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Control your home appliances remotely. Smart things, smart home, smart life!
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December 2, 2022
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Home Connect (America) Premium Apk

Control your sensible kitchen and residential home equipment in a easy and handy means with the house Attach app. Obtain the loose House Attach app now!

House Attach (The us) Top class Apk

Intelligently hooked up on your family

House Attach (The united states) Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Make the most productive of your house home equipment from Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau through connecting them to the house Attach app.

House Attach (The united states) Top class Apk apk mod new

Regulate and observe your kitchen and residential home equipment Get started, prevent, and make a choice techniques and timers
Get push messages when your program has completed Automate on a regular basis duties and routines More straightforward use of home equipment by the use of the app Unique in-app functionalities
Recipes and unending cooking inspiration with Kitchen Tales

House Attach (The usa) Top rate Apk unencumber

Regulate and arrange your sensible home equipment anytime

House Attach (The us) Top rate Apk apk mod

Did I transfer off the oven? As a substitute of heading again house to test, merely check out the app. You’re going to see the standing of your home equipment immediately with rapid get admission to to vital functionalities, whether or not at house or at the cross.

House Attach (The usa) Top rate Apk mod apk

Pay attention to all that’s necessary

House Attach (The us) Top rate Apk apk

Oh, the refrigerator door has been left open? When do I wish to descale the espresso system? Vital notifications and reminders relating to repairs and care will likely be despatched to you robotically. And even supposing issues don’t pass to devise: The usage of faraway diagnostics our customer support will let you out with resolving the problem. You’ll additionally merely take a look at the guide which is very easily saved within the app.

Voice-control your family by the use of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa
Whether or not it’s making espresso, preheating the oven, or beginning the washer: Voice your command and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will handle the remaining. What’s extra, you’ll be able to use predefined or particular person routines for routine duties, like having your espresso made on the identical time each and every operating day.
Discovering the most efficient program and different little helpers

Dishwasher, dryer, or oven – relying at the equipment and process handy, the app will suggest the suitable program with the best settings, whether or not it’s a pile of grimy dishes, a load of washing, or the cheesecake recipe to your subsequent circle of relatives reunion. And with Espresso Playlist you’ll be able to even fulfil your guests’ espresso wishes to compare that cheesecake.
By no means run out of dishwasher tabs once more
Are you uninterested being out of dishwasher tabs over and over? With House Attach and our tab counter you’ll by no means need to take into accounts it once more. Attached to Amazon Alexa and its good reordering carrier, your dishwasher tabs might be reordered on call for earlier than you run out.
Keep an eye on your house together with your smartwatch
Track and arrange your home equipment along with your Put on OS through Google or Fitbit smartwatch. All you want is the house Attach Watch App on your smartwatch along with the house Attach app.

Is my information secure?
Completely. All connections to House Attach and our companions use TLS, a cryptographic protocol making sure knowledge switch safety. Moreover, every model of the house Attach app is qualified by way of TÜV AGREE WITH IT (Austria).

Do you will have any questions or comments? Drop us a message at [email protected], we’re glad to listen to from you.
To find complete knowledge on House Attach and all appropriate home equipment from Bosch, Thermador, and Gaggenau:


40 comments on "Home Connect (America) Premium Apk"

  1. Danelle Jeannell says:

    Confused on why this app exists? In order to remote control the Thermador dishwasher you have to turn it on AND enable remote control. Well the remote control does not stay on. What is the use case that makes sense? IF I have to turn it all on and the remote control part only stay enabled for minutes I might as well simply just press the button to start the appliance. This app exists to send details back to the manufacturer and diagnostic data when it has a problem or sell you soap.

  2. Delight Midge says:

    The last update seemed to cause fake error messages to come up. After every wash the app tells me that “A problem with i-DOS of your washer occured”. There are no error messages on the washing machine. I ran the machine a few times to see if it did add the liquid detergent, and I saw it clearly dispense it. Now I’m not 100% sure if the machine has an issue (though it does dose the detergent and there are no error messages on the machine) or if it’s something else.

  3. Lorrey Marleene says:

    The app and method of connection needs work. First, I couldn’t complete registration, because I never received the confirmation email and yes, I checked SPAM. Once I actually got the email, after three attempts, the linking process through the app gets stuck at the final step. The appliance says it’s connected, but the app fails and asks to retry. I called customer care and they say their closed even though the posted hours say I still had time. I guess we’ll leave it for another time.

  4. Jeffery Averyl says:

    I can’t explain the problems, but it had already connected and it kept telling me that it was unable to connect. Just kept trying then restarted app, everything was setup and done. I love setting up dishwasher and seeing status of wash… plus Alexa can also interact with dishwasher… 🙂 app needs more testing. Loved the extras… free recipes, what??? Nice!

  5. Daphyne Charly says:

    The setup process is ridiculously difficult. I eventually figured it out – but jumping between my paper instructions and the digital instructions, then to my router and the ovens commands then my phones setup.. connecting to the ovens hotspot was absolutely not clear at all. When in the process to do this… The only thing that helped me were the subtle failure messages I got from time to time that pointed me in the right direction. Ditch the paper and put all the instructions in the app..

  6. Alecia Josian says:

    Able to connect one device but can’t get this to integrate with Google Home. The App name vs the Google Home Integration name appear to be a mismatch so it’s a guess one which one to use. Other devices don’t seem to easily connect. The mobile data issue is a serious bug that needs to be resolved.

  7. Marleen Gwenddydd says:

    App feels like it was built in the early days of AOL. Not intuitive, controls are scattered, just overall a poor app. For the price of the appliances, the app feels like an afterthought. Try harder home connect.

  8. Janaia Gregory says:

    I want this App to work with our new Thermadore double oven, and I would like to like it. Unfortunately the Setup is just awful. If I could rate this a Zero, I would. Unfortunately 1 is the lowest I can give it. 2 days and multiple attempts to setup the connection and sti no luck. You try meticulously following each step, which seems simple enough, and you never make it to the end of the process. Just an absolutely poorly designed App. At the price paid for this professional appliance. UNSAT

  9. Woolcott Chany says:

    The app for my Bosch dishwasher seems like a waste of time. You have to go to the dishwasher and push “remote start” every time you want to use it. Makes no sense. I will just turn on the dishwasher while I am there. The oven remote start shows it is on but when I try to start the oven from the app nothing happens! It doesn’t start. I have called technical support but they don’t seem to understand how the function works either so I plan to delete from my phone.

  10. Danitza Bartholomew says:

    Now that the app is supposedly fixed (still takes forever to connect) according to the home connect team I may get back to using the app. Frustration #1 You can only pick “Push 2x to open” the dishwasher, or toggle it off on the app. You’d think that this would turn off the pushing on door to open feature, but no, it then defaults to a single push to open. Working around the kitchen, kids playing in the kitchen, has resulted in accidental openings, and sometimes while the dishwasher is running!

  11. Michael Lu says:

    Has potential but needs lots of work. For all the appliances you have to activate remote mode before you can control it on the app. Dishwasher controls are good, notifies you when the cycle completes. The wall oven controls,very clunky experience. Biggest pain point is the app doesn’t notify you when the target temp is met. Additionally, if you up the temp midway it doesn’t tell you when the new temp target has been met either. The oven panel is similar unfortunately. Thanks Thermador designers!

  12. Billy Jackson says:

    I’m not sure if I’ve encountered a more disappointing app that I wished worked. Everything is fine until the final step, and it won’t connect my device to the appliance. The appliance connects to the network. I’ve tried everything as instructed in the app and the manual that came with my appliance. Depending on the attempt, I get different error codes. It’s ridiculous. And don’t come back to me about MAC, ports, etc. I changed all that per the requirements and still nothing. Besides, you shouldn’t have to be a network administrator to get a consumer app to work.

  13. Clem Turner says:

    It took me an hour to set this up, so I deducted a star, however the Set-Up Guide provided with the appliance is essential. The instructions are a bit confusing – there are more steps after the device says its “connected”, but if you follow the paper and in-app instructions, you’ll get there. Have the Thermador Refrigerator and Freezer. Gr8 that I can adjust their settings without opening the door, and alerts me when the kids leave the door open. Cool recipes and lifestyle hacks in the app.

  14. Tamie Whitefoot says:

    This app is terrible. I can’t get past registration. The app doesn’t send the email confirmation link and yes I checked spam. I called the 24 hour help as stated in these comments only to get a recording that they are closed. Recording says they are open 6am to 3pm pacific time on Saturday and it’s 11:19 am eastern time, which falls into the open business hours. You can’t leave a message or get help.

  15. Aaron J says:

    Absolutely a kludge of an app. A brand like Bosch should be right embarrassed to use this as their IoT provider. Logging in to the app kicks you over to a web browser to authenticate, meaning any O/S password keeper you use (eg: Samsung password manager) will not trigger to remember the password. Moreover, your web browser password keeper will also never trigger because the successful authentication then kicks you back to the app!

  16. Brian Smith says:

    So for the first year it was working. Then about 6 months ago I stopped getting notifications on the appliances. I tried Uninstalling and reinstalling the app and powering off the appliances. Reset the wifi and played with the permissions and notifications. It just doesn’t want to work anymore. It looks like everybody who tried to use it in 2020 for the first time can’t even get beyond the login. It’s not like the product was cheap its a shame they cant get the app to work

  17. Wayne Resnick says:

    It’s almost pointless to have remote start if you need to be at the dishwasher to use it. If you enable remote start but it gets disabled each time somebody opens the machine, then you can’t use it at the end of the day if you forgot to start it. If they want that to be the default behavior, we need a way to override it. The same goes for the washer. Let me decide. You don’t know better than I do.

  18. Jonathan Weil says:

    Update after 1 year: The design still needs significant work. The app is full of clutter and when you do navigate to the appliance you wish to control, it does not make sense. Why can’t I see time remaining on my oven timer? Why can’t I directly input numbers vs using dials. There is a lot of room to focus on what the user needs and add features rather than trying to sell more products and hype. Disappointing for a supposedly high quality brand.

  19. Exakta Mann says:

    pretty good app. It let’s you control the coffee maker very well. unfortunately the pairing or setup process is very finicky. Instruction manual not helpful. once it’s setup, it does work quite well.

  20. E Calypso says:

    Install the app from google play store and all it does is open and say “try again” (over and over again). Same thing with my daughter’s phone; both supposedly compatible. Tried downloading the app from Itunes and it says your country doesn’t support this app (I am in the USA). Can’t create an account without the installed app. And installed app doesn’t get any further than the try again screen. Worthless!

  21. Apartment ConNeXTion says:

    Total Joke! Will not connect to wifi. Wasted half an hour trying to connect. Kept saying invalid password when I 100% entered my wifi network password correctly three times. Uninstalled app and reinstalled it. Tried again. Time’s up. Not worth any more effort. Uninstalled app again. Good riddance!

  22. Vincent Guerrieri says:

    Not all that terrific. It takes several frustrating iterations to get connected, then it is an impoverished app. I have a new Bosch refrigerator and the app tells me that the unit is turned on as well as the temperature settings for the freezer and refrigerator but doesn’t tell me the actual temperature. Just installed it and except for the super freeze feature, I found the app not worth the trouble it took to install.

  23. Alonzo Burry says:

    This app has worked quite well until now. I received an email notification last week regarding maintenance to be performed on Oct 11. My Home Connect is now unable to connect and is giving me this message error”:”503″,”error_description”:”Home Connect subsystem not available. Please try it again.”} I have Uninstalled and re-installed the app to no avail. Please fix… Thanks UPDATE: Had a prompt email response and the problem was the Home Connect site. Problem resolved itself.

  24. Precious Kim says:

    Installs on my phone, sees my fridge, reflects changes on fridge status so that’s at least something this app can do. What it can’t do is link with Google Home since Home just states it can’t see any appliance on the account. It doesn’t really help me since I don’t care about changing settings on my fridge. It’s a fridge. I want to get notifications via Google if fridge door has been left open. That’s it. A very simple thing that would have been helpful with smart connectivity, but fails, sadly.

  25. Angel Leon (Gubatron) says:

    Overly complex and broken setup process. Tried with both an android and iPhone. Bad choice using Wi-Fi instead of a simple Bluetooth pairing or have the cooktop implement a keyboard to enter the home’s wifi credentials. asked for a “step 3” that was nowhere to be found, not even by the app online. Ridiculous.

  26. Tom Tracker says:

    The app simply doesn’t work. I have a WiFi enabled coffee maker, and wanted to try to connect it to my android. Downloaded the app. It required to create an account. I created the account, confirmed it via email. And that’s it. App simply doesn’t work – I select a new appliance, it sends me to the login screen, I provide credentials – and it returns me to “select new appliance”, and the loop repeats. I guess, UX designers at Bosch didn’t graduate from a kindergarten yet.

  27. Joseph Brassard says:

    Completely non functional. Goes to a white screen with a blue button saying “to app store”. Which brings me to the play store… But I’ve already downloaded the app! One time it got to a registration page and froze, never loading some pdf I had to confirm I read. Totally worthless. Avoid.

  28. Ron M says:

    Easily got my new Bosch refrigerator on my wireless network. The app sees my appliance. Google home integration not working. Seems that their API is not reflecting the registered refrigerator. Error message: No devices were found in your home connect account. I tried calling home connect support and their technician was unable to assist referring me to Google. Sorry I bought this appliance which does not properly integrate into my Smart home.

  29. PMG says:

    Loses all connectivity with the dishwasher every 2 weeks or so, requiring complete reset of the machine and re-pairing with the app. When doing so, the app refers to “Step 3” of a manual gateway of just telling/showing you what it wants – Major fail! The only road to success seems to be to ignore the app and simply scan the QR code printed on the dishwasher door to restart the entire process from start to finish. This would actually be almost bearable if the problem didn’t recur so regularly.

  30. Argon Bosch says:

    A huge waste of time. It’s not designed well, requires other apps to be installed, not intuitive, full of ads, instructions are incorrect, and just isn’t worth the time and trouble. It is now uninstalled.

  31. Trevor Robinson says:

    Update: Flaky but functional. Dishwasher connects to Wi-Fi and says it’s been added to my account, but then onboarding fails with “oops, something went wrong” and you get to start over. Tried again with same result. It showed up later with a message saying it had upgraded its firmware.

  32. Jamie Vaughn says:

    This app is good of you have a really good phone an service, but its a little pricey for one camera. Also there is about a 4 second lag time when your watching the live feed, if its just to look at whats going on or even what has been going on when you were gone then it will serve its purpose, but if your watching it for security reasons then i would say get something elese because of the lag time.

  33. Jeremiah Gould says:

    It was a nice idea. I had enough trouble connecting it to my dishwasher that I decided to forego putting another household appliance on my phone. At least now I don’t have to worry about remembering to turn off my wifi, location, and Bluetooth when I’m done using it.

  34. Jeffrey Bozeman says:

    A bit hard to get the first connection. Had to use a factory refresh several times. Working great now.

  35. Solun says:

    Works very well except when I had to re-connect the dishwasher all over again but that was my internet fault because the company did some improvements on it so I had to re-connect most of my devices from scratch.

  36. Mike Mahoney says:

    Absolutely worthless, buggy app. TOTAL waste of time for an app that won’t even set up properly. Don’t even try to make it work; it’ll just raise your blood pressure. It’s a refrigerator; why do you need an app for it?

  37. Donald Larson says:

    App does not recognize the password I created on my computer. Reset password, same result. Should not be this hard.

  38. Kam Desai says:

    Just got a Bosch fridge today so not sure how well the app will function. But, I can’t find anywhere that tells me the current temperature of the fridge or freezer… Only what I have it set to. I find that pretty annoying as I’d like to know the exact temp it is currently at.

  39. Jeremiah Harmsen says:

    Ignores notification settings. Keeps spamming my phone with ‘Water tank is almost empty’ pop-ups

  40. Mark Kielbaso says:

    Why would Thermador patronize this app?? The app constantly tells me that the phone is not connected to the home network. Error(H1073) Do yourself a favor and move on!!

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