Transit: Bus & Subway Times Mod Apk New 2022*


Navigate MTA, NJ Transit, MBTA, SEPTA, BART, MARTA, CTA & 300+ cities
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October 28, 2022
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Transit: Bus & Subway Times Mod Apk New 2022*

Transit is your real-time town shuttle significant other. It really works in 300+ towns, for buses, trains, Ubers, Lyfts, and the whole thing in between. Get exact real-time predictions for public transit, the neatest & quickest shuttle plans, and a step by step navigator when you’re going to unfamiliar locations (or to wake you up from a mid-trip nap™). Our app will give you the entire data you want, in a transparent, daring interface so that you don’t get misplaced or caught on the prevent.

Transit: Bus & Subway Occasions Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

Whether or not you’re new to a city… or a subway professional who takes NYC’s MTA / LOS ANGELES Metro / WMATA / MBTA / BART / CTA / SEPTA each day (or the 200+ different programs we reinforce) that is the award-winning app you want.

Transit: Bus & Subway Instances Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

*Turn on cell information to get real-time data **No information? Don’t fear: our commute planner works offline, the usage of schedules

Transit: Bus & Subway Instances Mod Apk New 2022*

🌟 Google Play Selections 📰 “Killer App” — WSJ’s NYC subway reporter
⏰ “You received’t understand how a lot time you’ll be able to save till you employ this app” — L. A. Instances 💪 “The most efficient app for CTA buses” — Reddit Chicago
🔥 And relied on through the brand new York Times’ personal tech critic, Mike Isaac

Transit: Bus & Subway Instances Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

🔍 What options does this app reinforce?
– Real-time map that displays you the place your trip is 📍
– Subway maps 🗺️
– Commute planner (works offline)
– Discover other mixtures of journeys to search out the quickest method for your vacation spot (i.e. how does a educate travel evaluate to a “bus + bikeshare” shuttle? Or a “teach + Uber” commute?)
– Real-time predictions, telling you when your teach, subway, bus, ferry, metro, and many others. will display up
– Step by step navigator (together with transfers)
– Voice reminders to start out strolling in your forestall, to speed up (in case your bus or subway is arriving early) and the place to get off
– Schedules, path itineraries, connecting strains at each and every forestall – Pay for bus & educate tickets, bikeshare passes & ridehail fares within the app (make a selection towns)
– Motorcycle instructions – Examine ETAs & costs for Uber, Lyft and By way of – See ALL within reach bikeshares, scooters, and carshares
– Strengthen for the whole lot: bus / metro / subway / mild rail / streetcar / teach / ridehail / bikeshare / scooters / carshare / ferry

Transit: Bus & Subway Occasions Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

🙋 The place does this app paintings?
200+ supported towns, together with NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, L. A., SF & the Bay House, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Paris, and lots of extra towns throughout North The united states, Europe, Australia and NZ

Transit: Bus & Subway Occasions Mod Apk New 2022* apk

⚾ Partial listing folks towns ⚾ (together with bus, educate, subway, and ferry programs)

Transit: Bus & Subway Occasions Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Austin: Capital Metro
Baltimore: MTA
Boston: MBTA, Hubway
Buffalo: NFTA, Citadel Erie Transit
Charlotte: CATS
Chicago: CTA, Metra, TEMPO, NICTD, Divvy
Cincinnati: Metro, TANK
Cleveland: RTA
Columbus: COTA, CoGo
Dallas: DART, Castle Price T
Denver: RTD
Hampton Roads: HRT
Hartford (and CT): CTTransit, CTFastrak
Honolulu: TheBus
Houston: METRO
Las Vegas: RTC La: L. A. Metro, Metrolink, OCTA, LADOT, Omnitrans, RTA, Burbank Bus, Foothill, Large Blue Bus, Glendale Beeline
Louisville: TARC
Madison: Metro
Miami: MDT, BCT, Palm Tran, Tri-Rail, Citibike
Milwaukee: MCTS
Minneapolis: Metro Transit, MVTA, Plymouth, SouthWest, U. Minnesota, Great Journey New Orleans: RTA
NYC Metro: The Big Apple MTA, Metro-North (MNR), Manhattan Rail Street (LIRR), NJ Transit (NJT), TRAIL, SI Ferry, GREAT, Bee-Line, RI Tram, NEW YORK Waterway, SIR, CitiBike
Orlando: Lynx
Philadelphia: SEPTA, PATCO, Indego
Phoenix: Valley Metro
Pittsburgh: Port Authority (PAAC)
Portland: TriMet
Sacramento: Capitol Hall, SRT
San Antonio: BY MEANS OF Metropolitan
San Diego: MTS, NCTD
SF Bay House: SF BART, SFMTA (SF MUNI), Caltrain, AC Transit, VTA, County Connection, SamTrans, Bay Wheels
Seattle: Metro Transit, Town of Seattle, Sound Transit, Pierce Transit, Pronto
St. Louis: Metro
Tampa Bay: HART, PSTA
Washington DC: WMATA (DC Metro & Bus), DC Circulator, Journey On, Arlington (ARTWORK), Fairfax Connector, VRE, SPRINT, Capital Motorcycle Proportion +100s extra towns, together with Paris, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, London, and extra!


40 comments on "Transit: Bus & Subway Times Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Boiar Qin says:

    Great UI and visualization of transit routes. GO feature is great for getting around unfamiliar places. Would be 5 stars if it were possible to purchase and activate multiple different passes. I had to wait until a 3hr-no-airport pass expired to be able to purchase a fare that included airport transit. If the option is there, it is not clearly visible in the UI.

  2. Owen Jensen says:

    When it worked properly, it was great. ~2 weeks after I activated a 31-day unlimited bus pass, the app de-activated the pass. After several emails with their tech support, it was partly re-activated. I could open my pass once a day but if I closed it to look at nearby buses for my transfer, I couldn’t open it again until the next day. So I could only get part way to work each day. I explained this to tech support but the issue was never resolved. It cost me extra money for rides. Not cool.

  3. Fiona Montgomery says:

    I’ve had the app for awhile now in San Francisco/Marin County. I used to have very few problems with it. Now it’s every use has a problem and is NEVER accurate. If multiple busses go to the same stop but take different routes to get there, it almost always assumes I’m on one of the other busses which makes it difficult to track stops. Luckily there are other apps for my area. But was very disappointed with how this one fell apart.

  4. Will M says:

    I downloaded this app, to figure out the various options and to get a feel for how it works, before using it for real, to get from a to b. I was using Google maps before. So, I don’t know exactly how many stars it deserves right now. I will update in the future. As of present: I’ll give 4 stars. Easy to navigate Many different options Several Q/A , on every page Looks like a fun site. Pretty much up to date. And has options to buy/purchase tickets for all Transits.

  5. Kristal Beyer says:

    I used to love this app, it was the best one of it’s kind. I took public transit everywhere and it was so nice to have all the info in one place. But now I can’t even plan a trip with it. It’s glitchy, some lines just won’t show up, I can’t look up lines near a far away address anymore it just shows what’s nearby to me at the moment. It told me that I would be able to “see more trips” if I signed up for royale but so far nothing has changed it’s still having problems.

  6. Bob Smigelski says:

    This app is way too busy. It does not allow pinning all needed bus lines. If a line is for example 51 and 51A (2 completely different routes with same starting point) you can only pin it as 51, then it only shows the schedule when you get close the other one. Sometimes it just freezes on loading. Overall it is not very user friendly. My transit system is forcing us to use this for ticket purchases and the integration of Ezfare is an even scarier joke. I am hoping my system just drops this.

  7. Kaitlynn Merriam says:

    This app is incredibly helpful to me and the bus is ALWAYS there within two-three minutes of the scheduled pick-up time. The busses are always clean and most generally the drivers are friendly. Although I personally don’t use Lyft, I like that there’s an option to request a ride through them. The drivers go above and beyond when it comes to helping people; I recently started using the MooVer busses and I’m still getting used to the different bus routes and the drivers are always happy to help

  8. David J. Wallace (Machodave_215) says:

    This app works perfectly fine. It does what it’s supposed to do & is great at giving you accurate times for everything. The reason I gave it only 3 stars instead 5 is because you have to pay a subscription to get detailed info from every route in the area, because if you don’t, you can only get that info for 4 of them. I understand that the developers need to make money to keep the app going but I feel like that’s so much of a basic need that putting it behind a paywall seems greedy.

  9. Jake Hunsaker says:

    Honestly out of all the different transit apps available; only the ‘Transit’ app is all encompassing across the entire bay area and very well balanced. I should also mention that ‘Transit’ updates the nearest, most relevant routes according to your location. Last thing, the app is so well balanced that it mix’s and matches different transit options according to your preference. It even has Uber/Lyft integration. Hands down best transit app on the app store!

  10. Dwight Pate says:

    Been using this app for 40 days now. It has helped a few times but also has been the cause of many frustrations. GPS loses signal, tracking is slower the Google maps & doesn’t always display the right information. The worst part however, is the fact that it will lead me to a bus stop, crash in the background and lose track of that stop completely just to tell me to walk to another bus stop even if its across the street only to have the bus it originally lead me to pass me while switching stops.

  11. Ben Keith says:

    Just installed the app; only screen it shows is the “set home/set work/show upcoming events”. If I click the bidirectional arrows, the app goes into a loading mode and shows a gear icon. Tapping the gear icon crashes the app. I haven’t turned location on yet, but surely the app should work without location? I’d like to set my service manually and sign into my transit system account first.

  12. Miguel A. Mazariego Jr. says:

    Very inaccurate information provided. This is a mediocre app developed by mediocre IT personnel who are more concerned about finishing their task than ensuring that it does what it’s supposed to do. So many sub menus, yet it doesn’t use the GPS on each bus in order to provide precise and punctual information. I have roasted myself under the summer heat above 100F for over an hour waiting for a bus that’s supposed to come in 20 minutes and other irregularities. Not worth the “bells and whistles”.

  13. Victor P says:

    I added my payment info to unlock bikes in Chattanooga but purchasing the pass failed every time I tried. There was no way to change payment method once I’d entered it (I followed the instructions on the website but the option to use another payment wasn’t offered). I had to delete my account and recreate it with a different card. It shouldn’t be this hard. The app is great otherwise. Nice UI, syncs with dark mode, easy to find info.

  14. Anthony J says:

    This is the worst app if you are taking BART. Terrible at tracking in Real time, very inaccurate, it doesn’t track schedule changes either. I missed a train & have to wait 30 min for the next train. At the moment ART is under remodeling, This app cannot keep up, so I cannot recommend using this app Update: I got a response for the developer; actually referening that day there was alot going on with Bart that caused service interruptions. I suggest adding this as a notification.

  15. Jarvis says:

    Horrible experience. I am constantly booted off and unable to see my route information again because the app thinks the stop has been reached. It recommends me routes where I must walk 2 miles to reach my destination. The app does not allow me to view past routes, so if I forget to press the go button in time, I may not see my current route. This has led to getting off and on too early or late. 1/10 experience

  16. William Tarleton says:

    This app is a small step above useless. The tracking is inaccurate, the real-time updates on bus locations are completely random and often don’t even happen untill the information is already completely irrelevant, and there is no way to leave a review on the reliability of the bus line. What is this app even for if it can’t get basically gps tracking right?

  17. Lloyd (blknite55) says:

    Love your app. But it seems to mess up on my ride home. As you can see, it says I missed my train, when I’m actually sitting on the train. You claim more accurate than lirr app, but this doesn’t seem the case. This happens on my trip going home(update 7/26/2022) The”actually I’m on it” option is a perfect addition to the app.👍👍 Update (8/18/22) since recent update all the nice features have disappeared??? What’s going on? Reduce to 3 stars(8/31/2022) Now app crashes or resets in tunnel

  18. Kameryn R. says:

    Very buggy. It’s no wonder transit times are still wrong, even though this app at times is good to have in place of Maps. I will set what bus I’m boarding and it usually messes up either by randomly switching the bus, or popping up questions about the bus before it’s come, which not answering then causes it to bug out. It drains a ton of battery to end up broadcasting incorrect information to users.

  19. Jason says:

    This app has been great to know, real-time, when a bus or train is going to arrive when I am using UTA. I’ve used this app in Las Vegas and Imperial Beach, too, which was nice. One thing I wish was different is the screen pinching feature to zoom in between the route map and the route times below the map. I frequently zoom in or out on the map but often catch the route times instead which drags them on my screen instead of scaling the map (the buffer between the two needs to be tighten up).

  20. Little Rascals pet services says:

    I’ve used this forever & now they don’t show the best trip & want to charge you to show you more options! All the while constantly asking you questions during your trip that they’ll only inform the paying people. You want our help to keep up to date but we can’t see the updates we give unless we pay to upgrade… NOPE you must be targeting tourists not NYers… Glad I moved close to work over a year ago, I rarely use transit now but when I do it won’t be this! You’re charging for bad info.

  21. Danielle Look says:

    Great app. Very accurate regarding applicable bus service in my area. It’s hard to find the bus schedule where I am, & this app has helped me immensely in planning transportation. I have always had my own vehicle, so navigating without personal transportation was difficult, until I was able to find & install this app. It’s accurate for my small location in Vermont & extremely helpful I’ve been using approx 1 year & imo, the features & usability have improved as the developer adds features, ect

  22. Fred Bunt says:

    The bus location updates seem to be erratic and inaccurate. I missed my bus because the app said it was on the wrong end of the route and not moving. It seems to intermittently loose track. There was even a Go user on board so I assumed location data was accurate. The UI is also quite confusing.

  23. Jack Morgan says:

    This app is a nightmare to use. The “real-time” data (at least for Chicago) is often inaccurate or just missing. Way finding using this app is impossible as route information is extremely poor, with very little attempt made to show details of specific lines (origin, route, operator, etc). US coverage is also limited to the East and West Coast. If you’re in the midwest, you have no hope unless you’re in a city of more than 500k people. Maybe in other countries it works better. Also a UX nightmare

  24. Rachel Grant says:

    The bus was late, and the app said my trip was no longer possible. This needs to be fixed, I couldn’t even choose a different stop further along on the route. Also having many issues with app listing inaccurate routes (skipping HUGE chunks of the actual route) and the app crashes CONSTANTLY when I try to pay for my ride. Needs serious work!

  25. Rhonda Willard says:

    i love that it’s finally online but it can be a bit difficult when you’re first beginning to use the app to find out where your bus is at in real time from where you are actually standing. And navigating the app is difficult also. Thank you! After having and using the app for all over a year I still cannot navigate thru it very well and reading it is confusing at times. Other times when I’m going into town from lemon creek it’ll show me how to get down there by going to the valley first!!

  26. River Whelan says:

    This a nice app for locating routes but whenever there’s a bus delay it doesn’t update. I always have to go back to Google Maps to find out how long until the bus will be at the stop because Transit acts like that bus has already passed the stop. Fix it before I lose my job! 2.5 is accurate reading but I won’t give the benefit of 3 stars till that’s fixed.

  27. Trevor Tipton says:

    I moved to San Francisco a year and a half ago and my bestfriend suggested I install this app. It’s been great and essential this whole time. I have noticed over the past few months they’ve done alot of updating. While I do like the direction it’s going, perhaps it’s too fast? There’s been a bunch of weird glitches. Like, often once I’m on the bus it’ll be four or fives stops before it realizes I’m on the bus. Also, the bus icon will often jump all over the map.

  28. Melissa (Sweet MomMissa) says:

    There’s a ton of developers out there, but alot of them aren’t devoting the time, effort and energy into creating services made to improve (and truly do improve) people’s lives in a way that self wellness can’t. Transit is the SOLE reason being lost, having no idea when or where a bus/train is coming with tired kids standing in the rain doesn’t have to happen! They have information on every transit authority nearby and so much more. Do yourself a favor, get this app! Thank you so much Transit!

  29. Tony Gonzalez says:

    I’ve just about had it with this app. This was great once before royale, now it only shows 3 routes regardless of distance, then hides multiple routes, again, regardless of DISTANCE!!! I can’t possibly support a developer that says it hides routes based on distance, then just hides routes that are at MY BUS STOP!!! This is madness! When Transit team decides to get it right, then I may support and give more stars! Until then I’ll just use Google Maps and Moovit.

  30. Rebecca Peterson says:

    Very nice. It would be nice to be able to add a transit card and or connect to an account where you can use this transit app as the bus pass. It is pretty easy to use, but has a small learning curve to it. It be nice to be able to see entire bus route schedule for the week, or set alarms or schedule and pin certain certain stops in my specific days, lime reoccurring time and route that is used. Over all very nice.

  31. Mike Hicks says:

    I wish it was easier to see nearby routes before selecting individual lines or requesting a route. The blue location dot also sometimes disappears if I return to the app after a while, so I can’t see how far along the route I am (for instance, this just happened after I got a notification my route had been detoured — a pretty important time to know where you actually are!)

  32. R Chung says:

    It tells you where the bus is. And does a good job at it. The NICE bus tracker is scuffed but it tracks the bus pretty well when it does work. The go to destination thing does need a little work to make it perfect, but it does what is advertised. EDIT: huh. Swiping works to show lines both ways. Never would have figured this out by myself but I have gone back to this app being good again

  33. Timika Taylor says:

    I am very appreciative of this app. It is always accurate. It is so much better than calling that 410-539 number that’s for sure. It was a nuisance waiting for all the prompts that had nothing to do with nothing just to have the computer tell you that the MTA office is closed then the phone hanging up on you. Kudos to whomever came up with the idea. Not to mention the many features that are and are still being implemented especially being able to see exactly where your bus it’s movement to you.

  34. Canstacatt says:

    When it works it’s great, but alot of the time it’s incredibly dodgy. If I’m standing at my stop it’ll automatically assume I’m on the bus & I won’t have access to the actual bus schedule anymore, it often cuts access to passes I buy before I even activate them(I often buy in bulk then use throughout the week, but it often only lets me use one or 2 passes then deletes the rest). Otherwise it’s a great app though, and makes things more convenient overall

  35. Angela Fraga says:

    Seems like the bus times are usually off anywhere from 3-10 minutes usually. And you don’t get updates on delayed service. And it doesn’t keep up to date on scheduled times for departure and arrival time. Also it’s hard to use the Go feature because it doesn’t really offer you choices for where you are going and preferred routes. It needs improvement for picking routes.

  36. Virginia Pfeiffer says:

    In Nashville only shows the outbound buses at your location at the main page. If you search for a location in the direction of the central downtown terminal it gives a confusing second page showing the bus number an a walk icon and it is unclear which is the ETA of the bus. As a tourist I was glad to have the app but would have appreciated it showing both directions on the main page. Couldn’t find any way to switch directions.

  37. Tokuijin says:

    It was working fine but, now, it says that my area isn’t supported and that’s not even getting into the problems I’ve had before. I’ve uninstalled this in hopes of finding a better app for my transit needs. ETA: For some dumbass reason, the app isn’t showing fare, even though I’ve gotten emailed receipts to show for it. I’ve tried refreshing it and it’s not showing anything.

  38. Chiba Ross says:

    Transit WAS the best when it was first released. There are no other transit apps for my state. Seeing where the bus is on its route is awesome. BUT, ultimately not necessary. The fact that it requires a sub to see detailed schedules for more than just a handful of buses is a problem. Especially when I can simy go on the bus co website and see said info for free. The only thing that makes this app even remotely worth it? The app. Making it only slightly more convenient.

  39. Josh Kerkaert says:

    Mediocre. It will get you where you need to go, but at least in Ithaca, NY the timing is all over the place. Bus systems really should have GPS data that gets shared with apps like this for real time updates rather than relying on people using the app. When using the app in areas with several overlapping bus routes it also randomly will switch what route you were planning on taking and the general interface is buggy. Ultimately it’s useful but many aspects are frustrating…

  40. Jay C says:

    Edit: Original review was from 2019…happy to say that the app is still working as it should for me. Royale makes it better! 2 things that’s necessary though; 1) Holiday schedules! For my bus system, the busses run on a weekend schedule during the holidays. A workaround is simply setting the date of departure to Saturday but it should be able to streamline into the live data. 2) No matter what I do, the Instant ETA widgets don’t keep their settings, or load. The Nearby widget works though

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