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Vampr – Find & Meet Musicians Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Vampr is the number 1 social platform serving to creatives and artists in finding folks to collaborate with, create new tune and monetize their paintings – an very important community that grows with you each step of your adventure.

Vampr – To find & Meet Musicians Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

UNCOVER – In finding musicians, trade execs and tune enthusiasts close to you. Get your newest tune information.

Vampr – In finding & Meet Musicians Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

ATTACH – Construct your community, message your new contacts and collaborate with different inspiring artists.

Vampr – In finding & Meet Musicians Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

KEEP WATCH OVER – From Publishing to Professional with Distribution – we’re right here to improve you professionally and let you become profitable out of your tracks.

Vampr – In finding & Meet Musicians Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

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40 comments on "Vampr – Find & Meet Musicians Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Garland Nanette says:

    This app would be really useful if the discovery tags worked correctly. When searching for musicians in a specific genre (ie. Electronic) and specified instrument played (ie. Vocals), the feed will give you musicians based on 1 of those tags, not all tags. So while you search for a singer who specializes in electronic music, you’ll find a singer who does RnB and other stuff completely different from what you need. Same thing for genre, you’ll find a guitarist who does electronic, instead of a singer. The audition feature is nice, the descriptions are also clean. Pretty decent interface. But the main idea for connecting to a musician that you actually need and want isn’t here in this app.

  2. Kalen Diandre says:

    This app is super smooth, bug-free, and an overall great idea. You can add music to it as well. I love the concept. I’m giving this 2 stars because I live in Los Angeles. There aren’t many users on this app and that shouldn’t be the case in a music town. Use it, but temper your expectations. I’ve sent 15 messages, zero responses. idk why that is, but this is super unusual.

  3. Beamer Janaya says:

    I’ve been searching for an app that can match me with people with similar music tastes. This app has a potential but needs further improvements. It seems to disregard completely my music tastes (for example, I like rock and metal and it matches me to rap and hip-hop lovers). Or I don’t understand how to use it correctly. It would be great if the app could show me those people first who listen to the same bands as me.

  4. Anlienisse Amber says:

    Interesting concept with 2 major flaws. First, the user base is far too limited. Second, there aren’t enough filter options when finding people to match with. I can’t specifically search for only people with similar musical tastes (other than something very broad – you can’t filter out people who don’t like the same bands as you. That should be more of a focus than genre).

  5. Constancia Golden says:

    The concept is great but the fact that you can’t see when musicians were last online or when they last sent a message is a problem. Most people uninstall the app and won’t even know they’ve been contacted. I found a bass player who said he installed it back after months and saw my message which was thankfully recent, but most people won’t reply thinking they’re old messages. Also, it’s not easy to edit bio and pictures. Please, change this so we can make this app the best!

  6. Rich Darolyn says:

    It’s rare for me to go through the trouble of writing an app review, but vampr is a unique kind of garbage. The layout is obnoxious and the algorithm is faulty. I’m not matching with anyone who lives close to me even when I have the distance turned up to 50 miles. Even turned down low, I’m still getting suggested people who are 1000+ miles away, almost as if they’re being randomly generated. I’m not getting recommended people who share my interests. It also takes up a lot of space on my phone.

  7. Gladys Pure says:

    Cool concepts and I will continue giving it a try. I got stuck in a loop of successfully re-verifying my email 10 to 15 times before I was able to finally get in. And with a 50 mile radius in the greater Phoenix area with completely wide-open serch preferences, I only got 20 to 30 results. I passed on most and now I’m down to zero with not much to do on the app. We need more peeps! 🙂 I’m a multi genre multi-instrumentalist, Studio owner, and a very bored musician… someone find me! 😀

  8. Rang Wildon says:

    This is a really great idea for an app, the look and feel is great and what you folks are trying to accomplish is brilliant and has a lot of potential. That being said, the app itself in terms of user flow is awkward, the experience is buggy in places, and after only half an hour on it, there’s enough in there to put less patient users off. I would encourage the founders to focus more resources on product development and UI/UX. 500 char limit on here but can email more deets if requested.

  9. Dennis Madness says:

    Every update makes the app more broken. The layout now looks like some Boomer big text setting, but with broken spacing. I can’t view people’s profile when they connect with me. That option only becomes available if I start a conversion first. Then there’s the quick example messages that I sent to multiple people on accident while trying to find their profile. “I LOVE YOUR MUSIC TASTE” while I can’t even view their music taste because I don’t have a connection with them yet.

  10. Benjamin Blake says:

    Good idea, very buggy It’s free, but there are paid premium features. There also seems to be a music distribution service, but they don’t explain why it’s better than cheaper alternatives (DistroKid etc) There is nothing more irritating than writing a message to someone before you send a request, then the app then decides to close the message mid-type. You to then have to pay to rewind to a previous match. As others have said, it’s buggy and slow but probably worth the free sign up

  11. Adarsh Johnson says:

    Last time I reviewed this app I was rather frustrated due to the inability to find any connections but now they have introduced a feature called Partial Matching, this feature have actually helped me find some genuine connections and now I love the app even more, but I still think the UI can be improved, I’d suggest you go for some minimal, modern look, simply get rid of those large curves, maybe it’s just a matter of taste but you can atleast organise some stuff for sure… Keep it up guys!!!

  12. Will E says:

    Came to connect and find people to jam with; leaving frustrated and disappointed. Can’t upload music or videos straight from your device or computer, and even if you could it costs money to do so. If you have an endless amount of cash, go for it. But if you don’t, don’t even bother with this app. Good luck connecting without any music to show off your talent. Only reason it gets 2 stars is because its a great concept and has a lot to offer – as long as you have money to burn.

  13. Arnav Sharma says:

    I think the idea is nice. But it’s such a terrible implementation. The UI is terrible. I need to sooo many clicks to send a request. Half my messages don’t get sent after matching. If you press back while a message is still being sent the message is lost.

  14. Victoria Voronkina says:

    Wow, what a complete waste of time. It made me go through the whole creating of the profile just to at the very END reveal that they require all these insane permissions such as location and access to your YouTube account (including having the power to post publicly on your behalf!!!) in order to be able to use the app. And based on the other reviews, it certainly doesn’t sound like it’ll even be worth it (not to mention incredibly invasive).

  15. Kurt Willmon says:

    Limited usefulness. Can only choose a state as the location rather than a zip code. That’s way too big of a search area. Only get 30 does per day with the free version. That’s way too limiting to get a good idea of what’s available, especially when you have and entire state as the search area. Probably going to delete this app and stick to using BandMix.

  16. Rishab Sengupta (cerbeus88) says:

    I’ve been using this app for a long time and it’s recently become completely unusable. My messages are not getting sent at all. If I exit the chat the message I just sent completely disappears. And more importantly the app doesn’t even recognise when I open the chat, so my notifications show that I have multiple unread messages even when I’ve read them. There is something very wrong with the messaging system. I can see that others have this issue too so it’s definitely not a problem on my end.

  17. Syphoniel says:

    I LOVE this app. They have updated it soo well and made it a huge foundation for the networking I’ve had for my music. This really is the app to use when you want to have meaningful connections in the music field.

  18. David Gengler says:

    A little clunky but overall works great at introducing musicians to other musicians. Makes for a great Craigslist Musicians alternative. Edit: months later and this app is even more polished. I would definitely recommend this app if you’re looking to meet musicians. Edit: 4 to 5 stars. Nothing clunky about this app anymore and I hope it continues to grow in popularity. I’ve already been able to meet multiple musicians through it.

  19. Gregory Perry says:

    Worked fine initially and I was able to view and swipe people near me. Only got 30 swipes per day without pro, which is not a lot but the developer needs to make money somehow. The reason for one start though is because as soon as I got a match I was completely unable to message with them. Every message I tried to send would fail and then if I hit retry enough times the app would just crash.

  20. Pick up that can says:

    The idea of the app is good however there is an extremely annoying aspect of the UX: when you are in a profile and want to minimise the app to get info from YouTube, Instagram, your emails, notes, etc, every time you come back to the app, IT RESTARTS, whereas it should keep state!! Finally, please follow another monetary model. It is stupid that you have a limit of profile reviews and that you cannot navigate a list of people you have dismissed to undo at will. You lose users because of it.

  21. Johnny Dunne says:

    Good app initially but just doesn’t seem to work anymore. I try to start up the app and it brings you to a loading screen with the logo and doesn’t open, left it on in the background for 5 mins and it still didn’t open. On the off chance that the app does start, it doesn’t show the pictures on people’s profiles half of the time.

  22. Rudy Gonzalez says:

    Horrible platform for musicians. It’s like Tinder but for musicians. Accidentally skip over someone? Too bad. Get ready to pay real $$$ just to contact that person. This is a total waste of time and a slap in the face of musicians. You’re better off looking on Craigslist.

  23. Daniel voice says:

    The idea of musicians connecting is awesome! This app is not a good one for that. The font size for this app is horrible. You will struggle to read some basic things. Certain sections of this app I had to take screenshots to zoom in. You should never struggle to read things like age preference. Be careful using this app you may strain your eyes.

  24. Ronnie Longchamp says:

    Concept is genius. App glitches way too much, can’t upload audio without crashing. And everytime I try to swipe left on someone it won’t let me through until I swipe right

  25. The Metalhead Gamer says:

    Pretty cool app. Main gripe i have tho. You ask me for my favorite bands, so why dont i have a filter option to have people with similar Musical interests than me? Thatd be super helpful!

  26. HumanEeveelution says:

    Love the app. It’s a great idea. But there are two issues that really bring down the app. When I upload a video to my profile the app completely crashes, and when I’m in the messenger it’s incredibly slow that it makes it hard to send one message.

  27. Abhishek Mehra says:

    It was best app. Now it has become extremely slow. I feel like I’m using a dialup connection on windows 98! All the updates have made it extremely slow and unresponsive. It was better a few months back. What has gone wrong? Downdate the version to 2 months back. It was much better back then! And please do it soon or you lose users.

  28. Miriam Goian says:

    The app in general works and I had the opportunity to connect with a lot of interesting people but HEAR! ME! OUT! the blocking option doesn’t work: the people you block are still able to text you and I’ve tried reporting and blocking a lot of times. The reporting option should have a section where I describe the problem. No matter what this guy doesn’t stop harassing me. Please, do something.

  29. trinensaywhatt says:

    Really am loving this, it’s such a fun thrill. I’m connecting with people, I’m connecting on more music, like it’s just a good time.

  30. instrumentalbytina says:

    Maybe I just haven’t figured out how to use it yet but I can’t seem to change what Instagram profile I want to connect my Vampr too. Once I put in my username for my main account, it links to my personal account instead of letting me go to Instagram to switch to my music account. It also doesn’t match me with any local musicians. It keeps hooking me up with either people from out of state or other countries overseas..

  31. Matt O'Connor says:

    So this app Was doing great. I found this really nice professional Phillipino kid who will move here to America to be in a band with me next year. However the app got totally stuck on stupid and froze on me while I was talking to him!!! What am I supposed to do about this, uninstall and re install?!!! This kid’s depending on me to get him a job here!!! Luckily it worked enough for me to get his email address and an email from him. This sucks a lot Dude!!!!!

  32. Nicolas Motok says:

    Purchased a one-year pro membership in June. The other day I logged in to write a post on Vampr to advertise my services, only to find out that they had removed the ‘social’ and ‘feed’ functions entirely, rendering posting/seeing other peoples posts impossible. All they want to do is shill their trash ‘education’ courses now apparently (which cost additional money). I am left feeling thoroughly disgusted by the app. Please just don’t download it.

  33. Ekene Fortune says:

    Good interface, running smoothly but they should increase the number of swiping per day for the free user.

  34. Akshay k says:

    This app was working fine befor the update. Now- it refreshs it’s search after sending each right-swipe. It is takes 20-30 seconds for this(after each right-swipe). Really frustrating. Fix this.

  35. Alchiter says:

    My experience was very good so far. I wanted to keep my location anonymous, so they provided and changed it for me. The only thing is, there are not many genres, you have to make custom ones, and you can’t search for custom genres. Examples are Phonk, Lo-Fi, Hardstyle… Also the app loading everytime you exit is a bit annoying.

  36. Pablo Chavez says:

    Originally gave it 3 stars, but the app glitches, constant spam, and UI just make it not even worth downloading.

  37. A P says:

    AS a women not so great! one person in Nigeria was posing as some Celebrity trying to run a scam . Some others looking for dates, one or 2 out 0f 10 have actualy been active musicians. OH and one said he would like to find some good lyrics for piano on the idea we might help each other he just took my lyrics and ran .I am not looking to be fan, get scammed, or date anyone , I would like others who are creative and doing somthing playing practicing working towards a goal.

  38. Andile Nonkwelo says:

    Great app. Especially for us musos. Hate the pop up that always asks you to filter your needs. It get annoying but overall it’s great

  39. Rahul Singh Rathore says:

    Buggy application. Very slow with loading anything.Good concept but not so great execution. Those 2 stars are for creating the niche for artists

  40. Kshitij Sharma says:

    Your app doesn’t allow audio to be posted from the device itself. Always shuts down when you try to do it . Please fix that immediately.

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