321 LAUNCH Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Experience live rocket launches in augmented reality like never before!
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November 17, 2020
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321 LAUNCH Apk Download New 2022 Version*

USA NOWADAYS delivers a best-in-class AR hologram rocket release enjoy on our 321 RELEASE app.

321 RELEASE Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Our house professionals from Florida As of late are your guides thru this one-of-a-kind revel in. All through a reside release, watch an AR rocket liftoff from any flat floor, as an animated hologram displays you what the true rocket is doing in real-time. Telemetry information generates a predictive flight-path permitting you to practice the rate, acceleration, and altitude of an energetic release are living in AR, just by pointing your telephone against the sky. Faucet to reside video protection of the release and practice are living statement as you watch from any place on this planet.

321 RELEASE Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* unencumber

Additionally take a look at our release simulation as area mavens information you thru an interactive rocket meeting, readying the launch-pad, and blasting off against the exosphere, earlier than separation and re-entry. You regulate a release challenge on this interactive AR revel in, and be told what it takes to release a rocket from Kennedy Area Heart.


40 comments on "321 LAUNCH Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Aldous Elgin says:

    I have tried to watch 2 launches. First one absolutely nothing News of
    today’s cancelled launch very confusing….

  2. Tearle Crofton says:

    First easy way to keep track of and view launches even tho I live in
    Central Florida.

  3. Brittany Elnora says:

    Can we strap Hillary and Trump on one of these? Just a thought …

  4. Carys Adalson says:

    The AR aspect is really cool. I think the App was great and look forward to
    add ons.

  5. Halie Hallan says:

    Rocket Man here I come!

  6. Roberta Shary says:

    Great app, easy to follow and fun to watch. Good information and I am
    looking forward to add ons

  7. Deltha Bluebell says:

    So much fun and easy to use!

  8. Ulger Glitter says:

    5/7 perfect score

  9. Joni Denia says:

    Holy moly that’s kool stuff!!

  10. Carlose Dusty says:

    My experience with AR. Well done. Fun.

  11. Madisyn Ronn says:

    Very helpful app for sky watchers

  12. Arnaud Betina says:

    Something different…..I really enjoy the first stage. Try it out for
    yourself….you will enjoy rocket launcher

  13. Myrick Aldrid says:

    Awesome content to watch and interact with.

  14. Aylmer Nell says:

    Meh… Great advertisment for SpaceX… Think I might get me one of those
    Falcon 9s now!

  15. Jayna Bayard says:

    Really really interesting and interactive, love it!!

  16. Codie Lyla says:

    Really cool. Would be better with more rockets (Falcon Heavy, Atlas V,
    Delta 4, etc.)

  17. Jaynie Linly says:

    so cool to fly a rocket on my kitchen table

  18. Antoine Newell says:

    I’m not real tech savvy and I enjoyed the heck out of the show

  19. Adyna Burch says:

    Dope augmented reality

  20. Aetheston Ivie says:

    nice way for big brother to check out your habitat.. great app!! A plus..

  21. Jeral Holmes says:

    locks up very hard to close

  22. Ludie Domenic says:


  23. Emerson London says:

    not great. was expecting a lot more. it’s not 1980.

  24. Micca Cleveland says:

    Nerdtastic! I’m loving this return to the space race glory days when I was young and the future seemed much more hopeful than today.

  25. Holofernes Sabrinah says:

    app does not work

  26. Heath Genista says:


  27. Ronal Jazlynn says:

    Wonderful learning experience. Easy to use on any relatively flat surface. My husband sat on the couch and projected it on the cushion next to the one he was sitting on. Perfect for grammar school aged children to adults. The app checks the boxes for most of the ways in which people learn – listening, doing (interaction), and reading. Nice a/r application that doesn’t require purchasing extra equipment!

  28. Walsh Destini says:


  29. Robb Walberto says:

    Launch area graphic was very small, difficult to see and swipe details . But informative and interactive.

  30. Lathan Lanna says:


  31. Amberlyn Mander says:

    Nice one

  32. Bobbi Ainslie says:

    First launch, amazing

  33. Rikki Rentschler says:

    It is a Great app

  34. Jacob Bingham (UFTS) says:

    Would be nice to replay launches and have a more realistic launch environment

  35. James Haggerty says:

    Too cool! AR aspect made the experience personal.

  36. Taylor Johnson says:

    Launch location keeps changing every time you calibrate the compass in the app. The live AR function doesn’t seem to be accurate.

  37. Michael Bulen says:

    Iv never been able to participate in so much, and the learning while is a plus

  38. nyein kyaw says:

    Pretty Cool App

  39. julie ronyak says:

    Awesome app I love space so this is the app for me I recommend it for everyone to download

  40. Stephanie Summers says:

    Might be bad but gggg

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