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September 13, 2022
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iHoroscope 2022 DailyHoroscope Premium Apk

★The Horoscope app: Let’s face the day! ★
Start your morning off right! Choose to read your unique horoscope and find out what the stars have in store for you!

Download our horoscope app now and read your free horoscope for today, tomorrow, the week, month or even year on your phone or tablet!

The present, the future… What have the planets got in store for your love life, career, health or friendships?
Our horoscopes and astrological readings, written by handpicked professional astrologers, can guide you on a daily basis!

Test your love compatibility with every other sign of the zodiac and enjoy our seasonal and Chinese horoscopes! What the summer looks like for you? What does your Chinese sign mean? We have the answers!

Our application allows you to chat live with psychics!
They will help you discover what the future holds. Ask your question to the psychic of your choice and get a clear and accurate answer within seconds. We guarantee you a personalized service, carried out by authentic psychics.

Manage your notifications and simply hear from us about the things you like! Never miss a horoscope or any of our app features again.

Don’t wait any longer, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Available features:
– Horoscope for today and tomorrow
– Horoscope for the week
– Horoscope for the month
– Horoscope for the year
– Love compatibility
– Seasonal horoscopes
– Live readings

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Explanation of requested permissions by Horoscope

– Approximate geographical location :
Your approximate geographical location is requested in order to help determine your astrological profile (automatically detects the places nearby).

– Network communication (show your WiFi and network status) :
Allow you to enjoy the best connection available (WiFi and/or Network) for the best possible browsing experience.

– Phone calls :
Allows you to keep the application open when a phone call or a text message interrupts your reading.

– Phone/SD CARD storage :
The information entered in the application will be kept on your Smartphone/SD card in order to give you a personalized content every time you open the application.

– E-mail accounts :
Allows you to share your horoscope easily by automatically filling the content of the e-mail and the e-mail address of the sender.

– Network communications (general internet access) :
Allows you to enjoy an up-to-date content (daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes).

– System tools :
Allows the application to run faster when your smartphone is running out of virtual memory.


40 comments on "iHoroscope 2022 DailyHoroscope Premium Apk"

  1. Bennette Avrell says:

    It looked like a good app but I tried opening it several times. It said loading on a page colored kind of a light peach color. I waited a long time but it did not load! I uninstalled it & installed it again. But the same thing! What a disappointment! This app needs to be fixed so ppl can actually use it please!

  2. Owein Norwel says:

    I loved it when I first got it. It was very on point. That is, until the past week it’s says that we “Sagittarius” Are having relationship problems and in-depth detail. A horoscope is supposed to be generally accurate for most people of the sign. My boyfriend and I are great all the time, which means for the whole week this app has been completely wrong.

  3. Adriann Lonny says:

    10 million downloads? For possible the most intrusive app I have yet to find. The psychic network Google variation. When you are given a choice to put an ad icon on your home screen before you do anything else. Just leave. I did.

  4. Countess Rhioganedd says:

    I love the app it has been dead on about alot of things that has happened this year. But i just bought more questions and ita not loading the page to ask them!!!!!! Help me please. Or refund me. Id love to give this app the full 4 stars it deserves. Id hate it if you guys are ripping me off

  5. Coralie Cooke says:

    The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. The latter. Are you bored and annoyed yet? Well, so am I! Are there no other terms? In every single daily horoscope post, at some point within the text, I’ll read “the latter”! Its redundant at this point – so either get a new writer, or invest in a thesaurus! #GoodnessMe #BrainBleed Otherwise, cool enough app – just too many interrupting ads! 3 Stars

  6. Ernestene Livia says:

    Very informative and for the most part accurate with forecasts day to day. Has some bugs still that crashes the app or unable to open the app sometimes.

  7. Snape Ellylw says:

    Good App. However, they just raised the rates for tokens. it’s not affordable anymore. If someone has a true gift like they say they do, it wouldn’t cost so much. To me, this just seems like entertainment. not reality. I say that, because it’s all about money. Barnum Bailey provide Entertainment. Walmart provides Entertainment. You shouldn’t play with people’s lives. They may take it serious.

  8. Alin Darleane says:

    too many ads, doesn’t allow people to close the app immediately, waste of my data to watch the ads especially the games app. overall a good horoscope app to use.

  9. Black Elvia says:

    like this app, plenty of features than your regular horoscope, however i have noticed this app can be quiet negative at times and it is a continuous factor. Obviously these things i take with less than a pinch of salt, but there are very spiritual beings out there/ tender souls that could take offense (could efffect anxiety)… just my opinion.

  10. Delice Carmel says:

    I love this app❤ but 🖕 what the hell is going on… always asking the permissions why do we need to accept & give the permissions, rights to third parties,why you are sharing/collecting the person (THIS APP USER) internal data & personal data & some of the background data…. always always always repeatedly asking these things to accept it ,why you can’t “Run this application without sharing of our data to the third parties….”

  11. Vern Dannah says:

    One of my favorite horoscope apps. But mine still shows the year 2018, which I really don’t like. Please change it./update: they’ve changed it, thank you very much.

  12. Celesia Glyn says:

    Just paid for ads to be removed and the app stopped working. Emailed support and they told me to reinstall the app, but it still doesn’t work. Again now!

  13. Rolland Aylessa says:

    I love all the different aspects of my horoscope that they cover. In detail but easy to understand, and it’s broken down into categories. I love it ty

  14. Sherill Bonie says:

    Would rate this app a 5 star because it was my favorite, but when I try entering the app it says go to play store for an update but doesn’t say nothing about it needs an update…I wOuld LOVE for the problem to be fix or I’m going to have to delete it because now it’s just a waste of space on my phone

  15. Anndreya Randson says:

    This app is great when it works properly. Sometimes the horoscopes lag behind because they aren’t updated on time. Also, you will have to purchase this app every time they make any significant update to it because you can’t restore your purchases after a major update. Tried contacting support about this with no response so I’ve had to purchase this a few times now… EDIT: Tired of re buying this app every time I wipe my phone. EDIT2: I have contacted you guys several times with no response.

  16. Jerael Althonso says:

    When I click on your app I get a message on my Samsung Tab S4 to go to Google Play to update it. I uninstalled it, reinstalled it via Google Play and I still get the same message. Strangely it’s working fine on my Samsung S8

  17. Rendall Vi says:

    I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this app. No problems listing, freezing, etc. There are some ads but no more than any other app. What I really love are the advisors to chat with. I was paired with an awesome one that picked up on issues without being told and gave really good advice.

  18. Frank Lite says:

    Some of the predictions are true anyway, but not all. The daily lucky number is a trash. I do use it especially on Saturdays on UK football pool but it doesn’t play. I just hope that it gets better. What thrilled me the most is the life chat i had with one of your psychics. The things she told me were true. Good work though.

  19. Prasenjith Das (BITTU) says:

    Everything is good.. Using it since 1 year. Since last week the app is not opening like worst. Tried ceche and data clear, not worked. Uninstalled and reinstalled it but again it is not working. Reinstalling it today for the 3rd time. Lets see, i can change my rating later.

  20. Srajesh Tuladhar says:

    I have been using this application for some years now. One of my favourite things about the daily horoscopes here as compared to similar apps is the DAILY QUOTES. Suddenly today I realize my favourite feature has been removed by the new update. Please bring it back !!!

  21. Maria says:

    Uninstalled & re-installed this app several times, still stuck on “loading…” I guess once it updated to a higher version, my phone no longer is compatible.

  22. Bridgette Rhodes says:

    When I had installed the app on my previous phone it worked well. But when I installed it in the new phone I was running into problem after problem. I am trying to resolve the issues because I enjoyed the app before.

  23. A.T. Melissa says:

    OMG I’ve been using this app for a couple years & 90% of the time it’s dead on, so much so I joke w/ bf about it listening to our conversations….lol Nah but frfr it’s more accurate than any other horoscope app I’ve tried (& I’ve tried many) TRUST ME, ITS WORTH THE 🙂🙃DOWNLOAD 🙂🙃

  24. Jean Mikhael says:

    U disappointed me, because u didnt do what I told u! I told u change the 2021 logo from gold to blue u dont want to change it! Unfortunately! Even when i send over thousands of emails to u!, crystal orcale is the worst, very slow in responding questions and giving predictions! thankfully u removed it from ur list in play store completly 🙏🏼👍🏼🕉

  25. MX says:

    Apps is good that makes me wanna purchase ads free function but after purchasing. It doesn’t remove ads

  26. svetlana says:

    Can’t even open the app without ads popping up like crazy !!! Sticking to another app for now not even 20seconds with having the app open and it gave me 6 adds STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP

  27. João Teles says:

    Not working, it doesn’t connect either to mobile data or WiFi. Says there is no connection. I have the paid version. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks

  28. Nithyaraj Ulaganathan says:

    Hands up….really good apps and accurate prediction 👌

  29. Ankit Podder says:

    The Horoscope is realistic and statistical and most intriguing the seasonal horoscope and stats and language is simple 🔥

  30. Donald Yufenyuy says:

    So far wonderful because it’s my daily guide

  31. Jessica Yoxtheimer says:

    This app is always on target been using for a couple years and wouldn’t choose any other to tell me what to expect!!

  32. Shahna Roberts says:

    This is one of the best astrology apps I have downloaded

  33. Nicole June Yoder (•Nic•) says:

    The iHoroscope 2022 DailyHoroscope App has alot of ads, like way too many but outta all the other choices So far this app is by far the VERY BEST daily horoscope app that i have found!! It is so accurate its crazy!!!! 🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋🦀♋

  34. Jose Chavez says:

    I really enjoy reading my horoscope So far so good. Good job you-all

  35. Shuvajit Acharya says:

    I think the app is good but for me it is not working….in the chat reading it gives me error “invalid first name”.

  36. Amit Singh says:

    Always accurate and timed predictions

  37. Alaina Servin says:

    Love this app I feel it’s really connects to me.. always on spot

  38. Ashley Christian says:

    They are the closest horoscope I have found that is very close to reality I can’t relate to everything they say about my sign and I can see the stuff they are saying that will happen or is happening actually happening or starting to happen it’s crazy how on point there horoscopes really are. Also I’m An Aries ♈️ shout out to all ym aries our there much love ❤️

  39. Sonam Rathore says:

    This app is exceptionally genuine……predicts to the 100% accuracy

  40. Pratyush Panpaliya says:

    I have never found an app which says my first name is invalid and need to put different name for the same. Haha!! What a joke.

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