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May 23, 2022
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djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Download New*

djay transforms your Android software right into a full-featured DJ gadget. Seamlessly built-in along with your tune library, djay will provide you with direct get right of entry to to the entire song to your tool, plus hundreds of thousands of songs. You’ll carry out are living, remix tracks, or permit Automix mode to let djay create a unbroken combine for you robotically. Whether or not you’re a skilled DJ or a novice who simply likes to play with track, djay will give you essentially the most intuitive but robust DJ revel in on an Android tool.

djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New* apk mod


djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New*

Combine all of your track + hundreds of thousands of songs: My Tune, TIDAL Top class, SoundCloud Go+.

djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New* apk

*NOTE: As of July 1, 2020, Spotify is not playable thru Third birthday party DJ apps. Please talk over with to discover ways to migrate to a brand new supported provider.

djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New* apk mod new


djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Lean again and pay attention to an automated DJ combine with shocking transitions. Automix AI intelligently identifies rhythmic patterns together with the most efficient intro and outro sections of songs to stay the tune flowing.

djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022


djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Obtain New* unencumber

• Sequencer: create beats on most sensible of your track are living • Looper: remix your tune with as much as Eight loops according to monitor • Beat-matched sequencing of drums and samples


Preview and get ready the following music thru headphones. By way of enabling djay’s Break up Output mode or by way of the use of an exterior audio interface you’ll be able to pre-listen to songs via headphones independently from the combination that is going thru the primary audio system for reside DJing.


• Local integration of Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 by means of Bluetooth MIDI
• Local integration of Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3, Reloop Mixtour, Reloop Beatpad, Reloop Beatpad 2, Reloop Mixon4
• Key lock / time-stretching
• Mixer, Pace, Pitch-Bend, Filter out and EQ controls
• Audio FX: Echo, Flanger, Weigh down, Gate, and extra • Looping & Cue Issues
• Computerized beat & pace detection
• Auto achieve • High-res waveforms


40 comments on "djay – DJ App & Mixer Apk Download New*"

  1. Leander Crawford says:

    Don’t get me wrong, this app is incredible and is really useful in creating some really awesome remixes, however my issue with the app lies with the ‘unlock full access’ situation. In my opinion, there is really no point in upgrading. For almost £3, I got access to a a few basic SFX and not much else. The base app is perfect though and really does do a superb job in creating really cool mashups, remixes and remasters. However, if you want more features, don’t upgrade…the standard app is better

  2. Lear Brytanie says:

    great app and very smooth transitioning for mixing. the only problem is when you upgrade to the pro version, you can not record a full set. you can record, but when you are done, it will only show like a minute and a half of the set when i have been mixing for an hour. please fix that problem!

  3. Crystelle Tresha says:

    Great app, small issue with the oneplus 6 in landscape full screen mode, the buttons on whichever side happens to be closest to the bottom of the phone are about 5mm away from where you need to actually touch for them to function,the graphic and the button are in different places. To work around I have to enable my phones on screen menu, home and back buttons. Also i would prefer to have the two songs waveforms displayed on top of each other, and I’d like to be able to edit the beatgrids.

  4. Mychaela Alburt says:

    I have this amazing application in another device, but when I was trying to add a song to a mixer and play it, no sound comes out. I even tried increasing my ringtone volume, still no sound. The last thing I tried was to clear the app’s data then relaunch it, and still no sound. I hope someone helps me with that, because I really love this application.

  5. Beniamin Winsor says:

    The only redeeming value is the spotify integration. This app is always struggling to work. Whenever I play anything, the audio is FULL of clicking and stuttering (even when I play stuff from the SD card on my phone.) It’s even worse when I try to use an effect, loop, or the high/low pass filter. The sound quality is so horrible. It’s also likely to stop working or crash. I would never trust this for a group of people. I’m pretty sure the makers aren’t trying at all. It’s just as bad on pc.

  6. Kimball Andriea says:

    I love this app so much! It’s very user-friendly, high quality, and professional. There’s one problem though… It has an assortment of file types that it supports – which is great – but it doesn’t read my downloaded MP3 files for some reason…. It won’t explain why at all, it just has an error message…. If I could only play those downloaded files, it’d be perfect. [I’m thinking I just need to convert the files to another format/layout, but that’s beyond me…] Any help would be appreciated

  7. Ajah Molly says:

    I purchased this app years ago, i also bought the extended version with the diff ways to mix your music, I was also able to use any music on my tablet or computer and i can no longer do that. Now im being forced to sign up for Spotify and it still wont work unless i am a premium user, i have a subcription to Apple Music, and shouldbe able to use the songs from there. Fix this problem and restore my purchases which have also gone missing😕😡. Give it 5 stars and change my review.

  8. Ozzie Celtic says:

    Great app. Allows me to premix songs before hand making things easier when searching for requested songs. Only negative I found that’s different from the program I run on my PC is the inability to change song keys on Android. Add that feature for Android and I’ll gladly give 5 🌟. (This says the free version but I am running the purchased/unlocked version.)

  9. David Ciolko says:

    If you’re coming from an iPhone, don’t bother. This version of djay is a husk of how it used to perform on the iPhone. Frequent crashes and failures to retrieve music from your library are pretty bad. You’ll find that you don’t have access to changing the key of any song on the screen where you change speed. And my final gripe is that as of July 1st, you will no longer have access to your Spotify account through the app.

  10. Jordan Brotherton says:

    djay 3.0 has completely destroyed the app, BPMs are significantly different, breaking mixes that used to work on 2.0, all of the cues saved from 2.0 are now deleted, and the UI is very unfriendly. There’s also constant advertising for the full version of djay which just gets obnoxious after a while. Some of the slight touches, like the cues on the record, or the zoom on the timeline when you’re moving the record to a time point are missing. Is there any way to go back to 2.0?

  11. Ives Leonidas says:

    I have been using the DJay app for a while now and I like its simplicity. I am not a professional DJ, but this app gives me everything that I need to feel like one and most importantly to be perceived like one at house parties. With that said, a useful feature that would be extremely welcomed would be to add a folder hierarchy explorer function to the library view. Another issue that I encounter is the do not reset function for the equalizer does not work even if disabled in the general settings

  12. Lee Boxall says:

    This is a great idea of an app just really need some basic controls which are lacking in the automix section. This app can actually make the mix sound really good problem is you can’t add more than one song at a time (frustrating) it won’t play the songs in the order you queue them up in (has a mind of its own and plays whatever it feels like) and constantly repeats the same songs over and over (even though you have your songs set to play in a particular order). Please sort it out

  13. Fondell Rogers says:

    In terms of what I think of this app, I would say that it’s performance is phenominal, with exceptional control of most of the music that I possess. Since this is a free ap, it still gives quite the variety of features in order to keep the user coming back to the app, which gives it a high replayability rate in my personal opinion. Along with this, I would also like to add my personal thoughts on the control of tempo and speed of the song. I believe this is paramount for DJs in training.

  14. Albanomad says:

    I want my money back. This app is horrendous on mobile and essentially useless. I use the Windows version with Tidal with no problems. I cue my track with this and it just sits there. Tried reinstalling, restarting but it doesn’t change. I left the app sitting with the play button highlighted thinking nothing of it. Twenty minutes later it starts playing! Start trying to have fun with it with the auto mix. If you try and change the order of your tracks, it stops playing and won’t restart. Etc.

  15. Brian Loyas says:

    Love this, I use it everyday! Definitely my fav app, please add beatport integration for Android and not just for iOS. Thank you. Also small issue I noticed with phones that don’t have a aux port on there phone. When you use usb-c/aux adapter to plug in a aux cord to your phone, you have to have it plugged in when start the app otherwise there will be no sound, or if you unplug it and then plug it back in the sound will stop and you have to restart the app.

  16. kinderhood says:

    Great App. Paid for the full version. What up with the Looper? That is a great feature – where can I add more loops? Loops are easy and seems like u should have more than 3 sets of built in loops. Can I drop them in a folder somewhere? Plz plz plz tell me this is possible. The app handles well, BUT AGAIN… This looper… The Looper… That is the magic. Even the sampler could have a loader or somewhere to put them samples. They both use same interface – where do I add more. That’s it.

  17. Lea Katrina says:

    The last bug I posted was never gonna get fixed, fine. But since the last two updates, whenever you press a Cue button (the colored ABCDEFGH buttons) and have Sync on, it doesn’t play it on-time and on-sync with the other Disc anymore like it used to. Now I can’t do instant mixes at all. It’s kinda messed up since I just bought the ad-less version of the app two updates ago, and then someone decides to break the one thing I actually liked doing on the app. Please tell me if there’s a Setting somewhere that re-enables this, because I can’t find it, thanks.

  18. Ricki-Lee Abrams says:

    I think it’s a really good app, but I can’t seem to choose my own start and end cues for songs. For example, trying to add Montero – Lil Nas X to my mix (from SoundCloud) and it only plays like 30secs of it. Plus, I think you should be able to set a maximum length, so that it will cue the next some after 2mins or so. Some songs are over 5mins and it plays nearly the whole thing. Good app otherwise.

  19. Chris Johnston says:

    Great app for what I need, although just recently after upgrading my tablet to One UI v3.1 (Android 11), there are now of couple of issues: 1. Track artwork is missing from my entire library in djay. 2. Once finished recording a mix the track cannot be played back in djay. No issue with the recording itself once uploaded to Google Drive and plays fine. Otherwise an intuitive good looking design, simple and it works.

  20. Aihie Cob Aihie says:

    As a professional DJ, I have used series of other apps & mixers. This app should have been one of the best in the market. I am still maintaining my 2 stars because after my recent update, 1. I cannot play some of my songs anymore, 2. Bmp not showing in the songs, that they showed before update. 3. One part of the players freezes. It will just not or recognized songs. I have to off and restart the app. For Christ sake, I am having the full paid version. One should expect more from you guys.

  21. Kevin Milne says:

    I can’t link my music downloads to the app…I can only stream…please help..other than that..its a great app to access midi controller/decks. Without having to go through rekordbox..which is really handy if you don’t want to carry a laptop around with you…brilliant. UPDATE..After spending a little time,trying to find my library.. I found that it was always there in fact….just needed to search more intensively on the audio input options..the app in great,no issues ever..

  22. ulises bernal says:

    I use this app a lot. I think is one of the best that fully work with the DDJ 400. There are a few things that can improve which I’d really appreciate. 1 add the option to create playlist from the app. 2. Add key of the songs. And 3rd. Add a feature to auto analize songs. Maybe an option to link ableton could work too. Pretty much you guys are rocking it as developers. Thanks!

  23. BIGflixx says:

    We have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, completely updated and the djay app doesn’t work at all. You press play to launch a track and absolutely nothing happenes. It looks as though it trys to play but just stutters, turn tables jitter slightly forward and backward. That’s it. Uninstalled/reinstalled and restarted the tablet and still the same result. We’ve also had numerous problems with the app stopping right in the middle of a song at professional Live/Paid events on other devices. Very unhappy

  24. Edu GProfile says:

    The app is really, really cool. But there is a huuuuuge room for improvement, starting with reliability: after loading a couple of songs, it can’t load any other. If a song finishes it’s impossible to start it again, random crashes, bpm detector not reliable, camelot missing… Come on guys, you can do it much better!! Keep pushing and you’ll have the best djing app

  25. Papo Bonilla says:

    Man I won’t use nothin else. Only this app. And I done tried em all! It let’s you record listen offline. I only wish there was a way you could change the pitch without having to change the speed. And maybe some fresher sound effects but other then that it’s super simple haven’t had a problem finding a song yet. And it let’s me add music from my library

  26. Dylan Rexrode says:

    This is the best DJ app for mobile devices. It also is the perfect app for my Hercules DJ Control Mix portable mixer, with the two combined I can set up and mix anywhere. The only reason I’m not giving five stars is because it lacks many of the features that the Apple version has, and I would like to have access to those features.

  27. Aakash Patel says:

    I paid just for the Automix. Early impression is that it works well. However, some issues with it are: – Not possible to add entire folders or genres. – Auto cue points not the best. – Crackling sometimes. – Obvious error in the algorithm where previous tracks slightly reappears after the track completely changes. Update: After trying some other apps, this is the best implementation of automix and the most affordable at that. Unfortunately, the issues mentioned leave it under 5 stars.

  28. Pedro Mora Jr says:

    This is a really good dj program. Reason for three stars. First and most important, it puts all the music together. Which makes it hard to find songs of same genre and language. Should add file explorer, so you can see folders, because my music is set up in folders in sd card by genre. Get a salsa song it is clumped together with all music, like rock, disco, and spanish music all together. And auto mix needs more customation options for user. Other than that no issues it really easy to use.

  29. Spencer Coulon says:

    I rode with djay for years. But I would not recommend it. Initially it was a super reliable/responsive app that never crashed. But over the years Algorridm has taken away features just to re-introduce them again later. And I’ve had to purchase DJay many times over the years. Because your purchase does not include major updates, and the “outdated” version of the app always conveniently becomes buggy around the time you can purchase the “next version”. It’s just frustrating.

  30. Norberto Melendez says:

    It’s a good app for DJing but has one problem. The problem is that you can not use an external harddrive with music. You have to use soundcloud, tidal or music on the internal storage of your phone. People that don’t want to pay for soundcloud or tidal have to use the internal memory which on my phone is not big enough to hold my music and the phone does not have a sd card slot. It should be updated so that we can access an external hard drive. When it does I will upgrade the stars.

  31. Hoekeem says:

    This app is very cool, but there’s a couple flaws. That main one that’s getting me, is that it keeps crashing when I try to record my mix. I get a good amount of time & then boom, wasted. I bought the subscription today just so I can record this mix, & have spent hours trying it again & again. If this isn’t going to get fixed very soon, I’d like a refund.

  32. The Zephyr says:

    Okay, so I get everbody’s problem, and It seems you have to pay to use songs. I was soooo confused when I saw that, but that’s because I download songs and I don’t use them from the app itself. If you want to know how to download the songs easy and safe, then search on google chrome, “NewPipe Apk” then find a safe download, open it, and not only will you be able to download music or audio, but the actual videos too! This isn’t even just a music downloader, It’s actually YouTube Premium Its safe!

  33. Zachary Salvione says:

    It’s an awesome app. I’d rate it 5 stars if you add more features on here like on other devices like isolation tools, extra deck tools, more music options. Options that are on tablets, IPhone, etc. I want a good Djing experience, with all the tools I’d need to make a good performance. I mean with the price to pay for the subscription, it would make up for actually buying real equipment. If you could please make that happen, I’ll definitely consider rating 5 star for sure. Thank You.

  34. Max Prax says:

    Great when it works… I use this with a DDJ-200 on both my phone and tablet. Some days it’s worked flawlessly and other times it crashes several times during my sessions. Definitely not good for production but when you’re just hanging out with a friend having some drinks it’s fine. Sometimes the controller just drops out, sometimes it crashes, it’s very irritating at this point. I mainly like it when I want to be able to search up on SoundCloud without already having it in a playlist.

  35. Step says:

    Love it, just almost perfect. After a while when I tap on the search icon to type in a song I’m looking for, it doesn’t prompt my keyboard to pop up so I can type in the song I want. So I end up having manually scroll all the down my entire song library alphabetically to mix in the song I want. I usually close out the app and reboot it so the search icon will prompt my keyboard to pop up again. If this bug could be fixed, that would be greatly appreciated since I bought the app already. Thanks!

  36. Mike Taber says:

    I am trying really hard to stay loyal but some attention needs to be paid to the android version. As of right now, I have contacted you several times and nothing has been resolved. I’m having non stop problems with a constant popping and clicking as if I was using a vinyl record and I cannot mix without it crashing within 50 to 60 minutes. I know this because I have multiple recorded mixes that all crash with in that time-line. Please don’t take our money and leave us hanging!

  37. Tom Tek (PeaceTek) says:

    So far it’s pretty good working, nice setup, use with your phone or tablet… The only thing that makes me nervous is the Bluetooth connection but so far it seems to be hooking up pretty straightforward. I think you have to reset the connection every time you start up a session, which is really not that bad, so I like it.. I’m happy so far…

  38. Ap07heo Zachariah says:

    Amazing! Didn’t force an ad in the middle of a song, didn’t crash in the middle of a set, didn’t ruin my experience like many of the other programs… I’m happy this is here haven’t got the pro version yet but I plan on doing that! Not that I even needed it to do what I need but it’s worth it to get more options imo 🙂

  39. Billy Burkey says:

    Great DJ app, it would be 5 stars if the sound performance and stability were better. The app frequently crashes in use after 20-30 mins and music “skips” and jutters when using the autoplay feature with the app running in the background. This destroys your phones ability to multitask (check messages, look at a set list) when trying to music select for a small party or get together. I’m on a pixel 7 pro.


    I wasted my money on this. If you can’t have it work with the android platform the way it does with iPhone and iPad, then there is no need having an android version! It keeps crashing, no way to automatically analyse bpm for my local playlist, I can’t sort songs according to bpm, I have to manually add and remove tracks from the queue… So many problems! You guys, I liked the GUI but I had to uninstall and remain loyal to WeDj. I’m still waiting for my refund!

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