South Shore Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Get schedule information, purchase tickets and use a smartphone as a ticket!
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September 28, 2020
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South Shore Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The South Shore Line’s cell ticketing resolution permits shoppers to get agenda data, acquire tickets and use their smartphone as an energetic price ticket. Tickets can also be bought from any place at any time and activated simply previous to boarding the educate. It makes touring at the South Shore simple and handy.


40 comments on "South Shore Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Garmangahis Rendall says:

    Love the ease maps and schedules. On time. Personnel friendly, helpful, courteous.

  2. Daryll Kenway says:

    This update has made a very easy user friendly app, painful and annoying. Previously you would get the whole schedule for selected stops and with one button could see the reverse route and then buy a ticket from that screen. Now to find a schedule you have to go hunt for it. You but tickets elsewhere. Poor design. I have no idea why they have updated it to this!

  3. Metella Arathorn says:

    The latest update has removed amazing features for people who just want to view train schedules. The current way to view a schedule requires you to select a departure and a destination and then it will generate a giant table of all trains. This might be a “so what?c moment until you realize they had it better before this update. You used to be able to select a departure and destination. And it would automatically generate the table, focusing on the NEXT available train. You could also push ONE button and it would reverse the two, you know, in case you wanted to see what time you had to be at the exact same station to go back home. You have to go back and regenerate a giant table (after reelecting the departure/destination again), and then sort through every train to find the one you want. For people who just need to know when the next train is, they certainly made the schedules harder to reach within the app and less user friendly. This is the only feature I care about and I might as well just go print out the table at work and carry that around now.

  4. Ozzie Swain says:

    This is horrible. Change it back to the last version, please. I can’t use my ticket because it’s on the older version. It would be helpful to have a schedule as well.

  5. Burris Frayne says:

    Everytime I open the app it makes me sign in over again. After a long days work the last thing I want to do is constantly have to sign in every morning and every night to reach my digital ticket. On top of that. It makes it very easily to accidently use two tickets at once by checking multiple tickets with this new inconvenient panning ticket selector. Why was all of this necessary? You guys spent time & money updating something That everyone was already satisfied with. Don’t fix it if it’s not broken! Very disappointed with this downgrade. It has made my daily commute more difficult.

  6. Lyvia Gwevyl says:

    Change is always a but rough however this new update has remove my quick link from my phone. To use it I have to go back into google play search and open from there. What a hassle. I also used the braof time table quite a bit and this is gone.

  7. Amren Quianna says:

    Hey NICTD K.I.S.S. it- keep it simple stupid! New “update” was unnecessary. New version is not user friendly. Over complicated something for the sake of trying to make it easier.

  8. Wendy Janais says:

    Where the add in of the train location is a nice update the new layout and way the display the schedule is horrible especially compared to the older version of the app the new version just looks cheaply done compared to the old version it would be nice to bring back the old layout a nice update would be if they also add a notification of when your about to reach your stop even if we have to select the train where on also to display multiple tickets in case some one is also paying for thair fam or friends to

  9. Lathan Lee says:

    Absolutely hate the new interface. Schedules should be the first thing I see. Why break something that was working for the most part?

  10. Danton Rea says:

    The recent update changed everything, I find it overcomplicated and more difficult to use than the previous version.

  11. Haili Zaine says:

    HORRIBLE update! I hate that I have to sign in (re-enter user name & password) every time I use the app. The only format was by far more user friendly!

  12. Christene Brionna says:

    Newest update won’t work. I updated the app last night to prepare for today’s trip. Now it won’t even load!! Not happy.

  13. Lianne Ondria says:

    The latest version of the app is not very good. Although it seems to work fine, the layout and usability leave much to be desired. The previous version made it easy to access tickets and view train schedules all on the home page. Now you have to hunt for a schedule and selecting which ticket you are using is confusing and not clear. Hopefully they scrap this new version and give us back the one that made sense.

  14. Meri Calli says:

    The app was much more user friendly prior to the latest update. It used to save my schedule info (departing and arriving stations) and all it took to check eastbound schedule was to hit the reverse button between the saved stations. Now you have to go into the menu and select the station stops you need in order to generate a schedule. May seem like a little thing, but when ur looking for the next train out of Chicago, sometimes those precious seconds can cost you an hour or more of your time

  15. Chase Ilio says:

    I cannot even get the app to load at all on my Galaxy S8. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times

  16. Randal Andriea says:

    This app is a big step backwards in terms of functionality. Not going to beat a deadhorse repeating what others have said, but with this app, if you have no signal, it will take forever to try to connect before you can get to your ticket saved on your phone, which is a major issue when the conductor is trying to check your ticket; it even does this if you’ve opened a ticket, have the app running in the background, then try to bring it back up for the conductor. Ridiculous! Why do I need to be connected when my tickets are saved on my phone? Not well thought out at all, especially with how spotty cell service can be along the train route.

  17. Decembre Arlyn says:

    Not sure why they changed it? It worked just fine now I can’t even open the app as it automatically crashes every single time?

  18. Jackline Alden says:

    A fabulous in 2016, REDESIGNED for the worse in 2018. Fixed again in 2019! A great app was ruined in 2018. The redesigned version was maddening to use despite new features! Previous version had been quick and pleasant to use, e.g. details like tap to swap To<>From on train schedule. Collectively such details meant a lot to daily users but MOST were lost in the redesign. Now in 2019 I’m happy to see they’ve brought back the little details, making it a nearly perfect app.

  19. Ellesia Gwladys says:

    Latest versions have made huge improvements to the schedule function. If they could make the train tracker more integrated and more reliable they’d have a real winner.

  20. Tomasina Ramm says:

    It’s a subpar app; it’s very underwhelming maybe mediocre at best. Sometimes won’t recognize my card when buying more tickets.

  21. Adron Claytin says:

    Terrible user experience. I bought a ticket for the 28th of February by selecting the calendar date. When I was purchasing the ticket it didn’t mention anything about expiration dates. After I purchased the ticket it told me it expires in an hour. I got scammed out of 10 bucks.

  22. Derek Rieckens says:

    Ever since the latest update, the app crashes every single time I use it. It often doesn’t stay open long enough for me to show my monthly pass to the conductor. I may have to switch to a paper pass if this isn’t fixed by next month.

  23. qiana watson says:

    Purchased tickets to ride the train all for the app to continuously crash when trying to retrieve them.

  24. Jeff Amari says:

    I would strongly advise never using this app to purchase and store tickets. It will periodically delete all your tickets and there is no way to recover them. Their customer service is non-existent and what remnants I was able to find shrugged and said “that’s too bad. There’s nothing we can do about that.”

  25. Julie O'Connor says:

    This app is the reason people drive to work. Can’t purchase tickets, can’t see the train schedule.

  26. Cassandra Haley says:

    HORRIBLE! I purchased a 10 ride pass 3 DAYS AGO and used 1 ride, after having to uninstall and reinstall the app, my tickets were “locked”. I logged out and logged back in and ALL of my tickets say they expired an hour after the time in which I activated the ONE RIDE I ACTUALLY USED. This is fraud. You can’t do this to people.

  27. catherine trusty says:

    I’m not used to paying with my phone but this was easy and the conductors are very helpful.

  28. Jon Tomell says:

    I had to download the app because the mobile website was the worst I’ve ever used. It reminded me of the early days of the internet. Get your sh..t together and build something usable

  29. ian Nothing says:

    Absolutely Worthless. I should not need to have to log into an account just to check the schedule. All it shows is “No information available”. Your service is as exceptional as this app.

  30. Steven Schroers says:

    Something about this app causes the ticket to get stored in the cloud even after selecting the default location to device. I have reported this numerous times and app support still has not fixed the issue.

  31. David Cunningham says:

    Absolutely useless. The schedule information has been removed completely and I understand that the purchase of tickets on this app is never to be advised. Please fix it! UPDATE: Schedule worked for a while, then stopped working again. Is this really that hard?

  32. Eileen O'Donnell says:

    Not functional. Downloaded the app to check the schedule and it keeps crashing whenever I try to login. This is extra frustrating, because why do you need to login to view the schedule?? Looks like this app got updated to a worse version in 2018 and has received no additional support since. Their website is not user friendly, so try to note your travel plans from their desktop site before heading out.

  33. Stay Positive 2019 says:

    This app has a feature to take the train live. We’ll, it’s still buffering the past 2 hours. They just started the 2 train upgrade in Michigan City and with all the money going into this project I’d think they could fork over a little to pay a IT guy what there worth so we can see where the trains at and if it’s running on time.. So go find a IT guy that knows what he’s doing so the app and website would work. For SS being such a easy way to get to Chicago we know you got the money!!!😡

  34. Keith Spradlin says:

    I purchased a monthly pass and received email notification of my payment, but it says in the app that I have no available tickets and no purchase history. Customer service is non- existent. Try calling the customer service line if you like to never actually talk to someone to help you.

  35. samuel Guevara says:

    I was using this app for months and then all of a sudden it started crashing tonight upon catching the last train from millennium station. I tried clearing the cache, uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting and completely turning off my phone for 10 minutes. I cannot even get enough time to screenshot the crash. I have a Samsung A02s. Please help?!

  36. Joe Holley says:

    No matter how many times I try resetting my password, it continues to not let me login on the app. Tried reinstalling. Resetting phone. Nothing. Big time stress. Trying to show passes I have bought to the conductor and I can’t.

  37. Raymond Silva says:

    Already wrote this app deserves nothing. Didn’t save my negative review of course. App is a straight up joke. Won’t let me log in says my email doesn’t exist then tried creating a new account and says my email already exists. This application is a complete fing joke. -1,000 stars. I did have it at -100 but nows it’s a 1,000.

  38. Julian David Randall says:

    This is one of the most aggressively bad transportation experiences I have ever had. This app not only does not work— neither, apparently, do the trains. Also, the conductors are incredibly rude about using the app

  39. Patrick Cooney says:

    South shore is terrible at communicating delays and changes to service, such as busing, which are frequent and aplenty. Their customer service has nothing but excuses. Sadly there is no recourse since it is the only train service to Chicago in my area.

  40. Keyshawn Louis Scott says:

    I love this app easy to track trains and buy our tickets it’s a win win for everyone

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