Planety – Mood Journal & Diary Apk Download New 2022 Version*


A picture diary that comforts the heart
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October 4, 2022
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Planety – Mood Journal & Diary Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Keeping a diary is in reality laborious!
That’s why Planety was once born!

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Lets write it in combination?

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

■ First, make a choice the emotion that represents nowadays ■ Select a decal that explains why you selected that feeling
■ Finally, when you write merely, it’s over.

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Just one minute is needed! You’ll file your valuable day fortuitously and temporarily!

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

※ Permission

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

[Required Permission]
– Garage: Required for switch and garage of knowledge, pictures, movies and different recordsdata

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

[Selective Permission]
– Digicam: Required for taking photos – Photograph: Required for attaching footage and video recordsdata – Microphone: Required for recording voice

Planety – Temper Magazine & Diary Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

* You’ll be able to use the app even though you don’t permit Selective Permission.


40 comments on "Planety – Mood Journal & Diary Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Nikko Padilla says:

    The app is good and very easy to use. You only need to pick one emotion & sticker to symbolize a mood, the text & photo is optional to add details. Big fan of the funny eve sticker set (Mim, Yam, Pandadog) esp on FB’s Messenger. It’s my 1st choice of sticker to use. That’s why I picked this app up so fast upon release announcement. Updated from 3 to 4 stars rating since CS is accommodating and helpful in resolving our issue on the Premium subscription.

  2. Margarette Mortel says:

    The app is good but I suggest that you put more sticker choices and a search button so we can search a specific sticker. Add more mood representations like meh, productive, feeling myself kinda mood or you give the user an option to create their own daily mood. You can also add like some happiness or sadness meter, or a button that lets us put our music of the day, or like challenges or mini-games that help stimulate the user’s mental health, or put themes so we can personalize our diary.

  3. John Lejano says:

    I really liked this app! I can write my thoughts for the day. But there’s only one error I encountered. I deleted an entry that I accidentally made, it doesn’t appear in the main screen, but when browsed one by one through swiping, it still appears there no matter how many times I deleted it.

  4. Dejah Lachow says:

    Seemed like a cool idea, but there weren’t any stickers available even after searching, I couldn’t add new ones, and I couldn’t move past that step to get to settings or anything. The banner ads were also *super* distracting. I understand that the app is free, but at least let me get through a tutorial without flashing colors.

  5. Catalina Pine says:

    It’s an adorable app. I love writing in my journal but sometimes I lose the interest in just getting the notebook and using a pen to write it down. Honestly, nothing beats actually jotting down your thoughts but everyone is consumed by their phone, even me, and it’s great to have this dandy app to go. Adding pictures is the icing on the cake. I think it would be even better if we can choose to make the pictures automatically show on the planet(s) and not just stickers.

  6. Hβη M says:

    It’s a nice app, seems to have a lot of potential. I agree with a previous comment that suggested more mood options or adding user’s own (with custom colors) and having a search button for stickers. I would also like to suggest a widget for home screen. Overall, it’s really calming, cute designed and very good for daily mood tracking.

  7. Alyss Phoenix says:

    Overall, I really liked the app since it’s easy to use. The background music is so calming that I could write with so much ease. I also like the dark theme since I usually write at night. Maybe just a few more changes in visual and I hope it would support emojis and symbols when I write, font styles and font colors in the near future 😀

  8. Amy Sigmann says:

    This app is a super easy way of detailing your feelings every day. It takes less than a minute, you can color code your emotion planets, and the stickers are funny to use. Highly recommend to those who think keeping track of feelings takes too long!

  9. Cee Juniii says:

    I like the app but I have to give it a 4, because while I was writing my journal for the day, the words that are at the end of each sentence were cut, like for example “we” it becomes


    e… ”
    Everytime I review it, you know? I don’t know if this only exists on the english versions, but I hope I could see a sentence where one word is not cut…

  10. Petra Wellström says:

    I thought this looked like such a great idea. The app isn’t working for me though. I can choose a planet, but when it comes to choosing stickers and words it just says it can’t find anything and i can’t click anything outside of the search box and hashtags. Even if I try clicking the hashtags no results are showing.

  11. Erin O'Mahony says:

    Overall I really like it. It’s simple to use and I don’t mind the ads for using different stickers. I wish you could select multiple emotions/colors for your planet. Sometimes there are storms of emotions that can be felt at once, and it would be nice to see that expressed in a planet.

  12. Cassandra Boyer says:

    It’s simple, but effective. Much easier than keeping a journal daily to write in. I love how the planets are color coded according to different emotions. The only thing I would improve is the weather options, maybe add more like wind, partly cloudy etc. Apart from that it’s perfect.

  13. Ira Bagaforo says:

    I really like using this app because it is easy to use and it is also fun. I just wish there would be more stickers and where we can input sound that we heard that day or to express it by using music when words fail because music can really give a lot of emotion. I also wish in the future updates the planets can have more backgrounds and the emotions can be customized like to express that the day was miraculous or something. Overall, this app is such a great find and I really recommend it

  14. Encar Jingco says:

    It was nice to write while listening to the bg music and there are stickers to describe your day ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ However I find it hard to have limited stickers to select and because I am only relying on the free stickers, I get to wait a minute or two because the advertisement is so long and there was no skip option. It’s quite frustrating but I just wait to have the free sticker. (≧▽≦) If you can please add more free strickers and short ads or have the skip option that will be AWESOME!!! (人*´∀`)。*゚✧

  15. Cherry Baby says:

    I love Planety. It is unlike any other diary app that I have tried. The music is soothing, the stickers and colors help portray my mood a lot. Its upsetting that I have to pay for all of the features but its understandable. 💕

  16. Rayjan says:

    The app is really cute. I love how easy it is to express my day but I wish I could use two or more emotions to accurately describe a day. I also wish that I can use symbols like apostrophes. The words that are being cut at the side are somewhat bothering me. Still, the app is very incredible and amazing!! The app is still new so I know it will improve a lot in the future.

  17. Aliah Odin says:

    Let me give this a 5 star review. I really like almost everything. It is so cute. I also love the music background. Even though this app consumes a lot of storage but still it is worth installing. I sometimes experience some lag though and I hope you could fix that a bit. I find every stickers adorable and the overall quality of this app is fantastic. I don’t usually give reviews but this app deserves it. This is my third time giving review to an app. Keep up the good work.

  18. ELY Caparas says:

    It’s a useful app and just like a real diary on the go. I really like the colorful emotions and there are many animated cartoon stickers to choose from. It’s super cute and the background music is so relaxing. Perfect! 😉

  19. Maria Carter-Swinburne says:

    I really love this app. The music is relaxing, the stickers are cute and varied. I would love it if planets organised themselves in date order left to right, oldest to newest, so it is easier to see how mood fluctuates over time. Definitely perfect this over other ‘mood’ diary apps.

  20. Alex Pacific says:

    I have always wanted to write a journal to keep up with my emotional state, but have always struggled to commit, and felt like I needed to write a book for everything. Planets, though, makes it fun. Your outlet can be a simple color and sticker if you want, or you can add your inner monologue, too! Plus the music is really soothing, which helps the process from just being a soul-bearing moment for me. I am very thankful that I have stumbled upon this precious gem; thank you!!

  21. epy98 says:

    Very cute and user friendly journal app. I like the concept of the planet’s and how you can set a reminder everyday to do it. I also like how it can show you your month/year to know, generally, how you felt during that time. You just have to pay for any extra stickers you would want to use. This is understandable. You only get about 6 free stickers for about 5 different types and they show about the same emotions in each type. Super cute and easy to input your day though. Definitely recommend!

  22. KZ Russ says:

    It would be nice if you could customize the character to even vaguely resemble you or anything else. Aside from that, it’s terrible for actually tracking moods. It’s super laggy, I had to close and open the app 4 times just to get in. You can only add one mood a day, you can edit the existing mood but if you want another planet it’s money. There are no stickers that show up on the filters that you can use, it’s either blank or money. Being forced into a tutorial right off the bad is horrible.

  23. Rebecca Dombrowsky says:

    So far, I’m liking it. I went ahead with a premium subscription so I could create as many planets per day as I wanted (price was nice and low, which is good). If I could give one suggestion, perhaps gathering other stickers/gifs to expand the library. I’ve had to settle for the closest available sticker even though it didn’t accurately display how I felt; but I also understand that it would be nearly impossible to accurately capture every complicated emotion out there. Keep it up! 👍

  24. Movies&Books says:

    This is so fun and I really like the background music and the way its all set up. You have the option to buy stickers, but there are some really cute free ones which is a bonus! The only problem I have is that the reminder you can set to do your journal doesn’t work, at least not for me. When I open the app (way after the time I set the reminder for) then I’ll get a little notification, but otherwise nothing.

  25. HushGlowie says:

    Easy to use, but limited options. Everything is super straight forward and quick and easy to use, anyone can do it. Unfortunately you only start with a few very limited default stickers for the diary, you’re expected to pay real money to buy more. Just an unfortunate, slightly annoying limitation. Overall, pretty good. I would recommend this to anyone who thinks keeping a diary/journal would be good for them.

  26. Rayne D. says:

    I’m just a few days in but I love it so far. Helpful and easy to use. I like all the journaling options and daily photos. Wish there was a way to display the month with my photos rather than the stickers.

  27. Melissa Ratanapintha says:

    I really love the idea behind this. It makes me feel like it’s okay to skip a day and only make logs when it feels right to me. I also adore the music, it’s a beautiful and very much appreciated touch 💕🎵 If you could make it so that emojis were better supported though that would make it that much better and also maybe a few more relatable free stamps to begin with? I’m willing to pay for more but the basic freebies could be more appropriate? Thanks!!! 💕💓🌸

  28. W L. says:

    It’s really nice! Takes a little long in loading to view the planets though. There could be a few improvements here and there for the user interface. But for the most part, I really like it! It’s nice to be able to write about my day and it’s fun to use. I’m looking forward for more improvements^^ good job devs! 👏

  29. Thea Sandford says:

    Really nice little diary app, makes keeping track of moods easier. Ads are not annoying. I do wish you could rename the base emotions bit I also understand that they need to make money. I wish it had more stickers but they do bring new ones out occasionally.

  30. Hayleigh Petrie says:

    I do adore this little app. I have used it over several days now. I can respect in app purchasing and do see there are a lot of free stickers. I find there aren’t many planets to choose from for more complex feelings but I’m glad I get to write them down. I ADORE the background music and yous have really done well with this app. Its soothing, cute and makes fun for someone like me with ADHD I can actually focus somehow.. you cracked the code! Thanks 😄

  31. kenn kenn says:

    4th day in, and loving it already! The way it is created is very innovative and cool! The only thing i want is that im able to change what color i want stuff to be. Something like an option to rename the colors and create folders for stickers to be placed! Also importing stickers!

  32. Madeline Snyder says:

    This app has been great at keeping me consistent with making daily journal entries. I really like the concept and the art. The only problem I have is the text box is a bit clunky. Auto fill doesn’t really work and you have to type pretty slowly to keep everything spelled correctly and spaced properly. It kills the point of having a quick, convenient option for a journal for me a little. Other than that, I really like it. I’d just like them to update the text box.

  33. Tiera Powell says:

    I been using Planety for a few months now and love it. I was wanting a good diary app for a while because I thought mentally it would be good to type all my thoughts and feelings now. I love that you can use stickers to represent your day and little GIFS. It helps me keep track of how things have been in my life. Plus it helps me to remember the good and bad days. I couldn’t give it 5 stars simply because the app has lagged on me a little bit where it was a struggle to write my daily entry.

  34. Amanda Coffield says:

    This app is very easy to use, and I havn’t had any adds! I love the colors that show you’re emontions, and the pictures you can put on the planet color. You can also add a paragragh of you’re day and whu you feel the way you feel. You can make weather on the planet too!!!

  35. Christian Chavez says:

    A nice, calm little evening exercise that I actually kind of look forward to. It’s simple without feeling too bare bones and is engaging enough too keep me coming back. While there is a paywall for some features, they’re more like extra personalization options instead of vital functions that are held hostage; also, there are no awful pop-up or autoplay ads like many other apps deserve the digital guillotine for having. Pleasant, simple, and not on the app store’s death row, five stars.

  36. Krysta Gutierrez says:

    The music is calming, but there’s only one soundtrack. I think it’d be nice if they offered a few more options in the future, but for now there’s the option to turn it off. You can upload pictures to show on your planet or just use the stickers available. When typing your journal, there’s an option to change the background and add some stickers over the text. I think itd be nice to change fonts (maybe dyslexic friendly fonts), font size, and spacing. A bit confusing at first, but easy to learn.

  37. Meghan says:

    I just started using it but I already love it! I wish there was a bit more “starter” stickers (I get it though, Devs gotta get money too! I don’t mind watching an ad for a sticker). I 100% recommend it so far! Best Journal/Tracker I’ve seen on Google store. Plus super relaxing music/theme! Update – Still love it but Devs can you please make the Pictures we add a little more centered or filling for each planet? Still 10/10! Just a pet peeve as a Graphic designer.

  38. Odalys Maldonado says:

    I just started using this app and I love it. It suits my current needs. I love journaling and this is an effective way for me to journal on the go. Love the concept and little stickers. Also enjoy the music that comes with the app because it provides a calming vibe as I journal although it would be nice to have a variety to choose from. Overall I am enjoying it.

  39. HAHA Very Funny Fasha says:

    I love the idea of this but there’s something wrong with the app. I’ve only been able to do one entry in the second one when I try to add a photo it automatically closes every single time. I’ve cleared the cache and everything so although this is a great idea there’s something wrong with the app itself I wish it would be fixed I’m going to uninstall it now.

  40. Phoenix Moonstone says:

    I love this app so much. However, it’s suddenly unusable. Every time I open it it just immediately crashes, doesn’t even make it to a loading screen. I’ve tried clearing the cache and uninstalling/reinstalling, but nothing. I really hope this gets fixed soon because I truly do adore this app. Additionally, for some reason loading a backup deletes any planets you made after the backup. I had two months worth of planets and then I finally was able to backup my old phone and now they’re all gone.

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