Pavilions Deals & Delivery Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Shop stores, delivery & pickup
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Albertsons Companies Inc.
December 8, 2022
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Pavilions Deals & Delivery Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Get your whole offers, coupons, and rewards in a single position.
* Simply to find pieces carried for your retailer.
* Construct your buying groceries checklist so that you won’t put out of your mind anything else.
* Fast get entry to on your on-line and in-store acquire historical past.
* Use Force Up and Pass or Supply to get your groceries in a snap.


40 comments on "Pavilions Deals & Delivery Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Dwyane Brentyn says:

    Your format is much better than Ralph’s. They do not break down their list by food groups. I have also found your app to be very accurate. As I occasionally check my receipt against the sale items I selected.

  2. Leea Gael says:

    App is incomplete versus the website because personalized coupons do not appear. Rebates are hit and miss as are coupons. So frustrating to lose couple of dollars each shopping trip because something goes wrong.

  3. Wilmer Dejuan says:

    What a terrible app, you can’t order stuff, just make a list. Especially since their online store allows you to order for pick up or delivery.

  4. Rhys Chrystian says:

    Only for delivery or pick up and won’t list all the Pavilions locations. Password reset is tedious. Won’t sync with Albertson’s despite being owned by same company.

  5. Shawne Warren says:

    After spending 15 minutes installing this in the store and signing up online to get some coupons, I was told at the register my account wasn’t active and might not work for up to a month. Total waste of time!

  6. Ceceli Clarke says:

    After wasting 15 minutes installing this app. Then wasting more time scanning items for the discounts, I was charged full price and didn’t get the discounted prices. Very annoying and confusing app. Makes me less likely to shop at Pavillions.

  7. Laquisha Yoman says:

    Its fine. Sometimes it gives you a message that says the coupon is no longer valid, but the date on the coupon is far from expiring.

  8. Cindia Morwenna says:

    When trying to add app to my new phone by opening an acct for just4u message said there already an acct linked to my email and wouldnt let me. Fotunetly store personnel helped me to take advantage of sale items I came specifically to purchase. At this time not even sure the app was installed on my phone. Adding just4u Just complicates things. Card I had for many years should be sufficient:(

  9. Kristina Hoffman says:

    It does not tell you if an item is in stock. It also constantly tracks your location wasting data and battery.

  10. Stacey B says:

    Great app! Love the coupons and deals and that a list is created based on the items I choose. Occasionally there are freebies so check the app daily!

  11. Gene Linard says:

    i like the app…. well, i like the savings, that’s for sure…. and i really like that pretty much everything is done automatically. my only issue is that the whole process is very time consuming from going through and looking at everything and selecting what you might buy, then going slowly through the store up and down every aisle looking for specific products, making sure that they are the right size, etc. then once home checking to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

  12. Cathy G says:

    I don’t want delivery I will shop myself it won’t allow you To shop for sell .. It goes like this the app does not allow you to get your rewards have been trying to use it for several months when I go into pavilions and spin 303 $150 I want to give my rewards coupon for $5 off my groceries it doesn’t allow me to get anything So what I am trying to say is that your app sucks

  13. Gman G says:

    Not good. The just for you deals and coupons don’t always work. Have to check my receipt everytime because the coupons don’t always work. When coupons do work they should automatically disappear from cart but that doesn’t seem to happen. All employees should be knowledgeable of this app, especially managers and assistant managers but apparently they aren’t. When are you guys going to fix these issues???

  14. Anca Ciuciui says:

    New app is terrible. Whoever thought this is easier to navigate is out of their mind. They modeled it like the new-ish Ralph’s app, which is trash. Big thumbs down

  15. Nick Jordan says:

    I HATE THIS REVISED APP !! It used to be easy to navigate. Now it thinks I want to buy online and it is so frustrating it’s leading me to shop more often at Ralph’s. Why not allow us to use a ‘classic’ version or such.

  16. John Kiremit says: depth, with transits,.a Play on words explaining can be anoying! Sometimes a little bit vague, then in depth, ? Overall still don’t know what is, ke what else.they provide?? Better than . most, but not great. Daily guide CT

  17. Tim Staley says:

    Update: I just thought the app was bad, very poor, inconsistent navigation… pop ups, vertical, horizontal a real f-ing mess. But now I have determined that the app is criminal, literally fraudulent. 2 times now Ive “clipped” rewards, had points deducted & DID NOT GET the money off. I did a chat & had my points restored BUT the $10 reward opportunity was NOT restored. Now, I used the $7 off meat reward & NO DISCOUNT applied & points gone. That’s fraud. I’m contacting the at the Attorney General

  18. marcus chavez says:

    I liked the 1st edition of this App. I haven’t received my rewards for the $$$ I spent on groceries. There’s no help and information contact if I need to contact someone. I’m not saving as I did before. I’ll be doing my shopping elsewhere.

  19. Brent Smiley says:

    Safeway had a very good phone app to use are homer and in the store. Ah but progress, they had to make it better and ruined it. Having to open categories each time you navigate back to the main page is being annoying and the app is way clunkier than the Safeway app.

  20. Francesco Bucciarelli says:

    Complicated to use, every time i open the app it keeps asking me the zip code and if i want to shop online while i am at the store. The previous Vons app was much easier and better

  21. HANDYLADY says:

    UPDATE TO PREVIOUS REVIEW: FINALLY, they got it right!!! The app is now working perfectly! Not as user friendly as previous version, but it works. I’m back to being a loyal customer again.

  22. Lainey Shuler says:

    I’ve always like this app, until recently. I enjoyed when I could look for coupons within groups of things I’m interested in buying. Now they lumped everything together & you have to browse through every single coupon to find coupons you actually want.

  23. Terri Kurtz says:

    The app update no longer shows how many points are expiring this month which I found useful. Also can’t clip.couppns by category.

  24. Carmi Abarca says:

    This app is total garbage! It used to be better before the update last year where there was a separation of the 3 stores! As an Associate it is very annoying to have to clip our deals at the beginning of Every month & it’s not even instant! 😡😠🤬 I am not one bit pleased with your app.

  25. Richard Gilbert says:

    I placed an order and got a message that it was being assembled. When delivered, I didn’t get four items I ordered. I wasn’t told that some of my items weren’t available. And, some of the items I got I don’t think we’re the size/version I ordered. I didn’t got an itemized receipt (even though they said it was emailed to me). So I wasn’t able to review my order to compare what I ordered vs. what I received to see if I made a mistake. I won’t be using the app again.

  26. Frederick Thornton says:

    The content is great but the residue has made it functional only to serve their delivery and pick up business. In store shipping is not easy anymore.

  27. Lyn H says:

    This app is as it should be like most grocery store apps. I can see sales and clip coupons, make a list and order delivery. This app is easy to navigate.

  28. Amber Brown says:

    Just started getting a weird glitch where I search for something, and at first I get the results, but then the loading wheel appears and all of my results vanish and I get the message saying none of the thing can be found

  29. Jeff T says:

    Why am I getting alerts on my pixel 4a 5G that Pavilions is tracking my location … Especially when I have the location permissions turned off? I get alerted 2 -4 times a day. Incidently I have the Vons app as well and I get the same message at the same time as the Pavillions.

  30. Donny Cacy says:

    I have a friend who 73, he use to click on what he wanted and I would pick it up for him now he clicks on it and it says print coupon he does get to the store and they say that’s not the coupon, they have made it harder for seniors guess I will go back to Ralph’s to pick up his stuff.

  31. Karen Cervenka says:

    It tells me there are no stores near my zip code when there is one less then a mile away. This update broke this app.

  32. Petru Achimas says:

    It’s a shame that I have to waist time on this stupid app just so I can shop for the best deals, who ever thought this was a good idea FU

  33. Linda Kellogg says:

    I’ve been using this app every week for two years, and every time the do an update, it gets worse! It’s now barely functional; too many problems to list. They should require the software designers to buy all their groceries using this app for a month; I’m sure they would figure out how to improve it!

  34. Janet Moore Mendias says:

    Much more complicated than the Vons app. Plus now when I order several of one item it tells me I have ordered one. Please fix it. Way too many choices makes it difficult. Too bad I must use it. Sep 20, 2022

  35. David Earl Woodbury says:

    We’ve saved a lot money with this great app!

  36. Cindy Ali says:

    Update crashed cart. Lost points and rewards used along with clipped coupons being marked completed. On the screen to checkout 40+ items went to zero, balance went to zero. Everything was lost. Where in the app does it show where it expires or to edit credit card info? UPDATE: ordered through website, it had my cart! Uninstalled app, restarted, installed app, restarted, logged in. NOW Same on website to app. I was checking out while same time auto update of app. Can you push releases later?

  37. Becky says:

    This app is glitchy. I received the email saying my driveup order was ready, but the link sent says order picked up. I had the Vons app, then when I dowloades this one ot asked to combine, and now it’s all messed up. .

  38. Ann Bose says:

    deliveries don’t follow instructions

  39. Jon Enriquez says:

    Very good supermarket services. Good store and good app.

  40. Celia Gonzales says:

    Great selection and ability to scan prices for instant totals for meal planning and its attendant grocery budget

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