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Parental Control App & Family Locator: track screen time, location & driving
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October 26, 2022
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Verizon Smart Family – Parent Apk Download New*

Verizon Sensible Circle of relatives is your spouse in parenting, with circle of relatives location sharing to seek out your children or their misplaced telephone, parental controls to restrict display screen time and block content material, and inspire protected riding behavior with driving force insights. Obtain our parental controls app in your Android smartphone, and pair your child’s software to:
• achieve display screen time keep watch over • filter out apps and site content material • block Web get admission to • view tool utilization • set up calls and texts Choose Top rate to release:
• location monitoring with circle of relatives locator
• arrival/departure notifications
• location sharing with pickup requests
• riding insights similar to protected motive force rating & pressure task historical past
• crash detection signals • skill to discover a misplaced telephone

Verizon Sensible Circle of relatives – Mum or dad Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Join Top rate and take a look at all options for 30 days on us ($9.99/mo thereafter)*.
*After 30-Day Trial duration, your Good Circle of relatives Top rate provider will auto-renew at $9.99/mo until you cancel sooner than trial duration ends. Cancel anytime thru Good Circle of relatives app.
+++ As soon as the child’s Android smartphone or iPhone is paired by way of the Verizon Sensible Circle of relatives spouse app the dad or mum app can configure parental controls. If enrolled in Top rate, guardian app too can view location monitoring and riding historical past – for both a motive force or a passenger.


40 comments on "Verizon Smart Family – Parent Apk Download New*"

  1. Halig Harvey says:

    When it’s working right, I’ve been happy with it, but that’s rare. I got this to be able to monitor my teens locations first, and for content filters second. Unfortunately both location and content filters are constantly “not working correctly”. Apparently they can’t use any sort of battery saving option, so if they are gone all day (such as to school and then social time, then work) their options are to risk their phone dying or to use battery saving. Now IF the app would automatically begin functioning once they charged the phone that would be one thing, but it seems we have to manually reset the app every time they charge their phone back up. And it’s so recent stopped showing both my kids accounts, so I am only able to view one of them??!! A real pain and hassle at this point, I’ll probably cancel if this isn’t remedied soon. When I contact Verizon I’m also going to be requesting account credit to make up for all the time I’ve spent troubleshooting and the multiple times I haven’t been able to see my kids’ location when needed.

  2. Janell Susie says:

    It keeps showing an error that the location setting isn’t working right and that I have to tap a link on my child’s phone to fix, but it does nothing and won’t let me fix anything. I might be cancelling this service soon if I can’t figure out what the issue is. I’m paying 10 bucks a month to use a service that won’t work right. The free GPS apps work better than this one.

  3. Ivi Bray says:

    This app would be great if the main functionality (the control of the host phone) actually kept working. The communication between the two systems continually becomes out of sync. These are newer phones as well. Google Pixel 2 and S8. I’m going to look into an alternative.

  4. Weldon Shawn says:

    When it works, it’s awesome! Just what I wanted to keep track of my son’s activity on his phone. Problem is, it doesn’t always work…which defeats the purpose of the app. I can see on his phone log that he is able to text during restricted times, again debating the purpose and when I look at his phone log from the app on my phone, it isnt even registering half the numbers. Then it will freeze and say it’s experiencing technically difficulties. I wish it would work consistantly. Then I would give it 5 stars for sure!

  5. Krystiana Mavis says:

    I did not pay extra for location services so cant speak to that. I am using for Contacts, Calling/Texting activity, and Internet Content. Prior to most recent past few updates it would pick up on some iphone texts/calls and all other phones texts/calls and would show them within seconds. Lately only MMS from any phones have been showing and even those are missed. It takes about one minute to populate with any info for texts and calls depending on which tab you click on. Even after you’ve clicked and its populated if you go back it takes another minute. Not sure why the app is declining. Hope for some improvements soon. Verizon is a very big company and shouldn’t allow for this quality of apps or services to be out there.

  6. Willaim Bennette says:

    This app is extremely unreliable and frustrating. It constantly tells me that content filters aren’t working and to fix it by sending my child a link message. So If my kid doesn’t click the link the app doesn’t work. I also can cut off the internet and block certain sites but it doesn’t work consistently. If my child is doing something to make the phones disconnect with each other then why pay for an app that can be manipulated. Complete waste of money!

  7. Selia Cymbeline says:

    takes forever to locate someone. usually at least 2 minutes. and why cant we have real time location updates on the map especially if the app is open? that seems like a basic feature for a location app. maybe some more robust location history and maybe a history of a trip? should take some pointers from life 360 app. i expect better from a paid service from the nations top wireless provider…

  8. Bashar War says:

    not sure about it yet. Ive had it for a couple days and the time restrictions have not worked. I set up times for them to be off their phones, but they were on them, using internet before the restriction should have let up. Makes me wonder if all the other limits and filtering works. location is very slow or off on location, it says they are down the street from home when they are in fact home!

  9. Randy Paprika says:

    I love the concept, but the app doesnt work correctly. The basic version managed call, text and internet times appropriately, but the content filters never worked. The app would come unpaired from the device it was restricting within hours of setting it up every single time for over a year. Getting a brand new device didn’t help. Going to the premium version of Smart Family didnt help. Countless calls to tech and customer support didnt help. Frustrating 👎

  10. Brooklyn Alean says:

    My 12 year old was able to make a new profile (her phone can have multiple users/profiles) that bypassed all filters and settings. I’m guessing that it sets up a new VPN. But long story short, my twelve year old outsmarted the app and me. ☹️😩 Also, they just have to turn off their location which the app doesn’t allow us to force it to come on and it makes the location a very large range and sometimes wildly inaccurate!

  11. Gillian Brandon says:

    verizon smart family is a great app for setting limits on data,call and text limits and for setting certain times that the phone can be used. but the $9.99 premium version to access all the location functions is not worth it at all,it needs a lot of work, the location is virtually useless, its very inaccurate locating my child,in my experience the map was off by up too 2 miles locating my daughter.. fix all the bugs this app has in locating a child and will give it 5 stars!

  12. Burckhardt Laurence says:

    What is the point of having this app if the kid can turn it off? I was told, once you pair it, they can’t get rid of it so but thats not the case. I get texts saying content was removed & then very inaccurate locations due to phones not being paired, even though we already paired them. The whole point of having an app like this is so that you’re in total control but it’s useless when they disable it. life360 is way more accurate and its free, I’m canceling!

  13. Nicky Rook says:

    fairly good app. there’s a lot I like and a lot I don’t. location seems a little sketchy at times.. could be lack of service in some areas. But, I like being able to track my kids. I would like it if the text/phone calls had caller ID so I know who the people are instead of “unknown contact” or just the number. isn’t that the idea of being able to see who they are communicating with? overall i like the app… needs minor improvements to earn 5 stars.

  14. Ridge Dakeitha says:

    I have been very patient, had this app a long time, have two teenagers. I have come to the conclusion, it is not worth it. Its location portion is not accurate, it disconnects connection on its own, kids can delete or disable app. Currently, my son is punished and I am trying to restrict his data usage but it is again not working. I am sure the answer is to re-install, which I have done, just too frustrating. Wish it worked right, it is a good concept.

  15. Lanette Maybelline says:

    app doesnt work correctly yet they charge me. They send directions but I send back all the proof I did what they sent me with no resolution and not another word. I have used Tech Coach, spent hours on the phone with Level II TECH support and had them mirror both of our phones at 1x! And yet, the apps dont pair and dont sync fully and properly. I am going to try a different app then cancel this Verizon one. Not sure how it goes from working perfectly for 2 years to hardly working at all

  16. Tillman Aj says:

    This app is garbage and the support is worse. The location is off by as much as 5 miles and one phone updates location once every 5 to 6 weeks. I know it isn’t a person manipulating it because it is my phone. When it does locate it used to be exact. Now it is never closer than a half mile. Usually several miles off. I’ve opened tickets with tech support. Attempted to use the feedback section. They just ignore me or say they will be contacting me soon. I live in a 4G city. Save your money!

  17. Jacquelynn Lindell says:

    This app is horrible. I get constant texts from Verizon telling me that content filters aren’t working on my kid’s device. The GPS locator is slow and inaccurate most of the time. Also, there is a huge range on the location unlike many other GPS tracking apps. Worst of all… Verizon charges $10/month for this. It should be included. If I could give it zero stars, I totally would.

  18. Hamlet Adyson says:

    I really like the location tracking service and the ease of use there. What i dont like is that you dont see what apps are downloaded and can not control their usage. There needs to be a way to pause and unpause the apps as well. And a way to see exactly what apps or program is being used and for an amount of time not just a little gray bar with nothing.

  19. Isolde Jesscia says:

    For the past several months that app has been completely unusable. All it tells me is “Our System is unavailable at the moment. Feedback or Retry” I’ve submitted feedback many times over the past few months. The app is fully up to date. I’ve even removed it and reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. Can’t manage my account, data usage, can’t even use the store to try to upgrade to a new device.

  20. Corie Sharen says:

    The idea is ok. It’s tied in with the plan I have for my son so not wiring smoothly is a big issue since I’m sure the charge is rolled into the monthly fee and data is limited severely for close to the same price as the plan above it. With all the filters of I can’t access a site to reset a password for my son’s game. The option to unlock disappears too quickly. The controls are lacking. Each child has different access levels but the controls too basic. So far the best app I’ve use was from ESET

  21. Randell Bellamy says:

    it’s absolutely terrible that my $60 Wi-Fi router allows me to connect to it from anywhere in the world and disable internet to one device. it’s absolutely free and included with the purchase of the router. but if I want to have that type of control over a device on my account not only do I need a separate application but I also have to pay an additional fee every month. thanks for continuing to bend me over Verizon. you show absolutely zero loyalty to your long-term customers.

  22. Annabelle Franklen says:

    App is basic, slow & error-prone. I’m not even using location (Life360 Free is far superior) or the companion app (Qustodio is superior). I just want to be able to block certain numbers on my daughter’s phone. And even that is limited to 20! It makes no sense! Plus it won’t sync with contacts or start a contacts list so you’re typing in numbers (can lead to errors). And it recently began allowing blocked contacts through. And tech “support” is a joke. I expect more at $5/mo.

  23. Gracia Cori says:

    Glitchy garbage app that’s super easy to bypass. I had nothing but problems and spent hundreds over the last couple years on its subscription. Total waste and total disappointment. If you’re a parent don’t waste your money. I recently installed Google WiFi and Google family link after deleting Verizon and it’s a night and day different. Works like a charm, super effective and it’s free. Couldn’t be happier.

  24. Gerrick Jadeline says:

    So glitchy. Constantly having to readjust connections, locations, etc. Will often log me out completely without notice. It has the potential to be so useful, and I use it to its fullest potential, but I feel like I’m official tech support for this app because I’m always patching it, fixing it, and finding workarounds. This is frustrating because I pay $10 a month for it! There aren’t any better options yet, but as soon as a non-Verizon product can monitor texting, I will switch.

  25. Jennifer Merrill says:

    Great concept, but incredibly poor delivery. It takes FOREVER for things to update on my daughter’s phone. Also seems as tho it’s limiting her when it shouldn’t be. Would also like to see the ability to create blocks of time in each time restriction instead of having to create multiple new ones to account for breaks during the day. The ability to restrict specific apps and services during certain times of the day instead of EVERYTHING would also be beneficial.

  26. Jadith Slimrivven says:

    Buggy, every feature is broken it seems. Location alerts never happen, when you set time limits it tells you there is an error and to try again later (later never seems to come), add a phone number for a contact and messages and calls still can’t get through. It seems Verizon is not actually supporting this product anymore. This was a big reason for us staying with Verizon. I expect we are gone as soon as we can pay off phone balances in a couple months. Unacceptable

  27. Treya Collins says:

    Last few updates have caused issues. Not seeing all texts. Even compared to my daughter’s phone. That is the main reason for using this app is to see who is communicating with her. Hopefully an update will fix. If not I will cancel and go with something else. Other features are not up to par compared to other competing apps. Even off the shelf screentime from apple gives more info.

  28. Denise Armstrong says:

    The best app in the world when it works, but be prepared for it to not work if you make ANY changes to your Verizon account, related to Smart Family or not. Between the two times this app quit working over the past three months, I spent seven combined hours on the phone with technical support only to be told they didn’t know what was wrong and needed to “escalate” the problem. The escalation team? They also can’t fix it. Just cancel your subscription if it gives you problems, fair warning.

  29. Kwahera Spears says:

    Horrible app I have had this app for years but it has been unreliable for about the last 8 months. I’ve been very patient, calling Verizon 3 times in an attempt to get it resolved. They were no help telling me I would need to go through the website to reach the smart family options. I even tried uninstalling now it won’t reinstall. I’m done with this app!

  30. Christti Parker says:

    The map is horrible, you can’t tell what’s what. Also, even though my kids aren’t messing with the settings, it automatically stops sharing their location from their phones and they have to go in and turn the location back on, constantly. On top of that, the location accuracy when it “is working” is sometimes a vicinity of around 800 yards?! I’m constantly waiting on it to update locations. If something were to happen, I don’t think the app is accurate enough to help me find my child.

  31. Casey shoemaker says:

    Not worth the $, I pay for the extras, I’ve had the app for years and it really is just a waste of money. I think I’m going to cancel and switch to life 360. I was excited when it said I could have the driving experience and it tells me that my kids phones don’t have gyroscope so it’s useless. I shutoff the data to their phones but they can still use everything they have downloaded, music, games everything so they still can use their phones. I’ve had trusted contacts blocked.

  32. Kirk Blackburn says:

    They dont have the time settings correct. I live on west coast. The app time limits for the app are based on Eastern time. So there is always a co fliction as to what the limits are, and when I get reports of him being on his phone past a time limit. Its stupid. He sent 500 texts in a month, and I never got any reports as to who or when he was texting because it doesnt sync with what is on my phone. The app is horrible and can 100 times better if someone decided to put a little effort into it.

  33. Jennifer S says:

    Not worth it at all. If the kids try to uninstall it, turn off location settings, or change any type of setting on their phone, it disconnects and you can no longer monitor their content/devices until it is reconnected. It would have connection issues constantly even of they didn’t mess with it which would disconnect our phones from allowing it to work right. Needs a lot of work. Should not have to keep connecting it to kids’ phone after doing it once.

  34. Anne Anne says:

    This app is at best ok. If you’re looking for a good GPS tracking use life 360-which uses real time GPS tracking and it’s free. This app does not do that and it’s off by hours most of the time. Blocking features are not compatible with all phones. A few callers get through despite being blocked on the premium service smart family app. Multiple calls to text support – literally 3 and a half hours on the phone with them- without any resolution and never got a call back as promised.

  35. Alisha Perry says:

    It works fine. The only thing I don’t like is the map could be more of a Satellite view instead of the one it is now.. you can’t really see anything except roads.. my second complaint is no matter where/when I track my kids it said “NEAR such and such road” or “WITHIN so many miles of this road” the whole point of a tracking app is to know EXACTLY where they are at all times if needed!! Make the view better and the on point location better!!! Other than that it works fine!!

  36. Steve C says:

    This is a terrible application. You cannot manage any phones or do anything without them authenticating it on the other end. Then it becomes unsynced at the drop of a hat. Which is ridiculous. I cannot turn off or manage my daughter’s phone at all when she gets out of control which is the whole reason for something like this. This is a terrible application! I am switching back to T-Mobile immediately!

  37. Roselyn Flores says:

    Terrible app. None of the restrictions we put in place ever stuck. It always changed to something else or said there was an error and showed incorrect information, constantly. My kid’s phones would deactivate in the middle of the day and as of now, their phones are unusable despite canceling the subscription, disconnecting their accounts, and removing companion from their devices. Don’t waste your time with this app.

  38. R Simpson says:

    Costs too much, and still wasn’t fully working! I placed a block on social media apps, and my son was still able to download FB and create an account. Location and notifications worked well when he left a set perimeter. I could lock his phone with a button, but turning it back on there was a huge lag. Emails came through with notifications updating me on what I had set for notifications. I expected more for my $ then what I actually got. Looking for something that actually does what’s promised

  39. Sean says:

    No stars! Avoid. App is loaded with bugs. If you set a limit on a child’s phone, & remove it, it will magically come back when it feels like it. Remember it was deleted so its not like you can change a setting to get your child’s phone working again. Have to wait until the limit fairies let it go. Features can be deactivated on child’s phone by your child. You will get notifications about it, constantly even if it’s turned back on. Was told to “Send Feedback” in app. That even doesn’t work. SMH

  40. Kristen K. says:

    I like this app but there are some flaws. I notice the notifications don’t always work right away. There is a lag time for departure and arrival to places, however, my daughter was in a car accident and it alerted me of a possible crash detected. I was able to get in touch with her right away to check on her when I got the alert. The location works fairly well if you put the companion app on your kids’ phones. There could be some improvements, but overall does the job I need it to do!

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