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The Joy Continues! Free CBN Radio app featuring your favorite Christian artists!
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The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)
June 9, 2021
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CBN Radio – Christian Music Apk Download New*

The Pleasure continues with the most productive Christian track on CBN Radio! This all-new loose Christian song on-line radio app will give you get admission to to 1000’s of serious Christian songs!

CBN Radio – Christian Track Apk Obtain New* free up

It’s one unfastened app with 12 other stations to choose between — Reward, Instrumental, Move Nation, Fresh, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Vintage Christian, Spanish, Superbook, Christmas and CBN Information.

CBN Radio – Christian Song Apk Obtain New* apk mod

– CBN Reward, a mixture of worshipful songs from these days and the day before today, artists come with Bethel Track, Elevation Worship and Chris Tomlin.

CBN Radio – Christian Tune Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

– CBN Selah, Merely Music- Christian instrumental favorites that come with Piano, Strings, Orchestra, Comfortable Jazz, Soaking Track, and lightweight fashionable worship.

CBN Radio – Christian Tune Apk Obtain New* apk

– CBN Fresh , with its massive number of recent track from artists like Toby Mac, Matthew West, Mercy Me and Lauren Daigle.

CBN Radio – Christian Song Apk Obtain New* mod apk

– Go Nation: Step into Go Nation, your house for steady mainstream Nation Hits from Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Chris Younger and extra!

CBN Radio – Christian Track Apk Obtain New*

– CBN Gospel: City Gospel favorites from nice artists like Tasha Cobbs, Kirk Franklin and John P. Kee.

CBN Radio – Christian Tune Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

– CBN Southern Gospel: a candy southern mix of the most efficient in bluegrass, vintage gospel, and southern gospel favorites.

-CBN Vintage: The most productive Christian recent and reward and worship from the 70’s, Eighty’s and early Ninety’s with artists like Carman, Petra, Amy Grant, Degarmo & Key, 2d Bankruptcy of Acts and extra!

– Fiesta Hoy, experience steady Spanish track that strengthens your existence with artists akin to Lillie Goodman, Alex Campos and Pescao Vivo.

– Superbook Radio, upbeat and certain tune with songs from Hollyn, Switchfoot and Lecrae.

– CBN Information, keep knowledgeable with the newest information from a Christian point of view.

– The Christmas Station, it’s a 12 months spherical Christmas track present, you’ll have fun with artists akin to Mannheim Steamroller, Josh Groban, and Bing Crosby.

– Go Nation Christmas, stay the fireplace going with nice Nation Christmas tune from Woman Antebellum, George Strait and Vince Gill.


40 comments on "CBN Radio – Christian Music Apk Download New*"

  1. Merry Lorrey says:

    Four stars overall…. Five stars for content, but for me the stream is at times extremely laggy. It will stream ok for awhile, but then it will start skipping, and then jumping back and forth, sometimes skipping back and replaying what played a couple minutes before. I have a Hauwei Honor 6X….not sure if it’s the app, or if it’s my phone or the internet connections, but if it is the app, if at all possible, please fix the lag. Thank you.

  2. Banbrigge Michelyn says:

    CBN radio is my go-to app for inspirational music. I especially enjoy Selah instrumental music as I pitter around my house or to help me dose off at night. I wish it had a timer, but regardless I use this app all the time.

  3. Olney Dylana says:

    I would love it the more if any upgrade could be done so that one will be able to download the song’s and not buy them due to currency exchange rates. Thanks

  4. Charlese Ellmer says:

    Truly, inspiring. Never underestimate the power of the Lord. I’m sure there is a station for everyone and these songs will remind each of us how important we are, expecially, in times of darkness.

  5. Emhyr Diann says:

    Like the opportunity to hear other songs on the albums rather than just the hits and also less popular artists! Lot of great “unheard” music out there! Thank you for your ministry.

  6. Cupid Trinity says:

    I love that I can listen to worship any time on my phone. Every now and then it buffers, but I attribute it to my cell service.

  7. Gillot Noelene says:

    Very uplifting! Great music choices. I have been listening through this app for many hours everyday since 2015. I specially love the Christmas Station for its array of songs that are really focused on the true meaning of Christmas. My everyday station is the Praise Station. This app is very easy to use and doesn’t easily drain my battery. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to be inspired and encouraged through Christian music. And did I mention there’s very limited commercial break.. as in only station’s ID, quick news and sometimes one ad on hourly interval??? I really love the uninterrupted music listening experience for hours and hours!!!

  8. Petula Lawley says:

    The app is awesome! The only issue being that sometimes the sound drops off.

  9. Lorinda True says:

    This (CBN Radio) is a great source for different types of ‘good’ and ‘hope building’ Christian music. Thank you; may God bless you.

  10. Annika Jannis says:

    Always enjoy the type of music CBN offers. I enjoy the variety even though I haven’t gotten to listen to all the different types yet.

  11. Basset Crescent says:

    I love CBN radio. Especially when visiting family and they are all watching movies and gaming on the rest of the screens in the house and I just want to listen to good Christian music. I love all the options CBN radio has. Thank you. As a side note my grandkids loooove Superbook.

  12. Janaia Archidamusa says:

    Wow, was blown away by the amount of gospel music played almost no talking… and there are different genre to pick from.

  13. Attmore Eliott says:

    We love this app. From Christmas music (year-round!), Gospel, the soothing Selah channel, and several other genres of music, we listen many hours of the day! Now we have it on our Amazon Echo, too! Such a blessing!

  14. Ed Jacquanette says:

    It is good to here somegood old fashioned music. Something, we all can understand and praise God. This CBN radio, it’s a blessing, and it helps calm my nerves. were I am i can not say yes, to any of the questions. But everything works on this app but, there could be some improvements. like to go back and listen to song a couple times or maybe, even download, that might make it better. To use it,it is will worth having because, it keeps you in right mindset. That is why it got 5 Star.

  15. Darla Abbeygail says:

    I’ve listened to the cross country station for a few days and stopped because of the content and some of the songs are going against my faith in Jesus and misleading. For the others’ sake please clean up the content.

  16. Saeran Lacey says:

    Not what I expected. Southern Gospel was like Country Gospel. Superbook? I didn’t quite get it. Contemporary was like dance in the club music. I will stick with Pandora.

  17. Vi Stepne says:

    I absolutely love this app. I work in media, Christian media and I have to say, “What took me so long to download this?” But I did, and I LOVE, LOVE it. Highly recommend this app for believers everywhere.

  18. Cupid Banys says:

    The thing I love about this station the most is there is no one talking – just music with an occasional short news break. Some stations over play the same mix of songs, but this one has a lot of variety of old and new. It plays songs that other stations don’t. I highly recommend it.

  19. Alton Phyllida says:

    I love anything Christian as long as the truth is preached, sung about and written about. I love Christian music, movies and devotional books!!! God bless our nation and the nation’s of the world!!!!!💚💙

  20. Hollie Brant says:

    Fantastic app. Love the choice of different stations/music styles. And the christian music in spanish is just a HIT. Why have I not heard about this app before?

  21. Crofton Weorth says:

    I like it, it has blessed me with inspiring and uplifting music. I can choose which kind of music i want to listen . I listed to it anytime even while driving.

  22. Rodwell Adrion says:

    The Country music is the best Country music radio I’ve ever heard. Been listening to country music for over 30 years and to know that every single song that comes on will be good, Godly, and uplifting is beautiful! I’ve heard a lot of contrary songs and some great old songs so far. This is awesome! The contemporary option is also great.

  23. Verena Stacy says:

    PRAISE station is awesome!! What happened to the link you could click on to purchase songs from Amazon? I was using that to create my own collection of songs I’m disappointed about your choice to remove this option This is the only restaurant I didn’t give it 5 stars if this option is still there PLEASE tell me how to find it

  24. Nuvia Jodee says:

    Seems to be a nice app but it needs a exit app so that the music doesn’t continue to play in background if you don’t want it too. It will also keep playing at times when the app is fully closed where I have to restart my phone to get it to stop playing….Which is another reason to have a exit app button with in the app. Thanks

  25. Sharin Mayes says:

    Started out as a good app. After the first 10 minutes it kept shutting my phone off and rebooting. Sorry to say but uninstalling after the 3rd reboot.

  26. Morwen Burton says:

    Just found out about this app from listening to it on another app download it & enjoy listening to it as well as saving my favorite songs now can listen as many times & whenever I want.

  27. Rand Shadow says:

    I have an Android tablet and have downloaded the CBN music app. When I select the station I want nothing happens. Can you help me find the problem.

  28. James Wrape says:

    Excellent selection of music and app works perfectly and is easy to use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  29. Rebecca Styer says:

    It’s the best Christian Radio because there’s all different kinds of music! My favorite is the Praise Station!

  30. T W says:

    App is really good. Just needs chromecast support so the music can be played out to a system in all its glory.

  31. Thom67 says:

    Wow! Such a great selection of stations and music – for every taste! Whoever is making the playlists knows what they are doing – lots of great songs, both new and old. Would be nice to have (very) occasional announcers just so it doesn’t sound too computer driven. But it’s a small request. This is a great app.

  32. Old Man says:

    I listen to the Classic Music, so far. I’ve had it for a week. It’s great to hear music from the 1970’s, 1980’s and early 1990’s. The times I was in Middle/High School. The only thing I get stuck on is when I go to my profile, I am stuck there, i.e. the screen from CBN locks but my phone still can change screens. Also, Classic Music is not available when I use the Roku, but all other radios (Country, Praise, etc.) are available. I wonder why?

  33. Rschel H says:

    CBN Radio is the #1 best for Christian music, any genre that suits you, pop/rock, contemporary, gospel, or from the 80s, 90s, whatever genre you like, you’ll find it right here! I love this app because I get to listen to all my favorite Christian artists. Not to mention I just love listening to the Christmas music station full of fabulous Christmas songs! I recommend you try this app if you are looking for the best Christian music. 😉

  34. CTSP 509 says:

    I am unable to listen to the music, because the app keeps pausing it after every track. I have to keep pressing “play” and even then the app may not alway respond. Absolutely horrible experience.

  35. Benjamin Burton says:

    Love the varieties of solid Christian music. Commercial free. Can’t beat it if you are a Christian music lover. You can also fast forward ⏩ (skip) a song to the next one.

  36. TIM MCCARTER says:

    Great music on the app, unfortunately the app itself is garbage. Constantly stops playing. Then I can’t get it to start again unless I restart the app. It Used to do this only once in a while. now I can’t get through a single song. Very sad about it, because it was a great way to listen to good Christian music. I’ll be more then happy to change my rating if and when it gets fixed, but for now There is no point even having the app installed.

  37. SH Ghan says:

    Used to like this app. But recently none of the stations is able to play anything anymore. The play button just spins and stops.

  38. Nathan & Kristy Dooley says:

    Great selection of Christian music for all variety of music lovers. Only thing I can see missing is the ability to cast to speakers in our house (unless I’m missing something)

  39. Gospel Bluegrass Fan says:

    Very good app, listen to most avail stations for variety but southern gospel is my fav. But the recently played tab on southern gospel turns up nothing. I can never see a list of recently played songs when using that channel. Also for some reason, if I log in to have ability to skip songs etc. It has a slower, less smooth feel and I think the songs are different. I like listening to it normally, but not as signed in, those playlists aren’t as good. I wish their was a straight hymns channel too.

  40. Ms Farro says:

    I really enjoyed listening to CBN radio gospel music. Not only does it work great you have many choices and types of music. Thank you CBN.

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