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November 11, 2022
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Inoreader – News App & RSS Mod Apk

Used globally by way of techies, industry pros, virtual entrepreneurs, analysis establishments, content material publishers, and extra – Inoreader is a information app that gives no longer just a stunning and light-weight studying enjoy, but additionally robust information aggregation and curation options that assist you to construct a superbly customized information feed.

Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk unencumber

By way of putting in Inoreader you are going to after all get keep watch over over the mind-boggling quantity of recent content material being launched into the internet each unmarried day.

Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk apk mod new

Here’s what you get with our plans:

Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk


Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk apk

– Upload as much as A hundred and fifty feeds and arrange into thematic folders
– Seek within your individual subscriptions at no cost – Use on any tool with internet and cell apps
– Day and night time studying modes
– Loose seek and whole archive of your subscriptions
– Save articles to third-party equipment like Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, and so forth.
– Percentage to any social networks or scheduling instrument like Buffer and Hootsuite
– Save pages from the internet for viewing later

Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk apk mod


Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk apk mod 2022

– Limitless feeds
– Push notifications
– Pay attention in your articles with Text-To-speech
– Blank up your feeds the use of filters
– Automate complete workflows the usage of laws – Offline mode for folders – Learn your content material with out an web connection. Inoreader even syncs the photographs and whole content material – Article translations
– Energetic seek – flip any common seek into a wise move that may notify you for brand spanking new seek effects after they come
– International seek – succeed in outdoor of your subscriptions and seek all of the Inoreader database for articles
– Subscribe to Electronic mail Newsletters and Social Media Feeds (Fb, Twitter, VKontakte, Google +, and so forth.)

Inoreader – Information App & RSS Mod Apk mod apk


– Observe internet pages with out RSS feeds the usage of Internet Feeds
Value: $9.99/month or $89.99/year. Costs might range between areas and currencies.

Inoreader Professional is to be had with an annual subscription. You’ll be able to subscribe with credit score or debit card the use of Google Pay. Your subscription will mechanically renew until cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to the top of the present duration.

For any questions, problems and normal comments, you’ll achieve us immediately at [email protected]
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40 comments on "Inoreader – News App & RSS Mod Apk"

  1. Fordon Melody says:

    It’s ok.. Beautiful design, intuitive swipe gestures but sometimes doesn’t click on articles and other times it doesn’t show the unread counts even though the app has synced. I would also love a feature for manual syncing instead of automatic sync. So, it’s beautiful but not really reliable. I’m back to Greader, even though it’s been abandoned. Still work fine always.

  2. Elly Joceline says:

    Great app, one of the best RSS readers out there. Far and away the best manual filtering options for when you have ads or irrelevant content in an otherwise good feed. A little slow in moving some features to mobile, setting filters still requires a browser instead of the app for example.

  3. Benet Waylan says:

    It was s a 5 star app but updates after version 6.0.7 have caused the unread count on the widget not to function properly. In 6.0.7, I can see I have unread articles on the widget, read them, then the widget updates and shows no unread articles, immediately. All versions after, show the unread count, but after reading the articles, the count never refreshes until I hit power button to turn off screen then turn screen back on again. Due to this annoyance, I can only give 3 stars. Pixel 2 running Android Pie, Nov security update.

  4. Crescent Nellie says:

    Was Ok Once. This was my go-to after google reader died. but now they are capping and charging for everything. After this many years , not cool. As I discovered after going to a new app, the problems I was having with several feeds, including many ebay feeds and some others, only exist in inoreader. i have not had any problems after switching. Nice guys, but this dhould have been fixed years ago and the business model should have been fixed soon after. Sorry guys.

  5. Janea Earvin says:

    After I downloaded, I started having terrible battery drain issues. I used for maybe a week I gave up and uninstalled… immediately the battery problems stopped. BTW, I have a ~3200 mAh battery… I’m used to going a couple days without charging vs needing to top up every couple hours. The meat of the program was decent, I was able to pick and choose some nice feeds of news. I might revisit as an app on a desktop or tablet but this is unusable for a phone.

  6. Jasson Dee says:

    Shortly after I installed this app, my phone started to run hot and the battery started to drain quickly. At first I thought, no way, it couldn’t possibly be this app. But after hours of troubleshooting, I went ahead and deleted this app, and the overheating and battery drain problem went away.

  7. Genna Siddel says:

    Update: thanks for making sort by magic and auto dark mode happen 👍🏻 Old review: Okay, the webapp is definitely ahead with more features that are currently missing in the Android app. Acceptable with the current discounted subscription, but they’ll have to keep up with development and aligning the mobile app with the new features (eg. sort by magic, system based dark mode) in order to for me to renew next year.

  8. rich geiger says:

    I like this app. Recently have not been able to read whole stories especially CNN. Will pull up or down to read more and have approx. 6 paragraphs then blank screen. Didnt used to be this way. May try to find a different reader without pictures to use instead.

  9. Jeremy Wallis says:

    There are so many good things about this app but it has one killer defect: There is no duplicate article filtering although this works on the website. This evening the article covering the Trump press conference shooting incident was duplicated 4 times from the same publication. Fix this and I’d consider going Pro otherwise it’s not usable. UPDATE: Thanks for your response. Now using the Beta.

  10. Belphanior Z says:

    Pro version’s offline mode doesn’t work. Support asked me about my issues, confirmed the accuracy of my statement, assured me of a fix, but couldn’t say when the fix will make it into a future version. Understandable but not the right answer, especially after good money being spent on the PRO version. Rating downgraded to 2 stars.

  11. Anna Rogers says:

    It’s ok as an RSS reader, but the mobile app does NOT currently allow creating highlights as you read. Adding notes is possible, but the interface for that is horrible (can only see one line of text you’re entering, not even wrapped). I hope this will be improved, but for now the app is not ready for serious reading on the go.

  12. Jasper Day says:

    SO much better than Feedly. Used Feedly for about a year and it made me fed up enough to switch. This app has EVERYTHING Feedly doesn’t: – Dark mode – Saves your articles offline – Saves where you were scrolled to (Feedly starts you at the top every time you open an article; on Inoreader you can swipe away and swipe back and your place is saved. It doesn’t sound like much but this was the #1 frustration that caused me to change. Overall a much better approach to UX). – SMBC bonus panels 🙂

  13. Jacob Mackriell says:

    It has everything I’m looking for in an RSS reader without all the bloat that normally comes with them. I almost gave 4 stars because I think the pro pricing is a bit steep. I don’t need most of the features but I like supporting app development. I can’t necessarily aford the current annual subscription. I’d prefer a small monthly subscription, or some other way to support development.

  14. Jonathan Brewer says:

    I’ve been trying to tightly control how I consume content on the internet and what I’m spending time on and inoreader has been a big help with that. It’s better than any other RSS feed or news aggregator I’ve used. It’s like they’ve thought of everything. Anything I think to do to improve the way I interact with my feeds is something that inoreader, with it’s endless customization, already allows you to do. I haven’t even talked about how good other features are like loading the full content.

  15. T Golux says:

    This app grabs my favourite news feeds OK but instead of offering me an orderly list of feeds it just presents one big list containing ALL the articles in ALL the feeds. I want to see my favourite newspapers but it’s like someone has cut out every single article and put them in a huge pile. I can get to the feeds list with a few clicks but would much prefer if it were presented immediately as in other apps. The helpdesk responded within a few days but their suggestion did not work.

  16. Hello says:

    One of the few services I pay for and am happy to support financially. I’m a happy user for about 7 years now. I use the website version a bit more than the mobile version, but both are excellent. I am impressed with the text to speech function which is what prompted this long-overdue review. I hope there is also a way to see reading time for the TTS function too.

  17. Lynne Brown says:

    I wrote previously: The new Text-to-Speech feature is excellent. The realism of the voice is uncanny. Update: The TTS feature stopped working two days ago. No error message on my phone, but on the web a message appeared saying TTS is disabled because I′d overused it and should upgrade to the Enterprise edition. What?! The developer should have indicated this feature is free only with light usage and signaled when you′re near the limit. And why the auto-advance switch if you′re limited?!

  18. John Smith says:

    ★★★★★ Clean interface, neat layout, various customization, useful tools, various news sources

  19. KingFahtah says:

    Adequate function and reasonable ease of use. Provide the same useless caveats for certain sites (such as the ones for YouTube videos) such as the ones connected to Russian media. Also seems to be be impossible to sign into disqus, unlike Feedly.

  20. Paulo Bud says:

    I love Inoreader, but I’m replacing it with “Pluma RSS Reader” which works offline without charging a crazy high subscription fee.

  21. Peter Jaspers-Fayer says:

    I’ve tried a few since Google killed theirs, and this is the best I’ve found so far, on both Android and web browser.

  22. Savvas Efthymiades says:

    If you want to charge 10 euros a month first fix you app which is full of bugs in order to open an article I have to tap on it 5-6 times

  23. David Fussell says:

    Love the app but the subscription cost is way too high. Everything wants a monthly subscription cost now, would love to support this app but can’t justify the high monthly cost compared to other more critical things. A cheaper mid tier plan around 2-3/month would be helpful.

  24. Aaron Thomas says:

    The gesture of tapping and holding an article in the list to mark above/below as read is extremely inconsistent. I have to try multiple times before the tap and hold is recognized. Can you fix this please? | Please allow customizing swipe actions for articles and feed lists. Currently the default is swipe right to mark an article read, swipe left to mark a feed as read, which is inconsistent. I just figured out this is why I keep doing the wrong swipe action in this app.

  25. Randy Grace says:

    Excellent for aggregating your own sources. –Would be five stars if it had the option to save articles internally. Pocket and Evernote charge a subscription fee to save articles fully. Google Drive and Drop Box are just not suitable for saving and reviewing saved articles. Note: I’m currently still paying the $4.99 monthly subscription fee. If I ever have to start paying the new $9.99 per month fee, I will immediately terminate my pro account.

  26. John says:

    Good alternative to Feedly but there’s a catch, get ready for their to be numerous advanced to share your data in all it’s glory to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Warner Media, Verizon, Amazon and others. Assuming I went Pro which was a consideration my data is still attempted to be shared. It’s a news aggregator, why do you need so much information about me.

  27. Christianos Shermon says:

    It’s an OK app. Nowadays an app is good enough if not every day there is something not working like the day before.

  28. Aaron Lintz says:

    Recent updates completely nerf free users. I didn’t mind the reminder to upgrade, but now all feeds are hidden. With no ability to filter, it’s unusable.

  29. Michael Bell says:

    Gesture tapping and holding takes multiple taps to get it to register a tap. Also, please allow swipes to send articles to Pocket

  30. Ferret Godowndahole says:

    Doesn’t look good on a tablet, since card mode only has a two-across layout possible. So it’s way too big looking, like a blown up phone app. And the reading experience sucks. The reader mode view isn’t customizable so looks stupid especially in landscape. I frankly can’t understand why this app is so popular.

  31. Ian says:

    Filters are now a paid feature when it use it to be free for everyone , it sucks now 👎

  32. Tomjr78 says:

    No articles whatsoever are loading recently. Unfortunately unistalled for now. This is also the case on the web page as well. What gives?

  33. Reid Bolding says:

    Really quite nice except for one infuriating feature: the “x new articles” button that pops down from the top in the article list when you scroll up as little as what feels like one pixel. I’ll just be trying to read the top article in the list and the incredibly sensitive button will pop down and cover it up. Just to tell me that there’s one new article. Of course there’s a new article, they come in all the time. I don’t need to be constantly reminded while I’m reading the other articles.

  34. Vivek Ravani says:

    Since version 7.4.1 when we use share article button, it shares only URL of article not along with title. In all previous versions both title & URL of article were shared, which was good.

  35. Sean Thomson says:

    Solid news reader but subscription model is a serious dealbreaker. Will absolutely pay a one-time purchase for a full version if devs drop the sub.

  36. Peter Ramirez says:

    Wanted to log out from one of my accounts. Looked all over for a logout button. Nothing. Long-pressed the account itelf. Nothing. Looked again and again. Nothing. Eventually I got so annoyed that I reinstalled it. There went all of the widgets I had set up. Lovely. Eventually learned you have to TAP on the account, which pops up an indicator to swipe left to log out. Docking 2 stars for the sheer stupidity of it all. Oh, and the app isn’t the most reliable. Gestures inconsistent, slowdown, etc

  37. Ted Sohns says:

    The app in itself is good. That said, I really can’t justify $90.00 to read their feed of someone else’s content. For me to upgrade, you’ll really need to come down in price or consider a tiered plan.

  38. Akhil Suden says:

    App doesn’t have a feature to open all webpages directly in other browser. We have to first open the webpage in builtin browser then manually go to other browser.

  39. Count Robo says:

    there is none… no other feedreader like this. would be nice if there is a paid version with a little more options than the free version but limited regarding the monthly subscription version.

  40. Uncle Steve says:

    Question: how much money are you losing by offering a subscription instead of a one time charge for an upgrade?

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