FATMAP: Ski, Hike, Bike Premium Apk


3D Maps, Routes & Outdoor Guides for Skiing, Freeriding, Hiking, Biking & more!
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FATMAP - Terrascope Ltd
November 25, 2022
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FATMAP: Ski, Hike, Bike Premium Apk

FATMAP is the number 1 app for mountain sports activities.


Discover the mountains with self belief with the sector’s maximum complex 3-D out of doors map. Plan the very best direction, orientate and navigate alongside the way in which, report your day and percentage it with the neighborhood. Whether or not mountaineering, cycling, path working, snowboarding, ski traveling or freeriding, if you happen to love mountain adventures, you’ll in finding your group on FATMAP.


– International Three-D outside map with real-time knowledge and offline maps
– Mountain cycling, path working, climbing, hotel and backcountry snowboarding maps
– Shocking satellite tv for pc terrain imagery, in summer season and iciness – Document and re-live your whole adventures in 3-D – Complex terrain research gear together with slope, elevation, avalanche and extra – Practice other folks to look their newest adventures


WORLD MAP FOR THE OUTSIDE – Know the realm like a neighborhood and plan your path intimately with essentially the most complex 3-D outside map that is helping you intuitively perceive the terrain
– To find any out of doors path: footpaths, mountain climbing trails, singletrack and extra – Uncover out of doors attractions like mountain huts and campsites
– Choose from summer time or winter/snow map imagery (the place to be had)


IN FINDING YOUR SUBSEQUENT MOUNTAIN JOURNEY – Seek and in finding the proper course for you or be impressed via the group


– Create and proportion customized places / waypoints
– Find your self at the map at any time
– Use height names, roads, footpaths, rivers and lots of alternative map information to temporarily orientate your self and navigate on your subsequent function – Navigate trails whilst using, mountain climbing, operating or snowboarding

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PERCEIVE THE TERRAIN LIKE KNOWLEDGEABLE – Perceive the terrain like by no means earlier than to make higher choices with Gradient, Avalanche, Residences, Facet and extra layers.


RE-LIVE YOUR JOURNEY IN 3D – Observe your journey within the app or hook up with Suunto, Garmin or Strava to look your tracks in 3-D – Percentage superb fly-throughs of your journey


MOVE ADDITIONAL WITH FATMAP DISCOVER FATMAP Discover is for everybody who needs extra out in their outside reports.


– Use the worldwide Topo map or see reliable topo maps from swisstopo, USGS, IGN, basemap.it and extra in 3-D

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REAL-TIME SNOW PREREQUISITES – See present snow intensity, contemporary snow, and snow forecast at once at the map.


REAL-TIME HOTEL STANDING – See which lifts and pistes/runs are open or closed in actual time. (At supported Ski Inns)

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– Obtain any a part of the map and use it with out an web connection.
– Preserve battery via the use of the app in plane mode


THE MOST EFFICIENT OFFERS ON OUTSIDE EQUIPMENT – Discover contributors obtain reductions in primary spouse manufacturers like Mammut, Salomon, Suunto, Faction Skis and plenty of extra.

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(Get entry to to FATMAP Discover calls for a paid club.)


“FATMAP has modified the best way I see and act within the mountains” – Xavier De Le Rue, The North Face Athlete
“Helpful and provoking (and likewise appears to be like in reality actually cool.)” – Forbes
“[FATMAP] is also probably the most formidable journey tech to hit the marketplace since sat telephones” – Out of doors On-line “An app that can revolutionise your backcountry freeriding enjoy” – Purple Bull

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** For technical improve, touch: [email protected]


Phrases of Carrier: https://about.fatmap.com/terms Privateness Coverage: https://about.fatmap.com/privacy


40 comments on "FATMAP: Ski, Hike, Bike Premium Apk"

  1. Cheryl Athilda says:

    Can’t record or create trails. Grayed out trails can’t be made green. Needs to offer a sale price on Pro version, like other hiking apps often do. Search results need more detail on location as many hikes are called the same. Look up Inspiration POINT. There’s like 10, and they all say USA!? Map should pan out with markers to show the location of the search results.

  2. Gladis Eton says:

    Edit: Changed to 3 stars to reflect the increasing paywall despite more bugs. All of a sudden the maps started showing different tile sets making it impossible or hard to read with patchwork of different imagery. Till yesterday I could view elevation and gradient data on a free account no problem. All of a sudden it wants me to pay 65 dollars a year. Maybe I would have said yes to purchasing it out right for that price or 15 a year. 65 a year? Eff that noise. Bing has the same map textures get that instead. This app is a frigging rip off despite being relatively well made which is a shame since I really loved it but dumb developer paywalls despite increased bugs are pushing me away Original review: High res maps, high resolution terrain models. One of the best looking 3d maps on the store. Google Earth imagery isn’t as up to date on doing some comparisons and the lighting is off in some valleys on it compared to fatmap. As a back country lover in BC it has proven invaluable to me in terms of getting a lay of the land before any big adventure. I’m too cheap to pay for a subscription but I get very good value out of the free app as it is! 5 stars! Only issue i sometimes run into is it losing the map cache and teleporting me to a “safe” location somewhere in the middle of Europe instead of where my GPS marker is

  3. Birde Shirl says:

    They put many of the previously free features like gradient, elevation, and distance behind their subscription based paywall. You guys have a great app here but $59 a year is crazy. If you instated a one time fee I’d throw you $60 right now (or maybe like $10/yr) but I guess I’ll be getting my beta elsewhere for the time being. Bummer

  4. Elizbeth Meridel says:

    A bit on the pricey end, was looking for an alternative for the german komoot app, which is a bit laggy sometimes, even with offline maps and has no satellite view or 3D planning feature. BUT: There I pay around 20-30 Euro for ALL the offline maps once and can use them forever. Making me repay every year is not a good option for me. I could accept a constant fee once and monthly subscription for extended services, like the Strava connection or the adventure planer. Otherwise great app!

  5. Wilbert Karyn says:

    An impressive navigation app with great 3D graphics. Also, one with most accurate and up-to-date mapping; e.g., it’s the only navigation app that has a brand new fire-road on an obscure Croatian peninsula (where I was hiking this summer) clearly and correctly shown.

  6. Tanielle Taillour says:

    I’ve been playing with this app all day and have to say the reviews are right, it’s probably hands down THE BEST gps, course plotting, mapping, sat, topo mapping app available. Being able to use my PC to plot and my phone to execute is awesome! However the reviews are also correct when they say it’s WAY to damn expensive for $29 a year. Wow!!! This one app would cost me more than ALL of my other subscriptions combined! Not sure I’ll keep it after the trial expires for that reason.

  7. Francys Claudelle says:

    Beautiful map, great to have community content, but unbelievably slow to load (online or off, not just at start up but every time) and the lack of tracking is a deal breaker for me. The interface is also very awkward – you click on a route to see what it’s called, and instantly the view zooms out to show the whole route and then it takes ages to get back to where you were. Maps on the website look good for planning but the slow speed, fiddly interface & lack of tracking makes the app unusable.

  8. Ulger Kateline says:

    Excellent detail and easy to use. Able to see the gradients as well as the paths and routes you would expect to see on the map. I Checked the routes I’m familiar with both in the Lake District and also some international ones (Hong Kong). It also gives you perspective of the views. Im using for hiking and cycling but the info for Skiers looks amazing. Easy to use.

  9. Amynedd Sumner says:

    Love FATMAP! The new version is so easy to use. I feel like I can now plan like a Pro! It’s great to easily discover adventures and get inspiration from the new home tab. Such a bonus being able to view people’s profiles! FATMAP has all the info I need for my mountain adventures in one place. My favourite feature is still the gradient tool – so useful for planning backcountry trips. I’ll be recommending this app to all my mountain adventure pals!

  10. Scott Cameron says:

    It’s an ideal concept but sadly having to pay for an app that in rural locations doesn’t have much or any data and is relying on you prospecting it for them is a bit of a cop out. Would recommend they make it a lot cheaper or even free until they have enough data there to actually support this product as their end goal is great they’ve just not built a good road to get there.

  11. Greg Fioretti says:

    I’m a huge fan of this app. We used it when hiking in Death Valley. I used this and Google Maps (with pre downloaded maps) as we hiked and there was no comparison. Google Maps, which I normally love, was useless in large portions of our hikes. While Fatmaps worked great the entire time. I always felt like I knew exactly where we were, even on some of our more remote hikes, which was definitely comforting. Can’t recommend Fatmaps highly enough.

  12. Leon Chen says:

    Wanted to like it, but my gpx file made from Caltopo doesn’t even work on the app. You can see the route in the web browser but only a tiny portion of it actually appears in the app. I couldn’t even get my route to sync when it was created, I had to copy the route lknk to my phone and open it to access my own route. Needs work

  13. Sergio Alonso says:

    Is the essential app if you move in the nature. Easy to use for beginners and super-complete for the most advanced users. I use it for hiking, climbing, skiing, cycling, paddling in the ocean and even to quench my topographical curiosity!

  14. Elisabeta Qoku says:

    I just downloaded it to play around with options in the tri-state area, I use all trails usually and have plenty of options. It couldn’t find anything useful. Filters aren’t enough. Trails that I know are easy are marked as hard. And when I used the search feature to check out a further upstate area it kept giving me information on areas across the country not 50 miles away. After tinkering with it a bit more it found only one trail where I know there are at least 200 there. Unfinished app

  15. Ben Verde says:

    This app has occupied hours of my time with fun exploration of mountain zones near me and all over the world. I follow curiosity from all other sources to here. More thorough than any other map or Earth view I’ve used previously. I personally really enjoy the high level of detail and the gradient feature showing slope grades represented colors. Highly recommended for mountain travelers of all sorts.

  16. Jake Terry says:

    This app is amazing, it has helped me so much as a photographer to explore and scout areas from home before heading out. The functions it offers for winter activities such as avalanche risk, recent snowfall ( on Explore) and showing gradients clearly really help when planning a safe adventure in the mountains. Been using it for a few years and will never move from it

  17. Jacob Ward says:

    EDIT: Thanks for the response! The latest update made the camera auto positioning for ski runs much better. This makes it really nice for researching single runs, but sometimes I’m clicking through many runs to quickly see gradient stats and the camera reposition can mess this up, particularly if I’m looking at runs off a ridge that go both north and south. It’d still be nice for the auto reposition to be toggleable, but the app is much more usable now, love it for researching ski runs!

  18. Robb Ball says:

    1st way better than Google earth. Please do not sell out to Google, anybody else besides the tech companies. 2nd, if your route planning, there is no better app than FATMAP. Take the trial period, play around viewing your favorite play areas. Then take a look at planning your next adventure, drop some way points for direction, hit the download button for off trail use. By the time you get home, the email is ready for you, push the airplane icon and it will flyover your route. Plus more!

  19. SK Lund says:

    Do not use this app! Multiple attempts at password resets. None were sent. Email password resets are easy for anyone who’s know how run a site. To me this can only mean that they are not ready for primetime. When I was able to login I did not see a lot of tracks in areas I searched. I went premium and am sorry I did. Now on the hook for a year! They did respond to my concerns but I was not able to get in but again password resets are easy. I’m done..Do yourself a favor and stay away.

  20. Ben Cyr says:

    Great app, been using it for a while since an update that allowed it to work properly on my phone. A more recent update that increased the fidelity of the slope contours was a much needed and welcome improvement, as well as the in-app tracking that also shows images you took and where you took them! Love it! Con: compass doesn’t point in the right direction for me still (approx 10-30deg off) thus not great for bushwacking or whiteouts; works better on google maps, so 4 instead of 5 stars.

  21. Anton Cauthorn says:

    The app used to work great. But now whenever I’m offline the map freezes and will not respond to my interactions so I can’t move the map or change the view. Then for a few seconds it will respond and then freeze again. The whole reason I have this app is to use it outside and offline. But this new bug makes it unusable.

  22. Andres Vourakis says:

    I have been using FATMAP for the past 2 years, mainly for planning my Alpine Climbs but also for Ski Touring. It has become a crucial part of planning my adventures. Giving it 4 stars only because it has a few small things that need to be improved to enhance usability and user experience but overall it’s an amazing app. I highly recommend it!

  23. Thomas Van de Velde says:

    I love this app. One feature I’d like to see developed further is offline route planning. Currently you can only plan a route while online. In the field you may want to drop a pin to get a route and travel time estimate without network access. I’d also like to have the ability to tune the estimated trip time to my personal preference. E.g. travel time may depend on how much weight I carry or whether I travel with a group. Finally, I’d like to see planning support for multiple waypoints.

  24. Gil Elad says:

    Very good map. Detailed, accurate, with responsive and intuitive navigation. However, map download stops when app is not in the foreground. Also, impossible to limit map download to wifi only (which ended up costing me half my international cell phone data plan when I wasn’t looking).

  25. Kyle t says:

    Was loving this app, used it all the time. The map won’t load now, so I subscribed for the free trial with the intention of paying for subscription once the trial was done. But to my disappointment the map still will not load!! I’ve tried closing and opening the app, even restarting my phone. Map will still not load. I will be uninstalling and unsubscribing if this issue does not resolve itself. I was intending on using this map this weekend, if it starts working. Thumbs down!

  26. Stephen Knight says:

    Looking for a Viewranger replacement, and this app is NOT it. Despite good uk public footpath details, when planning/creating a route from scratch it second guesses you every time. Put a plot down at a point, it zips away somewhere in the wrong direction, and it does not allow a correction and take the path I want to plan.

  27. Gazbraz1 says:

    Managed to cancel my trial eventually, no real help from the support team, just repetitive nonsense, but the app and the maps are good and a lot of trails here in Norway can be found on the maps, but when drawing your own routes on the maps if you want to alter the map like delete a point you have made on the track there is no way to do it, normally apps like have Alltrails have a correction tool, if they add that I might go pro

  28. Andrew Wilson says:

    Got the full version, good detail in the aerial view and a good visual representation of the area with OS overlay. But can’t search by GB Grid Ref which would make it so much more useful, can search by lat and long but it’s not practical for everyday use. GD grid ref is required for this app to be indispensable.

  29. Rikard Lalić says:

    Looking good. Just freshly dropped into app. I believe a few local maps should be downloadable for free, to can explore application capabilities in deep. Mostly there is no Internet connection there, where app is to be used. There are some mountains peaks having a endless rock spikes into the heaven in 3D.

  30. Patrick Fehr says:

    As a hiker in low internet area (called nature) it’s an excrutiating pain how much internet/power and useless gimmicks, animated images, complicated and long onboarding checklists this abomination of an app has… Just give me the map with trails and my gps position. How hard is this?? And in the end of the process, fatmap didn’t even have italian map/hiking trails. Went with komoot instead. Also bloated but at least gives you what you need, when you need it.

  31. Paul Ungur says:

    The experience degraded since I subscribed two years ago. I backountry ski on two large mountain ranges. I used to be able to download both areas and the app worked. Downloads have always been slow but I did not mind leaving the phone on overnight to download areas. Recently the app stopped downloading large areas. It also became very sluggish when I have my two areas downloaded. I always have to delete one area then struggle to download the other using small tiles overnight. It used to work.

  32. fake mike says:

    Overcomplicated, resource hungry and missing basic free features that many other apps have: offline maps because you always go away from a cell tower and track import for planning.

  33. Alan Shiel says:

    App won’t even allow me to make an account with my Gmail. Just keeps saying loading. Tried even after reinstalled. Already a super bad sign of reliability and they want$29 subscription!? Ha. Can only imagine the reliability issues I would experience 20 miles into a Backcountry bike of new territory. using aSamsung 22 Ultra

  34. d4mi4nh says:

    Can’t download maps, needs a lot of internet bandwidth to function which makes it useless on the field.

  35. Spencer Cox says:

    Final review, cancelled subscription and switched to Gaia. Have provided feedback related to expired authentication and related, unable to use the app outside of cellular service. Frankly this app should come with a warning label, danger may not work when you need it. I’ve encountered issues offline on several trips. Great planning tool, but stick to the browser and use a reliable GPS app.

  36. Pol Kuijken says:

    The 3D maps are great but downloading for offline use doesn’t work (keeps saying “preparing download” and fails without explanation). Unfortunately unusable while this bug exists. Download size is also excessive, +1GB for a mountain. Needs better controls for this so I’m just downloading what I need. Route discovery is also poor. I end up looking for trails online and then importing the GPX. Not the worst, but would be easier to have it all in one app.

  37. Trent Alan says:

    Like the map alot but customer service socks and login us adventure. I have paid 3 months ago and still can’t get my email correct and can’t even use my membership.

  38. Richard Tyson (RTys) says:

    Not many trails. Mountain hike trail in Scotland was inaccurate and sent you to walk on a very dangerous 60mph road with no footpath. Parts of the trail simply didn’t exist. App sometimes winged about not having data for the trail for no apparent reason. Won’t use again.

  39. Korey Farmer says:

    Edit: support team corrected me! Keeps telling me to subscribe when I have already subscribed. Won’t let me use any of the options I’ve paid for.

  40. Veeresh Thapar says:

    I purchased the Explore version worth ₹2599/- But the app has stopped working on my Tab Samsung S6 Lite. Feeling cheated, is there a solution??

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