Presently: A Gratitude Journal Mod Apk New 2022*


Celebrate your daily life with Presently, a free & private gratitude journal
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September 10, 2022
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Presently: A Gratitude Journal Mod Apk New 2022*

Practice gratitude with this straightforward, at all times loose, and personal gratitude journaling app.

At this time: A Gratitude Magazine Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

Right now allows you to:
⁕ Document day by day entries of gratitude
⁕ Mirror again to your previous moments of gratitude
⁕ In finding motivation via quotes and activates ⁕ Set day-to-day reminders to proceed your gratitude apply ⁕ Lock your entries with fingerprint or face identification ⁕ Seek your outdated entries
⁕ Proportion your entries with friends and family ⁕ Export/import your entries
⁕ Transfer in your favourite colour scheme

At the moment: A Gratitude Magazine Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

At this time is One hundred Percent unfastened and advert unfastened. All your entries keep in your software and for your keep watch over.


40 comments on "Presently: A Gratitude Journal Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Taite Mollie says:

    One surefire way to turn me off of any app would be analysis paralysis, where too many options, features, and widgets distract from my goal. This app is perfect. Its design is simple, elegant, and beautiful. It does its job and only its job: no extra distractions, no ads, no in-app purchases. And it does its job well. It’s really a joy to use.

  2. Domicio Winslow says:

    I’ve tried other gratitude apps with varying degrees of success, but Presently is plain and simple, straightforward and easy: no unnecessary bells and whistles, no ads, a minimalist yet graceful format, one daily reminder, and the option to backup your entries or share them. I’ve never been able to stick with other gratitude apps for long (I always end up feeling pressured by them in a social-media-y way) but I LOVE this one and will probably be using it for a long time to come.

  3. Brandon Hulen says:

    Really love this app, because research shows that practicing gratitude is an antidote to depression and general malaise, but it can be hard to remember to do it in the chaos and buzz of everyday life. You can set a notification for whichever time you’d like to be reminded. It pops up at the end of the day and inspires me to reflect on the fortunate aspects of my life for the day, putting my mindset right before bedtime. Also, it’s nice looking, which is essential for me, simple and ad-riddled.

  4. Candyace Jarred says:

    Highly recommended! The concept of taking a moment to record positive events and things for which you are grateful is simple but powerful. I love the simple and elegant interface for this app. The reminders work well (adjustable to your preferred time, or can be turned off). I love that it keeps all your previous entries available I the main screen for scrolling back through. And there are no ads, no registration, good privacy boundaries. I am very pleased with this app!

  5. Pit Makeyla says:

    This app is very simple, but extremely user-friendly & aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking to get into the practice of gratitude journaling I’d say its a must. Its quicker and more convenient to use than a physical journal & notifications help keep you in the practice. I also like how relaxed it feels! Though you could technically make a list just one thing per day is good enough. And it’s super easy to look back on past entries, reminds you of all the good every time you open the app.

  6. Nimbus Faran says:

    The app is very simple, yet it serves its purpose. I get a reminder once per day (I can change the reminder time) and I can simply write what I’m thankful for. Entries are displayed in chronological order vertically with newest entry on top, and each entry is dated. I can scroll down to read past entries. I can change the color scheme, but the design is minimalistic and without distraction. I love it.

  7. Peace Halstead says:

    I’m not really one to journal. I’ve tried using a notebook and a couple apps, but my motivation to stick to those faded. Now, if a product can make something as uninteresting (to me) as journaling suddenly worth doing, it is a clear win, and this is what’s happened. This app is gorgeous. The design is simple and effective, and its aesthetics are delightful. I love that it’s open-source, and that it’s ad-free. Today, I’m thankful for Presently. I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

  8. Hollace Andrell says:

    A simple, but beautiful, Gratitude Journal. No frills, no gimmicks, no ads, no destractions! Just a few settings to set the environment you’re comfortable with and reminders so you remember to reflect – and that’s it! I actually look forward to using Presently as part of my nightly routine!

  9. Deveon Haden says:

    A clean and simple journaling app that motivates me to be consistent about writing. I tend to dwell in the bad and feel like I do not value the good things as much as I should, so I downloaded this in an effort to combat that. I’m liking it a lot so far, it’s nice to reread my entries even if it is just a simple sentence. My only thought is that it would be cool if they added the option to attach pictures to the notes one day.

  10. Dallton Leeann says:

    This app has a pretty, clean, minimalist feel. It is very easy to use-I normally just write a sentence or small paragraph. I like that it doesn’t leave every day you miss as a blank entry, but just moves on and only asks you about what you were grateful for today and yesterday; it makes your feed look full and is also less overwhelming. I really enjoy scrolling down through the entries to read over all the nice things that have happened.

  11. Ceceli Vitaly says:

    50 Days – Impressions: I’d give it 5 stars if there weren’t a few glitches. The most notable being that my entry wasn’t saved after tapping ‘Save’. This happened a few times so far, inevitably on those entries where I took my time to phrase a thought to myself. I’ve resorted to doing a quick copy of the text just in case. Other than that, it’s been nice to feel like this is a secure app to keep personal reflections.

  12. Llara Barris says:

    I used to be obsessed with finding the perfect all-in-one note-taking/grocery list/TODO/gratitude journal app. Now I realize sometimes it’s better to have a tool perfectly designed for one thing and one thing only. Presently is a beautifully designed gratitude journal. It makes gratitude simple, enjoyable, and rewarding. Scrolling down through your past entries feels like taking a walk through a personal museum containing all your cherished memories. Thank you for this app. I’m grateful for it

  13. Willie Baynbridge says:

    This app is extremely straight forward & easy to use. It has a pleasant interface w options to change. The app provides: reminders (incl. a nudge if you missed yesterday); congratulations on your consistent use; sharing options; a calendar; and backup options. That’s basically the whole of the app. It’s uncomplicated reliable, & useful. They are working to add more functionality, which I appreciate. But, what it has works extremely well on my G Note 10. And, that is most important to me.

  14. Buddy Elmoor says:

    Just perfect. No extra bells and whistles, no visual complexity, not overwhelming — exactly what’s needed to help facilitate mindfulness, especially for those of us who are overwhelmed by just the thought of starting this kind of practice. Only thing I might change is being able to save the quotes that come up — they always disappear and change and I often would like to refer back to them!

  15. Jef Acton says:

    App is simple and easy to use. I like the calendar option to be able to go back and add notes to prior dates. Also like the inspirational quotes that appear while entering a note and the idea suggestions. App has potential but needs some minor additions. Where does the backup entries save to? Would be nice to have text editing tools to add photos/docs, GIF, and/or emojis to the journal entries. Then it would be 5⭐.

  16. Tayson Mikaya says:

    This app is very user-friendly. The design is simple and sleek, there is a callender option so you can go back and add entries if you miss a day, or hadn’t started yet, and there is a search feature so you can quickly find specific notes or keywords. There are also little inspirational quotes that show up when you add each entry. While I use this app to record things I’m grateful for, it would also be great for tracking moods, patterns of thought, etc.

  17. alicia says:

    this is an AMAZING app. ive been looking for a journaling app for the LONGEST time and this is the one. it’s so simple but also different from other journaling apps. it gives you prompts to help if you can’t think of anything to write and there are many beautiful simplistic themes to choose from. there’s also a cool feature to unlock the journal to make things more private. I definitely recommend!

  18. Olivia Everett says:

    It’s such a pretty app, design wise! And the reminders are not annoying, only once a day. Having them at the end of the night really helps me reflect on my day. I also really like being able to scroll to past entries! It’s nice because it’s simple. There aren’t a bunch of tabs under a menu to scroll through, or an annoying amount of features to decipher. It is exactly what it markets itself to be, and in an aesthetically pleasing way, too! I love it!

  19. Jessica McCumbers says:

    Simple, easy, to the point. Exactly what I was looking for! No crazy distracting bells or whistles, just a daily reminder to be thankful and a simple space to write it down. The color customization options are an added bonus, but I would like to see more options someday. Maybe some rainbow templates? Anyway, great app, and I am grateful to have it on my phone 🙂

  20. P. Murray Grzybowski says:

    I like it well enough. Easy interface. I liked the encouragement to do it daily. I liked the color scheme. But if I ever went out of the app it wouldn’t autosave what I was writing- I’d spend time doing a thorough list, go to check something else on my phone, bring the app back up, and then the whole thing would be gone. It got really discouraging so I’m deleting it and finding something else. It’s hard enough for me to form a habit without evidence of me having done the work being deleted.

  21. Wei Styer (Wu) says:

    A beautiful and simple way to record the things you’re grateful for each day. Easy and straightforward to use with a clean interface that helps you focus, without all the fluff some of these types of apps add. Minimalistic, so text only. With multiple themes and export options. Very well done.

  22. Mark Flieg Jr says:

    Highly recommend as a daily practice. Presently makes it easy to write your thoughts, wherever you may be, and the daily reminders and mini rewards keep me accountable, even while traveling. I also love the features that allows me to sync to my Dropbox, so I don’t lose my entries even if something happens to my phone. Thank you for an awesome user experience!

  23. Chanis Carlos says:

    Downloading Presently was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The aesthetics are simple, yet satisfying. It’s not too over the top, and you can change the themes to your choosing. No ads to disrupt the calming atmosphere as you type, and you can adjust the display, whether it’s hiding the date, or limiting the number of lines of text you’re able to see in each entry. It’s my first time keeping note of what I’m grateful for everyday, and I’m glad that I’ve experienced it with this app. 😊❤️

  24. A Hattaway says:

    Simple, humble, perfect. I like that this app has no bells and whistles, no kitchy graphics, and no annoying, excessive features. It simply reminds you to record what you are grateful for each day, with no inspirational quotes or obnoxious prompts. I can quickly dot down what comes to mind about what I am grateful that day in a simple manner, without embellishment. I enjoy this app a lot, as I have failed to consistently keep a paper gratitude journal. This gives me just enough of a nudge.

  25. Elizabeth Miller says:

    Its a great app! This was one of my New year’s resolutions and I would say this gets the job done. I get to look back a see what great thing I have in my life and it just keeps me always looking for positive things which has been hard in the past but, this definitely helps get past those things. It also helps that you can put a security mode on it and lock it, and also the different styles and backgrounds you can pick from.

  26. Arley Knight says:

    It’s going well. However, the more days I use in a row, the more problems the app encounters. I stopped getting notifications for a reminder after 25 days. Then I had to get into the habbit of copying my daily entry cuz when I press save it simply deletes it all. I love this app and the simplicity of it. These bugs seem very small and I hope the creators can update the app to run a bit smoother. Otherwise, great app!

  27. Mariah Ashlyn Elkes says:

    So I recently passed the one year mark of using Presently (yeah, I’ve got something on every single day for over a year 🙌) and I’m a flaky person by nature. This is probably my favorite app of all time. Beautiful and wonderfully simple in design. The reminder/notifications are perfect – not invasive by any means, but serve their purpose. Changed phones and was able to export/import everything flawlessly. Thank you, Presently makers!

  28. JULIA Teck says:

    Presently has a very simplistic yet elegant design which makes it easy to use and still pleasing to look it. I enjoy that it is very simple, which makes it less stressful and distracting that many other apps that have too many functions; I feel that detracts from the purpose of an app designed to help you focus on mindfulness and purely express your gratitude. This app does it perfectly! Only thing I feel could be improved, the reminder notification doesn’t seem to work quite right.

  29. Christy Garrett says:

    I love this app! I thought a gratitude journal was super corny but it honestly works, so just try it! The app itself is beautiful, they have multiple themes which took me a while to figure out. It sends you a push notification reminder which I appreciate a lot as someone with ADHD. You can set the reminder time to whatever you want. The only issue I have is that I don’t get milestones anymore, I got them for days 5 and 10 but I’ve been using it three weeks now and haven’t gotten another. 🙁

  30. Margo Fritz says:

    I’m very impressed by this app overall! I love the concept, it’s instinctive to use, the customizable themes are great, and the quotes are a nice touch. My one complaint is that the reminder I set never comes at the correct time, which makes it tough for me to maintain a regular gratitude practice. If that were fixed this would be an easy 5 stars from me!

  31. Ashley says:

    Easy to use. Cute format. Appreciate the reminder setting. Definitely beats writing it down for me, won’t always be home near a journal which is why that one didn’t work out. Recommended! Added review: after about 9 months of use, I’ve downgraded to 3 stars. Mostly because it stopped reminding me. I set it to remind me by a certain time each day, and it no longer does that. But if I open the app, then the reminder pops up. So maybe because it’s glitchy.

  32. Rachel Kelley says:

    I love this app. It has a gorgeous and simple interface that’s easy to interact with. There’s a couple different ways to customise it but also saves previous entries with Dropbox. It’s awesome, better if we can get it synced with Google as well 👍🏼👍🏼 The only complaint I have with this is that every time I exit the app to go to something else on my phone, it erases what I already had written! 😩 So if I had a super long entry, it’s just gone! Hopefully you remember what you wrote 😩

  33. Allie Young says:

    10/10 love this app! Very simple, very easy to use. No random purchases or ads popping EVER, just a nice tidy little place where you can record good things that happened in your day. I love the gentle prompts I can look through if I’ve had a bad day and can’t think of something to be grateful for. I also love the different theme options! I really, really wish there was a way I could attach pictures & videos but besides that, this app is perfect!

  34. Carolyn Johnson says:

    It’s a very simple layout which is just great for me. Each day is there in a running list, so you can scroll down to previous days whenever you want. VERY easy to make an entry and edit it. The look of the app isn’t splashy or distracting…elegant and simple and calming. Google Play asks to rate about ads in the app…but I haven’t noticed any at all.

  35. Viv says:

    Feb 2022 still using this. Still no ads. I like that it congratulates you on cumulative, not consecutive, use; this smart app knows it’s progress, not perfection, that counts. Original review (2019): Very nice, streamlined, and to the point. Reminders always work. New themes didn’t do much for me; the others were fine for me. But I’m sure others will like the greater variety. I like the vine leaves.

  36. Isabella Routten says:

    This is a simple and minimal graditude journal. The theme choices are all so pretty, and there’s one for any aesthetic. The format is easy on the eyes and on the mind (aka it doesn’t take much effort to use), and there’s a cool search filter to find certain words and I think dates. My favorite part is the lock feature. I personally don’t really like using graditude journals so I won’t keep this, but if you want a simplistic one for yourself, this is it.

  37. Nina Tribble says:

    In the past I’ve found it’s difficult for me to journal daily. This app made it easy to make it routine for me. I’ve set a timer so it can remind me. I love the inspirational quotes too. I also noticed it is ad free, so nothing is interrupting my thought process. I journal right before bed. My sleep becomes peaceful because when you journal about what made you grateful throughout the day, you can’t help but get a good night’s sleep.

  38. Jessica Fox says:

    I love the app overall! It’s got a clean interface and a pretty design. I find it easier to use than other journaling apps I’ve tried. It motivates me to feel grateful everyday. One thing keeps it from five stars is that I wish it had tagging or categorization to make entries searchable, but I also would not to clutter the clean interface so maybe a feature thst can be toggled on and off? Anyway I really am enjoying it and will recomend it to friends.

  39. Julie K says:

    I love this app so much. It is absolutely perfect in it’s simplicity, function, and UI. I can think of no way to improve it. The simplicity and cleanliness is what makes it perfect to me; above and beyond is the many settings to fit individual styles (reminder notifications, fingerprint lock, lots of backup and restore options, color schemes, and the option to turn on little daily quotes). Easy share option is great for sending a small pic of my gratitude list to wherever my heart desires. 999⭐s

  40. Angie Webster says:

    This is such a simple, clean and easy-to-use gratitude journal. No extras or prompts, affirmations (ugh), courses, etc. And no ads. It’s great so far! I’ve been using it for a couple of months after leaving another one that kept adding frills. I prefer simple.

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