Telpark Personal parking meter Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Telpark is a personal parking meter on your Android
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December 6, 2022
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Telpark Personal parking meter Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Telpark permits you to pay and organize your parking in regulated spaces such because the blue and inexperienced zones on public streets, simply the use of your smartphone. There’s no want to raise money for your wallet, nor to seek for a parking meter. You’ll make your bills, obtain parking expiration indicators and cancel fantastic tickets with out going to the parking meter.

Telpark Non-public parking meter Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Quickly with Telpark you’ll be able to additionally use lots of the public parkings within the Empark universe (biggest parking operator corporate in Spain), in a fully paperless manner: get entry to is made by means of registration number plate optical popularity on the parking front and go out issues and cost is automated along with your Telpark account.

Telpark Non-public parking meter Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

You’ll be able to organize other cars and pay for them with out preventing your small business assembly, getting out of the cinema, nor interfering along with your task. Additionally, you don’t must pay previously.

Telpark Private parking meter Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Those are the primary benefits of the use of Telpark:
– Pay safely in town council regulated spaces with out going to the parking meter and with out the usage of any paper.
– Prolong your parking time allowance with out getting again to the automobile.
– With one app, you’ll pay within the town council regulated spaces and shortly additionally at Empark automobile parks in Spain and Portugal.
– Get notifications for your cell when your parking time is ready to run out.
– Cancel parking price ticket fines immediately out of your cellular (in towns the place native rules permit it)
– To find your automobile. Because of the GPS place given out of your cell phone. Safe bills thru Conexflow – El Corte Inglés fee platform in Spain and Caixa Geral de Depósitos in Portugal.
– Organize all of the cars you want from one unmarried account.
– With out pre-payments.
– You’ll use it in additional than 50 towns in Spain and Eleven in Portugal.


40 comments on "Telpark Personal parking meter Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Llewellyn Beric says:

    The intro is in english, but after registration it switches to spanisch. To change the language to english you have to go to “Mas Opciones” -> “Cuenta” -> “Mi Perfil” -> “Idioma” and choose “Ingles” from the list. The app looks good at first glance.

  2. Jeffry Dakeitha says:

    I have English set as a phone language, it was downloaded in Portugal, app language is Potugese. Barely find a place to change language. I cannot pay fine with my card, PayPal does not work either. I sent support request in English, they replied to my question in Spanish. Very tourist friendly.

  3. Merlene Tad says:

    it frees you completely from using the slowly street machines and you pay exactly the time you have been parking.

  4. Ardelia Irwyn says:

    Straightforward, “free”, pretty simple, uses licence plates for underground parkings, accepts multiple cars and is easily shared between phones. Only regret that it is not very widespread (cities, parkings) and that you cannot “stop” it when you leave your parking space (you can add time but cannot stop time when you leave).

  5. Anamaria Reeve says:

    When connecting a galaxy watch to the phone there is a notification “wearable performing login” that cannot be dismissed. It’s annoying, can you remove it or allow the user to dismiss it? Otherwise is performs very well and it does not take your money in advance like EMEL does with their app. You only pay what you used and after parking.

  6. Shirl Iann says:

    A bit clumsy (asks for location access but doesn’t use it), but works up to the point where you want to pay. Offers only one payment option (Masterpass) which doesn’t accept new sign ups at this time. 100% useless

  7. Genette Reading says:

    Useless if youre looking for on-street parking, it’s absent. Only a bunch of one company parking lots.

  8. Westen Cynric says:

    Shocking customer support. If I could rate it zero, I would. The app itself works fine. When it comes to settling payment, it’s taken twice from the account, ie. which means if your parking charges amount to €100 then €200 will be taken. Many unsuccessful attempts to resolve via customer support ‘Rubén’, ‘Silvia’ et al seem like bots. They don’t respond to emails and when they do it’s just generic copy/paste text. Absolutely shocking, would not recommend.

  9. Janina Sapphlyn says:

    Useless to those of us who don’t speak Spanish. It would have been an ideal opportunity to create a multi lingual app. But no.

  10. Cinthya Suma says:

    Very useful. Just would add the option to have several credit cards.

  11. Dorthy Raedanoran says:

    Going to give a low review at the moment because it is not working with mbway when it used to work. So i can’t pay in the usual way i normally use

  12. Sionet Daena says:

    Please add english as an user interface language! Otherwise app worked well in Porto.

  13. Jesus Martinez says:

    I was not able to delete my account from within the app. I had to do it manually (send a request message) and the process is very slow. Please, add an easy way for an user to delete their account.

  14. Valathia says:

    Mbway cards stopped working and I will not put in any other card in this app since its pretty much not safe to do so in any app. It accepts the card but I’m never able to pay the fee. It always says there’s a problem with the payment. It used to work fine for the first months i used it. For more than half a year now its been useless.

  15. Oráiste Naranja says:

    Handy app to use for parking in parts of Spain, but fairly difficult to use and often freezes. Also doesn’t give you easy-to-see notifications if you’re parking in the restricted central area of Madrid.

  16. Pedro Ioriatti says:

    Pay attention to the region you use the app, because not all the regions in greater Porto are covered by this app, but it won’t alert you to this issue and will let you pay the parking tax despite of that, and when you go back to take your car, you will find a fine on your front car glass. It happend with me, the TelPark’s client support didn’t do anything about it, despite the fact I wrote them to expose the situation, now I have a fine to pay. Telpark is malicious and poorly done.

  17. Alexandre Flores says:

    At first my PayPal account was accepted, but after using the app for parking it blocked my PayPal account. Tried using a credit card to pay said parking and it instantly got blocked. So I’m unable to make the payment with the only methods available to me (2 out of the 3 payment methods). Not only is the app completely useless, but it has given me more trouble than if I had withdrawn money and exchanged it for coins.

  18. Pedro Porres Astolfi says:

    I Introduced a debit card and after that I included my business debit card and the first one was deleted. It is not practical that I cannot use more that one debit card. (And choose a default)

  19. Vera Chapelet says:

    You get a ticket even if you paid the parking with the app. When you click on “help” they give you a phone number to call. You call the number and they tell you to click on “help”. The whole experience will cost you 12€ plus parking fees. 60€ if you waist your day trying to settle things.

  20. Josep Monés Teixidor says:

    Worked well initially, but couldn’t get the option to extend to work. Failed first with an error, then tried twice and said OK but wouldn’t update the counter… had to wait expiration and initiate a parking again. Now wondering how much I paid stupidly.

  21. C. Lucas says:

    It has to improve too much to be useful. Left my car, downloaded the app and I couldn’t find even the carpark where my car is parked. Furthermore, of you want to access to the app you have to do it from your email.

  22. Nikolay Savin says:

    the app is fine but there is no way to change language to English, this makes usage very frustrating

  23. John Mavroforos says:

    Does not work as advertised, not reliable. It is very difficult to recognise the plates of the car. Opening the parking bar for the car to enter the parking space is always a challenge. At the end , i used the another way to enter the parking place and charged twice.

  24. Merced 1 says:

    Bad service. Tried app 2 times during my trip to Spain. Both time I called for help because app didn’t let me out from the garage. Also some parking require ticket to open the passage door. You will need to call someone to open the door too. I left the garage 2 days ago, but my parking is still active. No reply from support for 30h already. Very bad service. Avoid at all costs! Update: And yes, I already contacted you via built-in help and email 2 days ago. No reply so far.

  25. Patrick Mc Clafferty says:

    When I download the app, I can only get Spanish language. To change language should be simpler.

  26. Tim Marchant says:

    It’s been good to use except sometimes you get logging in problems. Not related to signal though. Still. It is good overall

  27. Christina M Giuffre says:

    Convenient, refunded me when I had an issue and can pay metres only what’s used. clCould be much better for searching carparks though.

  28. Josh F says:

    Foreign credit cards not accepted. Tried several cards that are working in Spain and Portugal every day but doesn’t work on this app. So I paid for a reservation with PayPal. But then you can’t turn on express pay without a credit card which the email said meant I could not get into the garage. I reported this to Telepark and they refunded me quickly so awesome customer service! Just need to improve card processing and communication.

  29. Goncalo Rijo says:

    Does not send confirmation email. It is useless in Portugal.

  30. Neil Cameron says:

    App seems to default to Spanish language. Un-usable

  31. Arjan van Well says:

    Incredibly hard to navigate, even for Spanish people… Not useful at all.


    I used this app to pay in Lisbon and it was easy, but after that I have gotten two emails in my account saying that I access to a parking lot in Marbella España and I am not there and recently I got a charge on my credit card for 10 euros and I can’t access my account to check that, so obviously I got hacked. No really recommend this app anymore.

  33. David Bourassa says:

    Keep getting “an error has occurred” when trying to login.

  34. Aikaterini Pavlidou says:

    Do not save your card details in the app. They charged me for a car that I did not have anymore (rental). I sent 2 emails, first one was closed without an answer and second one still waiting. They do not have a phone support line, neither a live chat. They do not have the English option either. My second ticket was again closed with no response. I contacted them through messenger and the automatic suggestion was to send them an email.

  35. AAL “AAL” says:

    App keeps stopping and doesn’t work. Tried loading many times, same result.

  36. Mackenzie Johnson says:

    Very difficult to use if you do not speak the local language, i. e. Portuguese.

  37. Пал Саныч says:

    Unusable s… app.

  38. Linda Swanson says:

    Would not open an account page from the email. Uninstalled the app.

  39. Jordi Barguñó says:

    The UI is not bad, and the app is easy to navigate. However, you cannot save international credit cards, so if you are from out of town don’t bother. Also, even if you could there is really no point since all the parking lots that are located in the “touristy” area of Barcelona do not participate in the “Up to 40%” Promotion. And in Madrid the few that do participate, only offer 10%. There are only 2 parking lots in their entire network that actually offer 40%.

  40. Angel Popov says:

    “Access to Telpark is blocked in your country”. I am in Spain, what does it matter which country I am from(Bulgaria)

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