, would be 5 stars.

  20. David Guajardo says:

    It’s definitely a great concept 💡 love the idea of it all. Although I would definitely appreciate sum more visual effects. More spectrums, and as for some they don’t really sync with music. To my understanding at least, perhaps they do though they don’t completely look like they have a purpose other than color. Like the fire effect or the chasing one. Other than what I’ve listed it wonderful! Thank you !

  21. Joel Vázquez says:

    Compared to their first app this one is way better. It’s easier to set up and instead of having a plethora of options, there are just a select few visualizations that just look great. It’d be great if the line width could be adjusted on some of the options, but overall it’s perfect.

  22. Amore says:

    This app is incredible!!! Some people are saying that the app does not sync with their music. In my opinion it DOES!!! I’m using side bars and it’s working great, looking great, and synced up with my music. Very impressive keep up the good work!!!!

  23. Benji says:

    Decent app, but is the visualization based off frequency or decibel levels? If it’s modeling a frequency spectrum, it’s really inaccurate and needs a fix. If it’s decibel levels (which seems more likely,) it’s still inaccurate, but it’d help to have a setting to adjust a gate/limiter with a slider in the settings of the app. Ex. you would be able to set it so only sounds above -8db (adjustable) would be shown with the app. This would make the app more responsive and customizable to each person.

  24. Clint Ferguson says:

    Minor “glitches” but 100% awesome. The only real issue I’ve noticed is the screen edge’s “roundness” setting seems to get reset whenever the app updates. It’s a minor gripe, but it still gets annoying. Sometimes the visualizer doesn’t work, so you need to open the app and futz around. Nothing that I’d consider a real problem though. Overall, I’d actually rate this a 95/100. True fact. I just really like how it always makes my phone stand out, and I know my music is playing when on low volume.

  25. Rosetta Stoned says:

    Pretty cool app for a music visualizer. Though, there are some small things I’d like to see changed. When using the AOD, my phone gets quite warm and my battery drains quickly. Also, the visualizer seems to track music wrong sometimes, with beats not showing or showing after a slight delay.

  26. Mike Musoki says:

    This is awesome.The app is almost perfect. To make it an absolute king, I would suggest the following. > Making the lighting actually react to the music. Like reacting to amplitude levels like a VU meter and or to frequencies (FFT) so the lighting ‘dances’ to the music. Just a random stale animation is kinda boring. > Another minor adjustment is able to define notches in the in the ‘define screen edges’ screen.

  27. Ash Kuklinski (Ashten) says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. Way to expand the edge lighting feature. Only thing I’d like to see added is support for when audio output on Spotify is streaming to a device. Audio through Bluetooth, or the phone works, but when I connect to my stereo through Spotify, it doesn’t start up. I realize Muviz might not see the audio if Spotify is streaming to a device.

  28. Chris Vydas says:

    I would not even bothered if i knew it wasn’t going to do anything. My phone has AOD settings and some nice clocks to choose from etc. I wanted something that work with the stock music player. Installed muviz and changed all appropriate/required settings and yet nothing happened when my screen times out. Useless, if i could leave a negative rating then I’d do that.

  29. Tyler Green says:

    It’s nice when it works. Unfortunately, it rarely does. Continually gives the error “Unable to access Audio FX layers on your device, without which visualizer can’t be generated.” Tried all the troubleshooting I could and could not get it to reliably work. Shame, it’s a cool app.

  30. Alex Dickhaus says:

    Everyone who has a phone with edge lighting should download this app right now! Not a ton of options, but enough to keep it from growing stale. Super simple and user friendly UI, and even mostly simple patterns, which gives a nice laid back feel. Definitely makes your phone more pleasing to look at, even if it is just a small accent around the screen?

  31. Shawn SQ Zhang says:

    1. It’s lovely and I like the customisations. There is plenty! 2. Works on my Samsung Galaxy 21 Ultra without issues. Installed it last night and played some music without it being killed or anything which I guess is a good win. 3. The album art visualiser works nicely except for when I go back to the previous track. It doesn’t revert back to colour of that track art. Possible bug? Moving forward works well. 4. Sometimes it prevents me from interacting with some apps like the Play Store.

  32. Jordan Avery says:

    I really like this app, but there are a couple things I’d add. First, the AOD settings could use an option for how long before it takes over the screen. For example, if you have your screen set to turn off after 1 minute, but the AOD does it at 30 seconds. Second, I know I’m in the minority here, but I’d love an option to keep the edge lighting on all the time, even when I’m just on my home screen. Besides that, great, well made app!

  33. LisaMarie Dujon-Lewis says:

    Just a few quick suggestions… The first is to choose if light goes around, or simple bars that move up and down to the beat at the top or bottom or both. The second is to put the app on a timer so it stops itself at particular time, a chosen battery level or even auto open and close when certain apps are selected. Thanks for the time to read this and your consideration regarding my opinion.

  34. MoltenCreeper is Gone says:

    I have a Google Pixel 6 Pro so I expected the phone to be able to work with this app very well. Maybe it’s just because it’s a new phone and there hasn’t been time to update the app to work for it but unfortunately it only turns on for about 3-5 seconds before shutting off and the app tells me it can’t access the vfx layer fory phone so it can’t produce the effects. The AOD screens look nice and sometimes the effects work on there but that’s about it. Which is a shame because I paid for it.

  35. Quincy “Mr. Quick” Poaches says:

    I like the app and it is easy to work with. Very pretty to look at and lots of options. My only reason to complain (which is an easy fix, I’d assume) is the notifications option. The edge lighting effect only pulses for a moment and stops. There is no option to make the notification persist or assign different lights for different types of notices. It would be nice to see what notifications I have if I walk up to my phone after leaving the room and returning, for example.

  36. James Lopez says:

    Currently updated to the newest version, when the border lighting is on, it keeps my screen from turning off (set so the lights still show when the screen is off, with the apps own locks creed set) takes several tries to turn the screen off. Would like a fix for that since the previous version didn’t have that issue, but still loving it.

  37. Aaron Colbert says:

    The selection of different types of effects are nice and I like the user interface, but when I try to lock my screen it’ll automatically unlock a half second later. If I pause the music, the screen will finally lock, but when I try to unpause from the lock screen, it’ll unlock again. If this gets fixed then I’ll try using this app again and rate it higher.

  38. Dark Justice says:

    This is a simply incredible app for customization of AOD, and music visualizations. Unfortunately, it is also a battery hog om my S22 Ultra (on Beta 2). It literally has used a third of my battery in the last 24 hours. It may or may not have anything to do with the Beta I’m running, but I’m still uninstalling it until the stable version is released. Until then, I really can’t recommend it.

  39. Judine H. says:

    My black screen looks amazing now on my Pixel. I have people asking about it all the time. It’s fun putting together your own style that you can show off. The issue that I have is when I am editing an AOD that has animation, it moves just fine until I save it for my screen. It doesn’t work for me, just idly sits. More choices would be nice for a premium user, too. There are only a few AOD’s that I use from the page you offer. Any feedback would be appreciated. Great app anyway.

  40. Kale Darville says:

    This app’s design is AWESOME. All the designs are super cool. And, everything is HIGHLY customizable. However, I have run into issues that have forced me to stop using the AoD function of the app. For example, if I put my phone in my pocket, my leg will press the screen and turn off my Bluetooth. Bottom line, I think the problems would be solved, if possible, if it worked like the built-in one on my pixel. Tweaks have been made that, unfortunately, make it unusable. Great app, though, truly! 🙂

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