Piano Game: Classic Music Song Mod Apk New 2022*


Addictive piano music game of 2022! Enjoy the classic rhythm and tap the tiles!
4/5 Votes: 203,583
Dream Tiles Piano Game Studio
November 24, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Piano Game: Classic Music Song Mod Apk New 2022*

Do you experience classical piano songs? Are you partial to piano video games? Do you love to problem your finger velocity? You will have to do this sport now. We ready 100+ songs for you.

Piano Recreation: Vintage Song Music Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

The Best Way To Play Faucet the tiles steadily to observe the song melody. You’ll be able to liberate new extra songs whilst you get extra stars within the sport.Problem a piano piece an afternoon

Piano Recreation: Vintage Song Music Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Recreation Options – No WiFi wanted.
– 100+ songs.
– Many topics are designed

Piano Sport: Vintage Track Track Mod Apk New 2022* free up

Come to check out this sport now. Play your favourite track and transform a piano grasp.


40 comments on "Piano Game: Classic Music Song Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Awe-Inspiring Lols says:

    Ok, I usually don’t like these types of games because the adds are so bad, but this is really good. The music is relaxing and I like how you can easily unlock locked songs. 10/10 gameplay. Though, the only thing I don’t like is how sometimes after you play a level an add would pop up. That’s the only issue.

  2. William Kilgore says:

    This game is short one thing of being absolutely PERFECT. Endless mode or harder songs. The game has a good music selection, functions nearly identical to the old piano tiles (which is good) and looks very clean on top of it, but as a returning player of the old piano tiles none of the songs offered here are remotely a challenge. Endless mode would offer the chance to play until you reach your own limit. As it stands, the game has a skill cap and anyone above it will find this game too easy.

  3. Julia Kauffman says:

    out of all the piano tiles 2 replacements this was the best but there are a few problems. I dont mind ads because helps pay developers but they can get annoying when theres so many. I also wish there was an endless mode or more difficult pieces. some of the pieces dont sound like they are supposed to. moonlight sonata is really weird because it starts out normal then turns into something completely unrecognizable. I still really like this game and am excited to see it be updated to be better!

  4. Catherine J says:

    Game is fine and fun. Problem l really hate is the ads are much more louder than the piano music. The piano is so quiet and l hate it because l have to blast my volume up. I wish they can update the game and add a setting to change the volume level. Also this game can cause dizziness because how fast the keys are moving. Reccomend to take breaks in between. Overall it’s a fun game.

  5. The Nerdy Bookworm says:

    I was really looking forwards to playing this game again after 5 years. My experience was so lackluster it pained me. For example, in Turkish March, at least three notes played every tile. With the lag, which was easy enough to deal with on its own, the music was ruined. Even with steady playing, you can tell something is wrong with the music. I thought that Turkish March would be a higher difficulty song because of the number of notes. I remember the game being a lot more fun to play than now.

  6. Janae De Los Santos says:

    I love this app. I love the features. To be honest, I miss playing the original one but I love this ’cause it still has the classical songs and I love the fact that each song is not endless, therefore, I could have my goal to set on(which is 5 stars). But I would suggest you put back all the old classical songs that would be great😁(like bluestone alley, that used to be my favorite.) It would also be really cool if this has a feature where we can choose the background and color of the tiles. πŸ™‚

  7. Abyss says:

    There are so many of these games that are all exactly the same, it would be nice to have at least one that is less stressful and more chill, with all songs available right off the bat, no speeding up, and more forgiving (ex. Not failing when you miss a tile or hit the wrong spot). Mobile games imo should be designed to help relax the user, seeing as most people play them when they get a break from work or school.

  8. R Dreher says:

    Overall a pretty good game, but there are many things that i wish were different: more variety in the songs, more songs, a search option, ability to make your own song, and most of all, to be able to change the speed on some of them, it’s so annoying when the tiles are coming down so slowly that it sounds bad. Also, it plays extra notes when you tap the tiles, and that’s super aggravating!!! Please fix all this and be able to play only 1 note per tile pressed, and I’ll edit and give 5 stars!!!!!

  9. K Goin says:

    This game is fun and easy but hard at the same time! But at first when you download it it plays perfectly fine, and it doesn’t glitch or pause and anything. But when you play it once again then it starts lagging, don’t worry though because when you stop or keep playing it stops lagging. And that’s all! Just a reminder, you should download this app, it is really fun!

  10. Ainee 137 says:

    This game is good and I am trying to complete all its levels but there is 1 defficiency in this game We cannot get much coins to buy new songs We have to play songs again and again to collect coins for nwe songs After completing each level, we only get 40 coins Moreover a reward ad provides only 15 coins so it is useless to watch ad in this game So kindly increase the ad reward and level completing reward It will help you to improve your game Thank you

  11. Bhargav Kethoji says:

    i liked but in this game in the of we can.t stop .pause is not there that`s i given 3 stars.p/s include that.kids will love this game .this game is for constrating purpose

  12. Janet Brough says:

    Absolutely amazing it is not slow were the other ones are then you lose the game were i won first try it is really exciting it is not intense as well so it is pretty easy

  13. Blue says:

    it is so fun beacause you can get challenged and i like challenges also whem your sad you can play a happy song all it needs is that you type your favourite cellebrity songs

  14. Jordy YT says:

    It’s fun, but the fact that there is alot of ads it gets annoying. You also have to buy songs with gems which I think all of the songs should be free. Still a fun game though πŸ™‚

  15. Chandrakanta Kumari says:

    to be very honest ….. It is a good game but the long tunes are so long and suddenly the short tune come and loose the game but it is not so good also πŸ˜’ but good ☺️ this is my experience in the game also everyone does not face the same problem some are good and some are bad in it. I am okok in it. Thanks it was my experience 😊

  16. Jacob Griffiths says:

    Amazing game I lag quite a bit a lot more than usual games so please look up to that otherwise its relaxing its fun and calming I love this game so much its the best its such an amazing game I am left speechless at its I really like this game especially how quickly it goes at the end it makes sure its not to easy

  17. Mahlamela Mosima Mokgalapa says:

    This game is so nice and I think it is a easy way to get distracted in a good way though. When you are bored maybe, but it is nice, trust me

  18. Amarachi Nkemjika says:

    This game is the worst if you download it you are wasting wifi. If you want music game download beat blade dash dance if u want piano game get magic tiles or any good piano game but pls don’t get piano game classic. It’s for your own good.i downloaded it once. That was one of my biggest mistakes😀😀

  19. Paballo Mokoaqa says:

    This game can really help you to relax especially if your a music person it plays very smooth and it’s very clear ❀️

  20. John Arredondo says:

    Do you ever want to play it play it good cuz it won’t give you the fastest points in the world and it’s the best game that you can ever imagine especially with the song twinkle twinkle Little Star it’s the easy one do it do it now

  21. Kay Marie says:

    I love this then it’s so fun to play I don’t want to say but I got on level 14 already well about 10 or 8 but you can go on different levels and get more diamonds and then you can unlock songs

  22. Shelia Applegate says:

    Fun and it’s good and it’s a really good game feeds play if you’re learning how to play piano I would suggest it for you guys it’s really amazing and it’s really fun you get to get high scores it goes slow and fast like how you really kind of like want it to and I would suggest it

  23. Ngabwe Mal says:

    The fun of piano tiles was removed like the double tiles and all. Then the fun songs, most are removed and in their place a lot of slow songs to play which is quite boring.

  24. Stella Williams says:

    I like this game but sometimes it doesn’t pick up me clicking a tile. Also there is an advert after every round. The songs are good though.

  25. Marieta Sanchez says:

    Its a wonderful game!.I dont have problems with this game and maybe u coud low the prices of some of the songs they are quiet expensive But ill still give it A Five Stars! Thank you!😊

  26. Ijeoma Omoikhoje says:

    I love this game πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ‘it is very tricky at times and there are so many songs but one thing that is not helping me and some other players is that there is no pause in the game thank you and make more editions

  27. Keith Rennie says:

    Very smooth gameplay, and good Athletics, fun game game eight out of 10. I recommend.

  28. Harmony Marcos says:

    Alright, so my friend just recommended this game to me and to my surprise, It’s actually pretty awesome and weirdly soothing.. I like the music, the speed, the beat of music and its actually SATISFYING AND Soothing! Buttt I have some recommendations for this game ; (1) maybe add more music πŸ™‚ (2) add a pause and continue button while playing the piano That’s all my recommendations for this game πŸ™‚ good job though, keep up the good work! and if yes Pls make my recommendations trueee!!!!!!

  29. Jezz Degala says:

    Nice game but could use more fixing like the music and levels, some of the music sounds awful and offtune and I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with “Fur elise” cause when the song is abt to end it will sound awful and on the last notes it’ll return to normal so please fix it and the levels is too easy and I hope you guys add endless mode after 5 stars where it gets faster and faster to add more challenge to the game. But all in all this could be the best game just need some fixing

  30. Gladys BERLUS says:

    It’s fun but also hard but is actually good if you keep saying it’s more you can’t even get addicted by it it’s so good just play the game and then you’ll be so fun you can be addicted of it or just keep on playing

  31. finn rae says:

    i like this game because it is easy but hard at the same time. the music on this app is horrible. i like magic tiles 3 sooo much better. the first song it made me play was twinkle twinkle little star whitch is very babyish. i perfer magic tiles 3 for a game like this.

  32. Sky & liam Gacha says:

    I LOVE IT . Its so good I was going to get the tiles game right but this is why better than any other. When you tap a different tiles is a different sound unlike others. Thank you for the fun!!!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  33. Varsha Madal says:

    Although, this game is good…but some of the songs or music is not in it’s original…so I think that it low downs the original songs power..So I think please if you can repair this problem…

  34. Andy Kennedy says:

    I really love the game but it kind of stresses me out but it’s really good game what I really recommended it’s like amazing and it’s kind of better then magic piano it’s a another game it’s a little hard because it was really fast but this 1 is kind of slow but it’s also medium

  35. jackie nakayenze says:

    Wooowww amazing game really nice to relax and chill but I wish the Coul allow you to search a song of your own choice. Anyway nice game. I also wish that you could add that feature pls

  36. Wandile Lebo says:

    This game is amazing and it is soothing I like it because the challenges are not easy but I love it πŸ‘β€οΈ

  37. Mikaela Ignacio says:

    I rate this as a 3 because, i rather play endless because it’s more challenging but this app is not actually challenging

  38. Maria Palma says:

    I love the game, but it has no endless mode. Wish there was one so I can enjoy a specific music nonstop until I mess up and start all over again πŸ™ƒ. Please put an endless mode, otherwise, I’m uninstalling when I 6-star all songs.

  39. Meg says:

    Love this, especially as the sliding notes add to the challenge, and you get a good variety new songs added as you improve. I just wish it would store your best score on each song when you play it again as I like to beat my previous score

  40. Camilo Hernandez says:

    It’s such a good game good oyrics and songs I love fur Elise the most it’s such a peaceful song for me to listen to and it’s fun

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