Cytus Mod Apk New 2022*


Welcome to the Musical World of Cytus, an AWESOME mobile music game.
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Rayark International Limited
August 9, 2022
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Cytus Mod Apk New 2022*

❖Welcome to the Musical International of Cytus❖

Cytus Mod Apk New 2022* apk

LET’S REVEL IN TRACK ’N ARTWORK, BEAT ’N REBOUND! Take a look at the screenshots and you’ll see a great cellular song recreation!
Simply PLAY and REVEL IN!

Cytus Mod Apk New 2022* release


Cytus Mod Apk New 2022*

– 2 hundred songs and Four hundred permutations, together with many from well-known composers all over the world

Cytus Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

– Gorgeous hand-drawn artwork taste (as illustrated within the screenshots)

Cytus Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

– Simple, intuitive Energetic Scan Line device and three forms of notes

Cytus Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

– Other show modes permit player-friendly previewing of notes

Cytus Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

– Robust beat and rhythms supply enjoyable comments for faucets
– Greater than Nine issue ranges for extra a laugh and demanding situations
– Quite a lot of track genres: POP, JAZZ, TRANCE, HARDCORE, DRUM ‘N BASS and plenty of extra

– Connect with Fb and sing their own praises your Cytus talents

– Observe alongside the Lively Scan Line
– Faucet each and every be aware as the road passes via – Time your faucets as the road is on the heart of the be aware for a better rating!

Within the far-off long run, the one sentient beings on the planet are robots.
They’re the remaining remnant of the human spirit.
Then again, mankind isn’t lifeless.
Era exists this is in a position to shifting recollections to those robots.
However with restricted area, new recollections will progressively overwrite the previous.
To stop the sentiments in human recollections from fading away, the robots resorted to changing the sentiments to tune, and storing them in a spot known as Cytus.

The robots use those songs to revel in human emotion and dream that souls exists in each and every of them…

Cytus Respectable Web site:
Rayark Respectable Web page: Observe Cytus
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40 comments on "Cytus Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Harley Sproule says:

    Touch sound effect doesn’t work on andriod and instead you get a crazy vibration. Not just a small one like when you type, but like the one you get from AMBER alerts. Every single time you press a note. Also slide notes are finicky with small phones because you can’t trick the game with two fingers. These are being extremely nitpicky, and most of the game is good. Sort of. If you have an iOS device get it on that instead.

  2. Starr Dilania says:

    Simply the best rhythm game I have ever played. The charts are wonderfully constructed and make you feel part of the music. You don’t even need to enjoy the tune itself as the charts are clever enough to keep you engaged. At this point, with the amount of songs available I rate this higher that Cytus 2 (though I have confidence that its library too will grow). Do yourself a favor, set the device down on a flat surface, use your index and middle fingers, and just TRY not to feel like YOU aren’t playing the music. Vastly entertaining.

  3. Audelia Hennah says:

    I paid for the 2$ version of the game. But I still have to watch ads? And then after the ads I still have to wait for the cool down? Every time I press skip it just tells me “error you already own this item” and then the cool down keeps going. Edit: it took till the next day for it to be fixed. Just in case if this happens to anyone else.

  4. Tanzi Clifford says:

    The score serving as a distracción and a source of frustration is a part of the game, but the game seems to love having a few bubbles in each song right where my thumb needs to go to tap the bubbles before it so I literally have misses that I have no idea where in the song they are. I tried different ways of playing and the way the ui is set up you have to use your thumbs Also on some songs more than others there are bubbles right at the bottom of the screen so I can’t tell whether Im supposed to tap them immediately or let the bar pass over once. Even being wrong about whether to immediately tap the bubbles gives you a good so you have to just watch that bubble without playing it and try to remember

  5. Audria Meggie says:

    User experience is awful, Developers are forcing way too many ads, along with the cooldown, the game just feels like a money grab and chases potential players away. A cooldown is fine, if there are no ads, and the ads would be fine, if there was no cooldown. But to add both is just too much. I will gladly purchase the full version if one of these is taken away. The game is well built and I understand that you need to make money from it, but giving users an awful experience is not the way to win customers. Put the customers before yourself and you will see better results.

  6. Stanberry Babara says:

    Musical Scanline Rhythm game in which as a scanline progresses up and down the screen, various styles of prompts will appear which must be tapped, dragged, or held as the scanline progress over the prompt. The game is mostly free with a 30 second cooldown between songs if you have not bought the full verison(purchases are tied to google). Scores and progress will be saved regardless to your device. Also every chapter has an interlinked story which players are still unraveling to this day

  7. Ellymarie Kassidy says:

    Best rhythm game ever! I downloaded and unlocked all the songs and found the hidden songs. When the new update came about, I redownload the game again to play. Superb! The music and gameplay are amazing! I love this game! The only issue is that it’s heavy, so I had to uninstall after finishing all the songs. The company does wonderful quality games overall and def recommended those too!

  8. Chassie Kitt says:

    This game was good until I bought the full version. When I bought the full version, It started to not register direct taps which frustrated me because it ruined perfect combos. Even after I restarted the game and my phone, it would still do the same thing. I would rather deal with the 30 second timer than what the game is putting me through now. Being patient is gonna save you money.

  9. Olena Tibica says:

    Its a good game, but I thing its for certain types of people. If you want a challenging rythm game that challenges your sense of tempo and rythm then this game is a 5/5 if not its a 1. for this game you have to follow the bar with your eyes at all times, or you will get confused (listening to the backrounds of the music helps). I also noticed that the levels are not in order. The first song you see is a level 4 but, if you are playing it for the first time, there will be a lot of confusion.

  10. Linford Darron says:

    This is a pretty good rhythm game, lots of songs, they don’t shove ads into your face obnoxiously. My only issue is that sometimes I feel like the bar that matches the rythem doesn’t quite match up with the music, like I want to tap the circles slightly faster than the bar is moving. Might just be I should try the levels on hard though.

  11. Worthington Dantina says:

    It’s a good bit of fun. Decent on a typical phone size display since I can access the whole screen but it’s a bit tough to see clearly without getting my digits in the way of the patterns. It’s what I was looking for as far as a mobile beat game. The tracks are catchy with some solid variety.

  12. Qwincy Thayne says:

    I love this game, I really do. The music, the rhythm, the skill, and the hidden extra songs you can find make this game wonderful to play, if sometimes infuriating (you need a perfect run for master rank). It was worth the money to buy and I even bought it again when I couldn’t get it back on my new phone. I just wish I didn’t have to buy the extra chapters or at least that they weren’t so expensive. Most, if not all of them, cost more than the original game!

  13. Ol Healum says:

    I only have good things to say about this game, and trust me when I say I am a very critical person. The game is easy to get into, and it’s normal increase in difficulty is nice and slow, however you can jump in wherever you want in the game, or go straight for hard mode if you wish. The controls are the best of any mobile rythym game that I have played, period. It can be played on phone or tablet, and the gameplay works excellently on both, and both are different experiences. I highly recommend.

  14. Joyca Boston says:

    I really am enjoying the mechanics and music in the game, the only issue I have is that either the game is crashing really often or it is extremely easy to accidentally click out of the game while playing it on my phone. I often end up doing really well on a song and then having to restart the song because I am no longer in the app. But otherwise I’m loving the game. The $2 for no ads or wait time is totally worth it.

  15. Livia Freemon says:

    The game is really nice. I’ve recently been having a problem that when I’m playing a game, on the middle of the song, it’ll just close the app. No message saying the app shut down or anything. It just closes itself which has been quite annoying. I also have enough memory, so its definitely not a shortage of space.

  16. Lynet Mathers says:

    Seems fun, when I can play it. I play other music games and yes they tend to freeze and glitch here and there, but this one closes between song choice and after watching the mandatory ad to play the song. I uninstalled because it’s practically unplayable for me, but I know it’s a highly praised game so I’ll check back for updates and reinstall at that time.

  17. Orrin Temperance says:

    Maybe it’s just with tablets or something? What happened last year is happening again. I installed this a few days ago. I played a few songs. Then after opening the app again yesterday it doesn’t go pass the “use headphones for better experience” thing. The screen would just stay blank white. The app doesn’t work at all anymore. When this happened last year I waited a couple days before uninstalling. It was still blankscreen the whole time. But now instead of days I’ll just uninstall this today.

  18. Courtney Poll says:

    I have been playing this game since 2013 over 3 different phones. It’s one of my absolute favorites games, so I’m really sad to have to give a less than 5 star review 🙁 but as I’ve seen a lot of other users review, the app has been crashing continuously. I can usually get through one song before it crashes. I am playing on a Galaxy Note 10, and I know I played it earlier on this new phone and did NOT have the crashing issue. I hope this can be resolved soon because I miss playing

  19. Kolleen Larkyn says:

    I’ve always been a big fan of every game Rayark has ever come out with. I’ve bought the full game for this, Cytus 2 and Implosion, and I’ve never been disappointed until recently. I’ve upgraded to a galaxy note 8 and I’m no longer able to play cytus. It crashes every time I’m in the middle of a song and sends me to my phones home screen. Still love the game, but I wish I could play :/

  20. Oona Brooklin says:

    My favorite rhythm game is unplayable now on Android 9. I’ve played Cytus since it released and have bought it (before it went free) on every platform it has been made available on. I even bought the damn thing on the PS Vita, but now it’s unplayable. Consistent crashes that occur every single time a song is played. I have yet to finish a single song thanks to these crashes.

  21. Delania Star says:

    The game itself is really fun, and I can handle the ad structure, but the game is super unstable on my Pixel 2 running Android 10, and between the constant crashes and the ads before each level, this is unplayable. The most frustrating was when the game crashed after an ad but before the level began, and when I restarted the app, I had to watch another ad before playing

  22. Tucker Pamila says:

    The games great if its working- white screen loading errors to crashes mid song, a friend and I have been unable to play for a while. It sucks! I’ve reached out to the team and they’ve been nothing but nice but nothing is working so far to get it fixed. They reccomend clearing google play cache etc: install and reinstall to anyone curious to try, but you could just get stuck on the “white screen”.

  23. Rogue Triston says:

    I’ve been playing Cytus for as long as I can remember and even bought Cytus 2. After not playing this one for awhile, I decided to come back for a bit of nostalgia. Unfortunately, Cytus crashes at random times and quite often. The most I’ve been able to do is two songs before the screen blacks out and closes the app. I really love this game and I’m just kinda sad that I’m not able to actually play it.

  24. Lockwood Taldon says:

    well, first of all i think that the full version is priced extremely nicely. though there is a problem with the game that i have been having: crashing. the graphics and artwork is spectacular and i enjoy playing the game; i’d probably enjoy it a lot more if it didn’t crash mid-song. multiple times, with different levels, i have tried to play the game. it just crashes every time. i own Cytus II and there are none of these problems whatsoever. it’s just this game that gives me problems.

  25. Jenice Leal says:

    Been playing Cytus since April 2019. I love the game and even coming back a few weeks later to play some songs here and there, I’ve improved a lot since I first started playing. However, as others have claimed there is a very big issue with the game crashing. I can play maybe one or two songs before the app shuts down. Cytus is a fun and great rhythm game, but currently the crashing kills it. Hoping that this gets fixed.

  26. Kandace Leal says:

    I used to play this game a lot and was addicted. But lately after I got a new phone, it has been consistently crashing in the middle of songs, I haven’t been able to complete any for months. I really love this game, it’s my fav rhythm game after cytus 2. But PLEASE fix the crashing issue!

  27. woodiechim (woodiechim) says:

    By far the best rhythm game I’ve played. The fact that there’s a very simple storyline (to be honest the plot is kind of bad but isn’t very important to the game) and hidden levels is very fun and intriguing. The soundtrack is amazing and the beatmaps fit the songs well. All in all it’s a game that I’m able to play every day without getting bored of it.

  28. DarkCartoon says:

    It’s quite fun to play. The soundtrack is elite; a lot of variety to be found. There are a few flaws, however; the timing window seems quite large, there’s no NOTE option (where quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, etc. are colored differently), and some of the translation is not accurate. Despite these flaws, it is still an incredibly fun game.

  29. Mariana José says:

    Purchased the full version and it’s totally worth it. This game is just a bunch of practice, trial and error. You only have to spend money to skip the 30 sec wait or buy more songs. It doesn’t affect how you perform; it’s pure skill. The songs are great and the app never crashes, even in old phones. Totally recommended.

  30. Dandelion Elvensong says:

    Please help, I can’t play because it isn’t recognizing my full version purchase I made a few years ago. I redownloaded the app, and I’m getting ads and a cooldown, but when I get the pop-up to purchase full version, it doesn’t take me to the app store and I can’t find the option to buy it anywhere. The old purchase appears in my list on Google Play so it should automatically know I already have the full version. I’m willing to pay again if absolutely necessary, but it won’t let me.

  31. rose flores says:

    One of the best music/rhythm games I’ve ever played. The songs are all beautiful and catchy, and the gameplay is easy to catch on to. My only complaint is the fact that after buying the expansion for the extra levels, I still needed to pay an extra dollar for each song after unlocking the chapters. If I would’ve known I wouldn’t have spent the money. But other than that, awesome game

  32. Connor Clark says:

    If you’re looking for a comprehensive review, here you go. Graphics wise, I think a lot of the coverage is beautiful. I especially liked the one for evil force by alpha legion or the black case. Gameplay wise I think there is a lot to offer. Over a 100 songs to play and every single one of them is catchy to some degree. It does take its tolls on performance. Even on the latest phone I find it can lag just slightly at times. But overall, an amazing game.

  33. Jimbro Sauce says:

    This game is AWESOME! I love that you pay one price for a premium version, and THAT’S IT! No microtransactions, no excessive grinding, just play the game. Some chapters have a paywall, but you pay $2, you get a premium version with 100+ songs. AND IT’S SO MUCH FUN! The gameplay is actually touchscreen-centric. Quick question, have you guys thought about adding a way for people to import and chart their own songs? Because that. Would. Be. AMAZING!

  34. Angela Nguyen says:

    I love the concept of the game. I love the gameplay, and I think the song choices are a lot of fun. HOWEVER, THE GAME CRASHES ALL THE TIME. During songs, during the song select menu, during loading, and even during the title screen. I paid for the full game, but I can barely play it because of all the crashing. Updated 2/14/22 – the game won’t open anymore.

  35. Isaak Ivey says:

    The game is great. The song choice is great too. There’s just one major problem. Nowadays, nobody has a headphone jack. People have to use Bluetooth earbuds because companies decided they wanted even more money. Why is this a problem? Well, Bluetooth has a delay. Making games like this impossible to play, not to mention unfun. All you need is a way to calibrate the timing of the notes. It can and has been done. Do this and the game is an easy 5/5. Wait! There is! Oh. Sorry then, 5/5 🙂

  36. Lucas says:

    This game is by far the BEST rhythm game I’ve ever played. The gameplay is unique and so much fun, with an easy mode and hard mode option for each song ranging from levels 1-9. The music is really good. There’s over 7 hours of music (not including the DLC) and I listen to it even when i’m not playing, just working or studying. My only complaint is that you can’t play it offline unless you load it online. Anyways, I love this, and I can’t wait till have the money to purchase and try out Cytus II!

  37. C Younger says:

    There is definitely something for everybody interested here, with songs that go to 2 or 3 tps or songs that go as high as 9. There are paid songs but there are over a 130 songs or so for free and unlocked from the start. Rhythm is great, graphics are great, no complaints apart from sometimes the feeling of being inhuman to do some levels such as hard freedom dive and halcyon

  38. Remulo Albuquerque says:

    One of the best rhythm games that I have played, good soundtracks and gorgeous arts. Working good on my phone so far. Quick update: it’s says that it can run offline, but if try to play the game offline, a pop up asking for authentication will appear every time, and you can’t close it. This makes the game unplayable offline, I would improve the rate if this problem gets fixed in the next update.

  39. Ruaki says:

    Extremely good rhythm game. The charts are intuitive and follow the beats, and the interface is very responsive, so you never feel like you blew a note due to controls. Huge library of very good EDM-style music for the most part. More charts can be unlocked via a fee, but the free charts are very plentiful. No ads.

  40. Twocheslch says:

    I absolutely love this game! the design was well thought out, and flows very well. The songs are all (well, like, 87%) good, and each in their own way unique, fun, and interesting. Forewarning however, this game is neigh impossible to play without the full version ($5), with a 30 sec ad playing after every death. well worth it though. Update: you cannot play this game offline. When you try to, a pop up shows telling you to connect to the internet. A perfect game besides that flaw.

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