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December 14, 2022
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NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Premium Apk

Get day by day information signals & updates on present occasions despatched immediately for your telephone, as a result of a small information reader makes a large distinction to communities! Stay up-to-the-minute with information that affects you & your neighborhood! Learn trending headlines on reside native information updates, global information, climate indicators, & extra!

NewsBreak: Native Information & Indicators Top rate Apk apk mod

Small information makes a large distinction! NewsBreak is your Number 1 native information app for present occasions, unfastened are living information, native climate signals on your neighborhood. Obtain nowadays to stick up-to-the-minute on all issues native!

NewsBreak: Native Information & Signals Top rate Apk mod apk

Native information isn’t like nationwide US information, trending headlines or world information. NewsBreak believes that native information is helping convey neighborhoods in combination across the distinctive tales they proportion in not unusual. Most effective native, small information has the original skill to meaningfully tell the selections we make all through the day.

NewsBreak: Native Information & Indicators Top class Apk liberate

Are there any climate indicators or iciness typhoon updates for my house? What about visitors updates? What vital occasions are taking place within sight? Keep up to date with against the law map for the community & test for native climate indicators. Sign up for NewsBreak’s rising native information group & see why over 45M other folks throughout the u.s. have helped make us the nation’s Number one native information app!

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Keep in mind – we don’t do just small information! Native breaking information, sports activities information, trending nationwide & world information – NewsBreak’s were given all of it. Get the entirety from sports activities updates to nationwide information headlines & are living move information despatched instantly for your telephone whilst coming at the side of your group to proportion fascinating conversations associated with native information to your space.

NewsBreak: Native Information & Signals Top class Apk

Sign up for the 45M+ locals around the U.S. that accept as true with NewsBreak as their No 1 native information app!

NewsBreak: Native Information & Indicators Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

NewsBreak Options:

NewsBreak: Native Information & Indicators Top class Apk apk

Native Information Highlights
• Get native information, site visitors, occasions close to through, native climate indicators, information widget, & extra in a curated day by day briefing
• Reside circulation information on native channels: practice native information, occasions, newspapers, & actions • Get native climate studies & site visitors updates at a look
Breaking Information, Nationwide & Native • Each small information & breaking information, keep up to the moment with our present information protection • Day-to-day information aggregated proper onto your instrument • Browse nationwide information headlines & learn complete, in-depth tales • Use the invention engine to find tales from over 10,000 relied on assets Customized Information Feed
• Get the tales that topic to you with a extremely personalised feed, related in your likes & dislikes
• Get protection at the television information that issues maximum to you, together with sports activities information, trade information, tech information, well being information, actual property information, science information, finance information, superstar information, marketplace information, & extra!
• Stay alongside of the most recent protection of headline information & occasions, nationally & in the neighborhood!
• Our information aggregator collects & delivers the inside track that issues to you
• Get information indicators custom designed in your tastes to make NewsBreak your customized information reader

Your Group Information • To find native eats, small information updates, site visitors signals, offers, native buying groceries, & extra forward of time
• Learn non-public & brilliant tales from our native information writers & content material creators
• Deal with us as your own newsstand, mag collector, information picker, weblog reader, eating place reviewer, & extra • Keep up to date with day-to-day existence, occasions close to you, & group crime with the native protection map

Create Civic Price – Improve the Motive • Use NewsBreak to restore the native information maker ecosystem & reinforce small US information publishers
• Building up native tale quantity & geographic protection to stimulate native storytelling & group energy
Observe or Block the rage – It’s As much as You
• It’s completely cool to stick on most sensible of a few subjects, or completely hate them!
• NewsBreak permits you to practice what’s trending, or utterly block some subjects you don’t admire • You’ll be able to giggle, percentage, suppose, cry, upvote, downvote, remark, answer…
• NewsBreak is a unfastened flooring that welcomes you to precise feelings & critiques Obtain NewsBreak as of late to stick knowledgeable on native information, nationwide headlines, & international information!
Higher knowledgeable, higher lifestyles.


40 comments on "NewsBreak: Local News & Alerts Premium Apk"

  1. Haywood Bahron says:

    the user experience is about as horrible as I’ve ever come across… the least of the issues are intrusive pop up ads that you cannot close, usually containing audio. that’s THE LEAST of the issues. the more ridiculous issues are the necessity to click the story, which pops up a bottom sheet, with only a few words of the story, if that. then you need to click drag the sheet up, then click something like “read more ” then if your lucky the algorithm didn’t cut the story short forcing you to click

  2. Aria Frisa says:

    Uninstalled, and here’s why. Good coverage and selection of stories. Ad management and placement are horrible in this app! As you read the news, it jumps up and down forcing you to scroll up or down just to keep your place. It does the every 15-20 seconds. I enjoy the variety of news and stories, but I will not put up being forced to find my spot in a story every few seconds. Also to note, it does this no matter the content. Be it feel good story, or a time critical warning. Not acceptabl

  3. Natasza Gretta says:

    App does a great job covering local stories. However it doesn’t load correctly. When it loads I can only read the left hand of the page. I can slide to the right to continue reading, but when I try to slide left to continue it backs me out of the story. I also tried to zoom out to see more, albeit smaller print, but zoom isn’t working in the app. I would love to change my rating if these can be fixed. Fyi I did update it already hoping this would be corrected but no luck.

  4. Jeff Gladu says:

    Very poorly designed app. Always opens to a clip of the story, even when clicked on from the main page intentionally. Then they make no use of device rotation, so if you want to see a picture or video on the page a little bit larger, well, you are basically screwed, it can’t be done. If you try to open the story in another browser to circumvent their poor interface, as soon as you click that damned “Read More” button, it takes you back to their crappy browser.

  5. Mikel Darling says:

    Deleting it and using Newsvoice instead. It’s an ok newsfeed, but they lock you into the app by disabling outside links, so when an article references a tweet or something you can’t click through to the original. Also and this is really annoying, videos CANNOT be made full-screen, nor can you click to view them within the YouTube app… There are a few full-screen ads, which is fine, they gotta make money, but it’s annoying that they don’t pre-load them, so you have to wait for it to load.

  6. Kay Kessel says:

    Only one problem that I have encountered. When reading a post that says “Read More”, I click to a black or blank page. There are times when a couple lines are seen at top and/or at bottom, stretched out, unreadable, with the rest of the page blank or black. Not all the time but more often than I’d like because I don’t get the whole story. Overall, tho, love the app.

  7. Stevie Gorham says:

    One star bc this app has problems, in my opinion. Everytime I try to read an article, the app either freezes, or it blanks the screen in the middle of reading whatever. It also jumps to another area in the article, scrolls itself down, or it takes you back to the beginning of the article. You have to keep starting over everytime it does it’s thing. I just said, forget about it, and I’m uninstalling it when I finish this. If you wanna get back to me, please do. Ridiculous.

  8. Chris Ward says:

    Buggy and loaded with intrusive ads. I get emails of stories but have to click through ads to get to a story. Much of the time when I try to get around the ads, a story I am reading will scroll to the ads on the bottom and it won’t let me scroll up. I then have to ick the “back” button over and over to get out or shut down the application completely. Too bad because the news content is fairly good especially for local content.

  9. Burger McDonald says:

    Good news… it offers coverage on stories and events I find interesting and important. Bad news… it does so in a bizarre and frustrating way. When the app is opened, the first headline I see intrigues me. But before the app can complete its opening sequence, that first story disappears and I can’t locate it again. A second headline (typically less interesting) appears. I have never been successful in finding the 1st story. 2nd issue… incomplete articles. Stories often end mid sentenc

  10. JANET Seal says:

    App jumps around when you are trying to read a story. You have to TRY to relocate the story to finish reading it. The continued stories that gives mini paragraphs then a Next Page icon are horrible. You lose your connection to the story over and over, often being sent back to the very beginning of the story. I have tried to read these continuing sagas many times and have yet to be able to read one to the end, after getting kicked out multiple times you just have to give up for sanity’s sake.

  11. Gregg Arnold says:

    While I like all the varied sources of news stories and how that avoids the pitfall of one-sided opinions, the app has a problem. The app often locks up, shuts down and then restarts automatically. This gets annoying, especially when in the middle of reading a story and this happens and you can’t find the story again when the app comes back up. Otherwise, it’s pretty good.

  12. Bev Root says:

    I downloaded this app bc it used to provide the breaking news in & around my neighborhood & saved me from having to watch the news channels that depressed me more than anything. Recently, I’ve noticed that the same stories are being displayed repeatedly, even when they’re weeks or months old (not exactly “breaking news”). It would be better if stories were displayed according to the date/time they were written. MAJOR ISSUE: it crashes at least once a day & freezes my phone! Please fix it!

  13. Rachel Scherschel says:

    News Break makes it quick and easy to know what is going on locally without needing to use local station apps, which are notorious for being terrible. My only real hangup is that there isn’t a widget (like Flipboard or Microsoft news) that would allow me to scroll through some of the headlines without having to click on the icon to see what’s going on. Add in that feature, and I’d be using the app even more often. Regardless, it is still my favorite local news app.

  14. Sarah RN says:

    I have had this app for a long time. I have recently noticed a significant decline. 5 stars….down to 2. The story either won’t load at all, or mid way though reading the article starts flashing or words drag down the whole screen and your not able to finish. There are TONS of ads and notifications….I learned to deal with…but if I can’t even read the news article…..whats the point.?

  15. BadMadd says:

    I liked the app at first, but its too buggy to even be properly enjoyed. All it takes is one little move and it leaves the article and the home screen reloads so you loose the article. And if you click in an article from the notifications it gives you a few seconds before it automatically goes to the homepage and does the same thing. Very irritating. That’s the only real problem this app has, and if you can’t read the news what good is it???

  16. Bruce Sprague says:

    I don’t like apps that you have to keep tapping the next button that you have to tap repeatedly, when you go to tap it jumps out of the way and accidently hits an add, then when tap back it goes to the very beginning and you have to go through all the ones you already have you’re lucky. I’m not wasting my previous time trying to get some information and more likely than not the one and only part of the article that you want to see IS NOT THERE!!!! Dirty, dirty trick!!!!!! I give you 0 stars

  17. Jeremy Nelson says:

    So, in general I love the aggregation of news from all over. What I HATE is that sometimes when I open an article the small banner ad at the top expands and takes up ~80% of the screen. I get ads, but that’s untenable. So, I exit out of the article, and go back in. Sometimes it take 20 tries to just be able to read the article. Beyond frustrating…

  18. Mad Rick says:

    Good for local news and events. The drawback…, they post a lot from non-news sources. (Radio stations, social media, pod cast) Also, the app will not save your preferences. If you choose to delete or otherwise restrict certain segments, like sports, it will continue to show sports. Many of the post do not provide any more details beyond the headline content.

  19. Jessica McKee says:

    Horrible. So msny articles that I was interested in reading, but gave up on after the third or fourth paragraph. Each 3 or 4 sentence paragraph is followed by a bunch of ads past which is a “next” button. But the part that had me saying S*#^W this was when, on my fourth try to get through one article, the ad was placed right on top of the 3-4 sentence paragraph that I fought so hard to get to. Insult to injury, if you accidently touch an ad and have to back out of it, it sends you to page 1!!!

  20. Lina N says:

    This app isn’t the best for getting the latest news. Seems like they post articles 2 weeks after the event happens as if no one has read or seen it elsewhere. Also, don’t accidentally hit the share button while trying to go back out of the article. It stays frozen on that screen. I tried to back exit, use the arrow at top, and even tried closing out of the app. Nothing works. I need to restart my phone when this happens. Very annoying. Please fix. Samsung galaxy 20 fe.

  21. Electric_ Hunter says:

    The app functionality is booty cheeks. The app litrally has a mind of its own. It will close and open on its own. Which as coder raises eyebrows. Most of the time I can’t actually read the article. It will load the heading and the picture and then the end of the page is right below it. I could deal with normal 10 second ads for every 5 articals read or something. But the random 2 minute long ads are just a big middle finger from the developers. And I send one right back to you guys. Uninstalled

  22. Tina Greene says:

    I used to love this app, however, recently the way ads are displayed make this app unusable. A couple of paragraphs into the article an annoying game ad takes over my whole screen and won’t let me immediately dismiss it. If I manage to get rid of the ad, the article is either gone or it takes me back to the beginning of the article. I understand ads support developers, however, when the ad holds my phone hostage like a virus, that is just unacceptable. Uninstalling.

  23. Kenneth Webb says:

    I’ve had this app for quite some time. 3 different phones and several years. It used to be that when you click on an article you could read it.Lately it’s been saying “slow connection, still loading”. Today I tried to read 10 articles and couldn’t read any. Earlier (alot this week) I can read some articles but then an ad or subscribe box will pop up, the article gets dimmed, and I have to scroll alot to close it. Fyi, My internet is not slow, everything else I try to do is fast&responsive.

  24. A “AM” M says:

    It always says Slow Connection & the articles never load. It worked ok at first, even with tons of ads cluttering the screen. It’s hard to navigate, you try to move down & you hit an ad in error. Good luck finding the article again. Concept is good but bad app. Never have “slow interest” before. The ads are overwhelming. There are plenty of places to get news. Too much old news. Local news isn’t local at all. Not worth my time. Constant interrupting notifications too.

  25. Michael Deju says:

    This app used to be great, but now they’ve inserted ads that you have to wait until they dismiss on their own (which can take awhile). They put them in both in the middle of articles and immediately after I click an article, and if I try to exit to get rid of them, I can’t find the article afterwards. It’s super annoying and you’d be better off with a different news app.

  26. James Phillips says:

    This app was a great one stop source for news. Lately the adds popping up make it impossible to read an article. Seems like any article I open I get the slow connection warning and it takes minutes to open, if it opens at all. I don’t have internet issues on any other apps. Time to dump this app. It was nice while it lasted.

  27. Pop-Pop Moose says:

    I hate that I can never get a full news article. Halfway through the article, the screen goes white with only the header. I also don’t like the intrusive nature of this app. Even with notifications turned off, the notifications are constant and you can’t get the whole article! Totally useless! The ads are excessive.

  28. Ellen Huffman says:

    Used to love this app, but for the last several months, when I read an article, then go back out, it keeps returning to the top of the list. Annoying to have to scroll back down 20+ stories to get back where I left off. Also when I do local, it jumps back to the main list when I leave a story. For the most part, I can deal with ads. I get the necessity. But when I have to think twice about reading a story bc of the hassle when I leave it, seems to defeat the purpose, esp if you are after clicks.

  29. jason schultz says:

    I really like the app and features like adding in random local stories and the ability to block certain news sources. Lately when I tap on a story, it’ll sit there forever with a screen that says ‘slow connection, still loading’. My internet connection is fine, as I can open and instantly load other apps and webpages. Often it will give me that message and sit there ‘loading’ for minutes. Finally I just give up. Hopefully that gets fixed. 🤞

  30. Allyson Heston says:

    Used to love this app but in last 6 months or so started having major issues with articles buffering saying slow connection or nothing and never coming up. I uninstalled and reinstalled and same issues. I’m done with wanting to read articles to find that your app won’t let me. If/when you get this fixed let me know, maybe I’ll try it again.

  31. Patrick Magee says:

    I normally don’t leave reviews unless something is just incredible, or extremely disappointing… I don’t know what happened, this app used to be great… I recommend it to all of my family and friends who also used to love it.. But now I constantly get a “Slow Connection, Still Loading” message about 50% of the time even though both my wifi and 5g are screaming fast, and there is no more “simple view” option… This app has me hooked on the premise, so I will have to try the competition…

  32. Jerry Perry says:

    WAS great, then the ads started! Initially, there were no annoying ads that unmute themselves and take over your screen. However, now I cannot read an article without them. Also, the ridiculous “slow connection” messages are blaming your data connection for their server issues. This is the perfect example how great apps never last. Self demise.

  33. Michael Link says:

    App always says slow connection and takes a long time to load, even when connection to high-speed Internet and VPN is turned off. The app won’t allow you to zoom in on pics or highlight text. When playing a video in news article the app won’t allow you to change the orientation to view the video in full screen when turning you phone sideways. The app is basically a cut down cheap browser with news feed. Don’t waste your time with this news feed app.

  34. Brenda Boyd says:

    Initially, both my husband and I loved this app, but it’s become too cumbersome. It’s slow to load articles, and most times, the articles won’t load or will only partially load. We have excellent internet coverage and speed, and I have performed (multiple times) the normal troubleshooting protocols, such as deleting cache, closing/reopening the app, starting/restarting the phone, etc. – same problem. Frustrating!

  35. Whit says:

    App server is VERY slow to connect and load articles. Like that there’s an array of areas to read about and choice of location. Would be helpful if corrections could be made rather than having to delete message and start over or just say forget it all together. Overall a decent app, but the server loading is the biggest issue. Not waiting ten minutes for an article to upload. No it’s not my internet.

  36. Mark Masters says:

    I only have this app because it was pre-installed as bloatware on my phone when I bought it. It’s full of a bunch of annoying ads, most of which is misleading clickbait garbage. Although I have set my local city it still shows me local news articles that are like 2 hours away from me like I care what goes on that far away. I don’t think this app is going to be on my phone much longer because it’s just taking up space. Facebook news and Google news has no ads at all and they’re completely free.

  37. Howard B. “Barry” DeLaRue Jr, EMT-P says:

    From 1 star to 3. When I first started to use this app, stories days old would load without issue. Now, stories hours old don’t load and I end up wasting time waiting for it to. I heard back from the developers, much quicker than I expected, which is pretty impressive in and of itself, so I’ll hold on to it and give them the time to troubleshoot it and rework the code to figure out the issue.. Their quick reply earned them two additional stars 👍

  38. BloodRose Reviews (Beverly Crowder) says:

    Not recommended at all! Most of the time I try to read an article or search for one that I really wanna read, it takes me somewhere else or constantly freezes. It’s also causing problems on my phone. I was hoping that it was fixed, but it wasn’t so I’m Uninstalling and won’t be downloading again. I suggest finding another way to keep up on the news and staying away from this app if you wanna keep your phone working.

  39. JOLLEY AUSSIES says:

    I thought I’d try this app again, and I immediately uninstalled it! I was hit with a barrage of notifications, ads that it is a pain to try to figure out what the story is and what isn’t. Most news was 2 days or more to late! I understand ads make it free, but NO. There is no reason for a barrage of notifications. DO NOT DOWNLOAD it. Look at the 1 star reviews. The app has had the same problems since 2019 with the same robot replies and no fixes. Shame on them!

  40. Jeff Rauh (panthera27) says:

    This came on my current phone. My experience with the app: So many ads. Some stories, LOTS of ads. When I look at an actual story, guess what? Yes, MORE ADS. Also, whenever I scroll over an enbedded video the app “helps itself” to mute the volume on whatever I might be listening to leaving the other app running and using data. Your experience may vary but mine is very poor. New feature… links to stories that require installing another app to read.

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