Fisher-Price® Smart Connect™ Premium Apk


Control all your Fisher-Price® Smart Connect™ items right from your smart device
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September 9, 2022
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Fisher-Price® Smart Connect™ Premium Apk

The Fisher-Price® Good Connect™ app permits you to customise and regulate the entire soothing options of any Sensible Connect™ nursery equipment, together with swings, bassinets, and soothers, proper out of your sensible device—without nerve-racking your child! In finding the soothing mixture that works highest in your child and simply alter as their personal tastes exchange (and alter once more).

Fisher-Price® Good Connect™ Top rate Apk apk mod

With the Good Connect™ app, you’ll:

Fisher-Price® Sensible Connect™ Top rate Apk

• Make a choice from quite a few mild track alternatives, soothing nature sounds, or white noise, in addition to alter the amount
• Set timers in keeping with your baby’s wishes
• Modify the velocity of movement for swings and gliders
• Upload attractive gentle options (the place appropriate)
• Save your baby’s favourite settings with presets
• Keep an eye on a couple of Sensible Connect™ pieces from the similar software
• Take your baby’s fave tunes anywhere you cross

Fisher-Price® Sensible Connect™ Top rate Apk liberate

Fast to setup and handy to make use of, the Good Connect™ app from Fisher-Price is helping make new-parent lifestyles that a lot more straightforward. Obtain lately and get hooked up!


40 comments on "Fisher-Price® Smart Connect™ Premium Apk"

  1. Grantley Fay says:

    Update: I have been using it for about 2 weeks with my new born. It has been awesome. I am down stairs right now and when he starts crying I can just change up the rocking speed and then change the background sound and he goes back to sleep. Its a bluetooth connection from your phone to the rocker so its safe from remote control hacking via internet. Original: It works great and adds features not available without the app like a timer and different vibration patterns. The initial pairing happens from the app and not from your bluetooth menu. I had the do the pairing right in from of the control panel but after that it works from a few rooms away. I am not sure why everyone hates the app. It seems to work well.

  2. Gladwin Goneril says:

    App performed much better before the recent update. It doesn’t connect anymore with my phone whereas prior to the update, I never had a pairing issue. I held the power button for 5 seconds to pair the rocker with my phone but it’s still not connecting. Please fix this. * Update – the app won’t connect at all anymore no matter what I do!! Can you fix this pairing problem already?? *

  3. Weslee Brittny says:

    This was an amazing tool to help our little baby sleep. I finally got around to updating the rockers firmware and suddenly i can’t connect to it with the app. I’ve done everything i can to try and fix this, even deleted and reinstalled the app. Whatever ‘bug fixes’ were made in the last update caused way more problems than fixes.

  4. Dajanae Adalson says:

    The app does work great! HOWEVER!…The app constantly says that if I do not have GPS on that it wont work. This is a plain flat lie. It connects through Bluetooth. They ask for the GPS to be turned on because then they can track who and where their app is being used. I do coding for a living and you would be surprised how often this is used. Skip the GPS and it still works. Fix this and I will be happy to upgrade my rating.

  5. Stephenson Anisha says:

    We had the Deluxe Soother on our baby registry and were so excited to receive it. However, unfortunately, it does not work. We’ve spent the last half hour trying to figure out how to connect it to our phones. Gone through the instructions step by step, turned the bluetooth off and on several times, and uninstalled/ reinstalled the app several times. Still no luck. We will be returning this to look for a better option

  6. Ilean Wilbert says:

    Life changing but needs some improvement. The error rate is about 10% so I still count this as a highly recommended app, especially when paired with the Fisher Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother. When it works, which is most of the time it’s outstanding. I have had to uninstall and reinstall several times at random because it simply wouldn’t connect. Even one time that didn’t work and I had to wait for an update. I hope they work out the bugs because it really is an incredible tool!

  7. Jaycob Rayshell says:

    updated: they fixed the crashing and it works well now. thanks for your attention to this! having the same experience as everyone else: the app keeps crashing. thankfully my husband has the iPhone version and his still works but it’s annoying to have to text him from the other room to turn the lights down.

  8. Della Burris says:

    Update: The app is working again and I would like to thank the developer for replying to my previous review with an explanation for the issue I was having. Great customer service! Previous review: It has worked great for my soother for over a year and a half but when they updated the app on 4/19/19 to remove the rock-n-play the app completely stopped working. Now I can’t customize my soother or control it by my phone so I have to find a replacement.

  9. Russell Kit says:

    There were some problems with the app but once those were worked out the app works great. I use the app with the soother. Sometimes I have to turn off then back on the bluetooth to get it to connect and I wish there was a way to customize the timer to any time instead of few set times or continuous. I have one in my room for the baby and one in the toddler’s room next door, I can control them both from my room and there are a ton of ways to customize lights and sounds. It is super easy to use.

  10. Sally Levon says:

    I’m giving this 3 stars bc my 8 month old son loves to watch the animations/music on the go. That is the sole purpose of our use of the app. However, the app does not function correctly. Everytime I use the music/animation on the go I have to restart my phone in order to shut off the music. Even if I close the app and it is no longer on my screen the music still plays in the background & restarting my phone is the only way to shut the music off. annoying.

  11. Aaliah Vi says:

    Crashes constantly. Update: says you need your location to connect, for what? Everytime i close the app i get this error message 2 times “fisher price smart connect has stopped working.” And for the first time it decided to wake my daughter up by turning all the lights on and at full brightness and white noise on a blaring volume. If this happens again I will be returning.

  12. Laci Annie says:

    Not a fan of the latest update. It’s harder to use a and understand than before. I put my baby to bed and then turned it on to find out I had to create an account and it said I had to pair again. Then suddenly seemed to pair and I had to set up my preset again. Which was way more confusing than before. It did play but the countdown timer was gone. When I went back to the app to see if it was still playing it says “in use” but isn’t playing. I haven’t figured out how to get it to play again.

  13. Debbie Linly says:

    Since the 1/2020 update this has been impossible to use. I use this for the soother. Since the update you cannot adjust modes for the soother as easily, it won’t pair, doesn’t stay connected if you have the fortune to pair it. You cannot adjust anything about the sleep stages settings without taking it out of sleep mode first. It was very good before. Now just clunky, not intuitive or user friendly. 🙁 I uninstalled and reinstalled like one user suggested and it still doesn’t work.

  14. Carrey Anthasazia says:

    This app is garbage. Constantly crashes. Never stays connected. I tried to reinstall hoping that would help, now I get an error saying “uh oh something went wrong. Please try again” on the login screen and can’t make it past that repeated error to even log in. I would love to turn down the sound playing in my baby’s room right now while he’s napping, but since the app is total trash, I have to either make a new account with a new email or go in his room and press the button that beeps him awake.

  15. Hennah Murgatroyd says:

    Takes forever to connect and constantly disconnects. Previous app worked well. This upgraded one is horrible. I have to go into the room to turn or change setting on the deluxe soother. Defeats the purpose of an app if I’m having to go into the room risking waking my baby up. Anxiously waiting for the next update to make it work better!

  16. Nikole Jayna says:

    The update has made the app useless. It worked ok beforehand, but since the update, it can’t connect to my device, every time I try to update my child’s name it crashes, and it has become utterly unusable. If it wasn’t for the touch controls on the unit itself, I would have returned this. Bluetooth connectivity was my main reason for purchasing this over the competitors. Now I’m regretting it.

  17. Delroy Elizbeth says:

    I Wish they gave us the option to go back to the old version of the app. With This new update you literally can not connect to your product, no matter how many times you try. We have the deluxe soother which we absolutely love. I wish I could turn on my son’s customized settings. Just take everyone advice go back to the way things were. Please.

  18. Elvey Exavier says:

    This app was better before it was “updated” now it only works properly 25% of the time. Almost every time I pick it up to turn my daughter’s music on, it has disconnected again. I have to close it several times before it will finally reconnect. By that point, she is usually wide awake and upset. If it ever happens to work properly the first time, she will go back to sleep right away. I am very disappointed with the so called “update”

  19. Wythe Lynessa says:

    It doesn’t keep my device paired. I have two pair my device almost every time I go to app. The device is nice and great but when the app doesn’t work it makes it very difficult to control the device. They have done a few updates that have worked but then it stops after a few weeks

  20. Domokos Anastassia says:

    The app takes forever to load up. I have to pair the device regularly which is super frustrating. I had to uninstall the app entirely this morning. After waiting far too long for it to open, I could not get it to work. My presets are gone and I can’t save new ones. Now, the music won’t work. I press play, switch back and forth between the sound types but nothing will work.

  21. Elton Metella says:

    It’s okay when it works, but half the time it refuses to connect. When it does connect the volume only has two settings; too low and too high. You either can’t hear it or it’s so loud my child can’t sleep. Update: the latest update seems to have helped. I have not had to uninstall and reinstall to get it to connect, but I do still have to force stop it on occasion. I’m still not going to upgrade my score because I’m feeling petty.

  22. Airica Chirly says:

    So originally I loved this app and I still love the actual fisher price smart connect items, specifically the soother/night light. However, ever since the app update, I have had nothing but trouble connecting it to my phone and that is what makes me rate it so low. The app and connection was great before the updates and I have tried every trouble shooting technique there is including getting a new phone. Update: Same outcome even with the “bug fixes” of the last update. This is frustrating!

  23. Rudyard Elvyne says:

    Terrible. Worse than the original app, rarely works. When it does work, it randomly turns on music in the middle of the night and wakes up my child. Has not worked for the past week despite me uninstalling and re-installing it. Without the app, I cannot get it to go into night mode, I have to manually go in there and try to switch everything off to mimic the night time mode. Bottom line the app and the actual equipment are a pain and so not where’s the money or the hassle.

  24. Lindell Areal says:

    When it works, it’s great… unfortunately the app doesn’t connect to the device 95% of the time I would love to give more stars but sadly it just doesn’t work properly… and once I can get it to connect if I minimize or close the app it disconnects and I have to try a connect it all over again

  25. Dawson Evelynne says:

    The app doesn’t work more often than when it does. Simple app with limited features but would be adequate if it worked. Unfortunately, most of the functionality is of their products controlled through the app so their products are frustrating and disappointing. I will avoid any product that uses the Fisher Price Smart Connect app in the future.

  26. Du Danyale says:

    It is such a great idea but often doesn’t work efficiently. Unfortunately I often have difficulty connecting to the device even when I’m standing next to the soother. There will be times I attempt to use the app to turn the soother on (while it’s off) and the app won’t connect saying the device is (in use). Each time I’m actually able to control the device, if I leave the room the device disconnects and won’t allow me to reconnect and change any settings. I really wish it would work properly.

  27. Gladys Whitaker says:

    Im not able to connect to the divice anymore. It stays in the initial page with the logo and wont even go to the main page. It went from bad when I first purchased the sound machine about 9mo ago to worst. Now I cant even use any type of customization from the app and the machine is useless as as much as I try to turn the volume up manually is too low to conceal any outside noises.

  28. J. Lynn Rowan says:

    Great concept that doesn’t work. Even after downloading the update, the app loses connectivity with the Soothe and Glow Seahorse even when my phone is less than a foot away. It doesn’t remember preferences for volume and lights. Had I known what a pain this would be, I would have just gotten the basic seahorse that doesn’t need the app.

  29. N M says:

    Update: I’ve gone up to three stars and I’m cautiously optimistic. I recently got a new phone and the app is working with our seahorse again! The only thing I’d like now is the ability to play our own lullaby music through the seahorse. The preloaded, midi-style music isn’t my favorite. Being able to play our own music would be an immediate five stars.

  30. Cody Brandt says:

    This app is garbage. It’s great idea it just doesn’t work 90% of the time and when it does it takes so long to connect that usually the baby is inconsolable. Would be faster to just go turn it on myself which would defeat the purpose. It doesn’t matter if my phone is right next to the seashore or 10 feet away. I love the idea and the options. I sure wish it worked.

  31. Vaibhav Patel says:

    I would have given negative stars, if possible. This is a pathetic device and a pathetic app. App is never reliable, takes time to connect. When you turn on light from one phone you will have to go to same phone or manual buttons to turn off or change the preset. It will not allow other phone to control the device. Horrible..stay away from this.

  32. Mary Margaret says:

    I really like this sound machine and the app is pretty good. The main problem I have encountered is that it will randomly unpair in the app and I have to go through a process of repairing it. Sometimes it takes several tries to get it paired again. I also wish it could go louder simply for the white noise, which doesn’t seem as loud as the songs.

  33. Monica Morrison says:

    The app is convenient but if takes a few minutes to load and find the device. Presets do not save and when I turn the device off and turn it back on, it is a whole different setting than what it turned off from. This then makes me have to open the app and select the right settings again. Constant cycle.

  34. Elizabeth B says:

    When it works it’s great. But it always has connection issues so a lot of the time it’s useless. If I have to manually go in the nursery and turn the noises or the mobile on what’s the point of having bluetooth options? Plus having to force close the app and reopen it to try and connect is frustrating. I should have the option to try to reconnect. The timer option for the mobile/light show needs to be longer too.

  35. Dennis DeWaters says:

    I really enjoy it; it’s convenient, easy, and fast to set up. A couple of suggestions would be the ability to stream my own music through the swing’s speaker and the ability to control the chair’s vibration via the BT interface. Aside from that, very solid tech; and parent-friendly!

  36. Mark Grizenko says:

    We have the Deluxe Soother and it works great. This app is basically useless for controlling it though. When you open the app you get to play the waiting game to see if it will try and connect to the device you are trying to control. Sometimes right away or in 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, you just never know. All it needs is a button to tell it to try and connect and the app would at least be somewhat useful

  37. Sara says:

    We’ve had the Fisher Price device for a year now and both the device and the app suck. The app takes forever to load, the volume adjustment is terrible. It will be too loud but if you go down a notch it’s way too low to hear. There have been several times where the app will disconnect. I’m over it. I’ll probably sell it and get rid of the app. I would recommend not buying this music machine and just get yourself a hatch. It’s so much more convenient and you can adjust the volume.

  38. Kaleigh Root says:

    The app is nice to pick colors, sound, and volume control. It does take a few to “connect” when opening app, not sure why. The big reason behind 3 stars is there isn’t a way to fully close the app unless you go and force stop the app in phone settings. Big issue is when you force stop it, it clears out the music, song, and volume settings I had playing. Makes the music loud and not what I had on, waking baby. This NEEDS fixed! If I don’t force stop, app stays on, on my status bar (Samsung phone)

  39. Kaila Garcia says:

    Just got the Lumalou clock and we were so excited to use it. The app keeps stopping mid Bluetooth connection therefore making the purchase completely pointless. Cant set it up without the app. Very disappointing. Btw i did research prior comments once unable to sync and found this to be an issues others struggled with. Sat on the phone with customer service for half an hour going in circles with the rep. Still unresolved.

  40. Jeffrey Abraham says:

    Bugs occur if you use this app along with the buttons on the Deluxe Soother. If you use press the bottons on the Deluxe Soother other than the power button in between using the app, this can lock you out from reconnecting for some time. Usually a few hours, but it has been days. I’ve reset everything a couple of times to fix this, but it fixes itself in it’s own timeframe.

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