Music player- bass boost,music Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Music player & mp3 player with powerful equalizer & bass booster,sound changer!
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November 10, 2022
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Music player- bass boost,music Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Music Participant with tough tune equalizer, bass booster and nice sound virtualizer, Fast seek all track recordsdata, unfastened to get this best audio participant and media participant. Track your self with actual audio results and experience your favourite tracks in this all-in-one MP3 song and audio participant.

Track player- bass spice up

Song participant can fast to turn you tracks via artists, albums, style, playlist and the tune folder construction. Get admission to your song library immediately from the app. Strengthen your tune listening enjoy simply because of the simple to make use of UI and the Bass Booster choice. You’re loose to keep an eye on the song taste now.

track Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Key Options:
* Browse and play your song by means of albums, artists, style songs, playlists, folders.
* Tough equalizer. Greater than 22+ pre-set track tone types on your selection(Commonplace, Vintage, Dance, Folks, Heavy, Hip hop, Jazz, Pop, Rock…)
* Customized tone track taste and manually regulate the equalizer.
* An impressive bass amplifier.
* House display screen WIDGETS Participant.
* Beef up Lyric recordsdata. Automated scanning and matching.
* Sleep time atmosphere.
* Loose to re-edit album and artist title.
* Upload to queue characteristic.
* Customized your Playlist
* Headset/Bluetooth Controls

track Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Bass Booster &EQ Track Participant makes it conceivable so that you can combine, edit and customise the sound of your tracks to verify an optimum song listening revel in.


40 comments on "Music player- bass boost,music Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Ealasaid Dora says:

    Player is good, but by 90%. First of all scrolling – i can’t scroll the track for a few second forward and back by the suitable button. Another music players have this option. Second: when i’m trying to delete the track from the storage (through this music player) he is deleting from the tracklist but not from the storage (even when the “delete from the storage” button is active). Ofc it could be a problem on my side, but i hope the scrolling function will be added here.

  2. Driskoll Jondalar says:

    wonderful experience the only problem is the the songs in the album are not in the correct order and I cannot get the songs to play consecutively. I’m hoping there might be a setting for these issues. otherwise quite great!!!

  3. Brooklynne Huxley says:

    it’s volume has decreased. It doesn’t obey commands. No library, genre, albums, tracks. The equalizer is now not easily accessible because you have to go back to content. I can’t find some songs. The old application is streets ahead.

  4. Dasity Murgatroyd says:

    Headset controls most of the times does not work, for eg double tap to forward any song, play/pause. Then you have to remove headphone jack, exit completely from the app to make it normal. It happens with other headsets too, so no problem with the headset.

  5. Manika Thapa says:

    I like its interface, themes and all the things, it is overall a good app but the only thing that I didn’t like was the timer, why is the timer in the settings option, you have to go to settings to set timer, would have been good if it was on the side where the song is playing like beside the equalizer option or beside sound effect option….

  6. acha hilary says:

    If you had space for six stars or seven I would have given it all. This is the best of the best of all players. It has very good music equalizer, ringtone maker, notes, you can even delete permanently from device using this player, can you imagine it has balance control? Wowww God bless you. This is my player!!! Glory!!! I really love it.

  7. Elaine W. says:

    Everything I have been looking for in a music player. You can edit the tracks name, background of your choice, equalizer, sound effects, just all around great. I definitely recommend this app. Great job to the developers!


    It’s a good app, doesn’t pop ads everywhere, they have a designated area for ads if someone wanted to check them out..which is good! I had one where I kept on looking for the playlists I saved and they had disappeared. But this one’s good!

  9. Samuel J. Alexander says:

    Great app… especially the theme options is one of the best I’ve ever seen! User friendly and song layout is awesome as well. Runs smoothly with no glitching or freezing while navigating. The occasional “full screen adds”.. is the only reason I don’t give it a give star rating. Still all around a solid music player, I highly recommend it!

  10. Matjie Lovie Fernandez says:

    It’s a good app, but when i select artwork from internet it’s not totally the album of the song. I just want to apply it as an album but the result doesn’t same as what the song. Please fix it, huehue. I really love this it’s automatically set my playlist and i don’t need to put them together again, thanks but please fix it i just want the original album of every songs huhu.

  11. pascal Ishaya says:

    I gave it complete five(5)stars bcoz i had used many different music apps and attimes i feel annoy because they are full of distracting ads I was very fortunate to have this App and everything about the App is incredibly perfect indeed. Can’t wait to experience new features, Many thanks to developer and his team 🙏

  12. Cazorla ainamani says:

    I have to say this app is the best for anyone who wants to download it, go on it’s the full package,though I have a little problem I would like the developers to work out for me and it’s that the app makes my phone screen go blank for like 5 seconds when I tap the play button and when setting up stuff in settings so please sort out that problem and I will rate it 5 stars because I love this app alot it’s the best I have ever used!!

  13. Bryan Horner says:

    This is a superb music player. It is even better with the recommended equalizer app for this. The effects are very good like the other music player apps, simple, but neat themes to personalize your experience, and it is very easy to play music, like the rest of the apps. And the ads are not too repetitive and fast to pass by. I don’t think that it’ll be the only music app I’ll use, as I have other music apps, and that I would give it a four star review, but, a five star one would suffice.

  14. Hamzah Badru says:

    Absolutely💯. Super hot 5 stars. I’m in 🤍 with this app. It seems like it was made for me. It has almost all features u could think of. I was struggling with music apps with poor equalizers, worse amplifiers, no back & forward controls, no customization. My God!Music player- bass booster came to my rescue. To a person out there whose been searching all along, this is ur STOP! Would’ve liked to thank the developers in person but since I can’t, please accept my respects to your noble efforts. ❤❤❤

  15. anthony r Page says:

    Dude! Most people have music apps. If this one isn’t compatible with any of them; doesn’t that make your application totally useless? Git yer stuff up to snuff, and we’ll come back and re-install you; Gangsta!

  16. Teddy Segil says:

    There always some unknown sound play at the background, interupted the music recently on playing. Thats annoyed. Not recommended. Uninstalled!

  17. Samm!amm Lopez says:

    A bunch more features to choose from. It’s Not just an ugly plain ol’ simple music player. Its Koo n i ♡ it.

  18. IEG Wks says:

    Great app! Is there any way to remove the Ads in this app? Happy to pay to remove Ads. Let me know. Thank you. PS – I also have your other app Music Player + Music_v5 for years. Another great app! Keep up the good works! 👏

  19. keith watkins says:

    Giving the app 4 stars due to the annoying adds but other than that it looks great. Haven’t started listening to music from th3 apo just yet but it has everything that I need .

  20. Motunrayo Teslimat says:

    Wow this app is very very good if need a music player i recommend this app for you it has beautiful themes and pitches i just love it .

  21. Beverley Roberts says:

    Very pleased with the music player app. It does everything I need and I cannot fault it. The advertisements can be a bit annoying but they don’t last as long as some other apps. Overall an excellent app and I love it! I use it all the time. 😃

  22. Dai Laffine. Slava Ukraini! says:

    Sound is perfect, but the ads? Makes it a useless app for just about everyone. I know you need money, buy youre shooting your own foot, as no one will keep this ap, as there are better free ones with half the ads you force on us

  23. flor gracilla says:

    I love this app! Could you please make the album cover square not circle. It will make it more attractive to look at.

  24. Unny Sanyu says:

    It’s very good but too much adds, lots of adds, many many adds, but it has a good bass and nice sound 🔊,

  25. Dennis Kiprono says:

    This app is awesome and recommended for one looking forward to download… I’ve got only one issue (don’t know if it’s mine alone or many) It has some fluctuating volume(azn rising and falling sound but only noticeable in low volume) which is nearly impossible to notice,,,,non the less it’s noticeable thus.annoying ….thanks for this app🤎🤎🤎🤎

  26. Raja Tariq says:

    Hello Everyone, This Music Player Is Very Nice, This Is The Best Player Ever I Use, Only One Issue With It Some Ads Pop Up, Other Than That It’s Perfect Music Player 🎶 For Music Lovers… I Recommend It…

  27. Firoz Raita says:

    It is best and perfect.. I m enjoying music from this app

  28. Jhacqueline Owusua says:

    I’ve been using this app for the past three years now and I should say it’s a very good app for your play list. Nice boosters and can set lyrics on to learn songs. Deserves 5 star🤩🤩

  29. Kevin Hill says:

    I love how the “Target” button instantly locates the current song playing! But, I don’t think we need to Swipe to change the track. My phone is VERY sensitive to Swiping Motion.

  30. Jamila Yawa says:

    It’s a very interesting app However, the ads makes it really bad And the music background, could you make a new design?

  31. som Eckerman says:

    Perfect app..thanks for creating this app..Iam so pleased with the feature of the music app..

  32. Thehara Gunathilake says:

    The ads are annoying

  33. Ibrahim Izamri says:

    The album arrangement in your app is so disoriented (ie, if I scan a few offline albums that was labelled under Greatest Hits (GH) by Lenny Kravitz, Bad English, Journey, Heart etc, the respective GH folder in the app stacked all the songs from the album in a massive queue whereas another music player app by wowmusic (developer) did way better to separate them corresponding to the artists name..

  34. Charlene Cox says:

    Love this app! Love drag and drop to change order

  35. vimal sidhpura says:

    Very clear and effective sound and good user interface also

  36. JiJi Wolf says:

    I like the way i can hear the bass and the organization…….tee~hee~😗ヽ(^。^)丿

  37. Tieho Kutoane says:

    I used this app for three years now but this latest version has ads popping when playing the song while the mobile data is off

  38. GOD IS GREAT says:

    It’s my best and favourite as i can organise my audio in ways i love but, if it is possible for backup and synchronization with google account

  39. Kacey Headings says:

    This is a good music player who plays the music pretty good I read it more than five stars that I want to rate it 10 Stars if I had a chance to


    Fast and also easy

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