City of La Crosse MTU Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Track La Crosse MTU buses in real time with the City of La Crosse MTU app!
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November 13, 2020
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City of La Crosse MTU Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The Los angeles Crosse MTU app supplies town riders with real-time details about their go back and forth’s location, routes and extra.


40 comments on "City of La Crosse MTU Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Ricky Archidamusa says:

    MTU has always helped me out when I needed help with a route. The majority of the drivers are so nice and considerably happy to help anybody! I am in Tomah rehab center now for another 1-1/2 months. When I finally get back to my apartment on French Island, I know I’ll never get a negative response when I’m ready to ride the MTU bus! They’re a great bunch of drivers! This app will be a big asset to passengers, especially when we have bad weather!

  2. Adrion Leesa says:

    great app and excellent application

  3. Rance Aaliah says:

    I wish there was a way to easier highlight and make visible your favorite stops but other than that this has everything you’d need!

  4. Leopold Nigel says:

    Great experience if you are looking for an app that will help you with the bus system, then this is the app. La crosse mtu is the best around dont hesitate to ride the bus system.

  5. Cassy Cissie says:

    I love knowing were the bus is at so I don’t have to wait so long outside at the bus stops.

  6. Jasper Edrik says:

    makes the bus system worry free

  7. Kendria Kindra says:

    it helps people out

  8. Atley Rhobert says:

    good app easier to catch your bus

  9. Morcar Chaquilla says:

    Wish the app worked on the weekends.

  10. Jaymi Woodley says:

    great app for showing where the buses are currently at but I would like to see the full schedule put in the app to especially trying to figure out a stop that you don’t frequent very much it would be great to be able to put in your trip and have it show you what transfer point you can catch the next bus at to complete the trip rather than having two still carry a paper map around it would be nice if it would just show you if U could please add that in then it would be a complete app for full use

  11. Edrys Wattkins says:

    every time I need to use this app I have to uninstall it and reinstall to see where my buses are at

  12. Caliban Jacelyn says:

    friendly helpful drivers

  13. Miquela Jessee says:

    have the app work on the weekend

  14. Nelda Parson says:

    Great … love it..

  15. Llara Elliott says:

    Awesome app, so easy to see if you can catch the bus. Great way to use modern technology to make life a little better.

  16. Liesl Chirly says:

    Got some tweaks but awesome otherwise

  17. Ashton Dania says:

    Great app. Workd great.

  18. Eddy Shonda says:

    very helpful to know when the next bus is coming. The routes and schedules work quite well with Google Maps, but I would also love it if the app included a trip planner for future trips.

  19. Cherie Waymon says:

    Totally takes the stress out of knowing when and where the bus is!! Wish I had it when my daughter was younger. I would love to see an alarm feature for when a certain bus hits a particular spot but understand I can’t have it all. Thank you!!!

  20. Hamo Caroll says:

    Polite people and get where I need to in comfort

  21. Allicyn Arik says:

    This app blows Google Maps out of the water. It’s amazing! The one improvement I would make is including the latest and greatest route times. It’s the ONLY reason I reference Google Maps, and even that is usually off by 5-10 minutes. But being able to see wherebthe buses physically are makes up for the discrepancy. LaCrosse MTU is fantastic! I love the drivers! They are the best!

  22. Candice Ethyl says:

    Its a very useful app because google cant show you if the bus is going to be early or late

  23. Chassie Hanley says:

    It’s awesome to have

  24. Wirt Isalie says:

    This app does an excellent job it helps me Keep my schedule in make sure I don’t waste time looking for the right bus

  25. Ardine Norbert says:

    Sucks does not work at all completely a waste of time

  26. Deena Pax says:

    The estimated arrival time for buses at a stop seem to be significantly off. It will say something like 30-35 minuets when it is actually 5 or 10 and vice versa. I wish there was a tab to view the daily schedule. Other than that it is very useful and accurate in showing real time locations.

  27. Alsa Sulyen says:

    GREAT for telling where the bus is but doesn’t have a space to scan the QR codes at every stop

  28. Llewellyn Jayme says:

    I like this app so much. It is so helpful. Thanks.

  29. Bristal Mick says:

    The bus system is good, the app can be impossible to connect to at times

  30. Jonathan Thompson says:

    Do not give right info

  31. Paul Tubbin says:

    An accurate app. The bus just doesn’t run often enough in LaCrosse.

  32. Lele Fowler says:

    Excellent bus system for a small city. Most drivers are great!!! You have the few that are not, but 98% of them are friendly, kind, and go the extra mile for their passengers. This past winter the driver for the route 4 got out twice and cleared the snow for me when he saw it was deep after UW-L cleaned their sidewalks. I GREATLY APPRECIATED THAT, for I have severe arthritis and could have easily fell. Thank you drivers!!!!!!!!

  33. Clint Hagstrom says:

    This app is completely shut off on the weekends

  34. Mary C Strong says:

    I like that I can check to see if the bus is running late or early in real time.

  35. Paul Tubbin says:

    The bus is fine, clean and timely. Why isn’t there 30 minute service on Saturday and Sunday when most people have off work?

  36. Carole Bungard says:

    Very friendly bus drivers that I can always depend on. Thank you for your hard work and getting me everywhere I need to go. Especially during this covid 19. I can always count on you.

  37. Michael Finnigan says:

    it works great

  38. Dakota Ottman says:

    Nice app works great

  39. Mary Ellen Knutson says:

    I love riding the bus! The majority of the drivers are very nice! Some are good friends of mine. I don’t know where I’d be without them. They have a great staff in the office also! They’re all so wonderful!

  40. Haku Peth says:

    Doesn’t load

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