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Music player IOS 13 & Music free Online: Best music player for android
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January 31, 2019
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Music IOS13 Apk Download New 2022 Version*

You have already got a song software however don’t just like the boredom of tune packages.
Do you prefer track participant as taste IOS13?
Do you favor Telephone XI?
Do you favor tune participant theme white and darkish?

Song IOS13 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Subsequent track is utility song participant & tune on-line with taste tune. You’ll be able to play song in native telephone and on-line movement.

Tune IOS13 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* free up

Play tune & regulate tune on lock display taste IOS13.
EQ Regulate equalizer as bass tune, dance, jazz and extra and customized EQ. Exchange theme IOS tune taste tune telephone XI
Lyric tune offline – display lyric for your quilt tune if the tune have lyric offline
Blur show in app track participant.
Alarm flip off song participant.
Create your individual playlists or pay attention to song they’re being attentive to and playlist they’ve shared. Circulation over 10 million songs from on-line Open track offline and on-line in app.
Play song & audio & ringtone simple. Seek and concentrate tune on-line loose and offline.
Repeat tune one tune , album, artist, playlist. Keep an eye on track on notification subsequent, preview, pause, play

Track IOS13 Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Set up app and percentage. Thank you for used Subsequent iMusics.


40 comments on "Music IOS13 Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Tessie Patti says:

    It would have been 5 strars because I love the app, the only problem is that it arranges the songs inside an album in alphabetical order.

  2. Dellana Frankeleyn says:

    Good concept, needs improving You need to improve the search option i have the song but when you search it rarely finds it Repeat button required Last track should be stored you you can go back if need be Fix this and it will be exceptional!

  3. Constantino Gladwin says:

    Its a great app but there should a way to control your music play even when your screen is locked 🔐 🔐 Aside that i say its a good app. Great job to the developer 👩‍💻

  4. Chaleb Bink says:

    This app has potential but several bugs have to be fixed. Please apply the following fixes… 1. Stop music queue from playing in a loop (VERY IMPORTANT) 2. Option to sort albums by track #/file path 3. Option to edit song metadata/tags 4. Option to play a single track 5. Have tracks on artist page separated and sorted by album

  5. Daja Blaise says:

    I love this. But Just one problem… Everytime i tried to select a song from my sd card or folder…… it’s loading. Which other players didn’t. This is annoying. Please solve this issue.

  6. Jhanna Audrie says:

    Good interpretation of the Apple Music but there’s a bug which reduces the volume of the music after one has already played

  7. Eveling Jennie says:

    Nice app.. but the only problem is “sometimes” the volume of the next song reduces..and Now there’s no “now playing” In the songlist..

  8. Ugihendrixx TV. says:

    Best app, but the sound effects should be worked on. It had no good bass effect.

  9. Ansh Raghuvanshi says:

    Owesome real ios 13 look very owesome loved on ads and free equalizer and online song player first it not work then i cleared data and it works without buffering it is owesome and have two themes light and dark colured owesome and easy thanks to developer keep it on it works please try all it is owesome it makes my phone looks iphone never give up

  10. Anwar Lemu says:

    Very good but has a few issues. Volume is very quiet while song changes.

  11. Bhargav Patil says:

    Every time the apps opens up as new as such that it scans songs every time on opening the app, the app takes a lot of time to reload songs/mp3’s… Please look into this matter

  12. Hanxxi Yeoreumi Kim says:

    I really love this app! This really looks like the itunes player. I’ve been using this for almost a month already, and so far my user experience is great. But there are still some improvements that i hope can be added on later updates.

  13. Shakti Peedoly says:

    Excellent UI! To improve further could have included album art but that is not really necessary… Love it

  14. Mohammed Safat says:

    I like the way how neat and accessible the controls are assembled. Unlike other media players, this works for me.☺️😁🙂

  15. Parsa Mobasheri says:

    I Cannot turn lock screen on. Also, it shows one of my folders as 9 seperate folders :/ Font is also too big and words are out of frame

  16. Abduljalil Attahir says:

    The Fact That There aint ads on this app makes it very spectacular and the experience is a very delightful one! Though there’s one major problem! I cant see most of the artworks on many of my songs on this app! Artworks which i can see on other apps. Please fix this!

  17. Junior Joyner says:

    This is a really gpod app You won’t regret downloadng it No ads Works smoothly The effects are awesome Even shows lyrics And it even has a lockscreen feature which works perfectly This is so good but there is one thing i hate about it though and i think you guys should add it to tje next update…..THERE SHOULD BE A REFRESH BUTTON OR A SCAN FOR MUSIC BUTTON…every time i download a new song i cant find it in the app and ill have to unistall and install the app again..please fix this💋💋💋💋💋

  18. Joe Godspine says:

    Noice but i doesnt have a repeat function. I tend to listen to just 1 track for the day and I cant find a repeat function. other than that, NOICE.

  19. Lola Lolana says:

    It’s a very good app but could you please please please make it so that we can put pictures on the songs because it really annoys me that I’m just looking at blank stars. But all in all, the app is amazing and you won’t regret downloading.

  20. Emmanuel Umah says:

    This app is great and amazing indeed, but it keeps stopping while music is on fix up and add more amazing features, you gat my 5 star 🌟.

  21. Danger Zone says:

    This is the best music app i’ve ever had in my life. You can search any song in this apps. Moreover you’ll get the equalizer option to control music genre. That’s totally dope. It’s dark mode. The animation of this app is amazing for any android device. one word for this app. That is “Best”

  22. Stephen Armo says:

    Good # 1 there..Thanks to the developers.Infact u’ve done great work.The interface looks dope and it’s smooth in operation…Expecting more apps.👌👌👌

  23. Dennis Allan Quiocho says:

    It’s great, I just wish there was a faster to transfer my playlists my playlists from my default player to the apps But overall, it’s a great app

  24. Tatenda Rushizha says:

    This app is the best !!! You can stream your music and I heard there’s a lyrics feature haven’t seen it but otherwise this app is epic although please add a download feature so that people can download the music for offline listening


    Ads don’t bother Me I haven’t seen a ad since I have had this the problem I have is it doesn’t show all my album covers I have for these songs. I would like it to show the album’s cover. Please?

  26. Izaias Kalil says:

    It seems a good app, the only downside it’s that doesn’t show the album cover of my songs, please fix this asap.

  27. Didier Rámirez says:

    It is an application that I would not use frequently. Of course it emulate perfectly the music app by Apple but doesn’t emulate the performance, stability and the speed (it read very slowly the files and the artworks of the songs doesn’t show up). Something important “there’s no controls to interact with the songs” like add to the playlist or go to the artist or to the album. I like it of course, but I can’t use it because is so slow reading my files and sometimes 🙁

  28. Jane Manibo says:

    the app is great! the only problem is that if your song is downloaded, there is only star on the cover but it doesn’t affect the app. it’s still great.

  29. Dean Winchester says:

    This app is really good. No ads. Professional. Excellent. Great. Smooth. Most satisfying app in the store. Thank you.

  30. mavi says:

    The app is SOOOOOO GREAT! I love it! But i downloaded it again today, and it isn’t playing the songs in my library, when i click on a song, it isn’t played, the bar keeps running, but there’s no audio.

  31. Solly Maseko says:

    This is a cool music player but the only problem I have with is that the album art and track art doesn’t show. Please work on that so that I can be able to have an overall nice experience with this music player.

  32. Fadma Lbnouj says:

    All my music has albums art, but when i play it in this app they disappear except few, and I don’t know why when I activate “lock screen” it doesn’t appear on my screen but then when I unlock the phone it shows up on a second lock screen.😂😂 ??????????

  33. Bubble Kim says:

    I wanted to give it 5 starts but I just click 3 stars. It good but whenever I click a song, it will not play! The song that plays is the song next to it. But overall it’s good.

  34. Briggs Nuel says:

    I love the app. Would have given it 5 Stars but because sometimes the music does not shuffle until I switch my phone back on again and it’s really annoying.

  35. Tadiwanashe Madzimbamuto says:

    Awesome app, l like the layout and l like how l can search songs and play them and put them in playlists. It’s unfortunate that l can’t download them but lm satisfied with the app so far. Worth downloading.

  36. Alex Mitrofan says:

    Very nice. It doesn’t have ads and looks very cool. I just wish it had an option to add music from my folders to playlists.

  37. Riley Scott Howell says:

    it’s a good Music Player it doesn’t look identically on the real Apple Music and the only thing that i refuse to love this app is it doesn’t show the Artists image on Artist Section, they don’t have Biographies about the Album or Artist. on the next update please add an Artist Image,Remove the app’s name on Notification center and change the accent color of green in dark and change it to pink, and add the recently played or added song,clear album covers and more accuracy from the Apple Music

  38. Gregory Muscat says:

    Well uhh dude, to start with, the design is AMAZING, but… Sadly, one problem. When i put on a song, it doesnt play, i refresh, restart my phone, re-install, and it still doesnt work. Its very rare for a song to actually do its thing, so PLEASE fix this

  39. Jose Briseno says:

    The app looks nice but I wish the artwork would show up and the dark theme was the same color as the real apple music app instead of green. Id pay for this app if those issues were fixed.

  40. Zig Zar says:

    Looks like a great application I’m checking it out now but it takes it off of my list of great music applications because it does not have a 24-hour timer

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