TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022*


Help stop the spread of COVID-19 through community-driven contact tracing
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July 22, 2022
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TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022*

TraceTogether helps Singapore’s efforts to combat the unfold of COVID-19 thru community-driven touch tracing.

TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022*

The TraceTogether App means that you can view or provide your COVID Well being Standing in line with your vaccination and take a look at statuses.

TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

TraceTogether notifies you briefly if you’ve been uncovered to COVID-19 thru shut touch with different TraceTogether customers. The app permits the Ministry of Well being (MOH) to come up with well timed care and steerage, protective you and the ones round you.

TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

The app makes use of Bluetooth, and your Bluetooth knowledge is saved securely in your telephone. It’ll be shared with MOH should you check certain for COVID-19, for the aim of touch tracing. Additionally, all Bluetooth knowledge saved in your telephone is routinely deleted after 25 days.

TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

TraceTogether is helping us be sure that we don’t unfold the virus to our family members unknowingly. It additionally is helping us strengthen the paintings of touch tracers and healthcare staff through fighting the unfold of COVID-19 in combination.

TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

App capability will stop as soon as the outbreak ends.

TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

TraceTogether is designed to be used by way of other people in Singapore. To sign in, you’re going to desire a legitimate NRIC, FIN, or a sound report of your present keep in Singapore.


40 comments on "TraceTogether Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Frewin Cordelia says:

    Difficult to review since there’s no real “using” of the app other than letting it run in background. Based on FAQs it does NOT seem to track your location, which is curious and seems like it would be helpful in tracing the flow of COVID. The app uses Bluetooth to communicate with other devices using the app so the govt can inform you if you came into close contact with someone who was infected or deemed to be a risk. Still an interesting and commendable use of technology to help control spread.

  2. Cadi Manly says:

    I think it will be good to include in this app with a simple guide on how to keep the app running in the background. As every smartphones these days are equipped with power saving features that will kill the app after idling for a while to save phone battery consumption. This feature can be deactivated, but not many phone users know how to do it.

  3. Linwood Georgianne says:

    Great innovation to contact tracing. However, from my few days experience, it may affect: 1) Wireless earpiece, connected via bluetooth, to your phone as it may disrupt your music from time to time with 1-2 seconds pause and resume. 2) Battery drainage, usually my phone would last from midnight till the next night but as this app runs in the background it uses up my phone battery and I have to charge it more frequent than I used to.

  4. Macie Maddocson says:

    The initiative is commendable and the app’s serverless architecture itself is great having used firebase thus enabling the quick rollout. But there has been this bug wherein it affects my Bluetooth earbuds (they keep pausing and playing affecting the quality). I tested it out by force stopping the application and the earbuds worked just fine, restarted the app again and had the same issue. I’m still using the app considering the situation at hand. But would be really great if the bug is fixed.

  5. Hollace Taren says:

    Great initiative and effort, well done. Sadly my battery life is definitely affected by this app. My Bluetooth connectivity to my watch and headphones is also significantly more problematic. However, during these times we all have to sacrifice, but work towards fixing these (if possible) and make it better experience.

  6. Brayden Brack says:

    Good initiative for contact tracing. But the app caused music and audio to get “cut off” quite frequently when I’m using my bluetooth ear buds. After seeing numerous comments and feedback regarding this issue, plus the recent update with no changes to it, I’ve decided to uninstall the app. I really want to help but not with my watch and earbuds disconnecting every few minutes.

  7. Transfer User says:

    The latest versions are good. The Bluetooth technology can reach much further – 100m or more depending on version? Which explains why popular places, though the spot around u is not crowded, would quickly rake up Bluetooth exchanges into 10s and 100s quickly. The count would seem misleading. If MOH can subsequently filter data based on signal strength, wouldn’t better to NOT exchange and record other users that are physically not nearby in first place?

  8. Siyu Phoebe Ng says:

    Drains out battery extremely fast & affect the bluetooth connectivity of other devices, cannot even detect other bluetooth devices at times. Not sure if app works for contact tracing, since it cannot even detect other bluetooth devices at times. However the updated improved version is really significantly better. Kudos to the team hard at work!

  9. Charles Lai says:

    While out and about on a full working day, with numerous SafeEntry check-ins and check-outs, the app reported ZERO (0) Bluetooth exchanges, even though there were many encounters with others. Surely, it is improbable that all these people are not using TraceTogether. During the day, I had my phone paired via Bluetooth to my smart watch. If I can’t use TraceTogether with other Bluetooth devices, then it is not totally unacceptable.

  10. suhaimi sani says:

    Definitely helpful app. The ease of scanning is much easier compared to Singpass app. However, it will be great if we are able to check in for multiple persons in our family as well (as offered in Singpass). Additionally, the battery usage of the app is increasing. In a matter of 3 hours, my battery capacity is down more than 10%, without even using the phone. Upon checking, the trace together app is the one consuming all the power. I can provide the screenshots if you need. Thanks.

  11. CheeYong Law says:

    Have been using the app for quite sometime and was working well. It is especially good in scanning the QRCode. In the past, using the app the whole does not see much drop in battery, everything was good. Recently, after an update that provide more features, it starts to drain battery. As soon as I start the app, the phone will get heated up and battery starts draining fast. An hour or so can see my battery draining 20%. Would like to give 5 stars but this problem makes it unusable. Have tried reinstalling but that does not work. — After updating all the apps. Seems to be working well now. Thanks!

  12. Syed Faizal says:

    I noticed that since I’ve been using the App, my music on my wireless headphones has got intermittent lags. Especially when I’m in the gym or shopping centre. I can confirm this but I think it’s whenever the app logs a contact, the music lags. If I played it through the physical earphones there’s no problem. So I’m guessing the Bluetooth connection has got something to do with it.

  13. Neetu Dhaliwal says:

    Ever since I installed this app, I’ve been having many issues with my phone. The battery drains so quickly and the system lags all the time. I prefer using the SingPass app. Can’t this app be removed altogether? It makes no sense to download another app when there is an existing app that works perfectly fine. Kindly look into this so that we can have less issues while dealing with this pandemic. Thanks.

  14. Jin Hui “Sam” Lee says:

    App interrupt with Bluetooth of my phone to connect with other devices. Kindly do not ask for phone brand and firmware. As I have read in the comments a lot of people are having the same issue. This is likely due to the app constant scanning or connecting to other Bluetooth devices that is causing this? Thus interrupting the devices that the phone is suppose to connect. Which are the Bluetooth devices owned by the phone owner. Purpose solution: scan is enough, there is no need to connect.

  15. Ng Kok Hoe says:

    Interference when connected to Bluetooth audio devices is really annoying. Wish there’s option to pause the app indefinitely. Edit: anyone who has read through similar problems from other user reviews would have realized this app causes interference with connected Bluetooth audio devices. Being given a template reply to “share more details” just makes the whole experience doubly frustrating. I haven’t even mentioned the battery drain problem that so many other users have encountered too.

  16. jia ling Wan says:

    Very frustrating to use. The number of times I needed to sign up but experienced an error made me want to delete it immediately after downloading. What made me delete it was the problem with Bluetooth and privacy. It’s even worse of a hassle than to scan because now I have to worry about my headset connecting all the time. The constant changes in terms and conditions makes me wonder what other uses is this app used for.

  17. Joe Kiong says:

    Terrible app. When left on, the app interferes with my bluetooth connection to audio devices. I can’t drive with my phone connected to my car as the audio just skips everytime. Same thing with bluetooth connection to me earphones when I run. At this rate, I would rather petition the government not to use this app or even issue the token since it interferes with my life more than necessary. Update: App is totally deceptive and used to track your movement! Uninstalled!

  18. Ming Ern Teo says:

    The app is very dependent on the quality of internet connection. If the internet connection is weak or the place is very crowded, the app won’t respond at all. This is very poor design. It should work with minimum internet connection. I can’t launch the QR code scanner, I can’t open favorites, I can’t view pass, etc. Often I have to tap the screen multiple times just to get it to respond. And often it executes a few responses from previous taps. Very annoying and causes a jam in crowded areas.

  19. BrakeMagic says:

    The Bluetooth feature required by this app causes interference when connected to my earbuds. Regardless of which earbuds i use, when I’m in a crowded area, say an MRT station, my audio is interrupted with tons of stuttering. With that the issue is not my earbuds. Nor is it my phone as i recently changed phone and problem still persist. So, TL;DR. TraceTogether Bluetooth requirement cause major interruption to earbuds connection Please fix. Also, can send reminders after a set amount of time to remind me to check out. Pretty sure tracing agent wouldn’t want to see a ridiculous amount of time spent at a single location.

  20. Jonathan Law says:

    The pros: – It registers and automatically checks-in really quickly. – Easy-to-use UI. The cons: – Absolute battery vampire. – Interrupts Bluetooth connection to earbuds. (Goodluck yall. My music was interrupted at least 3 times while typing this review.) Please give us an update on when the disruptions will be fixed. I’m actually contemplating downloading a shady QR scanner over this. (Oops it cut my earbud connection again.)

  21. Taran Jit Kaur says:

    The QR code scanner is powerful. I do not have to hold my camera right up the code to scan it. I can scan from a short distance. I like there is a barcode for the IC in the app itself. That’a convenient. I am extremely bothered by the battery-usage. My phone’s battery is depleting faster nowadays when I am out. Also, I feel my phone get hot sometimes when tracetogether is running. Sadly, the bluetooth signal used by this app seems to interfere with my wireless earpods.

  22. kevin lee says:

    Don’t like being forced to use it, constantly wasting of battery life by having to turn Bluetooth on all the time ,and annoying popups , bluetooth is also not very secure . No matter how secure an app is, there will still be a way people can hack into the system once online, just like the way the virus mutation works..

  23. F T says:

    I tried installing it several times thinking that they were unsuccessful, until I finally gave up. On the last install, thinking it was still unsuccessful, I left it on the phone and went to sleep… suddenly the next morning, I found that it was successfully installed. Perhaps something could be done about the problem, so that more people would install this Apps on their phone.

  24. yuet hoe chan says:

    I changed device. I downloaded the Trace together apps. It showed that the app is not working and requested that I allow it to run in the background. I click on Allow and nothing happens. My phone notification showed that the apps is running in the background. I have installed and uninstalled so many times and the same thing is repeated. So frustrating

  25. ERICK ASHVIN says:

    The app is useful and everything. Plus with this covid situation, it really does help with all the checking in but as a person who uses Bluetooth device almost on a daily basis, the connection is really bad. It interferes with all my other connections. I cant listen to a full song without having any interruptions. I really hope this issue will be rectified soon.

  26. Moon Sister says:

    This app is annoying – it runs on background so you cannot use battery optimiser, it takes up soooooo much of battery life, it also interferes with my bluetooth headset which is frustrating to no end because I cannot listen to a 3 minute song without 10 or 11 interruptions which are increasingly longer, up to several seconds delay. Watching videos is impossible. No, I will not send an email you; you made this app, you made it mandatory, you can see all the reviews here, do something about it.

  27. Teddie Abbie says:

    I can’t even open the app! This problem just happened today when I was outside although my bluetooth is switched on. When I opened the app, it’ll show “Your app is not working” and it’ll show “let app run in background”. I’ve already allowed it to run in the background but it still doesn’t work!! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled so many times today, lost count. But it’s not working! Anyone can help me/tell me what’s the problem? Is it the phone or the app????

  28. ABDUL HAKIM says:

    Horrible experience using this App. Prefer to use the Token than this. Switching the app on while using my bluetooth earbuds causes huge disruptions. The songs are consistently disrupted and even youtube videos go on a start stop mode. Tested pausing the app and letting my spoitfy play as per normal and it was back to normal, no disruptions or whatnots. But when switch on again, the problems resurfaces. Fix this problem cause its a huge inconvenience. Thanks.

  29. Marco Savini says:

    Like many others I have had issues that the app was asking me in a blocking way to let it run in the background. And I couldn’t use it, which is not great if you want to enter a place. The message couldn’t be clicked away. I have found a solution that works for me, maybe it helps others: Settings => Apps => Manage Apps => Search TraceTogehter => Battery Saver => No restrictions. Before it was set to some internal MIUI battery saver mode. Note, that the path might be different for you if you are using another (better) version of Android.

  30. Dan Kritzer says:

    Constantly interferes with my bluetooth headphones. Annoying to have to constantly pause. EDIT: don’t waste your time emailing them. They’ll just respond with “well some phones experience issues with blah blah blah”. They have done nothing to solve the Bluetooth interference problem since I first download several months ago and was once again forced to re download last month.

  31. Yap Yong Leow says:

    Checking in is very easy because you can just bring your phone near the gateway without even opening the app (maybe even with your phone locked, haven’t tried), even though they say to open the app. However, it interferes with my Bluetooth headphones and it is very annoying when it does. If you use Bluetooth headphones, just get a token. Don’t bother with this app. I only downloaded the app because my token ran out of battery.

  32. Fie Azali says:

    I’ve had to uninstall this app a couple of times because it messes up the Bluetooth function on my phone. It keeps turning it off and on and it disrupts my user experience when I’m listening to music or watching videos on my phone as I’m using wireless earphones that requires Bluetooth connectivity. Please fix this bug coz it’s annoying to, for one, keep having it turn off and on, and another to have to keep installing and uninstalling it coz of the disruption.

  33. Shandon C. says:

    My experience with this app keeps getting worse. It was easy to select nearby locations in the old Singpass app without the need for scanning the QR Code. Now, there is no function to do this on the TraceTogether app, and locations saved to favourites are all the locations that were saved and not the ones near the location via a GPS Radius, making checking in cumbersome. To make things worse, it hangs often when checking-in/out, and even interferes with my Bluetooth smartwatch and wireless buds.

  34. lvyTheMysticSnivy says:

    This app is quite ok, but it lags. It takes me a long time to get the scanner to respond, and it gets really awkward when people are behind waiting. It gets worse when I forgot to turn on Bluetooth before opening the app, as it makes it lag even more. // Edit: I forgot to say that I cannot check out when I use the favourites button. Its also risky as I might press the wrong location, and it will immediately check me in without asking.

  35. LIANJUN says:

    It was working well, but recently, have experienced the same connection issues as other users, no matter WiFi on or data only, it always says no internet connection. Tried to uninstall and install it, I even cannot pass the verification phrase: I entered my phone number, press the button to get OTP, it shows no internet connection. I can’t continue. My phone is OnePlus 7T Update: try to disable ad blocker app, problem solved.

  36. Charles Chew says:

    I like that This app has pop-up notifications that indicate whether Ur app is working well. Also the fact that from history, it shows how many Bluetooth exchanges u have on a particular day. However, yesterday, it said 0 exchanges even though it said was working properly, and consistently indicated zero devices nearby even though I was in a crowded shopping mall. I was trying to figure out why. After a while, I decided to turn off and on my Bluetooth, and the number of devices increased again.

  37. Amy Soh says:

    The app has improved a lot from the time it was first introduced. While I understand the reasons for removing possible exposure from the dashboard, I think it would be better to park it under another tab for users to access instead of relying solely on txt msgs and phone calls. There have been a lot of fake calls and some people may have difficulty ascertaining the authenticity of these calls.

  38. ws how says:

    A dialogue box keep popping up for update notice with an “Remind me later” button that doesn’t work at all. Only choices was to press “Update” (, which doesn’t help much when in public place without WiFi,) or “back” button, which results in the dialogue box popping up almost every time the screen changes. Poor UI. (The above was submitted on 27/9/2021) It is 12/11/2021 now. Unresolved. Seems like the developer is too busy? Updated las evening, but pop-up is there this morning.

  39. Jean Wei Liu says:

    Now when I tried scanning the token scanner with my phone, for some reason, it doesn’t work anymore. I updated the app thinking that would solve the problem, and tried it on a different token scanner, and still doesn’t change. And I’m sure my Bluetooth isn’t the problem as my Bluetooth is not connected to any devices (e.g Wireless earphones), if it’s possible to check if there is something wrong with the app, because it was able to scan a token scanner at least 3 days ago.

  40. Yong David says:

    Have it link to singpass app for easy login, so that users of the application don’t have to go through the trouble if mobile device develop problem or purchase new mobile device. It is just a suggestion.

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