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Welcome to Which Wich® Superior Sandwiches
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December 3, 2021
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Which Wich Apk Download New*

Welcome to Which Wich® Awesome Sandwiches! Obtain our app to sign up for our Vibe Club™ Rewards program and get started incomes issues in opposition to a Loose Common 7” Wich. You’ll even get a Unfastened Common Drink only for becoming a member of. Simply scan our app on the sign up each and every time you consult with to earn issues. Are you able to “Get Your Wich On?

Which Wich Apk Obtain New*

You’ll be able to additionally order your favourite Wich on-line for pick-up or supply.*

Which Wich Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

*Delivery isn’t to be had in all places.
[CALIFORNIA CITIZENS: For details about our knowledge assortment practices please overview our at https://www.whichwich.com/privacy-policy/]


40 comments on "Which Wich Apk Download New*"

  1. Marleigh Ann says:

    If ur going to force your customers to use an app for rewards and refuse to accept existing rewards cards, MAKE SURE YOUR APP WORKS FIRST! IT DOESN’T!! After reading nothing but negative reviews all saying basically the same thing I was hesitant to install it, but I have NO CHOICE if I want to continue receiving rewards. Like many others, I can’t get past the verification screen. This app is worthless and I guess I won’t be eating at WhichWich anymore. Way to lose your customers guys!

  2. Newman Brilee says:

    This entire migration experience has been awful. I basically don’t care anymore. Thought I’d try the app but it doesn’t connect to my account (that I migrated online). It takes up 45 mb which is way too large for a sandwich points app I rarely need. Make it less than 5mb or its worthless. Uninstalling and will basically never get points. I like your sandwiches but your tech is terrible.

  3. Jeren Vinnie says:

    Been eating at WW for years, since the chain started. Food is usually great, but their apps are not. I’ve tried every version, and they all have bugs, crashing issues, sometime double charge, and sometime fail to send in orders. Staff at the restaurants have even told me sometimes the app orders come in to them hours late. It’s a sad problem for an otherwise good place for food. Use at your own risk!

  4. Rolo Buster says:

    On some receipts it shows an error message saying I’m not within range of a Which Wich location when I’m in the store. Not sure why this is happening but after spending $9 on a meal I’d expect those points to be counted towards the rewards. I’ve also tried entering it in manually but received same message. 😞😞

  5. Win Garren says:

    I downloaded the app so I could redeem my rewards and order a sandwich. The app crashed when I was paying. I had no idea if my card was charged based on the app info. I had to check my bank account and call the store, no one answered at the store. Super convenient guys, great job on this one.

  6. Jannae Edelmarr says:

    wasn’t happy when which witch switched from cards to the app. the app was working ok for a while but I don’t like having to save all my receipts to scan in later. now my app won’t even open and hasn’t been opening for weeks and I have at least two dozen receipts that I’m not going to get credit for

  7. Milt Verge says:

    update 1/3/2019-ive emailed them 2 times already (and ive got proof) regarding the transfer of my vibes rewards points from the old system used with a card to the new one. i even provided them with the card number. to this day i have not received help. ive had to start with 0 points. i emailed them on 10/23/18 and then in December. Customer support has not helped me in this!!! who can i contact to get help!!!???

  8. Hannalee Minty says:

    I don’t think I have ever been able to place an order without the app crashing. If my phone goes to sleep, the app crashes. When I completed my order and tried to pay, the keyboard wouldn’t come up for the payment, so I could not enter my info. I hit back and the app crashed, losing my order.

  9. Sunshine Shepley says:

    terrible app! haven’t been able to use since it’s inception. migrated my points over and it’s been dead since. won’t let me go past the screen with my info. I love the food but have to stop going there if this point system can’t be fixed.

  10. Danni Ossie says:

    I must join others saying this app isn’t good. It had been working until today. I went to WW and was going to add points. The app wouldn’t launch (& was only app on my phone to not launch). Still won’t launch tonight and, after un- and reinstall, won’t even install now. Not sure what to do. This explains why none of the employees will talk about the club or the app, they probably don’t want to deal with complaints they can’t do anything about. This will likely affect my future food choices.

  11. Holden Dorthy says:

    You cannot register for an account currently. I am trying to create an account and not choosing to like to Facebook and I cannot get past the invite code screen. I can’t input a valid invite code and I cannot choose skip. Both do not work. App is useless without being able to register.

  12. Alexandia Glennie says:

    This app really should be updated to add the new location that opened near me, also my family’s first time wanting to try food from there was awful because it wouldn’t let me order through the app or online on the website then my mom tried to call in an order and all she got was an automated message then me and her drove all the way over to the restaurant to go through the drive thru to order and it was blocked off, i hope that all of this is fixed soon because it was really frustrating

  13. Betina Elmyra says:

    This app is awful. I have been unable to get past the submit credentials.set up screen for weeks. I don’t think this company updates it’s technology. They should go back to business card punch cards for rewards. At least that works. Or use a phone number like Jersey Mike’s!

  14. Lucullus Allicyn says:

    I’ve had this app for awhile now, and I’ve never had any problems with it. We order about once a week, and it seems to keep track of our rewards points without any trouble. My only request would be adding the ability to order double bacon inside the app. They’re a little skimpy with it at my local store.

  15. Addis Vinny says:

    This app sucks. I started with 69 points. I ended up having to manually add my points from two subsequent orders to the app. The 29 points that I added, somehow, wiped out every single point I had previously accumulated. What’s the use of using this app if it steals points from me? I am so pissed.

  16. Hayes Fanny says:

    Randomly fails to save items when ordering. Ordered a sandwich with multiple toppings, and when I got my order, all of the toppings were missing. I thought maybe the store had screwed up, but no, it was this app. It hadn’t saved ANY of the options I selected, resulting in a plain sandwich.

  17. Laticia Halee says:

    Previously this app was working fine. I had 43 points. When I got to the store to use the app, it said invalid signature and 0 points. I was able to go to the website to log in in order to get my bogo offer. After paying, I didn’t receive an email about my updated points. I tried entering the barcode from my receipt and the app still shows invalid signature and 0 points. SMH

  18. Jared Franklin says:

    Suddenly deleted my payment info, and I didn’t notice but it changed my store from the one I always go to which is right and the street to one 5 miles away. I don’t know what’s going on, but the app is useless if it’s going to start messing with my settings and inconvenience me.

  19. David Purcell says:

    The worst designed food ordering aps I’ve ever used. Redeeming discounts only works in checkout not by hitting the “redeem” button, occasionally just fails to process payments, discounts don’t work right (only took $6.00 off of a ‘free’ $8 sandwich, removes all configuration if you edit an item, confusing flow if screens if you ever try to go back during checkout. The only reason it’s 2 stars not one is that you can get free stuff, but they definitely don’t make it easy.

  20. BethAnn “Kipluck” Mayberry says:

    I joined up with the club and downloaded the app. I absolutely hate loyalty clubs that REQUIRE an app. I am happy to HAVE an app, but I never want to be FORCED into it. That’s why I’ve given it such a low score. See, the location near me closed this year. If they’d let me just keep the club and only check in with a browser while traveling, I’d stay signed up. But I refuse to let it eat up my dwindling memory space. Thus, going to review and then delete.

  21. Ian Cook says:

    I’m not really sure why you decided to change the ordering in the app from something that already worked fine. I think I will pass on ordering from you until you fix it. All my orders that I order all the time are gone and no real reason for it it worked fine the way it was.

  22. Nicholas L says:

    Customizing options are no longer available for app and online orders. The best part of ordering from Which Wich is the opportunity to customize my sandwich with many options, and now those options have been removed unless I add it in the special instructions. This must be so inconvenient for customers and staff to deal with and I view it as a major downgrade of the service that will cause me to order less and less. If you want to order, you’re better off doing it in person

  23. Brenton Mullins says:

    Best sandwich in town. Get the wicked and you will not be disappointed. Love that I can order, save, find locations, pay and get coupons and specials right on the app. Easy to use and use it all the time when I order!! Great app!!

  24. Phoenix Nimitz says:

    The app is very good and very easy to use. However, I’m EXTREMELY upset at your restaurants of getting rid of the Seafood & the Egg Salad sandwiches!! Those were my two favorites! I’m going to boycott your restaurants until you bring them back! I maybe just one customer, but I pay money to keep you in business! (Especially during the pandemic)

  25. David Stewart says:

    Used to be great. Now with the latest update, you can not customize a wicked sandwich (only take things off), and they got rid of salad options. Including spinach and spring mix. Now all you can get is shredded cheap lettuce.

  26. Philippe Prémont says:

    This app is clumsy and frustrating. I hate using it and had to go make my order manually in the shop many times. I just placed an order and it would not let me set a time for pickup, now i have to call the store cause I can’t change it on the app.

  27. Rob Web says:

    I used to love this shop and a major reason is that me and my kids could customize the sandwiches in tons of ways to our liking. The app only allows 4 simple changes to the sandwich, no cheese substitution, no extra veggies (like pepper mix), and no sauce options. This appears to be an intentional change both in app and in store and there is no reason to eat there ever again.

  28. Anthony Lawson says:

    Please fix your apps ordering features. They do not work correctly. Can’t use saved orders or edit orders as I am building them to include additional toppings. It’s a real shame because it used to work well enough. P.S. your recent menu change which eliminated toppings rather than add any was a step in the wrong direction, and I must say I will now avoid this establishment

  29. Matt F says:

    The app does not let me add condiments or any customization to sandwiches. The only customization is double meat, add bacon, or add avocado. What if I want mustard? Or I want a different cheese? The whole draw of eating Which Wich is the customization and they’ve removed it. Uninstalling and not ordering from them.

  30. Zach Dowdell says:

    Menu changes ruined them. Went from one of favorite fastfood restaurants to not even one my top 3 places to get a sandwhich. Cut out a ton of toppings, almost removed customization entirely, and their prices that were already a tad high stayed the same even after all those cuts. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just disappear.

  31. Kristina Murphy says:

    Liked it a lot better when you could customize your sandwich. That was the whole reason to go there, because you could choose you toppings and dressing. Now you can only choose to remove what they include in the 1st place. Can’t even do simple things like add onions, extra lettuce, sub a different condiment for mayo, etc. In the store they said they were trying to be like other sandwich shops. But most other shops actually let you change the toppings, even on their speciality sandwiches.

  32. Ian Cutrona says:

    Changing your menu absolutely ruined this sandwich shop. Used to be my favorite and you got rid of pretty much everything I liked. Such a shame. Haven’t been back in months and I miss it. Went today to see if things had possibly changed again and nope….. Still useless.

  33. Ian White says:

    There’s hardly any customization, no option to leave a tip, or even track the order. You eventually get a text(not even through the app) telling you that door dash is actually delivering your food, and then having you go through their website for more information. If I wanted to grossly overpay for a bad service, I would have just used door dash to start with. Horrible experience all around

  34. Gordon Thetford says:

    App ease of use is ok, not great. My bigger issue is with their rewards program. You can’t even redeem rewards unless you’re physically at a store ordering there and willing to wait on your order. This is stupid and defeats the purpose of the app anytime you want to redeem a mediocre reward. Use this app if it’s convenient for you but expect a hassle if you want to redeem rewards.

  35. Brooklyn L says:

    Will not allow me to log in anymore. It has kept me on the loading one moment dot screen after inputing username and password. My ‘one moment’ has lasted ten minutes. Double checked my signal and even tried on full wifi connection. UNINSTALLED.

  36. chad burns says:

    The app is only helpful if you don’t want to add or change anything to your sandwich. I’m ready to give a higher review, but not until there is more flexibility in customizing my order. Defeats the purpose if I have to go to the store itself if I want to take off mayo and add Deli mustard for instance.

  37. Kirkwood Deal says:

    The inability to fully customize the Wicked like you used to be able to do, or can still do in person, has made online ordering useless. I haven’t eat at Which Wich in almost a year because of it.

  38. Autumn Haeker says:

    Used to work, but not anymore. The app can be confusing & not user friendly, once I got the hang of it it was okay. I haven’t been able to use it for quite a while because now it just says, “Oops!! Error validating basket.” Maybe don’t move your entire rewards program to an app that doesn’t work.

  39. Donald Thibeault says:

    Missing several menu items like the large shakes, and coupon options that aren’t available for app purchases. I have to go into the store and wait to get the correct sizes and billing.

  40. Ronda Bernstein says:

    First, why have notifications, if you can’t read them. Text is too long and notifications aren’t expandable to read the rest. It also wouldn’t let me add my free drink to my app order. Kept giving me a message that coupon couldn’t be used. Favoriting an order is pointless. It always says what was in the order is no longer available. Trying to reorder also tells you to pick a size? What? How about letting me put it in my cart first? Also can’t even get back to fav/recent if you start a new order.

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