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Comprehensive family safety membership plans for busy, modern life.
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November 28, 2022
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Life360: Find Family & Friends Mod Apk

We simplify protection so households can reside absolutely. Each day greater than Forty three million contributors throughout 195 international locations believe us to offer protection to and fix their family members and vital stuff at house, at the highway, and at the move.

Life360: To find Circle of relatives & Pals Mod Apk apk mod

From real-time location updates to stay everybody coordinated to Crash Detection and 24/7 Roadside Help, Life360 is designed to loose households from on a regular basis worries. Our vary of Riding Protection, Virtual Protection, Location Security measures are there to stay our participants secure each step of the best way.

Life360: In finding Circle of relatives & Buddies Mod Apk apk

Stay observe of your keys, pockets, telephone, and different on a regular basis must-haves with Tile Bluetooth trackers. Now to be had to connect to your Life360 map to search out all of the other folks and issues that topic maximum in a single simple position.

Life360: To find Circle of relatives & Pals Mod Apk apk mod new

Discover Life360 totally free Obtain Life360 these days and keep on most sensible of everyone’s comings and goings with complex Location Sharing, two days of Location Historical past, and two Position Signals. Plus, you’ll get loose Crash Detection for the auto, and information Breach Indicators to stay your family’s data secure on-line.

Life360: In finding Circle of relatives & Pals Mod Apk apk mod 2022

When you select a LIfe360 club plan, your circle of relatives has get right of entry to to top class options together with 24/7 Roadside Help, SOS indicators for anytime you end up in an uneasy scenario, Go back and forth Beef up, IDENTITY Robbery Coverage, and so a lot more.

Life360: To find Circle of relatives & Pals Mod Apk unencumber

Discover our other club plans to search out the person who suits your family’s dimension and lifestyles degree and take a look at it totally free for 7 days.

Life360: In finding Circle of relatives & Buddies Mod Apk

Life360 Platinum
• 24/7 Roadside Help • IDENTIFICATION Robbery Coverage • Crisis Reaction • Scientific Help • All of Gold, and more…

Life360: In finding Circle of relatives & Pals Mod Apk mod apk

Life360 Gold
• 30 days of Location Historical past • Limitless Position Signals • Particular person Driving force Reviews • Crash Detection + Dispatch
• All of Silver, and more…

Life360 Silver
• 2 Puts with limitless Signals • 2 days of Location Historical past • Crash Detection
• Circle of relatives Riding Abstract • Information Breach Indicators • SOS Lend a hand Alert

Terms of Use

Disclaimers: Persevered utilization of location products and services whilst the app is within the background can excessively drain battery. With that during thoughts, our algorithms all the time stay battery utilization to a minimal, even whilst you pressure!
Contributors taking part in a shared Circle might consent to permit get admission to to their location to different individuals inside of that Circle. See extra in our privateness coverage!


40 comments on "Life360: Find Family & Friends Mod Apk"

  1. Meagan Bennett says:

    SOOOO disappointed! I used to love this app. I could track the location of my family with no issues (sometimes a little laggy) and could zoom in on their precise locations. Not anymore! I don’t know what changed but I can’t stand it now. I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall the app, multiple times a day, to get it to work and even then it’s short lived. I’m thinking of ditching the app all together now. More trouble than help at this point.

  2. Bobbie McQuinley says:

    We have had the free version for years, and we recently upgraded because we now have teenagers who drive and go many places! Love that it monitors the speed, and phone usage. We are still trying to figure out if it considers using google maps as apart of phone usage though….but all in all WE all love this app including our girls, who I thought would be the opposite about it.

  3. Nancy Rush says:

    I used to love using this app for me and my family. I even pay extra for other features. However, since doing the last update, I no longer have features that I had prior to the update. We have also had issues with several features over the last few months. And have experienced the “it’s not you it’s us” message more than not it seems these days. Which is frustrating. To say I am disappointed with this app, now, would be an understatement. We will definitely be canceling our membership.

  4. Amber Fonner says:

    I’ve had this app for years and it just started acting up. My kid cant get into their account and it wont update their location. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, turned off, on the location, ect and it still won’t work. Recently, I was confused why I wasnt getting alerts and so I went into my places settings to find they were turned off. I cant turn them on without having to pay. This app is pointless if I cant receive the notifications. This app started out great so this is very disappointing.

  5. Alex Codekas says:

    My boyfriend and I love this, is it bad if you want to spy on your kids yeah, but for fun its good. You can only add like 2 locations to get notified when they get there. Which is kinda sucky cause I don’t wanna get premium, this is for fun not stalking heavily. It is cool you get to see their driving route and their speed. It does take a lot of battery life, so it can keep up to date with your locations. Also android users can’t put on the power/energy saver mode cause it turns off locations.

  6. Nicole Darnell (Nikki) says:

    I use the app so the hubby and I just know where the other is at in case something happens, like an accident or something along those lines. However lately it’s been lagging on telling each other when we’re at work or home or coming & going. I’ll get notifications throughout my say saying hrs arrived at work when he’s been there and vice versa. Not sure why this is an issue all of a sudden but it’s my only complaint, hence the three stars. Other than that I love the app

  7. Angela Sears says:

    I’ve been using the free version for a little while now! Oh how much I love this app but lately the location jumps around alot and it doesn’t always show my partners speed when they’re traveling. It’s just lagging behind alot. I uninstalled and reinstalled once and it seemed to have stopped some of the problem now. I hope everything gets fixed.

  8. anjanett amore says:

    I’ve had this app for about a year. I pay for the upgraded version and I’ve loved it so much until now. The lacation seems to really lag. It used to be so precise, I could zoom in like on google earth and literally see exactly where my son was at the park or what house he was in or what ride he was on at Great America. No more. The zoom feature is just gone. It moves closer and closer in but its just a white background. The free version is fine I’m sure, but its definitely not worth paying for.

  9. Ellie Puletz says:

    I’ve been using this for me and my boyfriend and this is actually made things worse not better. The accuracy of this app is awful! It always shows me at other buildings outside of the one I’m actually at whether that’s school or work. And when in on campus it shows me visiting the court on the opposite side just when I drive by and it’s really frustrating. Overall the location accuracy is absolutely awful and no one has replied to help me with this (I contacted help on the app).

  10. Linda Spino says:

    Overall, we like the app and it’s functions but I have to say it’s pretty useless if you don’t have a strong wifi connection. We mainly use it for safety/security with our teenage daughter but when she goes places that there is no wifi/weak wifi, it defeats the purpose. Also, the location accuracy isn’t always on point but generally speaking it’s usually within a block. I mean it is satellite tracking. Google Earth and maps don’t even get our house right either some of the time.

  11. Zulema Rodriguez says:

    Excellent App. Accurate Real-Time Results! This is a must-have app if you have children and don’t want to wonder where they are at! It RARELY glitches. It extremely reliable. I highly recommend this app. It’s also great as a temporary app for your party guests to know when they’ll arrive rather than calling them to find out their eta. Only thing I don’t like is that you can’t minimize the bottom area which covers part of the map. Otherwise, it’s near perfect. And I have the free version!

  12. Montana Danner says:

    So far, I love this app! One thing I have questioned is when the crash detection detects an accident and Life360 calls it in to the police dispatch, they won’t have a vehicle description. I did message the company questioning this, but haven’t heard back yet. I do think that should be an option to have on the profile. Other than that, this app is fantastic!

  13. Lauren Busdon says:

    Great to use, edited to add that I upgraded to the gold membership. One thing I don’t like is that my SO and I both have to pay for the gold membership to be in the same circle. I wish the app could indicate possible slow downs on highways/freeways and send alternative notifications to completing a drive when a driver might be in stop and go traffic.

  14. K R says:

    Used to be great, but in the last few months, there have been glitches that they just can’t seem to fix. The most recent: I have 2 circles I am in, one is a paid and the other is the free membership circle. Our free circle has been showing the most issues. I don’t get any notifications when someone comes or leaves a location. I went in and turned off and back on notifications and it worked for a day, and stopped again. They keep closing my support ticket without even responding. Disappointing.

  15. GraceVi L. says:

    Eventhough I didn’t purchase anything and just using the free version. I love it. I am not a techy person. But this one is easy to navigate. Not complicated to use. And very accurate. I asked my kids if I can put it in their phone, and they said yes, I just explained that just in case of emergency I know where they are. There’s a notification if they arrive to their destination. Oh And no ads!(i Hate ads!) So Amazing when there’s no ads! So happy with this app. Highly Recommend

  16. Tristan Bennett says:

    You should be able to keep track when people get to a place not when the get to a specific place. I don’t need the places notification I need to know when one person arrives at any location not just one or 2. I just want to keep track of the person they go a lot more than just 2 places cuz it only let’s me get notified on 2 locations on the map. Other than that I love the app very useful

  17. Eric Lin says:

    Overall. Nice idea, however it identifies incorrect individuals as the leave/return to a place (designated for alerts). The geofencing for some of these locations is also suspect (when my daughter walks to another part of her school, it notes that she has left the premises). Additionally, we just tried the upgrade to Gold and we didn’t think the upgrades were worth the $14.99 per month. Now we can’t cancel before the trial week ends because it doesn’t show up on the subscriptions in Google Play.

  18. TDiamondGaming says:

    It’s a great app but you can’t change your profile picture, it’s so annoying. Right now my photo is a picture of me as a baby, I try to change it but I never can and I looked everywhere to try and fix it but I still can’t. And I get useless notifications and little messages just to buy a upgrade for no reason absolute craziness. I’ve been trying to change my photo for at least 15 minutes and I can’t change it. Plus it’s so inaccurate it will say I’m driving when I’m sitting down watching TV☆1/5

  19. Valerie Re says:

    Update:app is even worse now.No place notifications and is not updating location times. My husband left for work 30min ago and still shows home The app was working great up until recently when I had to reinstall the new version. Now, even though I see my family members and my saved places, I am not getting any notifications when they arrive or leave anymore, even though both button are turned on. No notifications at all. Not happy right now and I’m not sure if I want to continue my subscription.

  20. Renée Hicks says:

    I’m not sure what you all have done to this app but you’ve butchered it. I have used it for years, with minimal gripes about it, and this last update is terrible. I’ve deleted/reinstalled and it still will only sporadically update my location. Other times it says no network or phone off and having it on 2 devices seems to be a problem now. I have never had this trouble before. Looks like I’m going to have to delete this app and find another one.

  21. Hercule Flambeau says:

    Functionally great. My only complaint is that Life 360 does draw a lot of power, which should be expected as it is pinging a lot. I’m not a tech geek so my expectations are modest…. I find it to be an excellent app. It may refresh a little slow at times but that is probably to conserve battery when left on and not actively being used. Very simple and fun to use. Ads are discrete and not obnoxious.

  22. Rol Rol says:

    This app used to be good, but now, since all the updates are updated, the location has all been messed up. It’s all over the place. My location would froze and still say I’m at home when I’m actually somewhere else. My wife and kid’s location would say they are still at school and at work the last 12 hours, when they are actually at home the last 12 hours. I restart my phone and see if that would resolve the issue, but the issue still occurs. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still did not resolve.

  23. Celia A says:

    Great concept, but lacking in real time tracking. We use this tool to help monitor our kids movements and be sure they are being safe while driving. However, it often doesn’t update locations for 30-45 minutes or more, even after we try to force it to update. I’d like to check and be sure my kids get home when I expect them. It also doesn’t show speed accurately and often says something ridiculous like 7mph when I know the driver is doing 55+. Please fix the update of location issue!

  24. george duell says:

    what you get for free is pretty good for being free but what you get for the paid version isn’t much better and accuracy is ishly ok, like if the phone is stationary its like with in 10 foot close but if the target is driving its maybe 40ish% accurate and varies with speed. maybe it needs to “ping” more frequent based on speed or something. I don’t expect Google maps road by road exact specially for free but give me more then a the same options but more of them if I pay accuracy would be big.

  25. LMTabone says:

    Been using this app with family for years. Pretty good app to locate people, and make sure everyone is safe. Something I noticed after the latest update though is that some family members, including myself, show offline in 360 and it doesn’t sync even after logging in successfully using your email and password. This seems to be bug though, because the app syncs, identifies you and updates without issues if you log in with your PHONE NUMBER and password. Hope this helps others having same issue

  26. Keri Green says:

    Location not accurate. Shows at home from three days ago and we’ve been many places since then. Doesn’t do real time location and movements like it used to. Doesn’t notify upon leaving or arriving at set places. And yes I’ve checked all my settings,location and driving detection permissions are on, logged out and back in, uninstalled and reinstalled, contacted customer care and it still doesn’t work…

  27. N. Wick says:

    The latest update on 11/17/22 has made this app useless. The location has been frozen since then on one of our phones, and now mine is frozen. The whole point of this app is accurate locations, so what good is it when it says we haven’t left home in nearly 2 weeks!? Also, I see others with the same issue leaving reviews, so it’s not just us, it’s your glitchy software.

  28. Carolyn Jacobs says:

    This app used to be good. I don’t know what they changed. As others stated it will have a family member in the same location all day or say their phone is off or no network. We have all re-installed the app. Logged out and back in. Made sure all updates are done and went through the check lists provided by the app. Still having issues. Ready to delete app and find another one. Very disappointing.

  29. John White says:

    This is the best family location tracking app I have used. It is quite accurate and has an easy update location feature. It does not consume resources or draw a noticeable amount of battery power. It previously had a nice web interface accessible from a browser. It was removed. But, I’d suggest it be reactivated. The developer does an excellent job maintaining the app and does not nickel and dime users to upgrade or buy additional services, which are available.

  30. Aaron Barber says:

    Battery drainer! The app wants location on all the time and to turn off battery optimization. Like a fool, I agreed to both and if I don’t keep my phone plugged in all the time, my battery will be dead in about 6 hours when it used to go about 2 and half days on a single charge. I only use the app and turn on location sharing when I am making long trips, but I have noticed that accuracy comes and goes.

  31. D_LILO113 says:

    Before it was better, because when you’d zoom you could see the satellite images of the places and the houses and then search Google maps to see what type of place or house it is for your accuracy. Now it only shows the numbers of the homes. Please change it back as it was. I’m still paying $10 monthly and not having the same options as I had before.

  32. Pete Doll says:

    Family loves the FREE VERSION. Is been years since my free trial, but I remember liking it enough to plan on paying once my son turns 16. It’s pretty accurate within 20′ to much less, depending on factors other than the app, ie; low battery, GPS off. I’ve used it to find my wife’s phone. Once having to go back to a hiking spot in the middle of the woods. Son turns 16 Dec. 9, 2022. I will review if the accuracy is better, and any other features that may come with whichever plan I may choose.

  33. Ken Gilmore says:

    Adds, even with paid subscription. Contacted company and they blew me off. Great app, but even with the paid subscription, they send upgrade adds through notifications and email. If you turn off the notifications, you also turn off app emergency notifications. If I wanted adds, I would use a free program.

  34. Eliazar Velazquez says:

    Is a good app but I just discovered that if the person turns wifi and data off on the phone, the app would still show the last location but it doesn’t show that they are actually disconnected. One way to find out if they disconnected, is to refresh the page and it would tell you couldn’t be located. The app needs and update the shows when they turn off data and location off.

  35. Brandon Moss says:

    Unable to remove Battery Optimization message that pops up every time I open the app which is very frustrating. Updated on Dec 2022: this app is still a POS because of the nonstop messages that notify you of the fact that the battery optimization is turned on. It’s rediculous that they cannot turn this off. If this was a free app…no problem.

  36. Maria Kinsley says:

    Premium member and worth every penny spent for it. If you have teenage drivers this helps you keep track of not only their location, but normal routes taken, speed, phone usage, hard braking and fast acceleration. Let’s you know immediately if they have been in an accident and not only notifies everyone in the circle but also sends emergency response to their exact location. Besides all of that it also has roadside assistance, towing, etc. Love this app

  37. Cybilee Elliott says:

    There’s a lot of bad reviews, and we had a family member try premium (big waste of money). It was absolutely not my idea, and the problems still persist for us all. This is a great app in theory, but in theory only. It doesn’t notify us when someone arrives or leaves our home for sometimes up to an hour. My husband arrives home from work, and it still shows him over an hour away. It doesn’t keep up in real time. My husband wants me to keep it, but I prefer to uninstall it.

  38. L W says:

    Love the app, but recently, notifications aren’t working at all and the new features/tabs where they’re trying to get you to buy a tile make it so the area where the people in your circle are located bounce around unless you pull them all the way to the top, which is annoying. Before, you could sit them anywhere on the screen and they’d stay there. Hoping for a fix soon. Otherwise, thank you for this all!

  39. Amy says:

    App used to be good. Now, it never updates. When I click on the person it doesn’t take me to where they are on the map. I have to manually enlarge the map and go find them. There are times that it produces an address but shows a completely different location on the map. Never updates. Ready to delete app and download a new family app locator.

  40. Tracy Bowes says:

    After a recent app update, it now displays a warning that I have notifications turned off every time I open the app. I must either click into settings or elsewhere on the screen to bypass this message. STOP TRYING TO FORCE ME TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! I have been using this app for years, and notifications are a personal preference not governed by what you want. If I wanted notifications on, then I would turn them on. Update this, or you will lose a paid user.

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